Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P11 110A Translation Al-Tawbah 107-116

Taimiyyah Zubair
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That was a who was a Sunday or louder suit again, Kareem and Lavasa was a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah who wash mine is Rahim for Beshara Ashley's Saudi were Sidley Emery wash. LuLaRoe Cadet Amelie Saniya Kahu Foley have been as in Arima

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lesson number 110 surah. Two Toba is number 107 to 116.

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When Lavina and those who

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it took her do they made must you then a masjid brought on to harm workers run and to disbelieve what a free con and to divide Boehner between a remote meaning the believers

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what it a slogan and as a station, or to ambush Lehmann for who had over he waged war. Allah against Allah. What are Sula who and His Messenger men from the blue before? will usually for now and surely they will definitely swear in not our dinner we intended we wanted in law except and Husna the best will know who and Allah, Yeshua do he bears witness in the home in the day, like the wounds are surely liars.

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Law do not use stand fee in it aboda ever. law must you don't surely a masjid or Caesar it was built. It was founded honor upon a Taqwa the fear of Allah, the piety.

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Men from already first Yomi de A hukou is more deserving on that the corner you stand fee in it.

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fee in it rejoining Amen, you should buena de love and that ye Takaharu they completely purify themselves.

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Well Allahu and Allah, you Hibou he loves a lotta hearing those who completely purify themselves.

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FMLN is the man who assessor he laid Foundation, banana who of his building, Allah upon the core fear men from Allah He Allah wa and good learning pleasure

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is better on all men who assessor he laid foundation. Then Jana who have his building, Allah upon shefa edge, Judo thin of a cliff Heron one falling one collapsing fan Hara, so he fell or collapsed. Be with it. See in natty fire Jehan nama * well Allahu and Allah La Notte yesterday he guides unkown the people of Raleigh mean those who do wrong

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love not yours, it will cease then your new home they're building and muddy which by now they built rebuilt when in doubt fee in Karoubi him their hearts in there except on that Takata it is cut to pieces that mobile home their hearts will law who and Allah I Lehmann always a very hacky one always always

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in the Lucha indeed Allah is thorough. He purchased men from me Nina, the believers and sister home their lives. Were another home and the properties be enough with indeed or in exchange that indeed the home for them. agenda, the paradise you call the learner, they fight fee in so Bailey way, Allah He of Allah, for Jaco to Luna so they kill where you put the Luna and they are killed. While then a promise or they he upon him have gone in truth. See in a Torah the Torah will injeel and the interviewer will put on and the Quran,

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woman and who ofa is more fulfilling, or is more faithful, beyond the he with his promise men than Allah, Allah

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steps you through. So you will rejoice be by your equal with your bargain, and maybe which direction you will bargained, be with it with Ellika and that how it unfolds the success and are we the great

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Dark Evil, those who do terrible those who repent and are between those who worship and how we do those who praise as a home those who travel or rock your own those who bow down a surge even those who prostrate and amiodarone those who order Bill maruf with the recognized good when now Hoan and those who forbid, I'm from El Mundo de recognized wrong. Well have you Luna and those who guard those who protect Leisha dude for limits Allah He of Allah. Well, they should and you give good news and won't be named to the believers.

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Man not Ghana, it was Linda be you for the Prophet, one Lavina and those who are Manu they believed

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and that your stuff is true. They seek forgiveness. Lil Mushrikeen for the polytheists well, even if God knew they were only possessors, orba of nearness. Men from body after man that the beginner it became clear the home for them. A new home that in the bay, us how our companions or inmates a dream of the Hellfire.

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Warmer and not Ghana it was is still fellows seeking forgiveness, Ibrahima of Ibrahim li OBE for his father in law except on from Merida din, a promise what are the her he promised it is Yahoo to him.

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Salama, then when the beginner it became clear, low for him and the WHO that indeed he or the one an enemy the law he for Allah who he freed himself. Men who from him.

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In indeed Ibrahim, Ibrahim and his salaam, let aware Han surely tender hearted halimun most gentle Most Forbearing Rama and not Ghana, he was Allahu Allah Leoben Allah, that he leads a St. omen of people bother after is when her whom he guided them had that until you begginer he explains clearly or he makes clear loan for them ma what yet the goon they should abstain

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in Indeed, Allah Allah bigoli With every che in thing are the one always following

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in the Lucha indeed Allah La who for him, wilco, Dominion Kingdom possession, a summer word of the heavens will Earth and the Earth up he gives life where you may do and he gives that warmer and not local for you men from Dooney besides Allah He Allah men from religion any close friend whether a nor mislead in any helper

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let's listen to the recitation

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when I tell my students

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uncle for

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meaning what every

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meaning in our Eleazar Lehmann law Hello

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Wallah who has heard or in whom Lanka The Moon letter V addenda lemmas Jido Gnosis

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What do you mean help

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double maybe he just

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gonna I don't know

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we'll move on for hearing FM and as

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I mean a lot of blood in Foley

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you're walking

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then how Albina region wala hula

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lordy mean lions

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Ivana worry Banta

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long wordy thanking in no hush

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Want to know why he had

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energy the

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woman behind the mean a lot faster than she'll be begging Kuhmo lady by

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B Linka one phones will normally

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rock your own as

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here on us

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Gary will have

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rather surely meaning McEnery Nebby levena

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Stone machinery key now while

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Jaffe once again is still

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here at EBI

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memory that you

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I mean in

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any way America Annaleigh holy you will do love a woman had

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had you by Gina home

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in law heavy Felicia in early in Allah

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Yoshi you meet one man who

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you want to earn I'll see

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