Why Do We Hate Death

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses two examples of people who have graduated from high school and become successful in their careers. They share examples of people who have worked for a long time and have enjoyed their success in their careers, but have struggled with graduation. They also mention people who have had success in their careers but have struggled with graduation.

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For. And there's also another example that I've really found before we get jumping into this topic, but I just want to share it because the university experience is very similar to it. Who are my seniors here? Who's graduating in the spring? Nobody's graduating, you guys are all here forever. Okay, good. So we have some people graduated very good. So the people who are graduating every year, you'll have

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two examples. They're not the only examples. But these are the two examples that I want to share. You have a person who over those four years, they put their head down. And they worked and worked and worked. And they did every internship and they were in the library all the time, not because the library is the Muslim Hangout, but the library, meaning reading and studying and things like that.

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And so that person,

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and in the fall, they started applying for jobs, or maybe they were already doing an internship and their job is secure, because they've been doing an internship at the same company for the past three years. And now, they're going straight into it. And they are so ready to graduate. Why? Because they're like, I'm ready to stop working for free, I'm ready to get on with my life and move on to this next job that's gonna move me to wherever it is that I want to move to Paris, or London, or stay in Sheffield, or whatever it is that I want to do, right, but this person has this amazing opportunity in front of them, they are going to be so excited to graduate. But then you have another

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extreme. And that extreme is that person who for four years, was just sliding by as far as grades go. Maybe even they were on academic probation, one semester, almost got kicked out. But they were the life of every party. And that person, when they graduate, they are going to

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move back home

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into their parents house. And they're going to be back on curfew. And they're going to be back on budget and that allowance and there's no job around the corner for them. Maybe they're going to be working the same place where they were working when they were in high school. That person, are they going to be so excited about graduation and living this amazing life on campus? No, they're not. And that's why

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one of the whole effort and I believe it was today might have not been medic, possibly he asked one of the elements. I've had him and he said to him Lima in Accra hold mode. He says why is it that we hate death? Why is it that we don't want to go? And he said to him to the Khalifa, he said and nakoma Martoma dunya Ohara optimal alpha, he said because you have invested in building up the dunya and you have destroyed the hereafter for Takata one of the herd immunity Emraan Ilan Hollub so you hate to go from that which is built up to that which is destroyed. The university student who put in the work

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is ready come graduation time. And the believer who puts in the work is ready congratulation time. And that's why my eyes even ejabberd are the Allahu anhu, the companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he died in his 30s not a long life at all.

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He was in Syria at the time when that great plague affected the Muslims during the life of Ramadan hardtop and a number of companions passed away in that plague in Syria of them have an amazing reservoir and many of the great companions. My didn't ejabberd was being

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in his sickness in that in that final sickness of his again young man 30s In the morning time, or that last night, actually he kept telling his family he says on little mana, he said, Look out is it morning time yet? They check No, it's not morning time yet. And then again later on a few hours later, and that was by now is it morning time yet? No, it's not morning time yet. On Lois Bana is a morning time yet. Finally they told him yes, the morning has come. And then he said oh, the Billa

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means mainly lettin sabaha Ilana, I seek refuge and Allah from a night who's morning brings the hellfire. And then he said Oh Allah, you know, that I didn't want to stay in this dunya for the planting of trees, the building of anything. No, I liked the dunya my existence here I loved it for fasting on hot days, and praying long nights like these nights that you have here four o'clock or five o'clock these long nights. And he says and racing with my son was my knees to the knees of scholars being in the company of learning being an always experiencing learning. That was my purpose of the dunya and then he says Mark haven't been modes. Welcome to death. And that's such a powerful

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phrase but haven't been most welcome to that