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Omar Suleiman
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Santa Monica Welcome to La Habra, cats, everyone. Welcome back to the first specimen out ham de la Salatu was salam, I'd absolutely love it. He will be here with Manuela. So firstly, I want to apologize that we weren't able to be on schedule, due to just a bunch of other commitments last night and the circumstances but 100 blah, blah mean, we're able to still meet tonight. And the goal if you look at the episodes in sha Allah to Allah is that hopefully in the night he taught by Ramadan, we would have completed 40 episodes of the first so I can't promise it and sha Allah to Allah were able to, but make do that. And I appreciate all of those that have followed so regularly

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and handed it out. But I mean, and that's something that is very special to me when people are following the stories of the Sahaba with regularity and seeing the story of Islam unfold through their eyes with one Allahumma. Germain.

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The person we're talking about tonight, has a story that is extremely interesting, because you find people in the Sierra, who are known by their spouses, for example. So especially when we're talking about Hidden Figures, in regards to the women, a lot of times you don't know about the wives and the mothers, or the sisters or the daughters, unless you know, the Father, the husband's, the son, whoever it may be. And sometimes you know, someone by, you know, a tribal connection. In the case of the man that we're covering today, they are the Allahu taala and who he's known either by his adopted son who is freed slave, solemn, or he's known by his father, but he is someone who is

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entirely lost when you are talking about his history. And what intrigues me about him is how poised he was for a leadership position prior to Islam and how that did not hold him back. And you know, the story with him by the way, I remember a friend of mine who had named his son who they find I said, Okay, after heard a familiar man, he said that, but he said, Really, I wanted to be able to have a fight. I said, Why? He said, I watched the armor series, and I hadn't watched the armor series. And I was wondering what he was talking about. He was saying, that was the first time I saw this man about her diva or the Allahu taala. And Whoa, and so much about him was when I was watching

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the series, and I realized that he's really someone that's usually left out. So truly left out often. And his name is not aboard Eva, because he had a son named her they, in fact, there are different opinions as to why he was known by that name. His name was actually Hashem or who shame or Hasheem. So some derivative of the word Hashem the name Hashem. And we don't even have that for sure. And when it comes to his Konya, which is above her, they for the father of so and so

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he didn't have any children named her they fought. And there are some theories. One of the theories is that his child died young. So he had a son named for they for maybe that died young and we just never heard about him. Or another theory is that he was given his Konya for one of his nephews, because we see this with some people that did not have children that they would be named after, or they would be called by not their own children but by the children of their brothers or sisters. Such as the case of Isobel the Allahu tada Anna she was called Omar Abdullah, the mother of Abdullah who is Abdullah Abdullah Vanessa Bayer, the son of her sister, a smart man, Tommy Beckett, the

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profit slice, I'm told her, why don't you go ahead and take the cornea of Omar Abdullah. So some of the scholars say that it could be that he had a nephew that was named her Deva and he took that name after him and because it was a long time, before Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with a child. He just went with that Konya and it stuck with him. Now, what is his so even his name Subhan. Allah has some ambiguity to it. What would he look like? What was his appearance? What was his mannerism, he is known as being someone who is very tall, who was very handsome and who had impeccable manners. So he is praised for his luck, someone who is extremely kind, gentle, humble, generous, so his flock

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are praised, but without many specific incidents, but when you read his description, you find his characteristics are praised in that sense. Now when I say that he was prominent and poised to be a leader,

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listen to all of these connections. First and foremost, he's from Ben Rob, the chumps and that was one of the most influential tribes in Mecca, one of the leading tribes in Mecca. And on top of being from Ben Rob, the chumps and the son of the chief have been out of the chumps. He also has close ties to two other very important tribes Ben omega and benrahma. So who is his father, his father is Aruba, even Robbie

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And earthbag even Robbie was one of the leaders of grace. In fact, he was considered the eldest of the leaders of Qureshi. So when you're thinking about the elites of Croatia, and you're thinking about the Abuja, hosts of the world, and you're thinking about, you know, Cuba, and you're thinking about those people that are of that rank above sofian, he is considered the eldest of them all or at about a bin or obeah. And while he was the eldest of that group of leaders in Quraysh, he's someone that in the very beginning at least, wanted to take a more conciliatory approach towards the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So Abuja had was, of course the one that was constantly beating the drums and

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wanting to escalate the situation. And Abuja had been his peer always moves things forward and always escalates and makes things more difficult for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam route by even Robbie out, on the other hand, wanted to find a way to compromise with the prophets license, not theologically, but he thought that maybe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had a price, okay, maybe if we pay him enough, maybe if we give him enough, maybe if we concede some of our worldly things that we're so afraid of losing altogether, maybe we can hold the tribes together. And we can give the Prophet sallallahu wasallam something, we can give them 100 slice on something, and he'll

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go on and he'll give up his mission. And he'll say, you know, it was just a phase of his life, and we can all move on. So Aruba, said, You know what, let me try to negotiate with the profit slice on him. And because he was not someone who was vicious towards the profit slice of them the way that the Abuja has of the world, we're also fans of the world where the Ebola hubs of the world where he thought maybe he could he could get to him. So in a very famous narration wrote about this is the father of ABA. He goes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he sits by his side. And he says to him, oh, my nephew, he said, you know, the worthy position that you have amongst us, we respect you,

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we love you, you're Assad. Look, you're I mean, you are the trustworthy one, the truthful one, you know, where you stand with us. But you've created a rift amongst our people, by ridiculing them and by insulting their gods and by renouncing their religion and declaring their forefathers as heathens and denying all of our culture and our customs. So he says, Listen to me, and I'm going to offer you some things. And hopefully, one or all of these things will, you know, will be enough for you. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he responds to many says, Yeah, about what he said, Oh, fatherhood eat, go ahead, and I'm listening. So he has a flock Salalah Heidi was not I am listening.

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So that I can, you know, be ushered towards that direction with the profit slice on them is showing him his mannerisms. He's showing him his high character, and he's respecting Waleed ritva, even Robbie. So it says, Listen, my nephew, talking to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He said, if it is money that you want, if it's money that you want, we will collect all of our money, and we will make you the richest person amongst us. Think about this dear brothers and sisters wrote about is the head of that group of aristocrats and Mecca, he's the head of that elite class in Mecca. And he is saying, we will make you richer than all of us will collect our money will make you richer than all

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of us. He said, and if you are doing this for fame, if you're doing this for prominence, you know what will make you our say, it will make you our leader, and every decision will stop with you. So he's been offered sallallahu, wasallam, whatever money he wants, and he's been offered whatever fame, he wants, whatever prominence he wants, if you want money, you can have all the money that you want, you'll be the richest amongst us. If you're looking for prominence, you will be the most prominent amongst us. And he said, and if you are looking to be a medic to be a king, and of course this was not a system that was present with them in Mecca, they didn't have a king in that sense in

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Mecca, because they were all tribal leaders. And of course, that's why you have these feuds that would break out amongst the tribes and then the sub tribes, because people were vying for leadership in different capacities. Here, look at this offer. And as Ruth was talking to the profit slice and and by the way, he has the other leaders behind him, not behind him in an immediate vicinity, but far enough to where they can see the conversation taking place between Earthbound the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so when he's saying this, he's saying this with a sense of authority, like we have gotten so desperate to shut down your message that all of us are agreeing to make you a medic, if

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you want to be our king, the medic of Mecca.

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We will make sure that you be our king, we will give you that recognition. So this is the offer to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then he goes on and he says, and if you're possessed by some sort of jinn or some sort of spirits, and you need some help, you need some sort of a remedy. Then we'll find a doctor who can cure you and we will spend lavishly, we'll spend all of our money until you're cured Oh, Mohammed Salah Hardy was Alright, so this is the conversation. Other leaders are sitting back and again, they don't get it because they're so morally bankrupt. They're like the profit slice I'm surely has a worldly goal out of this. So they don't understand the prophets

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license integrity, and they don't understand the prophets license insistence upon this message. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to him, I will fall off the lead. Are you finished speaking alwaleed? Not in an insulting way. But the profit slice I was saying to him Is that all you have to say? Meaning, I want to make sure that I've given you the chance to say everything that you wanted to say. So I will read says now Yes, I'm done. So the profit slice that I'm says at first Mac Mini, then now listen to what I have to say. And the prophets lie some did not respond to any of the offers of Aruba. Instead, the Prophet slicin immediately went to full sail dot ham, EME, 10, zero

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and menawarkan and Rohit, he started to read the verses all the way that this is a revelation from a rough man or Rahim, all the way until he reached the idea of such the the idea of prostration. And that entire time as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was reciting our Walid is listening to the Prophet slice of lambs recitation. And it's stunning, right? I mean, this is the first time he's sitting with the Prophet slicin for the first time and listening to him recite the Quran because what they were doing the the rest of the time was trying to shut him down. So the law and he was so the Prophet slicin um, keeps on reciting and recycling and reciting and earth but is looking at the

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prophets of Allah, it was Allah. And he, he doesn't know what to say, than the Prophet slicin. And it gets to the idea of such that the verse of prostration, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gets down, and he prostrates the prophets, Allah lies and gets up from his son. He says to him, yeah, a bit worried. That's America. He said, Listen, I've been worried. You have heard what you have heard. Now it's time for you to decide. So the profit slice and I'm put the ball back in his court. Right? This isn't about me, because it's not about money. It's not about fame. It's not about kingship, it's about my principles. It's about my message. And I would rather be persecuted

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and die as the Prophet of Allah. Then give it all up and become your king in whatever it is that you have to offer. So the prophets lie some threw it back at him, and said, You heard what you have heard. And now it's up to you to decide route about this is the father comes back to grace. And they're looking at him and they say, here we go. Again. They say he's coming back. Well, LA, he believed in what he led either Hyper V, he's coming back to us with a face other than the one he went with meaning he looks changed. Subhana Allah the Quran, changed the face of Earth, but he wasn't allowing it to change his heart. And he comes back and he says to them, yeah, Marshall

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Quraysh. Oh, Grace. This is not poetry. This is not witchcraft. This is not sorcery. This is nothing but divine. If you take my advice, you will leave this man alone. So I wrote that came back and he's saying, let's give this up. All right. And the leaders of Christ had those moments. But again, Aruba in particular is having this moment. He said, let's give this up. And let's see what we can do. Instead, they berated him and they said, whatever and they continued their opposition, because he's a man of his tribe. Aruba says, You know what, then we're just going to keep on fighting him and opposing him even though Earth buzz opinion at that moment was something is different here.

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Something is different here. So this is the father of Abu hanifa, or the Allahu Allah And as for his mother, his mother was a woman by the name of file tema, binte saflok. So another faulty man, she's not, she's not. She's not even the only fathima that we're going to talk about. Okay. But she's Fatima bint Sophia, Vint Cerf one. I'm sorry. Well, the Allahu taala and her. She was divorced from his father. So his parents were divorced. And Fatima bin Cephalon accepted Islam early on, we don't have the exact timeframe or date, and she would be amongst those who would make the migration to Habesha to Abyssinia with her husband. So the husband after she was divorced from the Father, they

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fought with her husband Ahmed of Nurse Aide, and she would pass away there so this is this is a very interesting connection here. Right so the mother who was the divorce see of Aruba, she becomes Muslim she would migrate to Hubba Abyssinia and she'd stay there until her death all the Allahu tada

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And that's a very unique circumstance to have right? Imagine you accepted Islam in Mecca, and you went to Abyssinia and you never got to be joined with the Prophet slice. I'm in Medina and you passed away there before the story continued to unfold. His sister was hynd been to Aruba. Alright, so we're getting to just creating I hope the family circumstances of his sister was Hyndman to earth but who is hidden beneath Aruba. She is the wife of Abu Sufyan and she is the one who would order for the liver of hamazon, the longtime home to be cut out and chewed on and would chew on it herself and spit it out. Okay until later on when she would make Toba when she would repent for to Makkah

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the conquest of Mecca and become Muslim. So his father is eartha, his brother in law is Abu Sufyan. It still does not stop, okay. His wife, I'm sorry. His sister is the wife of Paul had not obeyed the law or the law of Thailand, more than

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his foster brother, is Mossad in Romania. Well, the Allahu tada Anna, who we haven't even had the chance to talk about Mossad yet in detail. Mossad was his foster brother. So through nursing,

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of course, he would end up becoming the uncle of Morelia, the the, the the maternal uncle Malia will be a lot of time at home and still going on. So Father is eartha. Okay, who's the leader of the police brother in law is published Sophia, because I want to talk about this in terms of the context of earliest naam at this point, and his father in law is so hated and

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who's going to be one of the heads of place from another tribe and going to be the chief negotiator Of course when he comes to the profit slice I mean, who would they be and of course so hate him all the time and he would embrace Islam much later as well. Subhana Allah, but he's married to Salah bint Sohail even amin Salah, the daughter of so hate even so let's recount this father, eartha even robbia brother in law, Abu Sufyan, father in law, so hated Norman, so he is surrounded in terms of the the elites, so to speak now, because of this, I mean, his father is who he is an abuse of yarn and so hate of neuron are some of the most active agitators and oppressors of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam. So because of this, above her they suffer and Salah, who is the daughter of so hated neuron decided that they would remain upon Islam, and they would be amongst those that would migrate to Habesha as well migrate to Abyssinia as well. Early on, along with his adopted son and freed slave silent molar. Have you heard Eva or the alongside animal and we will talk about silanol the law I know because usually of her they first story is only told him the capacity of sada. Now when did he accept the snom he accepted Islam along with his wife before the early phase of autocomp. So he's considered amongst the first in fact him salah and Salim are all considered from

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the first Sallam was just a young boy at the time. But they all embraced Islam very early on. And because of the psychological pressure that they had to undergo, so they fought was not beaten in Macau. His father was actually protecting him because his father loved him. He had such good luck and he was known as being the best of the children of Aruba. So he had such good luck. So his father actually wanted to protect him and not beat him and not have anything happened to him. But all of the pressure that was coming in those circles made it too difficult for him to stay in Mecca. So our her Deva decides to go with his wife, salah and their adopted son,

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saddam to Abyssinia to Habesha in habersham in Abyssinia.

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Deva and Salah have a child by the name of Mohammed. So Muhammad Ali heard Eva was born in Abyssinia. So So how to I mean, if you think about this, now, when you think of the Treaty of her, they be at the famous negotiation between so hated Norma and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So he has a grandson at that point named Mohammed. And so hate is insisting that you can't write Mohammed or sort of law on the treaty. So it was affecting So hey, are they allowed Thailand who at that point in ways that we probably really cannot perceive? So they go to a person Yeah, they make their way to Habesha and abraha they follow the Allahu tada and who becomes amongst those who are known as

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being famous for making the three heads of us. He made both of the heads was both of the migrations to Abyssinia and he made the heads up to Medina as well. Of course as we said the first hits to Abyssinia was a smaller

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The second group, some of them came back because they thought that the situation in Mecca had changed and they could return they found that not to be the case, they went on the second his a lot. So they fall is one of those who went once, came back twice and then went to Medina, as well. So got the reward of heads up three times. Now, as we go on with him all the Allahu taala. And who and what happens with his life after that, I want you to just appreciate for a moment that this is a man that had he stayed in Mecca could have been the most senior figure of Quraysh would just sometime he's also the first one to really break that class, right, we will see that a comma, for example of the

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Allahu taala and hold the son of uncle john won't come until way later on right in the last years of Islam harlot or the Allahu taala. And who was the Son of Elohim Khalid is not going to come around until much later I'm going to be in the US is not going to come around until much later. So our they for was amongst that group of people. And their fathers were the outgoing heads of Porsche, right. And they thought is the first one to break that class and to be on the opposing side, on the day of hurt when his friends, his companions, his peers, who are the likes of eczema, and harlot, and I'm not the Allahu taala, and marine are on the other side on that day ahead. So he's the first one to

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break ranks, even though he was the most poised to be the head. On top of that Subhan Allah, one of his o'clock, one of his mannerisms that's described, and you can see it is he was so quiet. Despite having such royalty despite being the person that he was what they felt was known for, not speaking much at all. He loved his family, he was kind to his son, Salim he treated him amazingly, he had such kindness to him, that Sonam never felt like he was different from the other children of Abu hanifa. But on top of that, aside from that, they follow the law of town hall is someone who just is a quiet soldier in the background and embraces that place in Medina. Now he goes on to fight all of

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the battles alongside the prophets of Allah heartiest that I'm so on top of being one of the very few, the handful of people that had the distinction of being amongst those that made hyjal three times. He's also one of the better human, he's one of the people of bed, and the prophets, Allah, Allah hardy Islam, of course, cemented a special place in Islam for the veterans of mother, now on the Battle of bed that on the day of the Battle of bed, he was in a unique situation.

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before the battle starts, as we know, the duel starts, right. So three people from each side come out on the side of the mushrikeen, on the side of the enemies of Islam was literally his family, rutabaga, even Robbie on the second person, his brother, who would eat and the third person, his uncle shaver. Okay, I'm going to say that again, you know, in the beginning of the battle, where the three men come out, that's literally his father, his brother, his uncle, imagine what that does to him psychologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, on the other side, as he sees that those are the three men that come out. And it especially hurt him because you know what hurts me and

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Robbie, I was actually one of those who tried to discourage or race from fighting a better he didn't want Christ to go forth and fight the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He didn't want all of these, you know, these, he didn't want family members drawing swords against one another. But when the time came to fight, again, that idea of honor and tribe took over him and though he was someone that was discouraging them from fighting as Abuja was instigating, when it came time for the fight, he was on the front lines, because he wanted to prove his tribal loyalty, his loyalty to operations loyalty to Mecca, or whatever. Okay, so this is really sad, because it shows you the way that this Jehovah that

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this ignorance held people back from Islam in such a in such a, you know, pervasive way Subbu halifa is looking at the other side, and he sees his own family there. And he broke down in tears. He was sad. He was very sad. Why? Because as those three were killed, right? I mean, those are his family members. And if you were on the side of the Muslims on on that day, and you saw him crying, and you saw him saddened by what just happened, you would think that it's because of his love for them. And, you know, it's just because of the emotional pain of having to see his father, his uncle and his brother die. So the Prophet slicin came to him and he he went to comfort him. And he said to the

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Prophet sly something he said, the oddest little Allah, swear by Allah. It's not Chuck. It's not doubt like I have no doubt in you. I don't regret my

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decision to become a Muslim. I don't regret any of this. He said, but I just wished that my father would have entered into Islam before that day. right because earthbath showed signs. And so he saw that and it hurt his heart because he loved his father, let's not negate that I just wish he would have embraced Islam, and start Subhan Allah is killed by Hamza or the Allahu taala. And who, which is why then you have the heck The Grudge of hinze his sister, who appoints washi, to murder homicidal, the Allahu anhu, and the Battle of huts, I just wish that my father could have embraced Islam. That's the only story that we have of him in the battles with the Prophet slicin, even though

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we know that he was a quiet soldier, even though we know that he continued to accompany the Prophet slice Allah, what we do have with him, again, is usually related to saddam, or the Allahu taala. And who will talk about in the next episode, inshallah Tada. And that is when the prohibition of attorney attorney was to take a son or a daughter and to, and to claim them, literally to make them your children in a way that you did away with all of their lineage you did away with everything else. So

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I hesitate when we talk about adoption and the prohibition of adoption. Because sometimes that takes away from the Islamic practice and the sooner of, you know, of taking care of children and bringing them in and all of that that took place, right, the kindness that is to be shown to them, cafeteria team, the sponsorship and foster care, and, and, and taking care of an orphan. All of that is so important and so central. And because we've mixed these concepts, sometimes we lose out on that reward. And that's why, you know, by the way, just to not make this discussion, a jurisprudence discussion, you can look up the foot of adoption and foster care, which was a class that we did a

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few years ago, that goes through some of these things that are important to understand the naming and, you know, the nursing and what the implications of that are. So when the prohibition of Tibetan money came down, that's usually associated with Zaid and hanifa. Well, the allot of time and hope because the profit slice of them had taken him as a son and called him Zayed bin Mohammed and Allah subhanho wa Taala through that verse, and certainly

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made it that Zaid would go back to being they didn't hide if the however, that did not change, the love and the affection that the Prophet slicin had for him in the and the way that the profit slice I'm cared for him. The other person who was really affected by that was Abu hanifa and solemn right and his spouse, seller, and seller, of course, I had asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or a concession because solemn was like a son to her, he was coming in upon her without a job. He enjoyed that position around her and around her Deva. And, you know, they didn't know what to do with themselves now, so about her they felt was not really comfortable. Salah was not comfortable,

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but they loved him, he was their son. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gave an exception for her

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to give him from some of her milk and he would be considered her foster son, even though that's something that's typically reserved for those that are under two years old. But for Sana middle, the Allahu taala animal, an exception was made, and he remained within the house so that the rules of hijab did not exist, in that sense for him, and he could still go to her like his mother in that sense. And the important thing about this, by the way, to also understand when we get to Sodom, he's Salim Mola or be her Deva. He did not go like they there will be a lot of data on who returned to being zaidan hanifa. saddam did not go to saddam, the son of someone other than Abu hanifa. And the

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reason being is that salams parents were unknown, okay, and we'll talk about saddam, it'll be a lot of time, next time. But silence parents were unknown, so he's just silent molar. Have you heard Dave asylum, the fried servant of her they are the Allahu taala. Even after the verse of a Tibetan, so above her, they follow the law tada and who continues to maintain his closeness to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam until the conquest of Mecca, Mecca, and he wished that those remaining from his family would accept the snom particularly, he had one remaining brother, by the name of Abu Hashim interattiva. That he that he loved and he saw goodness in and I will Hashem all the time and

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hope not only became a hobby of the profit slice lm at the date of the conquest of Mecca, Mecca, but he went on to become a scholar of the religion and to reside in a sham. We actually have a hadith from Abu Hashim had been wrote about that or narrated in a tournament the necessity of nomada and some other books of Hadith. And he lived in a sham as a scholar until the falafel of Earth man are the Allahu taala. And of course, as we said, Hyndman to ritva as well. Despite what he did to the uncle of the prophets lie Selim sought his forgiveness and she was forgiven along with her husband

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As we go forward and Chatelet to Allah and set up the stage for one of the most beautiful stories, the story of silent mode or be heard Eva will be alone in Thailand who, just to once again, derive the lessons from this and then talk about his death. He was someone that was well mannered and humble despite his place. And that's why as the profit slice on him said that people are like precious stones he outokumpu janelia, theatrical film Islam, the best of you in the days of ignorance, or the best of you in Islam, if you have understanding those luck, that characteristic carried over into a swift conversion to Islam, as well as into a place with the profit slice alum

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despite very difficult circumstances, we also see that he was willing to break tradition for the sake of justice. So we see that with with his adopted son, saddam, Saddam was not your typical adopted son. And he treated saddam just like he treated his biological children and would marry Sonam off to one of his nieces, as we'll see, and kept a very close relationship to him and showed him a lot of love. And then his death and his legacy. What did above her they for want of her they forgot to be a person who did the three hitless overhead they forgot to be a person who undertook the Battle of bedded alongside the profit slice of them and of course, Allah rewards everything. So

00:31:22 --> 00:32:02

all that pain that he felt surely felt as he saw the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you know, going forth on the Battle of bed and those that were opposing him coming out where his father and his uncle and his brother, all of that is rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala what is it that about her they for once and for her they for wanted to be a Shaheed he longed for Shahada, he longed for that position with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's something that was well known and that he carried out alongside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he was granted that in the Battle of yamamah, fighting against the false prophet will say that al Qaeda was Salem Al Qaeda, of course had

00:32:02 --> 00:32:47

1000s of supporters with this was a huge fitna and over 500 Sahaba were martyred on that date. In the Battle of Yo Mama, one of them was about her they fell the Allahu taala at home, and the one who killed will Salem Al Qaeda was so how this is just you know, when you start to make these connections, it really means something. The one who killed most Salem and Caleb was washi even help are the Allahu taala and who washi who cut out the chest of Hamza while the allot of time for the spirit hands on all the Illa Han and cut out his liver. And did that at the order of the sister of Abu hanifa was fighting next to the FDA on the day of the Battle of yamamah. And he threw his spear

00:32:47 --> 00:33:27

this time against Mozilla Al Khattab and he said one for one. And on that day, Abu hanifa or the Allahu taala and who became a Shaheed as he had sought from Allah subhanho wa Taala throughout that entire time, and his legacy really comes through as we said Salim or the Allahu taala and who who will talk about as far as two sons awesome and Mohammed, neither of them had any children. So above her, they are the Allahu taala and who actually has no lineage that survived them. Till today, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with him well, the Allahu anhu to reward him and to elevate him and every position that he sacrificed for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in this dunya May

00:33:27 --> 00:33:39

Allah subhanaw taala bestow it upon him, a Shahid bedri one of the first sabi Quan abraha or the Allah hota Allah and who is zachman la heydon See you all next time in sha Allah was salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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