Do Not Judge Others 06 -Do NOT compete with Allah

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The speaker discusses the danger of judge-rating people and the danger of losing control of one's actions. They also mention a Hadith that says that by Allah, he will not forgive anyone and bring their actions to the light. The speaker suggests that judge-rating people is dangerous and could lead to negative behavior.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. The sixth reason why we should not judge people is really a summary of all, or the conclusion of all the five reasons that have spoken before, to all the five previous reasons that we have mentioned, all necessitate the necessary fact that you do not know. And ally knows we're Long Island want to let you don't know how a person's going to change in the future. You don't know what's inside their heart, you don't know their intention, you don't know the context or the circumstances. So you don't know. And if you don't know, then you are not in a position to judge. And it's only the right of a loss of paranoia to Allah to judge people. And

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that's why I lost contact said, in the hochma illa Illa.

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Judgment is only for Allah. And Allah knows what in people's hearts, and he knows how they will react, he knows their intentions, and he knows everything. So it is a dangerous position for you to make judgment to pass judgment on people. And there is a danger here because you would be competing with a loss of handle. It's not your right, it's not your place to be judging. And there's a hadith which beautifully summarizes This is quite a scary Hadith to be honest. By summarizes his whole scenario very beautifully. The essence of the Hadith is narrated by email, Muslim is a shortened version, there's a bit longer one bit longer, which is narrated in a German,

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to the amount of schooling. Now the Hadith says is that basically, there were two people who were friends, they were companions, they used to, you know, companions in the sense that they knew each other, they could have been roommates, something like that. One of them was very dedicated in his a bad match to hit really bad, I used to do a lot of good, the other one was not so he was actually doing lots of bad things, and sometimes falling into bad bad sins. So the one who used to do lots of a bad and he had used to save the honoring sense, stop doing this, stop doing this. And he was true, he would continuously advise him. And on one occasion, the guy was doing the sense he said, Look,

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leave me alone, you're not my watchman, you have somebody who has been sent to watch over me. So that guy in response there, he said, By Allah, Allah is not going to forgive you. Or he said, Allah is not going to allow you to enter agenda. Now, later on, they met, and they resurrected and met in front of our last panel. So Allah said to the one who has done that a bad day, he said, Who are you

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to swear by me, and on me that I will not forgive so and so on, may I make him an agenda? Indeed, I have forgiven him, and I have brought your actions to now. And so the one who was ascending a lot forgiven him, he made a mental agenda and the other one went to the fire. So how, see a simple, you know, simple act.

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It was a simple, simple in the terms of, you know, just words, but it was quite big, because he was dictating to Allah Subhana Allah, where that person should go and that he cannot be forgiving. So do you see how dangerous judging others can be? You might judge somebody to say that this is a bad person, you're not going to be forgiven, it's not going to engender is this that and you could be doing the exact opposite of where that person is going. And so you would lose out and you might even end up in the punishment and the anger of a loss. So be aware