Naming of Quranic Chapters #20 Quran Prostration Expounded Forgiver

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Similar Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah and he also having him in a while now,

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in this section we are talking about the some of the names of the Quranic sower and today I wanted to talk about three so on to our very simple one simple ones, which actually carry the same name in some way. First of all this there is a pseudo which is prominently known as a sajida. And when a sajida is mentioned then that is the surah which is

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which is also begins with Elif Lam meme. It's a small talk, which is just after the chapter of local man alayhis salaam in his course who's there because on bewildering to you, it has essentially any decision they're off to our prostration of to our right in the middle of the surah and it came in to came prominently known as a search there, because the prophesies I'm used to read the surah frequently every Juma in the federal prayer as one of in one of the in the first tracker. But there's another search also called the search there by Scott ham meme at sajida. So you have Alif Lam Meem as such, that's, that's this one. And then you have hammy message that and that's

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essentially the Suraj has decided that and it begins with Hamming the other name of the surah is facilite which is the expounded or the explained and facilite again reference to the second, the third or fourth verse in this suoraan which are last pantai says that this Quran is for sale at ayato.

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And actually this word for cert appears also later on in the in the surah which is that it means that these verses are explained, explained they are they are simple to understand, they are not you know not full of encrypted words and puzzles and things like that, but it is for solid it is there. And the other meaning of facade is that this brand has gone into aspects which are necessary and detailed in the aspects which are needed to be detailed. And that is the beauty beauty and the miracle of the Quran. So that sort of facility otherwise known as high meme as such. And then we have Alif Lam message there, which has been prominently known as the surah, named essentially,

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although there are another, another 13 or so such that in the operand.

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The other solar that I wanted to talk about was this photo, which a lot of handout also has, has two names. One of those names isn't off here, or half here, meaning the forgiver. And again, that is related to the third verse of this one which allows panda says, I feel I've learned that this is the attribute or last panda is the name of Allah is that he is the Forgiver of sins, He accepts the repentance, he forgives the sins of subhanho wa Taala. And you will see that this surah contains that because of Hanalei the prominent story in this surah is the story of Pharaoh and Moosa and more than the story mentioning the dialogue relating to Mosul, which is the case in many other stories of

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the mausoleum. around it focuses on one person who is not Muslim, and he is a min there believer from the family of around and that's why the other name of the surah is Elmo men, the believer and it is named like this, because it is a direct reference to this person, this man who was from the family of Ron so he was from the ruling elite, he was a believer. So he believed in a law in Moosa and he believed in the message of use of before that, so he was able to speak out he was able to give his people advice, no see how he was able to tell them and guide them to what is best. And he used his influence within the body of the ruling class and elite to make sure that that advice would

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reach out to the people obviously, they didn't listen to him. They didn't accept what he said. But nonetheless, he still was there in joining good, forbidding evil, and a loss of Hannah Tyler internalized his mentioned in the Quran by dedicating those verses in sort of offer and otherwise known as sort of a movement for this case. And a loss of habitat is also telling us by naming the sort of offer that even fear around with the amount of tyranny and the amount of

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you know, the sheriff, and his arrogance and etc, his boasting and his full of himself and his, all the things that he did. A loss Hunter was still willing to give forgive because our life will give

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The sin as long as a person repents to Allah. But this person this frown, he was a tyrant. He was too arrogant. He wasn't gonna repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the question is, will you repent to Allah from the arrogance that you have, and from the self proclaimed this and the selfishness that your self has?

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That's a question for you to answer and we must repent to our last part that no doubt and for gospel is forgiveness if we want to be amongst his righteous slaves.