D23 Du’aa for Guidance and more

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while earlier he was

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in Sharla we end tonight with the drama as we have been used to saying that drama and the drama is today, a llama in the local houda what taka welaka this is from the Tao of the prophet SAW Selim Allahu main Yes, Luca and houda

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what Taka Rafa what are the four things that the prophet SAW Selim has taught us to ask in this draft, first of all, at Hooda, or ally asked you for alhuda which is guidance. We all need guidance and guidance, as has been explained in other videos is essentially two meanings. One is to show us the right way. And secondly is to guide us to that way. So that's the meaning when we say no sir eponymous stuffing Secondly, we are asking for a Taka, Taka is a shortened form of taqwa. So it is the ability to fill our last panel with Anna to have piety to be conscious of a lot to be aware of a law and therefore to keep away from the sins by fearing the punishment or loss of Hannah or with

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Allah and taqwa, ie a man who there are all these things are privileges and gifts from Allah Subhana Allah so we ask Allah to give us this taqwa.

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Thirdly, alpha. Alpha essentially means to be

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translated as chastity. But also it means to be

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protected, in many ways, so protected in terms of one's honor and no nobility and also in terms of one's

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in terms of one's needs, so last time and gives you an alpha. He's giving you that in terms of protection of yourself, but also so so that you don't have to be questioning others or requesting from others as well. So it is a form of sufficiency and independence. In terms of your own status. Obviously, we are not independent or last Paragon, but independent from others. And lastly, Alina and leaner means to be enriched.

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So here, we're not asking for wealth, specifically or material wealth. But we're asking our laws powerful enough to make us satisfied, to make us pleased to me to make us feel that we are content. So these are the meanings of Lena and Lena is the winner of the neffs when the self feels satisfied and content that is, and that's the drive that we are asking a lot. A lot of mine Yes, Luca alhuda Taka Rafa.