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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where John called his wife for bed without her knowledge, causing sadness for the couple. The speaker advises using emotional antenna to find a romantic relationship and avoid being alone. The importance of finding a happy husband is emphasized, particularly when working from home, and the need for peace at home to achieve goals. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing happiness and engagement in a romantic relationship, and provides examples of how many husband find a home.
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Every day

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that's that's that's natural. And this is an area that should be thing no matter how old you are. There's

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so many people in the middle age crisis, they just don't even.

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She's not into that anymore. And I can't tell you enough how much this became a source of stress for so many men in their 40s and 50s. And 60s, this actor, and they want to fulfill their desire.

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Do you think it's for nothing the prophets, when he specifically explicitly said when a man called his wife for bed, and she refused the angel curse, such was why the person used that explosive

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statement to make that statement very clear. It shows the importance of this for men.

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Part of this to take care of your appearance. Don't let yourself go. Just because he had been married for

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several kids doesn't mean you just let yourself

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go sighs go and live.

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You take care of yourself and that's it you should be and for your own health. First of all, then to keep that marriage to keep him always designed to look at you as the Prophet. One of the good things about the good wife, he says

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it will pleases you.

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It's not that all cotton thing that you put in them for years and years it's about time to change it to give a new look new hairstyle. This has nothing to do with ages said no matter how long you've been married to each other. This is an essential to keep warm relationship.

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Develop flair, unexpected

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interest between you and him during the daytime

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and the nighttime as well.

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Next point is number five.

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Believing if I tell you that every one of us whose husband wants one go which is every one of us wish to achieve that we want to make our wives happy.

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That's what do you think why hasn't been worked so hard to get money buy houses, this is one making happen. And it really make the husband so sad. If he sees after all this effort that he puts in the marriage. If he sees you.

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When you don't show that happens, the husband can off completely shut down.

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But the moment you show that you're so happy and you show him that he's happy with the good things that he does, he will be engaged to do more. And he has been looking because the minute that the husband feel that I made my wife happy I feel that

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as as

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I feel that that English has been fulfilled, I can't because my task is to marry this woman for a reason to make her happy.

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So showing your happiness showing that you're happy with the gifts that he gave you things which he gave you you know show that happens to lose a lot he gives you let's say a smartphone as a gift after this would

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be the number one your last dialing the speed dialing less

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you don't call him by his name you call him by making in between you send him you know money text message, loving text message

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with your cell phone. That's the first thing I did with my phone.

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You know things like this and spice up that you know spice up the relationship because one of the goal is to keep that relationship you know

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and flame

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resistant zinger in your marriage Keep it up.

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So one of the points about the search is number six and the husband's always need your understanding.

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Use your emotional antenna if I may use you know The Good Wife is the wife who figured her husband out without her husband speaking. I know this has to face too. I always tell couples don't expect somebody to detect what you feel always explicitly but in the centers outside the hospital always would love to have that she can figure out your house without you figure out if he wanted to intimidate you figure out if he's in really want to be left alone. You figure out if you want to you just want to cool down, talk to anybody right now. You figured out that he needs your help to touch in your case right now. You know that he needs the software and he need to be

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able to

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Take him out the banner wide view and you will make him so happy because he feel that finally somebody can understand me in the light and this light

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be understanding of his work schedule, nature of the work that he does. The more you do the more you understand him and he feels that you understand him, you will make him happy. And that's how you can get a happy husband at all.

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Number seven, every husband looking for a peace at home.

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Peace will be made with the first impression. First impression

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in this this box

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even first impression is complaining nagging problems is not a peaceful house. first official screaming that's not a that's not a good piece. It means quote,

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no fights.

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It is essential to focus in the first impression. Good smile. Good words. Salaam Alaikum. I hope you had a great day. Because I really had a good day except one thing else. One thing only. What is it that I've been missing you so much. Wow, every husband will be very happy to hear things like that.

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I wish that my sisters can see the faces of the brothers

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have solved the problem.

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I wish you had

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I know the sisters can do that. It's just a matter of reminder.

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My brother and sisters every husband looking for a family life, home that the House of home at a hotel and have my wife to cook for me a good me

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a clue place.

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You know this wild went to my husband, she told her Hey dear, tell me something dirty. And he said, kitchen.

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In the house.

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It is sometimes bad that your house is not cool. It's not

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honestly, like I'm at home, somebody's cooking good meal homemade food we can do together. But it's something means a lot to the man to the hospital makes a huge impact on the hospital, actually a witness the sistex. It's run by more than 200 girls, and they consider a mean is one of the best way to bring him closer to his wife, which is ironic. And this basically was meant to live in the West, in some foreign countries.

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Canada, United States. So it means a lot to

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us, among us.

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So we talked about first one, to make your husband have a happy husband at home, restart. Second.

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He knows what he will stand beside. Number three, he needs your approval, emotional support. Number four.

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Basically, a good, intimate life, it's equal to happy husband.

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Number five, he wants to make you happy to show your happiness and that will basically go back to the relationship and make it much better. Number six, any husband would be so happy and he feels that his wife understands him very well. Number seven, every husband looking for a peace at home. Number eight, every husband wants to have a family life where someone will house is clean, organized, you know, fruit has been made for him to feel like he's sitting at a family environment. And number 10 I would like to say that you know what, if you're not him a little bit, he can be a better Muslim.

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Any husband when he feels that his wife making him a better Muslim, he'd be happy. He'd be somehow I'm so happy that America this woman. She really helps me to wake up for fetcher. She encouraged me to go to Asia at domestic. She really helps me to fast and to give charity for the sake of Allah. She helped me to come to attend the classes to be active in the community. We need to do that, believe it or not technologists a little bit of not not to be pushy. You know, you can force him to do anything but just a little bit of that pushing up. It helps a lot and it makes him very happy. Even maybe she is resistance. But after he can push the good deed he

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You will be so happy and that's when

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