Mohamad Baajour – 40 Authentic Qudsi #15 – Son of Adam I Was Sick and You Didn’t Visit Me – Hadith #13

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of visiting others and showing one's face to others in the Hadith language. They also touch on the history of visiting sick individuals and the benefits of visiting them. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a football event. The importance of being patient and accepting the consequences of illness is also emphasized.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda Maya and Fiona when finally Maya lantana was at Nile manjar camera Jaime, Baba your chair. So don't share I feel you the chair you're good.

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Angela, by the way for everybody to witness and Allah to witness, this is the most man I love in the community.

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I love him so much May Allah gather me and you and everybody under his shade with this love inshallah.

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Inshallah Allah will take another Hadith frequency, and we mentioned that hadith could see are the words from Allah has the word the meaning is from Allah azza wa jal and the words from Rasul Allah, and someone that said, even the meaning and the words from Allah, but there's a difference between the Hadith and Quran is that you cannot recite in the salad and you could see you could mention it.

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I heard the Hadith that means this but I cannot mention Quran changed the meaning of it.

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So there's a difference between Hadith I cannot get hasnat when I read the Quran every letter has a

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few differences. So the Hadith today is I think we all heard of it.

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But inshallah Tada we will hear it in a different way. And Abu Hurayrah or the Allahu Anhu or the call, caller Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and make sure yeah, when every time we mentioned Rasul Allah, you say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam otherwise

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as well as SLM he one time ask, do you know who's the heel who's the stingy one, the one who when My name is mentioned he does not say Salah Alia and there are even other stronger warning from the soulless SLM about this issue. So in sha Allah Tala every time he mentioned his name, may Allah gather us with him on the Day of Judgment me. Carlos Allah Islam, in Allah Allah azza wa jal call the store most of the time this is how that hadith or Katsuya starts in Allah azza wa jal Yaku, Yeoman Kiana

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as usual it is in Arabic first

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married to phelim Dabney called Al Qaeda Oh took one Tropical Island in Canada into an Abbe de Phoolan Merida phenom tattoed and I didn't and Nicola would tell there was a tourney in the

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Stoughton to care for them to train me call the workflow to IMOCA one tabula Alameen called Linton Stahma cab de Fullan for them to to me and I Linton Nicola up until then we'll get to Delhi, Delhi kindie you're gonna add them stays Skyy took her for them to skinny because they are Kato ski from Antara Buddha either mean, or a scorecard the Fallen phenom tusky in a callosa ito was the Lika nd.

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How do you feel? Sahih Muslim Rasul. Allah Salam said that Allah has said

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on the Day of Judgment, Allah will say, yeah, oh son of Adam.

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Or son of Adam, I was sick. And you did not visit me?

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So the abbot would say, Yeah, Allah, how should they visit you? And I'm terrible. I mean, You are the Lord of all the words.

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Allah would answer Didn't you know that my servant so and so?

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was sick? And you did not visit him? Did you know that? Have you visited him? You would have found me with him.

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Oh son of Adam, I asked you for food and you did not feed me. Your Allah How can I feed you and your herbal Alameen he said my son my slave so and so got hungry and ask you for food and you did not feed him. If you fed him you would found you would have found the reward with me.

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Oh son of Adam. I was thirsty. And you did not give me drink? How can I give you a drink and you are a bit I mean Allah would say my iPad so on So asked you to give him a drink and you did not have you given a drink to him. You would have surely found that with me. And the Hadith in Sahih Muslim and the Hadith ended here. Now before we start

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there's something very important

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which is when you read something

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from the Quran or from the Sunnah continue the area

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continue the Hadith

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do not for example, this is an excellent example.

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Oh, Allah gets sick. Didn't you hear the Hadith? That if I was sick you did not visit me right? But we all know sickness, hunger, thirst are deficiencies and they are not befitting by Allah azza wa jal so we have to continue the Hadith, the Hadith continued and said if you have visited so and so, you would have found me with him just like for example, when Allah subhanaw taala said about no further visa vie him Alpha Sanditon Illa hum Sina Anna

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in Surah Clank Abood No I said that I Allah said that no spent 1000 years minus 50

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Illa have seen So, if I stopped no spent 1000 years I thought I didn't get the right information I have to continue Electrum seen less 50 Similarly, when somebody I'm just assuming that sometimes

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Salah excellent example, Allah said well don't come even close to solid you have to continue until Sukira while you are drunk Waylon Lewis I'll leave

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and let you know

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I have to continue the idea to understand so somebody comes in argue with you or your Illa gets sick and this is a deleted from Saudi Muslim not okay tell him continue. Allah said Yes, I got sick you did not visit me but he meant by this continued Hadith that the importance of visiting the sick to show us the importance of caring about one another. If you visited me you would have found me there what is it you found me there mean? Yanni? The ROM of Allah azza wa jal that's why

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Listen, yeah, when you know sometimes

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someone is

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in a coma, right. By the way, our brother Junaid his father still in coma peacekeeping in your diet in sha Allah Tala. He is one of the from the medina villas here And subhanAllah and he got hit by a car and his Junaid and his brother us, man, this man is active in our education community. So Subhanallah he's still in coma. And in that age, late 70s You know, it's gets a little bit harder. And when he texted brothers you know, today he told me, there's no news. So they're just waiting now Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for them inshallah Tada. And may Allah give him what's best for him Inshallah, we don't know what's best for him. So, where was I

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Alright, so if somebody is in coma, and somebody might say, Why would I go I have to visit him. He's in coma, he would not even recognize that I visited him. Right. And sometimes even the family. They say why do you want to go visit Mary he's in coma.

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Now maybe, maybe you will not visit as frequently as someone who's awake but still. When you go there, Lucia 20. And you wish you would have found Allah there. What does that mean? It means the DUA

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at that time, that at that presence, that situation is accepted your DUA and the Marines. You know, sometimes it's very weird because we are going to visit the sick and he's the one who's sick, and sometimes people feel weird. Sure, how can I ask him to make dua for me? The guy isn't in bed. No, it's okay. It's a sunnah he's he insha Allah Tala, we assume that the person is accepting the other of Allah and he is very patient. And he's taken Hamdulillah I mean, Allah He that person's dua, Allahu Akbar, ask him for a DUA. So there was you're telling him that he would have found me there. Now.

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Many Hadith and I would like always to remind myself and remind you because sometimes we forget about the virtues and the benefit and the extreme rewards of visiting the secure one. We forget sometimes, please, please, when when a brother or a sister tells a sister about someone who is sick to go visit Wallahi if when you hear that he wasn't going to mention which you all know them. You will thank the brother who told you you would make dua for that brother who reminded you to come and go visit that sick. Listen to this Oh, doodle married from FL amor.

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McCarrick Rudall married, visit the sick water Emilija and feed the hungry

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what for Kalani and release the capital of war Subhanallah this an order from Rasulullah sallallahu don't married visit the sick and feed the hungry another Hadith listen to this and that he doesn't cite Muslim in the Muslim either. I had I had a

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quick rip on the side. I had. Usually others came back right

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He came back, but Haida here means he visited a year that will married means visiting the sick either in the Muslim either either a Hindu Muslim, if the Muslim visit his sick Brother, let me SLP harfield JANA hatha yoga. Rasool Allah wa Fattal Jana called a Gina.

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He visits his brother in faith will remain engaged in the something called Khilafat agenda. Yeah rasool Allah, what is this whole battle Jana? He said the fresh the fresh fruits of the garden of Jana until he finished the visit. He is in the agenda? Yes if he's in the agenda until he finished the visit Subhanallah another Hadith, moneta on Muslim Aden Masha Fifi rafiqul JANA Hatay, ageless fee there Janessa, Rama, Rama, Rama

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when someone visits his Sikh Muslim Brother,

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he is walking among the harvest of Jannah until he sits down and when he sits down, he is immersed he is covered with the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal

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and it is if it is done in the morning. We all know the Hadith 70,000 Angels will send blessing upon him until the evening and if it was done in the evening, 70,000 Angels will send blessing upon him until the morning you know, we always hear the Hadith and probably I don't think anyone in this room does not know this hadith. But let me ask you a question.

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And Angel making do out for you.

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Did you ever think about it? Not 170 1000 Angels, your allah how we belittle these things? We belittle visiting the sick 70,000 Angels and the angels we all know it's a creation that never sinned. never sinned. Never Wilson but that's what why do we Why do I go? I say brother Salim mashallah, you're a very good brother. Why do we ask righteous brothers to make dua? Because we think that they have less sense than us. So there is the possibility of being accepted this higher right? How about a creation that never sinned? And never will sin making dua for you?

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70,000 of them making a more workable and imagine I died in that trip? I died while I was visiting. I am under the realm of Allah which is the only source to Jannah and the angels are making dua for me.

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Lau Akbar so yeah, when please, and I'm telling you here in front of everybody, and he told me I have a sick brother. Most of you have my number call me please give me that reward. 5050 But Allah there's no 5050 Everybody will get full full measure inshallah. So 70,000 angels, and now Subhanallah listen to this hadith

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Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, we all know this hadith,

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his neighbor, because some people ask, Can I visit a non Muslim? Can we visit the sacred non Muslim Sikh or you shouldn't Bible is a Kaffir Are you sure? Yes.

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You know, because he's a cover. How would you know? This was excellent visit his sick, Jew neighbor. The Jew was sick. Right? And what did he say what happened? The boy was on his deathbed, right? And what do you say

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what did he tell him?

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Aslam except Islam. So the boy looked at his father and with the Father say, listen to our cousin. Listen to our cousin or Salah Salem his nickname, I will call Mr. Toggle costume and then boy took shahada and others will as I said and say he has been saved from the hellfire. Now of course this is not our topic, but

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listen to this lesson from this this hadith

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that Rasulillah Salam tell

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this boy, Aslam become a Muslim because Islam is a beautiful Deen it's the deen of Allah, masha Allah. This is the only Deen Subhan Allah, why?

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Because the boy have seen it all from the akhlaq of Rasulullah sallallahu is

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you know how we win when we

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try to bring somebody to Islam? One to three hours of talking. Right? Because all they hear about Islam is bad stuff, right? Or maybe some of us also act in a way that is not befitting but as a Muslim, but this look at this sort of sensor. Aslam. The man took shahada

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because he saw his neighbor, how how does my neighbor feel about me? How do our neighbor feel about us? Yeah, what if we come and tell them Aslam? How many millions of questions

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this was a slim, look at his father. I shouldn't learn a * of a lot.

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Why young boy, not like 5060 years old like a sinner has to experience because he saw the beauty of the lack of Rasulullah Salam. And we mentioned that and you heard that so many times that

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actions are worth millions of lectures millions of lectures the way we they see us act, they said the way they Subhanallah behave at work everywhere, everywhere, do not belittle, you know, when you lower your gaze at work people will notice. When you when you when you bring something extra to talk to a friend or a colleague at work for free, they would they would not forget it. You when you are you have to be at work at nine you're always there 850 Always never late they would notice.

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These are the things that you know, when, without you mentioning anything about Islam, you know that guy who's Muslim in our office? Wow. always smiling, always very kind, helpful. You need him he's there. You know, this is Islam. Yeah. Well, you don't have to say anything, he will come to you, she will come to you. Subhanallah so this is the the

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importance of visiting the sick. Now I have a message for any of my brothers and sisters that are sick.

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Allah He, if you know the reward that Allah has for you, Allah He wouldn't be so grateful.

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Just be patient, and also the law sallallahu alayhi wa sallam listen to this he said Yeah, what do Latvia yarmulke Jana Hina Yatta Bella if the web Lo and Zulu the home cannot call it that for dunya Bill McCall read.

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The Healthy People

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the Healthy People have a day of judgment, they will wish that their body was cut by scissors. When they saw the reward of the patient married the patient sick on the day of judgment. And he was patient. That's the secret word.

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They would wish ya I wish I could go back to the limit and get sick and be patient to get this reward. Please my brother please my sister who has been afflicted by any kind of disease. Do not please do not complain.

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Complain to the only one who has the cure. Sometimes, you know, oh, you know found cancer. Where did this come from? I was healthy. I used to exercise every day. I'm very cautious. I on keto, I am on this diet. I am on this diet. Where did this come from? I don't know why Allah has tested me. I pray all the time. I heard it so many times. You ruined everything. What do you mean? Who's running your life? You know what when we say these things, you know what? You know what?

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If you put it in other words what it means? It means Yeah, Allah, I know better how to run my life. Why are you doing this? This is what it means. Because who's running my life? Allah, nothing happens without his permission, that cancel. That cancel that tumor that whatever disease,

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Allah decreed it. And I have to be extremely patient and accept it. And of course, I take by the means I go to the doctor, I go to the hospital, but hamdulillah Allah Mala Callaghan. And when he hears this hadith, he makes the trigger that Allah has tested me

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to test Yeah, one and I know I know for a fact you're gonna say the stairs it's that easy to say it when you're healthy. But when you are crying in the bed in the hospital Wallahi This is where the movement arise. Now, very easy, brother if you're sick Be patient.

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Please remind me and I will remind you also Charla Tada. This is why we attend these classes. Right? So we are we are here to MDC and these days is so possible Subhan Allah, how many of us know somebody who has cancer, every single one of us know someone who's going through some kind of hardship in in in his house or in her health. Please remind them, that with the patients, Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward you immensely. That's a promise from Allah azza wa jal promise from Allah and promise from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then quickly inshallah because we took a lot of time, then you have the food. Three things were mentioned the right visiting the sick,

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feeding, food, specifically food, and the third one was drink, which is water. So apparently, Tom, feeding others is one of the most rewarding Armelle

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us and then in Allah, the Most Beloved animal to Allah Suru the two killer who Allah muslim to bring some joy to your Muslim brother. I'm going to say Brother of course brother or sister, oh, texture fan who cares? I will talk to ridin who

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or you pay his debt or you you will feed him

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Hmm you feed him or you relieve his stress or his grief. That is the most beloved animal to Allah to Allah, the Most Beloved animal to Allah

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and Rasul Allah says he was giving advice to to another Hadith in Sahih Muslim yeah brother is Tabata America thanks Jeremiah. What Iran UK Oh my brother, when you are cooking something like any what we call like close to soup or the gravy that you know something that you add to the to the rice or something any something liquid, make sure you put extra water so you can give your neighbor

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so put extra so you can give some of the food to your neighbor doesn't have to be he or she does not have to be in need to feed them right especially us here. A lot of us have non Muslim neighbors something very small, every once in a while Allahu Akbar to make a huge difference, but the people who are in need

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Allah may Allah forgive us and forgive our negligence to our brothers our suffering overseas. Allah Yeah, when when you hear anyone when we go to our fridge and we open the fridge and the food starts falling. And I hear right five minutes later that my brother in Yemen died from hunger. How do we feel? How do we feel Allah Hi, Annie and Hamdulillah we are trying our best and it but please, the least we can do I know sometimes we forget that please do. Just one at least your Allah Ya Allah please help them yeah Allah feed them ya Allah it clothed them ya allah relief their stress Allah Allah Felicia in Korea, he they are being tested with patients and when we are being tested with

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We are being tested with this luxury

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for a bigger * and unknown main. Allah said he sold by himself I will ask them about everything that was unknown Naomi even added name when when Allah said in the Quran, and you will be questioned on that day about the name. You know what this area was about? So masala Salam, he was walking in the house and he saw a piece of bread that is old. He picked it up. And he said that was Alan Naomi then added

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a piece of bread that is old, said he will be questioned about this knife that we have put your bread Subhanallah

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Hadith it makes me cry or lie. When our mother I surely Allah Allah was telling her,

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her nephew.

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She said, Do you know one moon comes one moon leaves. One Moon comes one moon leaves. And no fire was in the house of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam Two months passed by and there was no cooking. We live in Sweden. We lived on the water and dates.

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Can you imagine?

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The man who could say yeah, Allah I want billions. Instantly he will have he two months, no food, no cooking, no meat, just surviving on dates and water. And he is the one who could ask for anything he will get. He is the best man ever created as we all know Subhan Allah and compare that you know

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like when chef said the

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Oh sister is telling me Allah I wish I could marry Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said I wish you could marry and so Allah says Allah last week you were complaining that your husband did not take you for two weeks now did not take you out for dinner last two months? No for the results. Would you be patient?

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Would you be patient

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for two months without food without meat, and you'd complain to a husband not take me out? Let them know there's no food in the house. Subhanallah nine houses no food, nine houses

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Subhanallah and finally, I when when when we come to the water we mentioned the sickness, the food and the water are so much I said and said ladies sadhaka agilon minute,

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no reward more greater than providing water.

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So when we hear again, when you hear you actually ALLAH blessed you with wealth, and you hear that one well will cost $1,000 $1,200 to provide for a village Wallah. He actually be extremely generous. Go hide somewhere until yaki please, one for me, one for my mother, one for my father. What are we going to do with it? Listen to me carefully. Do not count on your children investing for you.

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Do not count on it sha Allah they will sha Allah, but Don't bet on it.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:58

Invest for yourself. And I give you a very good example. How much have you invested for your parents?

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How many massages you have built for your parents? How many walls you have dug for your parents, how many orphans you're sponsored for your parents, the poor who passed away.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:49

We try, but we forget. So let me do it for myself to be on the safe side. If my son does something, it's a bonus. It's extra, right? sha Allah may Allah bless us all with righteous kids that will remember us with a DUA. Will. That's what we want from them. Just $1 of decision. Yeah. forgive their sins. Yeah, Allah have mercy on them. Because I someone said, that will be elevated in Jannah. Allah what happened? Man stop. He said, No, there's a son in the dunya making that for you. Allahu Akbar. Allah says, Oh, the righteous children. May Allah forgive all our sins. May Allah strengthen our Eman they must strengthen our love to one another. May Allah subhana wa Taala make our last

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deeds are besties May Allah make our last words that ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah and gather so the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, please make a lot of salad on him. Tonight is the night of Friday and tomorrow inshallah come to visual 60 I'll be giving the first football Zack McLaughlin Subhanallah Maria Hendrick Michelle America in the SOFIA Corona Tobik

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Subhana Colombo the 100 Susan Lola and understood?

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