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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © A speaker describes a conversation where a former student apologizes for missing a class and explains that students who found information about Egypt were not looking for it. The conversation is described as a "one on one" where the speaker tells students that they spoke the truth to antith resonances.
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to my university students super exciting, especially if you're living away from home for the first time. I remember when I was being dropped off by my father, I have a whole lot to my dorm and another state and another to my university. He he told me something that stayed with me and he said, you don't want he told me of one of the early scholars of Islam. And he said that when he had a student who had disappeared for a while, and he asked him, Where did you go? And he said, I was in Egypt, and he said, Well, how is Egypt? He said, and animal famous said, knowledge resides in Egypt. And he said to him, so now you've spoken the truth. And then another time another student disappears

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for a while when he comes back. He said, Where were you in? He was like, I was in Egypt. And he said, Well, how did you find Egypt? And he said, Egypt is nothing but a party. It's all heedless. And he said, so that you spoken the truth. Now students who were in his both conversation said, you said, you spoken the truth to two antithetical statements. And he said, both found what they were looking for.

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