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The importance of hedging one's religious affiliation and bringing out the "has been through" concept is discussed in this segment of a discussion on Islam. The concept of the "has been through" concept is emphasized, as it is the goal of achieving the "has been through" concept. The importance of staying true to Islam is also emphasized, as it is a way to measure success in life. The Day of Judgment is also discussed, as it is a sign of the beginning of a mission and a way to measure success in life. The importance of shuffling time and showing actual results in the church's actions is also emphasized. The concept of the brain and the body are also discussed, as it is the means of preventing people from doing things and preventing them from doing them.

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fix belongs to a loss of Hannibal mkhaya made a piece of listening of a loved one, the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam astrophotos by the respective brothers and sisters in Islam, Santa Monica Mata ye Tada.

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And let me begin by apologizing for delaying the Euro assuming the lessons that simply because we were asked a lot of Zoysia to accept the hedge from those who went there, and asked a lot of social also to grab the opportunity of hedge to those who haven't been there before. Of course, as you all know that hash is one of the pillars, the Pillars of Islam. And therefore,

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if you haven't done the house yet, you must take this, this pillar seriously. And try to do however, if you haven't done that before. And so even though that financially probably can be a factor, that could be a problem. However, there was just one story that I'd like to mention when we were there. We met a, an old Pakistani man. And we sat with him and he sort of told us his story on how he got he, he said, he's been saving money for almost my knees. And just before he came, he saw some sort of car he had, he sold it to make that extra money in the spending money he needed. And he came. So there's pretty much no excuse for anyone, you should take this pillar seriously. This is a pillar of

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Islam. This is the only a pillar that you you finish off your Islam with and this is part of a Muslim that he performs, for those that haven't done at least once in your life. So take this pillar seriously. If money is an issue for you, then there's no excuse safe from now, if you were to die from now on

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he knows your intention. And you you've been true to intention by saving your money. And there is no excuse, try to put your names as soon as possible for those that do intend to do a hedge next, as you noticed in the past is no group advertisers for hedge anymore, because from a before they're all full and

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finished to the end. So try to put your names as early as you can. And that's if you intend to do however, if you don't have the money for it, then start saving from now if it took you nine years, 10 years, whatever it is, just to

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begin somewhere, have this intention and ask the Lord to make it easy for those who haven't done how he had to perform this this pillar. by Michelle Matata today we begin with solar conversion.

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And this is what we stopped off last time we have the listen to CDs. And we concluded we ended off with sort of Russia and that is the solar before some of the version of solar panels fresher is a Mac consumer. So it was delivered that it was revealed to us all muscle a lot while he was selling them before the dishwasher during his life in Mecca. And just to refresh on one point, and that is that the meccan sewer, you will find that the majority the dominating theme of the song is that it will address the issue of the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala it will address the issue of the resurrection. And it will address the issue of the message and the messenger and the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is what Mercury is all about. It's all about proving the oneness of a lot of soldiers, and about proving the resurrection. And it also proves also the message and the messenger.

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And we're going to find this apparent in the solar and solar to failure because obviously it's a metal solar. But before we begin with the solar, we'll start with what we generally do at the beginning of every solar and that is connecting it to the previous law that came before and of course we said that that was similar to last year.

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Then after it is sort of fresher. Now at the end of sort of the last year, we read a threat from Allah subhanho wa Taala and he concluded that sort of by saying in the elayna era,

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it is only to us that they will return and it is only upon us that we will judge them that we will hold them accountable for everything they have done in this time.

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Now, that is how it ended, it ended with a threat from Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about two issues. And he had what he said, the return to a love and the judgment that allows the general hold everyone accountable for.

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Now, this sort of smaller version of it begins with an oath. Well, officially,

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these are all oaths that takes and they are at the beginning of the soul. But just to refresh something with you, and that is, why does Allah subhanho wa Taala take oats in the bowl? And anyway, why does he take an oath? Now, you know, of course you open up the translation, what version? It will run by Fisher? I swear by Fisher, that's not something we can really connect to. Because we don't really understand what that means. What does it mean that a lot to close by fresher? Or even before this? What does it mean that I want to buy something? You know, we know that if I was to tell you something, and you don't believe me, then I take it? I'd say well, I tell you I was at the

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masjid. And I see a look in your face that you really don't believe what I said. So I say well,

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for us when we think it's to prove a point that we find the listener not believing. So we say well, money, but

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contrary to human beings,

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well, not us, not to me.

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You know, no one, no one is more truthful in speech.

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So why does it matter?

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If a lot of zosia only speaks the truth, then why does he take an oath and say what a pleasure, what kind of point is improvement. So in other words, when a lot of social takes an earth by something, and we already accept everything along says, it indicates to you that this thing is of a great deal to a lot. That's why he thinks of Earth by it, there's something huge. And when he takes an oath by himself, it's even greater. So in other words, when a lot of soldier takes an oath by something, that something is known as the object. And when he takes an oath by it, it is signifying the greatness of this object is something great, you need to read this, stop and reflect. So when he

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says one, man, that's one word, and the eye finishes, and then another. And one version is a whole area. That means don't just read it and move on what you do when a notion stop and reflect a lot made it one he didn't make him turn connect them all together. So there's something very, very serious and huge in the oats that

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takes an oath by the object. So we can sit back and relax and reflect upon this object. Now a lot of soldier has taken oath been answered the first

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that the answer to this question, why does a lot take an oath is to grab attention.

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So we know a lot of religion is truthful in his speech. So why does he take an oath to grab attention, so that he can grab the attention of the listener, so that he can have extra focus, and he requires extra attention from you so that you reflect upon this object? That's the first reason so it grabs the attention of the listener. Now, the second reason why I must have had a what that takes an oath, as we said, so you can reflect upon the object, you know, and also so we can be prepared for the actual lesson of the soul. And so the oath, the oath is almost like an introduction of the soul. You will find always in Napoleon, when there is

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a law surgeon takes an oath by something I told you that is referred to as the object we already know this. And then after that comes, the subject of the oath is a subject this ally is taking an oath to something. So for example, I say what a law he I went to the mercy of

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my subject is I went to the masjid, that's the second half. So what's different when a lot of soldiers takes an oath as opposed to human beings taking an oath is that always the object has a direct link in connection to the subject. So when a lot of soldier For example, He says, nothing happened and instead of he asked me that, as the lesson of

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that, indeed, we created man in the best of fashion, right? That is the lesson of the soul. But before he teaches us this lesson, he says what he was saying

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I mean, he swears by the freakin by the only man by the amount of sunlight. And by the sacred city, which is NACA, he takes him by these objects. Then he says to us, indeed, we created man in the best of fashion. And the question comes up, what does the finger has to do with the creation of a human? When we get there show like I don't answer. But what I'm trying to say is that the object when a law takes an oath by something, it is actually an introduction to the subject of the soul, you will not understand the silver unless you understand these objects. Now a lot of social takes an oath bar. So when we come to speak about this law, we're not going to fully understand that until we understand

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why there's a lot taken oath by Fisher. What does that signify? What is it alluding to? What is it taken up by 10? Knights when they had an Asha was shuffling What what? What does it take an oath by the even and the art? And then one lady dancer and by the light as it as it goes, takes away? Why does he take an oath by that What's all that important that how is that relevant to the subject of the oath. And a matter of fact, there are some sort of interpolation, that when a word

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takes an oath, by something, he doesn't mention the subject, the subject is gone. Right, and this is one of the subject is actually erased, we don't find the subject here. But we can make the subject we can know what the subject is, from seeing what what there's a lot of surgeons speak after the oath and what came before it. This is something inshallah Allah will implement practically as as we read on in the sewer. But first, let's just understand the beginning of the sewer, and what is happening and why he thinks these boats. So these are two reasons why it takes to grab the attention of the listener. And so we can reflect upon the object, because it is going to be almost like a

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precursor, an introduction to what subject matter soldier is going to teach us and what lesson he wants to teach us in the soul. Now, let's understand the first air well refresher, of course, we're going to understand it first, then we're going to connect it to the end of solar the last year, we still haven't forgot the end of solar Tamasha was about two things.

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Which is the return to a lot and an NSF, which is accountability. So we're going to have to understand a refresher. And then we'll connect both of them together.

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So the way that

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the world here is known as well,

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is saying one fashion, in other words, I swear by, this is what lol means I swear by. And it comes from the word

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for your means literally means for something to explode, or something to read completely, so that light emerges or comes through it. That's what faith means literally. And that's why the first prayer of the day is called sonet. And Frasier because the light curtain, think of the light, the night curtain, it rips up, and light starts to come through it. So it was called selective pressure, because that happens. And you know, just you need to think of it practically. If you were to, like, if you're at home, you have a window and you have a black curtain in front of the window, open up in the morning from the middle, and open up what happens, the light comes straight through. So that's

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kind of what happens when in time approaches. And when the pleasure part when it's pleasure time. The night The light is figured out like a black curtain, and then it rips in half and light comes out. When this light emerges. In other words, explodes right through this knife curtain this black curtain that is

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that action is unfamiliar. So now is taking an oath by this time. And it's important to note that fresher time is the beginning of life for your time is the beginning of life. In other words, at this time, at the time of Frasier

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the animals begin to come out of their dwelling. The birds start chirping but no one wakes them up. It's just natural they come out and from among the humans and from among the creation of a law that has a choice. It is only the believer who wakes up at this time, as we say by his choice to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala so a lot of surgeon swears by this enormous time

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He says at this time, which is the time of failure, the hearts are the most closest and most fearful of a loss of data. Why? Because the slave has woken up for no other reason except to worship Allah subhanho wa

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Taala, no one wakes up to cook, no one wakes up to clean. No one wakes up to take your children to school or to wake up and go to work except a few. But the majority. And what's common is that this time, if you were to wake up in this time, it is purely for was sick and for nothing else. This is why the at this time the heart is the most closest to a lot of surgeon because you got to vote for him. So you can go and pray. The other thing is

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he says when a love swears by the morning, when he swears by and Fisher, which is the dog sorry, he is swearing actually by life after death. This is one of the first because night's sleep, when you sleep at night, it's a symbol of death. And when you wake up, it's a symbol of resurrection. A lot of

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course, you mentioned this in the Quran, you know, sleep is a minor death. And when you die, that's the major then.

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And when you wake up from your sleep at bedtime for the believer, that is known as the minor resurrection. And when you when a lot of social brings us up on the Day of Judgment that's known as the major resurrection. And he says,

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female we have

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lot of social, he says it is the one who takes the soul away at the time of death. And those that not that die not during their sleep. He takes the soul of those which he has ordained death. And since the rest of the souls for a time that he's appointed. In other words, when we all sleep, we all did. There is no soul in your body when you're asleep. So if Allah has ordained and decreed that you're going to die in the sleep, your soul doesn't go back to your body. And if Alize all day that you're going to live, he will send that soul back into your body, it will go into your body you wake up, this happens every night. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam says,

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and no more remote. Sleep is the is the brother of death. Sleep is the brother of death. And this is how we understand that sleep is a minor death and the death when we die, that's the major death.

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And this is also why we understand the sooner

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that he teaches us. He says sooner when going to sleep What do we say

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Bismillah Allahu

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Allah with your name, I die. And I live. I die and I live. We don't say this we lack this speaker or more whom an animal was taken. When I say oh Lord, it's with your name that I sleep and wake up. We say that I die. And I live and also when we wake up, it's way sooner to say 111 ohana bada.

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All praise and thanks belongs to Allah who gave us life after we have died and gave us life after we had died. Right. So there's this term of Ghana and Americana. So we allude to our sleep at night with death. And when we wake up we mentioned the fact that a lot gave us life gave us life. So this now is a reminder of resurrection. When you Fisher He's a monster is reminding us of resurrection. And how are we going to connect it to the previous saw in the previous sola allows the origin ended it by two things and he had and he said to us or to tala Zoysia will return and He will judge us now as your time when you wake up. You're awaking up UI for a loss, but only for mercy.

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And when we die, and Allah Xhosa resurrects us on the Day of Judgment, we only get up from our graves and walk towards him. We only walk towards a loss of habitat and nothing else. So every

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Simple pleasure that you and I wake up to, it is actually reminding us of the bigger resurrection that will happen on the Day of Judgment. So every time you wake up for pleasure, reflect upon this time, you only got up for a month. And on the Day of Resurrection, you only get up from your grave

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for no one else. So how. And when you get up on that day, on the day of judgment, when you get up, you're only getting up and walking towards a loss of data, for the judgment, for the judgment. And in this life as well. When you wake up at fragile time, you only work woke up to a log, and you walk, to go to the masjid, to pray to a lot of surgeon to hold yourself accountable, to hold yourself accountable, hold yourself accountable, are you able to wake up for selecting fire and pray? You know, this, a lot of the a lot of a lot of the setup, they said that the the meter of a man for every person is his relationship with Samantha Fisher. That's your Eman Lita with selected

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version, you can get up to 100,

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you can get up to one that's a bad sign. So selecting the type of failure is a time where you hold yourself accountable. Right, and so have a look, this is the connection of it to the previous solo, the previous solo ended up with these two things that will return to a lot and then he'll hold us accountable. And this sort of began with a failure. And failure time is a time where we return to a lot. And it is a time where we hold ourselves accountable. If we make some

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good sign of email, if we didn't make it, then be very worried about yourself and your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is how this sort of began. Now also, some of the unimat they commented and said one pleasure, this is actually alerting, and it's referring to

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sonetel fashion of a specific day. And that is the day of the Omen that means the day of harsh and fragile Nia, in some of the narration, some of the commentary, some of the opinions of the scholars, they say that this failure alarm

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is actually referring to the failure of the day of the day of how

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and so Panama the failure of the day of a novel. And this is the day of

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actually begins you're sleeping in was David Wright, who's been to Russia,

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who's ever been to house, we have a few people that need to help anyway inherit, for those that have been they know this, there is one mind that you sleep on the dirt, basically you sleep on the ground,

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and you wake up to pre selected fresher

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places known as was delivered, and you wake up to pre selected version of day one is referring to that. This is in some of the select few minutes, one version is referring to that, because that version is the most apparent

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the most apparent indication to resurrection. That why because everyone is wearing the shoe. And everyone is sleeping on the ground on the which almost daily basically this is resembling your life on Gaza, by the only centimeters The only a blanket away from where you actually will be buried. And so you're sleeping on these planes, there's millions and millions of people, and everyone is in one clothing. And you get up everyone gets up at the top of fidget and praise failure that actually symbolizes resurrection. So when we read one failure, and we understand by one failure, Allah Subhana Allah, he's swearing by this. He's actually swearing by life after death. With us that

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manifest where does it become most apparent, that failure is resembling and symbolizing resurrection, Life After Death On that day that they have now that they have harsh, and that begins with failure that is preyed on the plains of Missouri. So whoever is there, and of course those that have been too harsh and those that have shown that Allah will have the opportunity and be that you're going to realize this, when the time everyone is up and everyone is praying, almost four or 5 million people. So Pamela, everyone is standing on the plains praying. And this is what it reminds you that these people were sleeping, that symbolizes that they were now in heaven boza they were in

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their graves.

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Now fragile time they up and they pray. And this in itself signifies resurrection. So we read one measure, this is referring to life after death. And this is how it connects to the previous slide, because the previous doula spoke about two things that happen on the Day of Judgment, that is the return to allow the resurrection and the judgment taking place, the accountability taking place, this is wonderful.

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Also, just let me share one more thing on this is

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a comment. And they say that this a will failure is not just a reminder of the hereafter. It's not just the reminder of resurrection. It is also a reminder of the dawn of Islam, when the dawn of Islam, meaning that Islam is going to manifest manifest, and is going to become prevail and apparent in the struggle of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And you know, by the way, I mentioned that this

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is a miracle. It's a miracle. And at that time, right now, in Mecca, everything is still that there is no future of Islam, yet, the future seems uncertain. This articles or all around the garden, the believers are being prosecuted and punished by Quraysh. So there is no real victory of Islam yet this is.

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he guarantees the victory of Islam to his messengers.

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By telling him what

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he swears by that dawn time. In other words, just just like that morning, light rips through the darkness, this mission of Islam is going to rip through the darkness of ship, and toe he will be established in the land. So when failure, although it does remind us of resurrection, it also some of the Automat mentioned that that this also is a guarantee to the messengers.

00:27:15--> 00:27:21

That is, the victor of Islam is very soon. And the victor of Islam is going to be given to

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muscle a lot. And of course, that was the case. Now we move on to the next day. And we'll connect that with the first day as well. And that is what I added in Nash, when they added in the brief Translation by 10 nights, I swear by 10 nights, this is still a loss of data, taking an oath. Now you're taking an oath by 10 months.

00:27:47--> 00:27:53

He didn't say one day any lauscha. Right? Listen carefully, he said, what a national,

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one a national means by 10 nights, what

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the difference is that an le flare is added. And that will give you a different translation that will be translated to and by the 10 months. Now when you when you say by the 10 mites, you're actually pointing to something. But when you say by 10 months, then you're not pointing to anything, you've opened the scope, it could be any 10 months. If I told you give me give me the chair, that means I'm pointing to a chair, and I want that chair to come here. But if I was to tell you give me a che, then that means that share that share that change if you're gonna change is brilliant. So Alonzo hill here, he doesn't say a one day and in action by the 10 nights, he says and I swear by 10

00:28:49--> 00:29:07

bytes. And this is why there are different as to what 10 marks is referring to. Because it's not a different article. He didn't define it by being the 10 marks. If he said the 10 knights, then they can only be one possibility. But it was said

00:29:09--> 00:29:14

by 10 months. So now there are no matter. The majority of them

00:29:15--> 00:29:59

fall into two camps when it comes to this as one would say that this is referring to the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Others would say this is referring to the first 10 minutes of the Asia, which we just pass. Some of those would say that this is referring to the first 10 bytes of of mohalla which is the next month that is only after vacation. But anyway, we're not going to say that they're right and they're wrong. Why because we didn't say by little lies. He said by 10 bucks. So it can be VC committed too much of our bond can be the Tim knights of Asia can be the 10 of the scope is the scope is open now.

00:30:00--> 00:30:10

Before we mentioned some things about this, I want to give you a fact, about the first 10 nights and the last 10 nights of any model.

00:30:12--> 00:30:21

The first 10, and the last 10 nights of any month, this shift of the position of the moon is the most visible during this time.

00:30:23--> 00:30:30

What I mean is that the first 10 months or the last 10 minutes of any month, that's when you will notice significant changes in the moon

00:30:31--> 00:30:32

and the middle 10.

00:30:33--> 00:31:25

There is change of the position of the moon, and of the size of the moon and so on. But it is not as visible, some minor changes not as visible to the eye. But the first 10 and the last 10 bytes, the change is very visible everyone can see. Now, even though the earth is talking about the night, it still continued the theme of what the solar actually began with, you know, the slow, it began with paying attention to the sky. Right? You don't know it's for you unless you pay attention to the sky. You don't know it's for real unless you pay attention to the sky and see the light coming out. And also the last 10 bytes and the first 10 nights of the month, you must look up towards the sky in

00:31:25--> 00:31:46

order to tell when does the month begin when does the month end? In other words, what what is what brings them together is the fact that you have to look up the sky to identify both to identify the time you need to look up. And to identify 10 mites, the beginning of a month from the end of the month, and so on, you also need to look up at the sky.

00:31:47--> 00:31:51

And, of course, when I add in

00:31:52--> 00:31:57

some of the opinion that this is actually

00:31:58--> 00:32:05

it alludes, and it summarizes the sealer of Rasulullah sallallahu. Either you assemble.

00:32:07--> 00:32:12

It summarizes the seal of muscle muscle on Long Island. So how does that happen? Well,

00:32:13--> 00:32:17

the two majority opinions we said are the 10 nights of Ramadan.

00:32:18--> 00:32:29

This is the last 10 nights and was the second opinion, the first 10 nights of duration. In the last 10 nights of Ramadan. There is a

00:32:31--> 00:32:36

little further marks the beginning of revelation right now.

00:32:38--> 00:32:50

That's when the plan began, when the plan began. That's when the mission of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also began. So the beginning of the message is the beginning of the mission of Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam

00:32:52--> 00:33:03

and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he performed? Of course, in particular, right? We do not prefer hygiene other than the first 10 days of nutrition. And when

00:33:04--> 00:33:10

performed, how many times did you perform it once. And when he performed

00:33:11--> 00:33:20

that signified the end of his mission, because after by two months he had died when he went back to Medina is, right.

00:33:22--> 00:33:23

So when you read when,

00:33:25--> 00:33:42

when we speak about the 10 nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, that indicated the beginning of the mission of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, because that's when the plan was revealed. And when we say it's the 10 days, the first 10 nights have

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only performed one has in his life, that haven't been the occasion. And that signifies the end of his mission. So once again, in Russia, it's basically summarize.

00:33:58--> 00:34:15

He gave us the beginning of his life, the beginning of his mission, and the end of his mission. So let's say his mission, not his life, the beginning of his mission, the end of his mission is all captured in one end national supernova. Wonderful first, one didn't refer to

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it alluded to life after death, right? It was indicating life after death, resurrection. What is it? That means it's alluding to the Day of Judgment, right? What is a great sign of the Day of Judgment?

00:34:31--> 00:34:32

death of

00:34:34--> 00:34:34

me coming

00:34:36--> 00:34:50

into the birth of hospital law and the death of rasulillah. That is a great sign or sorry, it's a minus sign of the Day of Judgment. So I have two of these and now connect. And

00:34:52--> 00:34:52

you read what?

00:34:54--> 00:34:54

This is why

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

you need to reflect upon these oats and not merely just read one phrase

00:35:02--> 00:35:24

For whatever you're learning, no one is advocating to the Day of Judgment. And a minus sign of the Day of Judgment is the sending of Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, and the death of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So we missed we have a great lesson. Well, especially when they are in Russia now.

00:35:26--> 00:35:50

And of course, we said well, on the other saying that it is it guarantees victory to Islam. It was a promise, a guarantee from a law to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that Islam will prevail. And that victory will be given to Islam, the most recent version, and one a year in Arusha, it guarantees the Day of Judgment, because it's a sign

00:35:52--> 00:36:14

him coming and going, it is a sign of the Day of Judgment. So that guarantees the Day of Judgment, and unfettered guarantees is that good federal guarantees that victory is to is that by now we move on to the third Oath of the soul, we'll try to connect all of them together. So that was the connection of the first and the second.

00:36:15--> 00:36:27

The third muscle panel, what it says was shuffling. And actually, this ad is two hours with shutter, which means Mrs. whereby the

00:36:28--> 00:36:31

shutter is even 2468 and even

00:36:32--> 00:36:49

one better. And I swear by VR, swear by VR, so this the even and the odd. So now there's so far we've taken forwards, we're sure if anyone would, when we come to this end, there are many, many, many things.

00:36:51--> 00:36:57

Let's just summarize and bring in guarantee what is what actually brings it all together.

00:36:58--> 00:37:13

In one thing, that a chef is referring to all the creation of Allah Subhana Allah data, because all the creation of a lot is created in pairs, a lot of sense, women cliche in

00:37:15--> 00:37:16


00:37:18--> 00:37:28

that from every single thing, we created pace. So a chef, a man is taking an oath, Bible creation, that's a shepherd. And what it is,

00:37:29--> 00:37:36

is a loss of Hannah who Adana because he has no peers, Allah His widow is the hubby.

00:37:37--> 00:37:38

So when we say what chef,

00:37:39--> 00:37:51

a chef, it refers to all the creation of a love and wonder is referring to Allah Allah is taking an oath by operation of law is taking an oath by himself.

00:37:52--> 00:38:23

And, and of course, everything that Allah created is created the pace. So you have the the sun, you have the sun and the moon. You have even the animals, there's metal, this female, this disguises the earth, there's the water, there's the fire, there's the day, there's the light, there's guidance, there's misguidance, there's happiness, there's sadness, but everything has an opposite potential Pamela I was reading, one of the facilities is seated

00:38:24--> 00:38:29

chef shampoo, a world where He even went to mention that

00:38:30--> 00:39:05

everything is created and it's composed of atoms. And atoms, there's protons and neutrons and electrons, and it's the protons that have a positive charge. And electrons are of negative sorry, the electrons of negative charge. So in other words, if everything is made up of atoms, and the atoms themselves, they have this opposite the positive and negative, you know, even the battery has a positive and a negative. So in other words, everything is created the pitch. This pays for everything that

00:39:06--> 00:39:17

I created. The only thing that remains odd is a loss of Hannah who died. He's on he's one and there is no other with a love there is no partner with a loss.

00:39:18--> 00:39:29

So a shepherd is referring to all creation, and what it is referring to a loss of Hannah Diana, this is Yanni in the most broadest of the deficit of this area.

00:39:31--> 00:39:32

But we also

00:39:33--> 00:39:36

one of the sayings is that a shopper

00:39:37--> 00:39:45

is all the days and nights of this life because every day is paired with the mind. All right, listen to this.

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

Every day of this life is paired with a light. There is no day accepted as a light. There is no light except as a day. There is only one day that doesn't have an eye. What is the day of judgment

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

So in one of the sayings, a shopper is the days of this wall, and what is the day of judgment? Is the Day of Judgment.

00:40:09--> 00:40:12

Now to connect that with the previous,

00:40:13--> 00:40:16

what was the previous one? And and

00:40:17--> 00:40:19

what did we say they are the national ones

00:40:22--> 00:40:23

you must be the

00:40:26--> 00:40:30

first 10 days of worshipping, what

00:40:31--> 00:40:31

are they?

00:40:33--> 00:40:39

What does how does an even connect to 10 nights of Ramadan

00:40:49--> 00:40:49


00:40:55--> 00:40:57

need on an uneven?

00:41:03--> 00:41:04

Let me let me give you guys

00:41:07--> 00:41:08

the last tip I'm

00:41:10--> 00:41:10


00:41:12--> 00:42:05

It is multiple ways last 10 lines it can be it can be right? It's not every every single mo bond is not always 10 bucks, 10 bucks, 10 months, sometimes it's 29 months, sometimes it's 30. Therefore, if we say this, then the last 10, sometimes a nine, nine is an odd number. Sometimes they attempt 10 minus 10 is an even number. So this is still again doing this this chain and connecting these add with each other. So a lot of surgeon says we're shuffling Well, of course, it's understood as being over the creation of a muscle panel data and what is referring only to muscle panel data because he's all but we want to connect the two together, then you can say that a shaver is referring to

00:42:05--> 00:42:18

when the last 10 bytes of robot are even an attempt. And I'm wondering is referring to the last 10 months of Milan when they actually mined bytes. So this is what shuffling was shuffling Well, what

00:42:20--> 00:42:21

they were must have happened.

00:42:23--> 00:42:59

He says one lady either Yes, sir. And before we move on to this, there's one more thing I'd like to share with you this because it's going to become very important. When we reach the end of the solar. Of course, at the end, I'll refresh this with you. But let's just share it for now. We're sure if anyone was also it refers to a chef, referring to the even praise, the praise that I even in number of delegates. So that is what selectable and also an Asia. And in future benefits, you've already been mentioned at the beginning. And then what that is referring to which prep

00:43:01--> 00:43:02

so that the mother and this

00:43:05--> 00:43:07

in way he says I will not reboot with

00:43:09--> 00:43:59

that money is the winner of the day. And then he says to us continuing this for our demo. So let them pray the winner of the night. So the Monday is the width of the day. That's how we conclude our day with a with him. And then he goes on to say, make a winner of the end of the night, the end of the night. And that is that we pray that one hug or whatever your prayer. But as long as it's an odd number. So there's a proof that money is what is referred to by with it because it's odd in its number of black if that becomes very important when we're going to mention and connected to the end of this school. So now we have one fresher when they add in Asha was chef anyone what and by the

00:43:59--> 00:44:30

way, as we read with fishermen and the National chef, we would like them, a lot of surgeon is also teaching us that these are the best times of worship for Thai lady and in our shop. And of course we know the last 10 months of home alone, they have a significance in a virtue any more than the other nights and the other days of the and the first 10 days of Asia and the nights as well. They have any significance and importance as opposed to all the other days of the ride.

00:44:32--> 00:44:32

He says

00:44:36--> 00:44:37

mean happy

00:44:38--> 00:44:53

that there are no days in we're performing good deeds is better to Allah Subhana Allah as opposed to other days. Even then the companions asked whether geography civilian that even if someone was to go for jihad,

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

even if it was to do here, except one person that goes

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

doesn't come back, then that no one would be his status. But in the 10 days of Asia, any good deed you do,

00:45:11--> 00:45:49

this is the best. As opposed to all the other days of the, it's even better than you to sit down in these 10 days in Panama, it's better than someone going to jihad, you to pray to Allah guide in these 210 days, it is better than going to hell, of course, except if someone went and never came back. So this is the only person that will be better than the actions in these days. So now, a lot of storage and is actually speaking to us about sacred times, times where you're supposed to make the most of in terms of worship. And when we get to the end of the solar, we're going to find a promise of

00:45:51--> 00:46:05

gifts to people that made use of this time you make use of you make use of the 10 bytes, you made use of a chef or whatever. In other words, you pray, even praise in the order you made you made

00:46:06--> 00:46:18

these praise Allah, He promises you something at the end of the song, by the way when we get to speak about it. So now let's move on to the fifth code. And a lot of you says

00:46:19--> 00:46:24

one lady either Yes, well lately, either. Yes, sir.

00:46:25--> 00:46:42

is taking an oath by the mind as it scrolls as it takes a stroll as it goes away. Well, guess what, we find something incredible here. Is that in normal Arabic, will say well lately either? Yes.

00:46:43--> 00:46:44

We say yes. Yes.

00:46:46--> 00:46:47

But in the in this war?

00:46:49--> 00:47:27

Or initial what we find when we read Yes. The yet is admitted. There is no yet as we read this only our castle. So when we read it, and we stopped, we read what may be the answer. But normally, it's just silly. So why is this yet emitted? Why does it go away? Firstly, so we can count equal with the with with the sequence of the soul. So we can fit in the sequence of the solar so it can fit in this rhythm of the soul. because later on in the soil, we're going to read family assembly

00:47:30--> 00:47:41

a common way in normal Arabic, you'd say a common name. And there would be a habit where in Arabic it's a hand. I mean, there's a Yeah. So

00:47:42--> 00:48:03

it has something to do with the addition of this year. When we get to the economic Heaven, I'll tell you the benefit, the rhetorical benefit of why the ad is removed. But now we're leaving the ESA so why it's removed so we can remain in sequence of the sutra. So we can only say that's why true. Now, the other thing is,

00:48:05--> 00:48:22

when lady there is a lot takes an oath bind the light as it takes a stroll as he as he travels as it travels. So one of the once one of the students have a he went to his teacher and he asked him

00:48:24--> 00:48:27

what the letters were the might as it hits a score. What does that mean?

00:48:29--> 00:48:42

He said to him, that people take a stroll at people trouble in the light, but the light travels, people traveled in the mud. So he explains to him something. And he says to him

00:48:43--> 00:48:44


00:48:45--> 00:49:24

when a man takes an oath, by the night as he travels, in other words, this is illustrating a lost power that people they have control over themselves, but they don't have control over the title. It is a law who controls the time. It is a larger soldier who commands the right to travel and to come and go about he commands the day to come. And he commands the day to leave. He commands the night to come in. And he commands the night to travel. It is a lot of soldiers who actually lose the day in the life. So when Allah says when lady

00:49:25--> 00:49:38

and by the night as it travels, this is illustrating a lost power that will not control time. And you only have control over yourself and what you do at night. You travel in the night you can control what you do

00:49:39--> 00:49:51

is controlling the bigger picture. He's controlling the night itself. So it's proving a lot of soldiers power and his oneness. Now, in mentioning oneness, and of course when maybe

00:49:53--> 00:49:57

when the night travels as the night goes

00:49:58--> 00:50:00

up, this is referring to what

00:50:00--> 00:50:32

Part of the mind, the end of the night, the last third of the night, that's when the night begins to move away and vision is coming in. And that also is a sacred time of worship the last third of the night. So we have a treasure. This is a Blissett time of worship, you have in the last few months have been among the first the Knights of the future. This is a Blissett time of worship, worship anyone whether the five day prayers, there are a blizzard time of worship, a lot of

00:50:36--> 00:50:36


00:50:38--> 00:50:39

be sure

00:50:42--> 00:50:47

that the server, there is nothing that brings him close to a love

00:50:48--> 00:50:52

except by what a lot of social

00:50:53--> 00:51:06

and make obligatory apone you want to get close to a lot, you want to become close to a lot, then the first logical thing is to just implement the, the the the obligations that are

00:51:07--> 00:51:26

obligated upon you. So that's implicit time. The time is of the prayers, the five daily prayers is implicit part, one lady either, yes. And that is referring to the light at the end of the night as the light is going. as it travels, and it's gotten the day comes, that's the last of the night. That's also a blessing time of worship.

00:51:27--> 00:51:37

And you make the most of these Blissett sacred times of worship allows promises a great reward at the end. What's the last word in the solo? What

00:51:38--> 00:51:58

is the last word? In other words, this is alluding to that make the most of this time in terms of worship. And I'll give you I'll give you my paradise and ascribe it to himself, Jim nothing. My Paradise will speak about the rhetorical benefits of this initial data when we get it. But anyway,

00:52:01--> 00:52:03

let's just conclude with something.

00:52:05--> 00:52:06

And that is that

00:52:07--> 00:52:40

at the beginning of this lesson, we mentioned that Smith and Fisher is a medical school and from the themes of the Metcalfe's law is that it's there to to prove the concept of the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. To prove the oneness of Allah because we met get in Mecca, people don't believe in a lot of Xhosa, they believe that he created and so on, but they don't worship that I believe that masters like ourselves to a lot. So a lot of soldiers now, because this a mecca saw these herbs will actually

00:52:42--> 00:53:26

lead to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala holds above everything we share all these five oats, they also they they point to the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada they proved the oneness, a lot of zosia. And you know, when you take an oath by something, when you take an oath by something, for example, if I say I swear by a law, what does that mean? That means I made a lot a witness to what I'm about to say. So when you take an oath by something, when we say, Well, what does that mean? That means you have made a law and a witness to what you're going to say. So when the law says when

00:53:27--> 00:53:28

he's made

00:53:30--> 00:53:31

a witness to something,

00:53:32--> 00:53:34

and he's made a witness.

00:53:35--> 00:53:39

He's made a witness to his oneness. He's saying, well,

00:53:40--> 00:53:42

that means a lot is making

00:53:44--> 00:53:47

a witness to his oneness while

00:53:48--> 00:54:22

he's making the 10 mites, a witness to his oneness. In other words, if you observe pleasure, it's going to tell you and it's going to prove to you that on Mondays What if you were to feel and live the 10 bytes, you're going to realize that a lot is what was shifting when we are in the event is also witness to the amount is one and by the night as he travels is also a witness that proves online is one how let me share with you conclude with this

00:54:24--> 00:54:26

takes an earth by freezer. Right.

00:54:28--> 00:54:31

And and of course I mentioned to you that a model Mr.

00:54:33--> 00:55:00

Mayor, meaning that Omar surgeon has made these creations a witness to his one this special time is a witness to our oneness. Facial time is a witness to oneness, because he gives life to the creation of the causing death upon that. And because the believer wakes up only to declare the oneness of our lives. Right? It is Allah who gives you the life that gives you

00:55:00--> 00:55:17

You're sold back at failure time. Therefore every single failure we wake up to it proves nobody's won. And when you wake up and you pray the Sundar Fisher, what do you read? As soon as that was the first sort of the capital that denounces shift, then what do you read?

00:55:19--> 00:55:20

a firm's

00:55:22--> 00:55:46

So in other words, you begin your morning by denouncing shift and affirming therapy, that is oneness of a lot of soldier. So every Fisher, you have a proof that aligns What? The 10 knights, they're also a witness to the law. He's one. So if we're going to say later on in our show, let's say it's the 10 days of furniture. What does it say the 10 days of

00:55:47--> 00:56:07

the baker, Baker Baker Sherry conducted a bake in 100 Naira Metallica. recollect, this is a word, affirming the oneness of a lot of soldiers. So if you were to live these days, and look around the left the right of you and hear these words, this is in itself a proof that almost

00:56:08--> 00:56:09


00:56:10--> 00:56:36

a shift. How does that? How is that a witness to that a lot is one, as we said, because everything that you look around left and right of you, is created in pairs. And the only one thing that is not in there is a loss of Hannah who will die. So a shift in itself, everything you look at, will remind you of that Allah created why because it's pills. And Allah said he created the penis.

00:56:38--> 00:56:41

Say everything that has a pin, you're gonna have to say

00:56:43--> 00:57:28

what's the only thing that remains without any parents a lot. Therefore he is therefore a shepherd, whether it is a witness to a loss, oneness, and the night taking a stroll. The night traveling is a witness to a large oneness, because it's evidence that a lot controls the day in the night. And usually it's the people that take a stroll in the night. But in this is saying, and by the night as it takes a stroke is proved the light is in control of time. He's the one that makes the light move, and he's the one that brings the day. In other words, he controls the time. Who else controls time, no one, therefore it refers to, and it's a wishlist for last ones. If someone else can control time,

00:57:28--> 00:57:45

maybe there's a different story there. But because no one does this except a lot. Therefore, the night movie is a witness that aligns one because he's the only one that moves no one else. And then a lot of storage and he concludes the set of oats.

00:57:46--> 00:57:55

He concludes these oats by saying healthy there Lika possible deviation. That's how he concludes this

00:57:56--> 00:58:15

healthy radical person will live in a very powerful way. A very powerful question. And a way to end these oaths. He says is there is that enough of an oath enough of a powerful oath for people with intellect?

00:58:16--> 00:58:17

Is there enough of a code?

00:58:19--> 00:58:25

Is there enough of an oath of a powerful oath for people of rock solid intellect?

00:58:27--> 00:58:28

Yeah, nice have had a lot.

00:58:29--> 00:58:31

In other words, was

00:58:33--> 00:58:40

is teaching us how huge these oats are? He says isn't enough?

00:58:45--> 00:58:46

is enough?

00:58:47--> 00:59:26

Is it enough for you people to understand for people with rock solid intellect and the world. Here's your here's your country comes from the word hello. But firstly, Asia here translated as intellect. intellect, right this is the the Arabs would refer to a brain saying whoever that means he's someone that has intellect. Now, the word hisher comes from the word hazard hazard is a is a rock soboba something huge a big rock. And of course we said it refers to the atom to the intellect What does a rock have to do with intellect. And also

00:59:28--> 00:59:29

literally it means

00:59:31--> 00:59:59

100 hazard means and manner to prevent something to stop something. So the mind the mind was called here because you use it to prevent you from doing something wrong. While it prevents you from doing something wrong. Simply if if you touch fire you don't have if you touch fire, you didn't have internet, right your intellect is supposed to stop you from touching fire. So it was called vision and you know when

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

You're on a road, when you're on a road, and there's a big rock in front of you, doesn't it stop your path, it stops you that prevents you from getting to the other side. So it was called pleasure. Because the higher the brain, the mind is intellect. It's what stops you from trespassing Allah subhana wa dalis limit. So Allah has, has limited you to things, and is defined in this as bonus, you're not allowed to cross this, you're allowed to transgress this, that's where the rock is supposed to be. And that's what your mind your, your intellect is supposed to tell you look to pass these boundaries, and then he's Caucasian. So a lot of us are here to sin, isn't there enough for

01:00:43--> 01:00:59

people of rock solid intellect. In other words, if you understand the depth of these oats, you're someone that has intellect, if you just need to pass by them and understand nothing, and do not take any lesson from it, and you're someone who had an intellect. So this is how

01:01:01--> 01:01:08

you can live your vision. And so Palawan nowhere else in the full analyst calls us to reflect upon an earth except here,

01:01:09--> 01:01:13

except in another place and medicine sorted out when he says when

01:01:15--> 01:01:18

he, when he takes an oath by the positions of the stars.

01:01:20--> 01:01:21

And then he says,

01:01:23--> 01:01:33

indeed, there is a huge and an enormous oath in that. So that's the only other place that Allah Subhana, Allah invites us to really reflect upon that.

01:01:34--> 01:01:45

But here is the other place. And this is seriously caused us to sit and reflect upon the data, we do, we're not going to say that we've done justice to the

01:01:46--> 01:02:02

data, we've shed a few things on these areas, and a few reflections on these Earth's well, especially when I was shuffling my water. Well, lately, there is a healthy Delica possible deviation. Also another thing I can remember now,

01:02:03--> 01:02:34

he mentioned that this is a very strong way of calling us to reflect upon the earth. You know, just for example, he says, if someone was to say, if someone was to bring any proof in front of you, someone wants to tell you that this person owns this car. And I saw him driving, and I sort of pocket the pocket in his driveway, there's a picture, look at it, he's driving it, there's a picture of the kindness driver, there's a picture of him and his family in the car.

01:02:35--> 01:02:42

So at the end, I'll say, isn't there enough proof? Haven't I showed you enough proof that the guy is here

01:02:43--> 01:02:53

really get angry at the end, you're believing what I said they have given me enough proof that the cause is, so this is what happens sort of what happens at the end of this

01:02:55--> 01:03:21

isn't a enough proof in these oats for people with rock solid intellect. So this is the sum sum. It's brought with so much power and emphasis. In other words really pulled you to reflect upon these oats. Now, when the oats are done, they have something known as the subject of the Oh, which I told you, but in this slide happens to be my booth is removed. And whatever whenever

01:03:24--> 01:03:40

we make we estimate, we estimate a response and the subject of the oath based on what is going to come after and what has come before and sort of Asha and the subject is laying the ban

01:03:41--> 01:04:17

the ban. So in other words, allies saying I swear by a decision, and I swear by 10 bytes, and I swear barring the odd even and the odd and I swear by the night as it takes a stroll, I will punish, I will punish what is the proof of this, the next passage of this law Allahu taala key for file on a book epi ad, he will give us examples of how he destroyed people in the past. So I will punish. And in the previous solar solar device, Shia Allah

01:04:19--> 01:04:23

He spoke about the Day of Judgment attack Heidi from Russia,

01:04:25--> 01:04:28

Russia, he spoke about the punishment for your evil

01:04:30--> 01:04:59

aloha punishing the ultimate form of punishment. So before it exploded about punishment, and then after the Lord gives us examples and scenarios of how He punished people in this role, and so therefore, the subject of the URL is layer on demand, I will surely punish you don't believe let me give you examples. And supremo is very beautiful, is that in the previous Summa, Allah was

01:05:00--> 01:05:04

disbelief is about the Day of Judgment. And the Day of Judgment is unseen,

01:05:05--> 01:05:06


01:05:15--> 01:05:15

will be

01:05:17--> 01:05:36

sure you know how their faces will be what their food will be. And so the punishment of the Day of Judgment is unseen. So now, if the golfer haven't believed that because it's unseen, maybe they weren't afraid, because it's something in the unseen, now

01:05:37--> 01:06:04

gives them something that they can see. And that is the ruins of add and remove, which are in close proximity of the arrows. So you don't believe that they have judgment because it's unseen. I'll give you a warning. And I'll teach you of people I destroy, who are much more tougher and stronger than you. And look at the rules, they're right beside you go and see what I did with them until I can

01:06:06--> 01:06:08

really see how I dealt with it.

01:06:10--> 01:06:18

And usually, how to deal with them but the question that you asked, you'd say, what did I not do if I

01:06:19--> 01:06:33

ask the question of how did he do if he didn't say Didn't you see what I did with I will explain the difference of this next week and we'll speak about why this must speak about Iran

01:06:34--> 01:07:04

and Iran and Pharaoh as opposed to everyone else and this is the last time a lot who mentioned anything about I had until the end of the end, this is the last mention of it. And it's very beautiful, how it comes in the question for inshallah tada also speak about what this means see and what kind of see in sight What does it refer to? And shall Medina will share these things next week be a delight at the same time after next Saturday.

01:07:07--> 01:07:09

makers people before

01:07:17--> 01:07:18