The Flood Gates of Dhul Hijjah

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The model's conservative and liberal stance during the ham chat is discussed, along with the need to prepare for major seasons. The importance of hedging incentives and speaking to Islam's power is emphasized, along with the importance of fasting during the year and staying safe. The hedging system is designed to increase one's chances of winning money by fasting and not fasting, and is not mandatory. Everyone is interested in achieving something, and staying safe is crucial.

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In the hamdulillah Italian model Hana Stein OB he wanted us to fiddle when I was a biller, he told me should ODM fusina will say Dr. Molina de la Huhtala fella Melinda la OMA, you'd live further ahead yellow eyeshadow La ilaha illallah wa de julio shady calahorra Shadow no Mohammed and I will do who and IV you who are pseudo? Yeah you're Latina Amanita. Hola how far to 40 he will at mo tuna Illa one two Muslim moon. Yeah, you heard NASA Topo Rebecca Mala the Halacha co MINDEF sin Wahida Tina makalah come in Huzzah. Jaha Oberth I mean who Maddie Geralyn Cathy wrong when he says

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waterfall hola hola DITA sir Ilona be here all our ham in Hola. Hola can Aliko Marathi Eva? Yeah, you're Latina? I'm an otaku Lucha Gulu, Poland. sadita use lacuna Malecon Well, filler con Vinoba con woman utwory la hora Sula, who for call the first fellows and Alina, All Praise and Glory be to Allah Who thanked him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure in his forgiveness.

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And after testifying, that none is worthy of our worship with Allah and Allah alone for any partners, the true supreme King, and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth without doubt His Prophet and his servant and His messenger. And after reminding myself and you at the top of Allah subhanho wa taala, to live a life while conscious of him and dutiful to him, and consistently loving him and submitting to him subhanho wa taala.

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Every Muslim knows, or certainly should that the most blessed days of the year, the most blessed days of this entire world are soon to be upon us. Tomorrow night in sha Allah to Allah will be the beginning of the hijab, and the beginning of the hijab, its first 10 days in particular, are days that ALLAH SubhanA, who was the island swore by in total Fetchit in light of their greatness. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us there are no days whatsoever we're good deeds are more beloved to Allah than in the scent. And so Allah loves worshipping these days and compounds the reward and the blessings found in these days. And for a person that is not making Hajj and the

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majority of the Ummah, even ordinary circumstances does not make Hajj During the same year, they may see this as like in applicable in a sense or distant remote random, that what does this have to do with me, I'm not a hedge, I'm not actively on the journey to hedge. But in reality, this has everything to do with you. This is not a hedge specific ritual, even if it's during the Hajj season. This is a season in which we find yet another

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manner manifestation. Another example of Allah's love for us and his opportunities that he opens up for us to recharge to stay awake to stay afloat.

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In our year, many times after the month of Ramadan, the momentum begins to dwindle. And so here's yet another season for us to awaken.

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And realize that we will lose steam, where if not for the seasons, and these compounded incentives, these compounded rewards. You know, one of the scholars gave the example of a straight away road, that if it's a straight road, it gets very boring. And you are more likely to fall asleep when you're going long distances on a straight road, as opposed to a road that is curvy.

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So likewise, the straight path of Allah has changes it has uphills and downhills in the sense it has high seasons and low seasons, we are going to worship Allah all year round, but sometimes we need to be rejuvenated in order to get back to where we are, though he is that season. It is the last major season in a sense, you know, before the next Ramadan 10 months away. And so it is, you know, a chance for us to use these 10 days to get as much as we possibly can for the next 10 months. So it's almost like you're trying to prepare in each day for an entire month, following this month of the ledger in sha Allah Allah.

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And just think about the people that don't have this this boost mechanism any longer don't have the opportunity of another season. You know, if a person that has died and currently resides in the graveyards were to be asked to send us a message at the beginning of the Hijra. What do you think they will say? They would probably say something along the lines of You don't understand what it means. I now understand you don't understand what it means to have your book of deeds closed for good, right? You don't understand what it means to no longer have Toba available repentance no longer be able to say stuff through Allah Allah forgive me. No longer have eyes that I can, you

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know, look into the most half with no long

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Got to have legs to carry me to the masjid with, they will say these things to us. And so we should realize they will not have that chance, but we will. And so how do we make the very best out of these major seasons? Number one, just a general advice, do everything that presents itself to you that can bring you closer to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, a sick person, we're going to clear our schedule and visit them, you know, someone that is unaware, we're going to share with them information about the importance of good hedger and its sacred nature. Someone that you know, is in our network, and we find one of these good causes floating around the donation opportunity, we share

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it with them,

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do everything in your power to maximise on these days, but at the same time, I want to tell you to be specific, Be strategic on your own personal devotional acts in these days. The first of them I will mention to you is dua, and it is unbefitting of a Muslim in general, to not make dua, a regular part of their relationship with Allah, you should constantly be speaking to him, Subhana, Allah, Allah, we do that in Ramadan. And we It seems to pick up outside of Ramadan. And so that Hijra is another opportunity for you to be speaking to him. Because you know, Allah gave us all year round reasons to speak to him. Those reasons are called needs, which one of us doesn't have a health issue

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they're worried about in themselves or their loved ones, which one of us doesn't have like a family problem they wish they could finally put behind them, you know, and just forget it already. Which one of us isn't concerned about, you know, the, the strides we have not been able to make in decades, maybe centuries towards, you know, retrieving goods.

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And it's surrounding areas, which one of us would not like to restore the dignity of our Muslim brothers and sisters in East Turkmenistan, China, or India or Burma or the Middle East? Or our political prisoners in any country that are wrongly imprisoned? Who would not who doesn't need this?

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You know, the DUA that you make shows that you need this and shows that you know, that Allah can fulfill that need. That is the power of dua.

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You know, as they say, if you were to have a need, that your brother could fulfill, but you don't go to your brother,

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why are you accusing him of being poor? Or does he have the money, but he's stingy, he's going to hold back on you? Or is he have the money and not stingy, but just can't understand what you're going through? Or not caring? You know about your situation? Those are the silent implications of a person that does not speak to Allah enough. subhanho wa taala. You know, this dua is a blank check. When your requests of Allah that you sometimes may toss aside or

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tuck them in the drawer, or allow them to collect us, it's unbefitting of a Muslim, says, if that check is no good.

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It's even reported al Hassan, bossy and others mentioned that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will bring people and tell them oh, my servant, did you use to ask of me?

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That's one of the questions on the Day of Judgment, you will be asked because it is important that you consider him a capable, compassionate God or not.

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And that is the big difference of handler between people that get upset when we ask too much of them. And Allah who gets angry when you don't ask him? It's the very opposite Subhan Allah? And then when the person says, Yes, Allah, I did use to make dua to you. Allah will say, and did you not ask of me on this day such and such? And I gave it to you? And you will say, Yes, you did. And then Allah will say, according to this report, and didn't you ask for such and such something else and I did not give it to you. And you will say, Yes, Allah, you did not. And then he will say to you, this is why I didn't give it to you and show you the reward that was stowed away from you, meaning Allah

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always respond to that or just not necessarily in the way you would have imagined. And he will show you a treasure in Jannah in response for that particular day, in that specific day, on that specific hour, to the point that the narration says that a person will wish that he received none of the requests of his daughter immediately, when he sees what happens to those who are constantly asking of Allah. That is why the Sahaba and the tampereen and there's so many of the early Muslims they used to say, I do not carry the concern of whether my dua gets accepted or not. I am constantly worried about whether I make dua or not.

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Because you making dua, is the blessing is the greatest blessing that Allah gives you this fact

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If he opens up an opportunity for you to speak to him, though he needs to reinstate that deal, he needs to dust that off, that we put away after Ramadan. He would not have guided you to raise your hands except that he wanted to give you that's why he got to do it. And so be afraid that he deprives you from the guidance of raising your hands to him. This is the first thing. The second thing very quickly is one of the greatest good deeds all year round, that we want to invoke Indonesia is fasting. Not to say that the Sunnah is too fast the first 10 of the hija it is the sunnah to fast the night of the ledger. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned an

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increased reward of being forgiven for a previous and future year in sha Allah for fasting, you know, the the day of alpha, the ninth day of Bucha.

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But every single day that you fast, even without the compounded rewards of the hija that he said that we will distance you will be distanced from the fire a 70 years distance for every day you fast for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. This is like everybody. So the first nine days are the hedge without the bonuses, just any nine days, you're being distanced 630 years from the fire. We don't even have a mechanism to calculate for us what we've done to bring us closer and closer, you will realize the value of those 630 years, the day that your books are close.

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And so those nine particular the ninth,

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of course, the 10th day of their hedger is read and Allah commands you to worship him by not fasting by enjoying halal food on the 10th and 11th and 12th and 13th of the AJA and remembering him throughout as you eat. But those first nine, then quickly, let me move on to the recitation of the Quran. Because it was reported from na Basler the Allahu Anhu Madea that he said in the first 10 of the Hijjah, you will get the reward for reading the Quran entirely 700 times. By doing it one time,

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it will be multiplied for you 700 times and there's no cheating. You know, for those who want the Head Start begin today. Get you know, loose get warmed up, calculate how much time it's going to take from your day and begin your hutzpah. And this is so insightful from bathra The Allahu anima. He liked the gods from the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us Allah has promised for every good deed 10 times to 700 times the reward didn t and so if the picture is the most rewarding season of the year, then it's at least 700 for this customer.

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And then the vicar of Allah, the Sahaba used to fill these days this is not bound to the prayers, fill the days all the downtime, not just the segment in time you will dedicate the Quran, everything in between with Subhan Allah and hamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, these are the days of Vick and they would not just do it in the privacy of their own homes ignore Omar and others would go to the markets and raise their voices until everybody was chanting in the glory of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So remind the people around you when you can with the vicar of Allah and these days around the clock

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a whole the whole he has our stuff from Morocco Morocco

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and Hungary Lahore salatu salam ala manana be about that should have Allah you know illallah wa hola Sharika wash I don't know Mohammed and Abu whenever you who are solo.

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And so this vicar of Allah is something that I don't want you to settle for. But realize also that this is doable by every single person can do this and more. But go no less than this. And realize that this the vicar of Allah that keeps you awake and erupts, you know within you, you know flares within you your faith and brings about every good in your life to be mindful of him truly Subhana Allah to Allah. The last one I will mention, after generally every door of good we said and regularising do.

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And we said reciting the book of Allah subhanahu wa taala and fasting and these words, statements of victory.

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I want you to realize that the greatest deeds you can do in these blessed days of the hedger are actually the deed of abstaining. It's not something you do, it's actually something you refrain yourself from doing. Why? Because some of the things we do are actually haram. Right. And everything I mentioned in this first part of the hotbar it would be tantamount to being highly recommended, but

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not mandatory, as for stopping to do the Haram that is mandatory. And the mandatory is always more rewarding than the voluntary. The most beloved deeds to Allah Allah said are the obligatory the mandatory deeds. And so you repenting from what you may have fallen back into after Ramadan. Whether it's the temporary issue or you know, holding grudges or severing ties with family or delaying the prayers beyond their time. Quickly redeem yourself with a sincere Toba a U turn. And U turns are always allowed on the path of Allah Zildjian This is a great season to do that will be of your greatest good deeds in sha Allah azza wa jal before I close this whole book, I want to just remind

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all of you that the hamdulillah the restrictions are being eased now the masks and the distancing and the mats are no longer required. So keep close unless you have a personal reservation don't feel peer pressured, everyone has their own circumstances they could be symptomatic or they can have someone at home or otherwise. But as a default we are letting go of this and that is why also next week there will only be one Jumar we will return back to one Salah and next week 1pm will own will be the only Jamaat in sha Allah to Allah and also please remember those they are few but they are still there in our community who are sick with the virus. Our our good brother Matthews, senior

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volunteer here in the masjid his father is critical with the virus please keep them in your DUA. We ask Allah to rush him to recovery and give him his reward in full and grant him life so long as life is good for him and put us all to death whenever he knows that death is better for us. Allahumma Amin Allahumma Felina ohana, Allahu Allah Falun Alhambra. Ishimoto varnamo Muslimeen if he moves around, and I'm telling Muslimeen sal Allahu wa salam al Baraka Nabina Muhammad Allah early he was a big marine