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My brothers, my sisters, when we develop ourselves and when we understand the purpose of our existence on Earth, over and above, worshipping the Almighty, and preparing for the day that we meet the Almighty, we must refine ourselves. I am here this evening, to tell you, you need to promise yourself that you will be the best version of you From this day on, because you don't have much time left on earth. You have to leave a mark, you have to leave a legacy. You have to understand what is the Divine Wisdom, you are here, not only to worship the Almighty, but at the same time to acknowledge and respect and fulfill the rights of the rest of the creatures of the same. Almighty.

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That's amazing.

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People say I love Allah. I love my maker. I pray, I give charity. I actually fast I've been for Hajj. I do a lot of good deeds. I stay away from a lot of bad. But you know what, if you have hurt people's feelings, uttered racist remarks or you are a racist or you have within you that which

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is negative against people, you treat people very badly and so on you harm you hurt, you deceive, you're filled with jealousy, deception, etc. You need to know you haven't yet loved your maker because you don't love what your makers made.