Mohamad Baajour – Coping with the loss of a Child – In memory of Yousef Maarouf

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The loss of a family member due to a liver failure and in distress is highlighted as a dangerous behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of knowing the time of birth and the presence of aSAU in culture, as well as taking care of family members and avoiding harming them. The struggles of a family with a young child and the importance of gentle and loving parenting are also discussed.
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But I sort of lost the lottery or to them one time he was sitting with the Sahaba like halacha look, we always sit and then there was

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a man who has his son with him young son.

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And he noticed through Salah Salem that this man loves his son so much he's hugging him and you know, playing around with him.

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So so like I said and said to him,

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you love him.

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So the man said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, may Allah love you as much as I love him.

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So the men went missing for a few days, socials Hasulam asked, where is he?

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Where is this man? They said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, remember that boy,

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that was with him. He passed away.

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Salsa. So as I said, I'm going to offer him his condolences.

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And of course, losing the child is something

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very drastic.

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So as I said, I'm told him, would you like?

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Would you like to find him at every door of Jannah just waiting for you?

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He said, Yes, Yara Salalah. He said he is.

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I did not prepare anything today. But I just got a message that the boy, eight years old that he made for yesterday, just passed away.

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In that Allahu ala urogen. eight year old use of maruf or the North atmosphere. His uncle, it comes every Fisher

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Subhanallah he went to visit him yesterday in children's hospital.

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And subhanAllah they were only looking very few people to go in because it's in the ICU.

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And the parents of course, most of us if not all of us are parents and you could imagine how they feel

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looking at your own child sitting helpless because of the liver and the kidney failure is completely yellow.

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In in such a situation

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we have to have a strong really strong Eman.

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Few things to remember.

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that the one who's testing us is the Most Merciful.

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The one who's testing this family is more merciful on them, then their own mother's.

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some people

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in such a situation they utter words that are very dangerous.

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Law us alone and

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welcome this alone. Allah cannot be questioned.

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Of what he does. All we know is that Allah

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La you have Lim myth con Hazara.

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Allah never oppresses anybody the size of a mustard seed,

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maybe the lamb in the lobby it Allah never, never commit volume at all.

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And add to that, that Allah is I can hack him in he's the old wise. He knows when is the best time for me to leave. And when is the best time for my children to live.

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And we believe that when a soul is taken, that is the best time for that soul to be taken one extra second is not good for them. And one less second is not good for them. We all know that Allah azza wa jal has wisdom that we cannot understand with this brain that we have this intellect that we have.

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And we also believe very important that lie you can look for Allahu nevsun allows

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there is no way no way the Most Merciful there were dude the other team will test someone with something they cannot handle. And then they punish them. He punishes them for not handling it impossible. We as human beings, I will never see a young child five, six years old, and I tell him Listen, carry this 500 pound box and if you don't carry it I'm gonna beat you up as a human being.

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I cannot do this to another human being how about the Most Merciful.

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So when we are going through the test, we have to know that Allah azza wa jal with that test, he will provide us with patience. We have to remember that now you can live Hola Hola. Hola, Casa. And another thing we have to remember

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that the Habib of Allah azza wa jal, this happened

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unto him multiple times,

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the most beloved to Allah put one child after the other in the grave. And he never complained.

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If this is done to the Habib of Allah azza wa jal, the most beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala What do we say?

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And also he remember that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam was such a loss, he told us that the child will be waiting at the door of Jannah and he will tell Allah Ya Allah, I will not enter until you bring my parents with me.

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And one Hadith says he will pull them from their clothes, that he will take them with him or with her from their cloth.

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Subhanallah so yeah, when

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I have no information about the janazah yet,

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go home and hug your children.

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Allah, He spent some time with them.

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Change this attitude that we have of Subhanallah look at the people who are dreaming to have a child run. And people are dreaming just to have a child. And people are complaining, you make so much noise.

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Go home and hug your children. And for the children, also, the younger ones among us, Allah who

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make sure you take care of your parents, because if we are losing young ones, we also bury the brother 46 years old last week.

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Be kind to them. under them, before the day comes that he would say yeah, Allah bring them back so I can just smell their feet. So just smell their, their hug, just to hug them, bring them back, it will be too late. Now for the smallest thing, we get upset with our parents, the smallest thing shaytaan come and separate between us. But when something happens, can you imagine if you had a fight or argument with your mother or your father, and you did not because of your ego? You did not apologize.

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And then you woke up in the morning and they told you your father passed? How would you feel all your life

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slaughter that ego always worked with the homage and the Lumina, Rama Subhanallah and even every single word has to be Karine has to be gentle and kind and loving when it comes to the parents. And similarly when this boy

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literally few months ago was running around and playing he used to go to beam here And subhanAllah just like any other child, all of a sudden cancer hospital

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in this situation, what is it that we do for the maggot? As we all know that there is no mascara in this situation right? You can say a landmark for low there's nothing to forgive, but the retina is always good for everybody. So we could say Allah Muhammad and there's a specific da Allah Masha Allah Who Farah THON where the Quran yeah Allah make him

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a treasure for his parents. Yeah Allah make him any go ahead of them to Jana, which I'll Hoolahan Shafi and Mr. Javon Yeah, Allah make him a person that will intercede an answered intercessor for his parents with a kill be malware, Xena home, and ya Allah make him a reason for their scale to be heavy on the Day of Judgment. So we ask Allah azza wa jal to give this family the patience. We ask Allah to give this family the patience, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make him the reason for them to enter Jannah May Allah subhanaw taala forgive all our sins, may Allah protect our children. May Allah protect our children. May Allah make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words La ilaha

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illallah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad died early he was happy to remain Subhana Allah Hama behind ik Michigander Illa hayleigh and Mr. Furukawa to lick it in

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the US one

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WADA he wants to label this NEMA

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in Alladhina Luna Allah Allah wants to

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do Nia

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mother Molina Wallasey know you Luna meanie now moving Mina TV a while at MCC decibel

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The phone call

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Dad Oh Man movie

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