Islam with Glorious Past Should be Transparent at Grass Root Levels of Madrasaas and Masjids

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My name is Ray madhvani, I am from New Delhi, retired senior citizen non Muslim. My question is that Islam with a glorious past should continue to be more glorious with a present time. I wish that Muslims should give more transparency and access to what activities are being conducted from the grassroot level of mothers houses, and muskets, and so on, so that the people should feel what is going on. The truth should be transparent. My main aim is transparency. Thank you.

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Our dear brother, you're asked a very good question. He agrees that Islam had a glorious past. But he says that there should be transparency, especially in the mother side? Who says no. And for you, brother, I'm fully for you, who says there should be no transparency, not transparency? I want the non Muslims to come and study in this madrasa.

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I'm aware, I'm aware what you're talking about the media, that the media is saying that madrasahs are the schools of terrorism. Media is not a liberal media. madrasa in Arabic means a place of somewhat like a university. We call it a school, called a college or called the university. But the media portrays as though you know, if you go to a madrasa, you'll become a terrorist media portends not you.

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Hi, I'm asking, number one person who has killed maximum human beings in the world is Hitler. Which mothers or did he go to? Which mothers or

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with mothers I went to see today? mafia, the top people in the world from Italy and all the smugglers. If you take a survey, that all the smugglers, all the top people that go to the jail, if you take a survey, how many people go to madrasa? How many? Small? Maybe maybe? A couple of percent? majority go to universities? Which University modern University schools, colleges? So can I say that we should close the school? Can I say close the College of Education? Close ba close become close BSc? No, because I know I have studied in the school, that school doesn't say that you should drop or you should smuggle. You should go against a country it is they study in their school, but they

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are the black sheep of that school.

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So Hitler also may have gone to the modern education assured that the school he went to didn't teach him that he should kill 6 million Jews.

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So what we realize that these are black sheep. So as a whole, you know, every year in this country, there are 1000s of people who are passing from madrasahs from Navarre from Dearborn, 1000s of them to do say that they're going and killing people, no, not at all. It is the media which portrays and now the government wants to go and last year or year before last, they went to another I imagine they went to another one donor research oriented to court to check to check what

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and eliminate v

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He said Okay, come forward check what they found nothing.

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See once in a blue moon, one in a lakh. One in 100,001 in a million may be a person after a personal mother a son may have been misled. That doesn't mean madrasah teaches that but a bigger percentage of the students studying from schools, modern education, from colleges from university, which we get degrees of ba become engineering doctor more of the people doing wrong activities and evil activities. So as far as transparency better am for it. No madrasah will ever say that you do not come and check. Our syllabus is open.

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Every now our school, in our school we are teaching Mashallah we are teaching comparative studies. My student from my school knows more about Hinduism than average Hindu.

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He knows more about Christianity than average Christian.

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He knows more about Islam than average Muslim, because we pay attention to both of them. So as far as transparency brother is concerned, and for you, and with you, and no one will ever say that you don't come and analyze come but don't blame. Don't come with a negative mind come with open mind. You may never know you may get a dire you may come to the truth. Your brother

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encouraged me for nonsense.

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themselves. That is what I mean by

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suspicion that something is going on something good is going on.

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brother asked a very good question. We should make it transparent for non Muslim comments study better first invitation a gift to you and your children. Come to us.

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If I give it to you

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see Islamic Foundation has a library. It is one of the most well equipped libraries, at least in India, of scriptures of different religions. You know, we have more than 200 different types of Bibles. More than 50 versions of the Bible. We have more than 50 translations only a Bhagavad Gita. We are several translations VEDA of rigveda God, you may not find in the library of your government, you will not find in the library of maybe your school of thought, we encourage study and come to the truth and leave aside others I give the first invitation to you and your children. I will leave in bed the etiquette free

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and we welcome you study and we will learn the truth together inshallah.

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Daniel on the microphone. Yes, brother.

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Thank you

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for taking my suggestion in the right display, and I will take the opportunity to

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raise that right to others and win a ticket, inshallah.