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Okay Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah and he also had his knee on the other side of us in situ Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Mo and welcome once again to another lesson in Pakistan li Ariffin, the garden of the aware where we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in, in this adventure, and to give us that awareness inshallah so we can really experience the garden in our lives. So, without further ado, I'm going to get Swami has a lot of stuff to cover, as you may already know. So now we're going to talk about matters which are sort of general principles, otherwise called the further advice or matters of guidance. And these are

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pieces of

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remember we said we're in the garden, these are what you may know we have chosen of different kinds of

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flowers, different kinds of bouquets, different kinds of things, which allow us to actually learn and to benefit Inshallah, so he said, beginning with he said that on there,

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the mark of and this is the actually the to one of the great aroma of the past. Myrtleford Kalki Rahim Allah who he said that the mark of Allah's Almighty despise or a slave is that you see him occupied

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in that which does not concern him. So basically, what he's saying is that,

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that if you are occupied with that, which does not concern you, then you should know that Allah subhanho wa Taala despises you. And he is why is he despising? Why is that a sign? Because when you concern yourself with things that do not concern, you shows that you are falling into two issues, two problems. The first of these

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problems is ultimately that you are attaining lots of bad deeds. Why? Because you're talking about people, you're gossiping, when you gossip about people, you're going to be judging them, you're going to be doing things that are going to bring about badness, now talking about stuff that they may have mentioned us here and there might not be an issue. But usually when you gossip about people, you're going to back by the murmur Backbiting is even if you mentioned something, which is true, but you mentioned it, where somebody does not like it, then you are making you have fallen into backbiting and Backbiting is one of the major sins and also things in there. The second problem

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is that you are wasting the opportunity to do good things because remember, if you are engaged in bad things, you know, they're making good things. So it is almost like a path which you are going which is a very bad path. And that's why he's saying it's a mark of despise, because it's actually showing that you are not going on the right path. So someone say Well, that sounds a bit sound, but it's there, it's there to shock you into awakening and being aware that you should not be gossiping, you should not be discussing matters which did not concern already mentioned something to that effect last last lesson as well.

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Which is this one actually, so I've just put it here as well, because this is what we spoke about last time as well.

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The next point, it's very important, he mentions here that our actions need to be aligned, okay. They need to be aligned to Ward's

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towards doing the right things, you know, some sort of the right things and that's why here the saying of AlphaBay have an AR AR

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Rahim Allah, he said, and he basically is like a general saying is that you ask him, you are asking Allah subhanahu Attallah you ask him for Paradise,

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yet you do that which he despises. I have not seen anyone who is more, or has a lower opinion having a lower opinion of himself than you. Meaning that if you are asking a lot for Paradise, you're asking a lawful agenda. That's a very high theme to ask Allah pantalla for and obviously every Muslim shouldn't be asking Allah for religion, but that's asking for an agenda.

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should also be aligned with the fact that when you're asking Allah subhanaw taala for agenda, you should also be doing the things that will bring about the

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the agenda. So how can you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for agenda, but at the same time, you are doing things which are

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which are bad, or listen which are bad but which are not worthy of agenda, you could be doing things bad as well. And you ask Allah for agenda, but at the same time, you are doing haram, you are engaging in Haram, you're consuming haram. Or you are not. Yeah, you ask for Jenna, but you don't pray on time you don't pray extra praise, you're not giving charity, you know this? How can that how can those two things match? That's what I'd fall by in here is mentioning, it's almost like a wake up call that you're if you're going to ask a lot for agenda.

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Get up, you know, set the standard start to do things don't just sit there and just you know, just let things happen. Be be higher to achieve that in sha Allah.

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The next saying is the same of Sal, even Abdullah mela scrotal have mercy on him. He said there is no thicker veil between the slave and Allah than a false claim. Usually the word claim is always false. But you know, sometimes there can be a correct claim but usually when somebody claims something he claims to be

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you know this or claims to be that usually it's not

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true, but anyway, so that's why the false is there. And there is not no nearer path to Allah than improper impoverishment.

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And, here, the claim which is that our with our means to say something about yourself, which is not true, the more you praise yourself,

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the more you're satisfying your neffs Remember, we're trying to fight the nerves we're trying to fight the ego and that's the opposite of what you should be towards Allah pantile Your relationship between you and Allah should be that of a servant or that of a slave of Allah. So that's why the closest you will be to Allah is when you recognize that you are in need of Allah. You are impoverished to Allah. Yeah. Yohannes and tumoral Fukuro Illa one la one Daniyal. Hamid to you are those who are impoverished you are in need of loss Katana, Allah is

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almighty rich he is not in need.

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And that's why you know this impoverishment here, which is to realize that you are an avid

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is why Allah subhanho wa Taala actually the word Abdi is a praise. It's one of the highest status when you think about Allah spoke about his prophets, Allah Allah Subhana Allah vSRX BRB de Masjid Haram MSG Luxan Glory be to the one who took his slave by night from the sacred mosque to the furthest mosque, whose surroundings we have blessed. And also he mentioned One NOLAN na Madiba law drew Calbuco naledi better yet when the slave of Allah stop calling upon him, the pagans almost warmed over him and so on. So Allah Subhana Allah when he actually mentioned you know, it's a it's a it's a it's a title of closeness that is the highest thing and that's why I'll call the Al Rahim

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Allah He sang this lines of poetry said when we Mirza then you shut off Anwar from working to be Earth mostly I've got a three year the holy data on the chi value on so you have to add a year without which has increased me in my in honor and pride such that I could have stepped with my sold on the three year which is the end is to call the North Star or the pole star so meaning that I'm some things give me real pride and real happiness I'm so happy I could be flying I couldn't be on the moon and all the star here is being amongst your title. Oh my slaves Yeah buddy. So to call me I imagine a great title and that you have sent to me Mohammed as a problem prophets.

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So impoverishment means that you announced your knee to Allah and you are understanding this and you are aware of this in this regards.

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And then we have a saying of

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Rahim Allah is the Imam Shafi, who mentions the best of

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the dunya. And I think this one we had mentioned before, and it's it's, it's a repeat,

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but he's repeated here, I think just to because he's going to mention a few sayings of Imam Shafi here, but anyway, so enrichment of the self meaning to be to be

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to be happy and content, whether you have that is the enrichment,

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the richness, the money, the wealth is not the wealth of material, it's the wealth of being content being happy, then you're going to you're going to be happy. Remember, this is an agenda we are generated inside you. You don't need the material around you, avoiding harm to yourself and to others. And that's obviously by keeping away from haram and the like, earning color.

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The dress of piety which obviously will allow you to keep away from haram and trust in the Las Panatela. We spoke about this before some dwell too much about and also Imam Shafi said he said he who is overwhelmed. So this is another saying here because he's mentioned a few of the singer Imam Shafi. They're all about words of guidance. Remember the old bouquets if you have chosen from this, he was overwhelmed by the intensity of the last for the dunya is going to be enslaved to his its people. And he was happy with the subservience to Allah subjugation to others will be dispelled away from him. And this is a beautiful correlation here, because remember, we just talked about

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impoverishment. So the best, the best thing, and the closest thing that brings you to a lie is to be impoverished to be a slave. However, if you are going to

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follow the dunya, you're going to be enslaved to the people. Why are you going to be a slave to the people, because the reality of the matter is that you are going to be what you're going to be wanting to satisfy people why because you want to satisfy them, you're going to bend over backwards to get that extra pound or extra dollar, you're gonna do things that are gonna benefit you in that sense and to give you that money, etc. So you're going to be enslaved because it's, as they say, Money, talks, Money makes the world go round is a kind of, you know,

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slogans. So if you want the dunya, the people who are part of the being held,

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excuse me, you're going to be enslaved to them. However, whoever is happy to be subservient to Allah meaning being an Allah to Allah, as we have mentioned, then, if he's up to Allah, he has the honor, he has the pride, he's not going to be subjugated to others, because he's not going to allow himself to be subjugated, he is proud and he was happy that his Lord as a last panel at his master is Allah Who controls everything. So, why should he even be worried about what people think or what people say? I think that kind of saying, we have already you know, spoken about in many aspects, we talked about the the pride that a scholar should have and the like,

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continue with the Imam Shafi, wherever loves for a lot to open his hand to give him knowledge. Again, this is about this is about your sub servants. How do you achieve this subservience? Because this is how you're going to open your heart, this is how you're going to get knowledge, you have to practice solitude, solitude, meaning, don't, don't be mixing with people too much, there is a danger of mixing and that's why there are lemma of the past, they used to say that, you know, there are essentially four things which if you practice them in excess, they are dangerous poisons, to your heart, and to an F excessive eating, excessive talking, excessive looking, and excessive mixing. And

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here is talking about so don't mix too much with people. The more you mix, the more you're going to be again falling into gossip, talk, etc. The more you mix with people, they're going to harm you they're going to hurt you even your friends panel. Sometimes you see friends joking with one another and somehow like sometimes quite harsh jokes, all that needs is one of those jokes, too.

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You know, just to be understood out of context and then they fall out. So yeah, you have to practice it now and again, and and that means that the calf timeout you know timeout from the screen timeout from the television time from the from others and just seclude yourself think about think about yourself think about a lie think about the universe around you and under like Secondly, reduce your food in

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Because again, remember, we said excessive eating is going to be,

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is going to be harmful as, as many of the writers people used to say, I'd live normally said mash up here to move to Islam, you know, ever since I became more so I never my my fault, my film, obviously the process and that was his practice and that was what he encouraged not to, to eat too much, eating too much is going to affect you, affect your knowledge make you tired, make you lethargic, etc. Abandon socializing with fools, as well as some of those associated with knowledge will have no fairness or morals. So don't associate don't associate with fools, because the fools will only hurt you. And indeed, in my case, and never have I debated with an island with a scholar, except that I

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would have, you know, most likely defeated him and the debate, and never have I debated with a fool, except that he would defeat me, because a fool has no standards, you know, they have tried to explain things to them. And you'll say to them, you know, simple things, you know, with a coma, core muscle damage, you know, taken for granted, but the full doesn't accept the statement granted, you know, they will say to you, my say to them.

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And in fact, this happened to me. So Allah I was in once in in Hyde Park and I was trying to discuss somebody about you know, just the Creator, etc. So as it came to you, I wanted to bring him in the whole concept of the universe, the universe is there, it has a beginning has an end, that kind of thing. So as it turns out, we see that son out there,

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we know he exists. He said, How do you know exists? I don't know if he exists to look at the sun. Is that

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a boy the heat? To know I can't I don't know if it exists.

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I said, Okay, well about your brain does your brain exist on? I said, I don't know. I said no, definitely you don't have a brain.

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Therefore everything is there are some fools. They cannot you won't be able. So when you socialize with fools, they're going to hide Hey, they're going to harm. Also some people who are associated with me people who have knowledge or lemma, but they have no fairness. They are not laughing they have no morals they can also hurt him. So again, stay away from people who are going to affect your deen affect your dunya and just mix with people who are going to be beneficial to you. And at least realize also Imam Shafi said the most beneficial of money Malaysians, Manish munitions. Nice word I used it before is piety. And the most harmful of it is aggression. Now I can see you're Googling the

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word munitions, if you can. What does that mean? Well, it basically means ammunition, your arsenal, your military power, and the most beneficial things in your artillery. The most beneficial things in your strength as a Muslim is taqwa.

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Because Allah Subhana Allah says, So where to find the higher Azad a Taqwa get prepared, take your provisions, the best provision is step one will be best suited for that you have Duck Duck was going to help you in your way, it's going to be that kind of reception is going to open your eyes to what is haram and keep away from what is haram, it's going to push you towards doing good, and the most harmful of your Arsenal's is aggression, aggression towards others, thinking that they, you know, you want to attack somebody, maybe you think that you you want to be less that aggression, and that's going to harm you, it's going to harm you in so many ways. How

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many times we have these incidents happens to me, and I'm sure it happens to you. Somebody might really wind you up.

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They might really angry you. Or they know somebody cuts you off with a car if you're driving or somebody might say something or

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there incident of someone who a patient who wasn't happy with the treatment ideas for him.

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Anyway, he tried to sue me, but I think you know, it took a long time. Nothing came of it no material, he went to the lawyers, you wanted the server certificate survey.

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They didn't

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I think they just said to the claim is not is not valid. You know, you can't we don't have a claim. There the only way the only thing that he could do was to basically write a very bad comment about me on

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you know, in the online reviews. And so how that I mean, I I know

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this guy's address, I know where he lives. I know his numbers. I know his telephone number. I know a lot of information about it. But obviously on the patient, patient confidentiality, it should not be disclosed whatsoever, whatever. There are some times people who go through this whole person that this guy is harmless. I need to retaliate against them. I need to do I'm going to do something about I'm going to help

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Tim, I'm going to say those kinds of feelings and those kinds of thoughts, which is aggression, that is going to harm you, it's going to harm you because it will change you know it will change your life it will change and sometimes people they get that block and they can't see

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you know, sometimes they might happen sometimes they might it comes from a matter of pride rather than a matter of halal and haram so you got to be careful in their advisors.

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You know, I'm a Shafi also said the best actions are three, the remembrance of Allah, consoling the brothers and being fair to people and these I think they all you know, it's quite straightforward. What he's saying here you know, it's ended de Remmers Allah will litical la haricot as Allah Subhana Allah says, Remember so Allah is not just about remembers with the tongue if you are a Muslim tongue remembers with the heart remembers with the actions. It's about being aware of a loss and that you remember Allah when you wake up in the morning means that you are aware. You remember Allah when you're eating is mindfulness. Remember Allah when you're putting on your clothes, when you go to the

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bathroom, when you when you when you make boo when you bring Salah when you're eating, when you're drinking, when you're every conjunction, if you're remembering alive, as you're aware, how does Allah want me to behave in this scenario, in this place, in this context, in this action, I need to be fair, I need to be just to make sure they're not going to do the wrong thing. Yeah.

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So it's about it's about, about that. Even today, we were in doing went out pick been paintballing it's nice activity,

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but also quite painful one. So one, me and my friend we shared we bought together some some of these small pellets, the paint pellets, those of you who have been paintballing will know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I so basically, I was carrying the pellets. Now I want the stage tellers when I was they thought trigger to him, I said, maybe I can take some of his pellets

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of the role, I'm carrying them. And as a panel, that's not going to be

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very helpful. It's not going to be right and even though at the end of this power line that I was going to pay for them anyway. But it was his pellets. So even taking a pillory as much as trivial matter. You're going to be aware, no, I can't do this. I can't say that. It's not that's what it's about. But remember so law is going to bring about it's going to bring about being fair to people, it's about consoling others works, you're being aware of their needs, as well. And today, consoling brothers and sisters it means really reaching out to people you know, you have the opportunity out there to reach speak to people use your telephone today

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a lot of people do these forwards and these I'm not very fan of these things to be honest with you. But why don't you look at the people who are in your contact list and send them a nice message you know a personalized message and why only take you a minute or two

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for salam ala calm brother, sister, Uncle Auntie, you know and just say you know, just thinking about you hope you're well hope everything's good. It's just you know, I know I know ideally, you should be calling people today's Apalla calling people has become such a chore in itself you have to book an appointment with people to call them brother can I call you Is it okay to call you and they'll go call me at nine o'clock and then nine o'clock call comes and the guy doesn't call and then maybe calls at 10 past nine in the house and I'm gonna ask you you know you didn't call me at nine o'clock we had her appointment God calling you has become a choice in the past. We have mobile

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phones we just had these I know some of you're quite young are probably saying what is he talking about? We're in the past we have more often we have these

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these Ring Ring dials you know? Let me know in the chat if you know what you want talking about. And those people who just call somebody don't get a call they have to pick up the phone you know there's no there's no message coming up saying to you know, Sulaiman I'ma just calling you or you know, falling I said and they it's gonna it's just gonna ring the phone is ring you have to answer somebody is gonna answer the phone. So you answer the bar is fine. I'm Dana, how you doing? I you started chatting. Whereas today, so what I'm saying is point being I digress. If you if you've tried to call people, maybe they will not answer you. So leave that message, leave a message or WhatsApp

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message or, you know, kind of personalized message. I think that's going to be of concern when you feel so much better. And that's why I'm sure he said that the best actions are in this regard. Now he also or is that

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Shafi Allah says hypocrisy is not known, except by a sincere one. And that means basically, that the only person that know is reality and it's hidden aspects is someone who is sincere someone who is seeking sincerity, because he's striving for a long time doing what searching, searching for, you know, searching for sincerity and hypocrisy, but he's thinking about it, he's excavating for it, he knows it. So he's really very much aware. Whereas an ordinary person who claims that he knows he procuracy, the reality is that he's ignorant, he's not going to know it. Why? Because

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because, again, he's not somebody who is

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you know, who's who's who was sincere talking about sincerity. And obviously, we always say sincere and ordinary, I'm not, we're not the ones who are judging who is sincere in order. And they, we might think somebody is ordinary, but he's sincere. So that is only with a loss pattern, but sincerity is what Allah knows. But a person who is sincere, will be also aware of hypocrisy, and will be searching for it and will be trying to, to know about him. It's like the one who really knows Rhea, which is showing off is the sincere one, because again, it's one of the hidden diseases.

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You know, somebody has the ability to recognize who's aware, and it's like today, you know, if you're expecting a thief, to come, I don't know, somebody wants you to look, there are thieves around, they're coming to our houses. And he tells you that a lot of these thieves might look like this, maybe they're from this ethnicity, maybe they come in groups of three, maybe that this or that, they come, you know, three o'clock in the evening, or in the afternoon, whatever, you're going to be more

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you're going to be more heightened, to look for these people on you, USA, okay,

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you're gonna come

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make sure my security or my security on make sure the windows are closed, make sure this, you're going to be max, you're aware of it, you're expecting it. Whereas if you're not, you know, you're just you know, you might leave your door open, you might leave a window open, you might not have, you know, whatever. So that's this is the, this is the whole aspect. So more person talks about er, Kimber, if last intention, the more he is going to be in tune with this, Inshallah, this similar to a saying of has an anniversary or him or likes it is in regards to hypocrisy, the one who feels secure from it, is the hypocrite. And the one who is afraid of it of hypocrisy is the belief. So it

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is the believer always thinking about this, what was going to nullify what's going to affect me what and so on in that regard, so shall I hope that is useful, we're going to end with the saying of mu is it was for me, a beautiful saying, I haven't written it here, but I hope you will, but your books and you can access, and I hope you've read it as well because that will help to be to understand so basically, he said for 12 years is that we as he was it was one of the great soul bands as you might have mentioned, so Bonnel out if he knows the supine, all of those who are aware of a loss mantle, a very, very great man, although he has some sort of changes, which might be problematic or maybe I

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mean, some people thought they were problematic in that regard. So anyway,

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he said, for 12 years, I was a blacksmith of my soul.

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For five years, I was a mirror of my heart. And for one year I was observing in between I realized in my middle or inside me internally, it was a girdle regardless like

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like a belt or like one of those thick belts, sometimes people use it to keep their fat in or whatever to give them in the past women used to wear it as well to you know, to pull everything together. So that the shape of her bodies in a certain way can be quite there i said I realized that I had a girdle I worked for 12 years to cut it thinking how am I going to remove this and then I realized that I had an internal girdle. So on the one hand, he had an apparent that is that it entails I worked for five years to cut it.

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And then it was made apparent to me. And I looked at the creation and I sold them or I considered them as dead. So I pronounced on them for the conductors.

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That's the end of the interview. Because it was a so like profound that the Imam and now he himself, he said, he said, you know, you said these words,

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which he has said. He said it's the very precious very good

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description he said it's almost, you know, quite rare to find words like this, outside the words of the Prophet satellites, and that the only the words of the process are so unique, they have a certain, you know, a certain eloquence, certain air to them certain knowledge them to the very rare you'll find someone who's not a prophet say speaking words of great eloquence like these. So basically what he's talking about here, he's saying that for 12 years as a blacksmith blacksmith is someone, you know, deals with the

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metal and trying to cut it, you know, carts and sheet metal and things like that. So he's saying that,

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for 12 years, he was working as a, as a, as a blacksmith, he was struggling against himself, he was fighting himself, trying to control the neffs trying to see how can I

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be, you know, how can I know a loss pantalla being so it's not, it's about controlling the neffs and being in charge. And that takes time. So here, he said that I was,

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you know, spending time to try and, you know, deal with my neffs, to how to, you know, control it, how to shape it, how to mold it. And for five years, I am going to I was a mirror

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to my heart, you know, is that I was thinking how am I going to be

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you know how looking at myself, you know, seeing my heart reflecting on his reality with the mirror watching, seeing what's wrong with it, you know, so here, he's spending lots of time trying to realize what's wrong with him. And by spending that time, it goes to what we were saying before that the hypocrisy that only the sincere person in the world is thinking about. And then these tukar girdles that he talks about the outward girdle is about a person's attitude towards depending on last Panda, and his attitude towards other people. So it's like, his outward attitude, his relationship that was holding him back with others. So again, he needed long time to cut that girdle

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to cut that which is holding him back in terms of the relationship with others. And the internal one is about how he saw himself. You know how he considered himself. Maybe he was too happy with himself saying I'm such a great guy, I'm coming to the masjid I'm doing this I'm doing a carbon in Minnesota and, and all this kind of thing. These are internal gurgles which again, holds you back towards your relationship. He said, I had to spend 12 years being a blacksmith, and trying to get rid of this girdle and the five years with using that mirror, etc, trying to get off the internal go those which were Holding, holding him back in that regards. So

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so that's what he meant by those things. And then in the end, he said, basically, he said that I considered

00:33:20--> 00:33:21

pupil as

00:33:22--> 00:33:51

as that. And when I thought about everything, and he talked about if he considered us dead, and he saw her done to be on them before that could be the funeral prayers. Salatu. Jana has not only say, what me how did it what does it mean? Consider it a bit bit rude to think before as dead. But actually, if you if you understand what he's saying, what he is saying basically, is that

00:33:52--> 00:34:22

when you think about somebody who is dead, yeah, it means that your perception of them is that these are people cannot harm you, they cannot benefit you. Therefore, you should not fear them, nor should you anticipate anything from them. Like you will not be afraid of a dead person, that person is not going to come and hit you or smash you or abuse you or whatever. Nor is the dead person going to help you in any way. She's not going to give you anything.

00:34:23--> 00:34:31

You shouldn't seek what they have, because you can't get what they have. Nor should you try to show off to them.

00:34:32--> 00:34:57

Because you're not going to do anything to you know you're trying to show off in a graveyard for example, or you trying to flatter them by giving them all these in a saying these great things about them, nor should you occupy yourself with them, nor should you despise them, nor should you mock them. You know, you mock somebody who's dead, what's that going to affect them? How is that going to harm them that they're gone? Because they they are not going to do anything so why would you give them the extra advantage when they don't have

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

to here

00:35:00--> 00:35:48

is not just about thinking how they affect you, but also in terms of their negatives. Okay, their mistakes, they are dead. Why would you go and search for their mistakes? Why would you envy them? Why would you try to look at what they have or trying to get what they have? They're dead. So and the day what you should say about a dead person, you say, Rahim Allah. And when you say Rahim Allah, we ask Allah to have mercy on him. He's saying that I should also have that Rama towards the people, you know, the creation, have empathy for them feel sorry for them. So that I, you know, treat them in that way. Okay. So the reality is that when you think about all of this, in terms of if loss,

00:35:48--> 00:35:55

you're looking at, how do I avoid, you know, these people from affecting

00:35:57--> 00:36:10

me in any way, and that's what he's saying, we'll consider people who are dead, then basically, what you are saying is that the hero because he's talking about living people, that your concern is to,

00:36:11--> 00:36:49

you're not gonna be worried about people, we're gonna talk about you, they're gonna say you, you don't have to flatter them, you know, all these things that I've mentioned, because they, they're not going to harm you, they're not going to benefit you. And this is the same reality with the with the living, you know, the living, you're not going to hurt they can't harm your benefit. If you have that relapse, either. They're not gonna home your benefit the only person or only being that can harm your benefit the last panel, that's why the Hadith, the Prophet was teaching this to the young man in our bus. While I am to the one you should know, if everybody, everybody gathered together to

00:36:49--> 00:36:58

try and benefit you with something, they will not benefit you except with something that Allah has already written for you. And if they gathered all together, try and harm you with something

00:37:00--> 00:37:10

they will not be able to harm with that. The whole matter everybody is gathered against you. They can't harm you accept something that has already been written by Allah.

00:37:11--> 00:37:47

So humans cannot harm you like that living cannot harm you, they are dead, that doesn't get the simulators that person to know how they're going to benefit. Unless with the permission of Allah. And that's the right party. That's the right attitude to have. So sometimes Oreos, I consider them as dead is like, are they worth nothing? I just ignore them. No, no, no, it doesn't mean that. It means that my attitude to them is what I've mentioned, empathy, Rama, mercy, and also don't give them unnecessary waiting in class.

00:37:49--> 00:37:51

So we are now in sha Allah Tala.

00:37:53--> 00:37:57

And I hope that's been beneficial for you.

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