Zakir Naik – If there is no Compulsion in Islam then why is a Muslim who leaves Islam put to Death

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The engineer by profession Rohit Bhatia discusses two points in the Bible that indicate a virtual compulsion in the mind of the judge to allow them to come out of Islam. He explains that the punishment for non Muslims who want to come out of Islam is called death punishment and that most countries have their own laws and regulations. He emphasizes that the punishment for non Muslims is not a compulsion and that the judge must convey the message in the best way possible.
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My name is Rohit Bhatia. I'm an engineer by profession. I have a question that has been in my mind for quite a while now. The noble Quran says Let there be no compulsion in religion. That's point number one. And point number two is that the punishment for a Muslim who wants to come out of Islam, God forbid, his death punishment. According to me, this signifies a virtual compulsion in the mind that this is the punishment which will be given to me. So hence, I cannot do it. And this kind of I just need some clarification. I'm sure there is a clarification on this point. It was a good question.

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He hasn't given the reference first, he quoted the verse of the Quran from Surah Baqarah. Chapter number two was number 256. He says, like a half a dean, there is no compulsion in religion. And that is part of the deen that you cannot force anyone to not compel anyone with the part of the sword, or the point of the gun. His next question is that if any Muslim, leaves his religion, and becomes a non Muslim, becomes an apostate, then the penalty is death. So isn't this a sort of compulsion? Before I give the answer, as a dimension, that every country has its own law, its rules and regulation. And most of the countries, one of the highest punishments is for treason. For example,

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if a person is working in the army, and if he leaks, the important thing of the country, all the vital points and the information to the enemy, it is called as treason. Most of the countries if anyone does treason, sells the important blueprints and documents of the country to the enemy. Many other countries does that penalty. Many other countries have life imprisonment. So now if I tell them what kind of a country is this in, where I'm compelled by the country not to do certain things, what is wrong is wrong. So you're also if a Muslim becomes non Muslim, it's only in the Islamic state of law. If that Muslim who becomes a method and then propagates his new faith and deceive the

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people. That's the time this penalty is put. For example, if in a school, if I appoint a teacher, mathematics teacher, she's teaching two plus two equal to four. Then tomorrow, she teaches two plus two equal to five. So but Nigel, I won't keep my my school. The same way, the punishment for such a method in Islamic State, it is that this will not be called as compulsion. It will be a person who has strayed away from the truth to the falsehood. But as far as making anyone accept Islam, no Muslim can force any non Muslim to accept Islam. At the point of the sword or the point of the gun, what we have to do is we have to convey the message if you'd like to accept it, if you don't like

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it, no problem. Our job is to convey the message. It's mentioned the Quran surah Kashia Chapman by th foster kin Amanda Misaki. Our job is to deliver the message, we have to deliver the message in the best way. We thigma and resource now with most beautiful preaching, whether the other human being non Muslim accept or not, it is not under our control. We cannot force anyone to accept Islam or the point of the sword the point of the gun, but that what you're talking is a different case in a state of Islamic law. Like as they give example a person walking in army if he says the secret of the country, then the penalty is somewhat similar hope that answers the question. Right? Okay. Yeah.

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