Mufti Menk – Another angle of Taqwa

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of men and women achieving their goals in Islam, including protecting their bodies and privacy. They emphasize the need for men to be part of their whole package and not just sit at home. The speakers also encourage people to use their bodies to protect their rights and behavior, including not allowing anyone to ask anyone who doesn't practice Islam. The segment emphasizes the importance of protecting one's deeds and actions with a focus on protecting their deeds and actions.
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Alhamdulillah Nakamoto who wanna study no one has told 01 amin Obi Wan Otto kavala 102 Bella Himanshu Rijn fusina woman say Dr. Medina Manya de la dama De La MaMa newblue Fela ha de Allah, wash hadoo Allah Illa Illa Allah who was the hula Sherry cara, who are a Buddha alameen wa shadow, Mohammed Abu rasuluh Emma Mamata keen, water sooner have been an amine. Allah lucky enough to marry well as what when la de terre Cana Alma hace la la la

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la Jeevan

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sallallahu wasallam ah Baraka Allah, Allah Allah He was happy woman Salah caparica home wassa Allah Hamada Abbe de la Ahmed Deen Allahumma Jana min home. I'm about to do my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. It is absolutely important that we remind each other constantly about being conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the Arabic language the term used is toccoa Allah He, some say it is the fear of Allah.

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The truth is fear of Allah is a part of it. But we do deeds because of the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala we fear the punishment that Allah has prepared. But when we say to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. Sometimes the English language is not qualified to translate the Arabic language in an appropriate way because the term fear, as you and I know has an element within the heart that is negative. Whereas taqwa has only positive elements. When I fulfill Salah, it is not that I'm scared of Allah. But it is that I love Allah and Allah loves me, but I am scared of the punishment that Allah has prepared. This is what it is. This is why it's natural as Kalani Rama to lay in his

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explanation of Sahih al Bukhari, the book known as fretful Berry. He says taco Allah, He taqwa means and this is his interpretation of it.

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And that Allah binaca, verbena, Allah Billa he will be empty tally our MIDI he was gonna be Noah He it is to create a barrier between you and the punishment of Allah wicka wicka means a barrier to create a barrier between you and the punishment of Allah by obeying the instructions and staying away from prohibitions. So my brothers and sisters every Friday, when the Imam stands up, he gets up and he says, It de la iva de la, am I right? He reads the verses Yeah, you help Medina Amala tabula. Oh, he says in some way in his talk, I want you to understand and realize today that that term taqwa means to be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. out of your love for him and out of your fear of

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the punishment that he has prepared. May Allah make it easy for us. Today I want to take you through a beautiful journey, a beautiful journey we are Muslim in We are fortunate. The term Islam refers to two things.

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It refers to at least Islam only learning to surrender to the law of Allah to surrender to Allah. So when we say Islam, some say it means submission is it includes the term or the meaning submission in it. Some would say Islam means peace, which is true from Salam Salam means peace when I greet you As salam o Alaikum. I mean, may peace be upon you. It's a beautiful prayer. One of the best greetings on Earth. In fact, the best greeting is to greet with the greeting of peace. When I say a Salam Alaikum guess what I am doing? I am praying for you. I am telling you may peace be on you and May the blessings of Allah be on you. May the mercy of Allah be on you. Wow. What a beautiful pray. The

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam says Allah,

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Allah, Allah for Allah,

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a shoe Salama binaca should I not show you that thing? If you were to do it, it would spread love between you spread the salon amongst yourself.

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Greet the people and understand what is the meaning of the greeting and understand what it entails from you what it requires from you. If you were to say to genuinely, if I genuinely say Assalamu alaikum it means I promise you I won't harm you. I want you to live in peace. I want you to be in harmony. I want the blessings of Allah to come upon you. I want the mercy of Allah to be for you. And the person says, while a como salam wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh and I pray the same for you What a beautiful greeting. Now my brothers and sisters once we submit to Allah, we will achieve the peace, but sometimes we as Muslim in our weak, guess why we are weak. We are weak because our link

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with Allah is weak. It is contaminated by all the advertisements we see around us that are advertising everything besides the hereafter. Have you ever seen a single advert saying you are going to go to the hereafter prepare for it? Who wants a palace in the hereafter? Please read Salah. Have you seen an advert on the streets like that? No, they only advertise mobile phones, motor vehicles, anything that has to do with materialistic items which you can use for a short space of time. That is the nature of this world. It is short, but the true adverts happen Hi.

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Come to Salah Hi.

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Come to success. The true success you and I today our brains are already consumed by the world thinking that true success is when I'm a millionaire. If you were to ask a young man what is success? He will tell you when I earn my first million I am successful. But if you ask a person who knows Allah subhanho wa Taala what is success? He will say the day I received my hand on my right hand the book of deeds then I have succeeded.

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So I want to ask you what do you want? Some might find it difficult to answer. Some might say I want the hereafter but in their heart they know I also want to be a millionaire Am I right?

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We say I want the two filters but in your heart you want the latest phone? I want gender to fit those but in your heart you want that car which I saw the other uncle driving Wow. So Allah says, I know this about you, I created you. I made you I know what you want. Therefore I will teach you how to play and call out.

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Allah says Subhan Allah.

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Let's listen to this verse of Surah Al Baqarah. It's amazing. You must have heard it many times you say it many times, but today you may understand the value of it. I've explained to you this introduction. Allah says, feminine as Imani Apolo and Bella Tina dounia. One,

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zero teaming.

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There are some people who when they call out to Allah subhanho wa Taala. They say, Oh Allah give us in this world give us in this world and they forget about making dua for the hereafter. So Allah says, they have no no see, they have no portion, they have no halakhah they have nothing, no fraction of the Hereafter, they get in the dunya in this world and in the hereafter they have lost so Allah says, woman whom but from among the people, they are the righteous, they are those who know the balance. There are those who know we want Janna but we have to live in this world. So we also want a decent life. So Allah says woman whom my

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Tina dunia Hashanah, or fille de hacer una joaquina de

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la Kabbalah.

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Allah says from among the people are those who say Allah give us goodness in the hereafter we also need the million Allah we also need goodness in the sorry in this world, but in this world we also need the goodness but Allah give us goodness in the hereafter as well. Subhana Allah, Athena for dunya Hashanah, Akira Hashanah joaquina de banda, listen carefully to the drama it is divided into three portions. The first part is praying for this worldly life. Allah give us a decent life. My brothers and sisters a decent life means a life that comes with contentment, it is not necessarily in figures. Remember this. And the evidence of it is there are wealthy people who cannot sleep they

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are wealthy people who are not happy. If wealth brought you happiness, they would have been the happiest but there are people who are wealthy who are depressed. There are people who have so much but they don't have a life. They

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Sad they cannot sleep, they cannot walk out. They cannot do much they cannot interact with people. They lead a lonely life but they have all the wealth in the world.

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Yes, they are some who have wealth and contentment, that is the top rank that you can have. When Allah blesses you, Abdullah had normobaric, Rama to lay a great man, he had wealth. And he also had goodness, contentment, happiness. He was also involved in activity to spread the deen in a beautiful way. So those are the winners. These are the people who have goodness, both ways. I'm not saying it's bad to be wealthy, but I'm saying if you are wealthy and you don't have contentment, and you don't have a link with Allah, then that wealth is actually destructive, not constructive. Remember that, but if a person has wealth and they are spending it in the right cause they are more humble,

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they are the ones who reach out to everyone else Mashallah. We are happy. This is the first part of it is not enough it dunia Hashanah, Allah give us goodness in this world, the second part of it or like give us goodness in the hereafter. The third part of it Oh Allah save us from the painful punishment of the Fire as the punishment of the Fire. It means if we were to divide this into three, one third is connected to this world and two thirds are connected to the hereafter. Do you see the fraction? Do you see the proportion

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the effort we make should not be such that I fulfill for this world whole day and only my Salah I quickly dot through to the masjid or to this place and I fulfill the prayer because I have to. That shouldn't be my only connection with my Deen. Your paradise will not only be achieved through your prayer, prayer is a vital part of it without a denial. It is a pillar of Islam without a denial, but it is not the only thing that Islam teaches. People think I'm a Muslim, do you pray five times a day? Yes. Then you are a good Muslim. That is not necessarily true. There are people who pray five times a day but they are included in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says,

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Do you know who is the bankrupt one? The Sahaba? They answered a bankrupt one is the one who has no money, no deal have no dinner, no gold, no silver, no coins, no nothing, no photos, as we would say. He says no, that's not what we're talking about. a banker person is a person who comes on the day of judgment and he has a lot of Salah What does he have

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a lot of Salah he has a lot of Zakah he has a lot of charitable deeds, he has fulfilled so much but yet he was

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he came, he had usurped the rights of this one. He has slammed that one he has eaten the wealth of this one. He has cheated that one he has deceived this one what happens? His deeds go as a payment for the evil he did against others. Yet he thought he was in the first session five times a day. So he is set and Paradise is his. So we go home. We are the ones who go home after Salah in the first session with jamara with the first tech bill and we swear the wife, we speak evil to the children. We have no time for our family members. What type of Muslim is that? You have misunderstood. Islam is not only the prayer yet, the prayer is indeed a part of it. Understand this.

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What makes you a good Muslim is the package. The whole package. That's what it is. Islam is a way of life. That's what it is. Islam is not only in the house of Allah in the masjid, when you come to Ramadan, you become a very good man, a very good woman. As soon as Ramadan is over you. It's like you follow a different religion altogether. Why?

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Islam is a package, my brothers and sisters, the whole life needs to change, improve your condition. When you are walking on the street, people must be able to see this man is a diamond. He is an ambassador of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Today, when you have diplomatic vehicles around you, you automatically know that this means this person is representing his or her nation. Am I right? What you would realize and understand is that person will never do something against what that country stands for. Am I right? Otherwise they would not be an ambassador. They would not be a diplomat. We are all ambassadors of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Are you really and truly a

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man or a woman who follows his path?

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These way, if that was the case, you would develop softness in your heart.

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You would develop kindness in your heart. You develop the love of one another in your heart. Fabien

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mean Allah,

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tala. It is only by the mercy of Allah that you are lenient towards them towards home towards those who are with you, around you, the companions, etc, etc. Allah says, while I will

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booming, harmonic if you are hard hearted, if you want harsh and hard hearted, they would have dispersed from around you.

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This shows that anyone whose nature is hard hearted, and they are harsh, people don't want to associate with them. We are like that my brothers and sisters, in our homes, with our wives, with our husbands, with our children and parents and brothers and sisters, forget about the rest of humanity. We need to change this goal today and improve your condition at home. Please, I beg you, because we want to solve the homeless problems. But at home, I'm not ready to forgive my brother because I have a problem with 1000 US dollars with him. It's over. That's it, my brother be the bigger one. Nevermind, rise above it. Forgive forget, continue. Your life will be more valuable than

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a million US dollars.

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For one you're fighting that is your blood. Come on. Stop it. Don't allow that.

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We many of us today. We don't spend time with our children. We don't even have a meal with them. And we say I'm a Muslim. I'm a good Muslim. I read five sala de Allah blessed you with those children go and ask those who don't have children. May Allah bless them with children. Go and ask them. And we have the kids but we are never there for them. We don't even look at them. We don't even talk to them. We don't show an interest in their life. We don't smile at them. We don't tell them I love you. And I'm a good Muslim. Why? Because I look like a Muslim. I wear my dress. I wear everything and I read Salah in the first stuff and in Ramadan, I give lots of money. Keep your money do your

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thing to your own. That's what your children must be thinking. Why change Islam is a beautiful religion. Many of us the non Muslims look at us. They see us as hypocrites. They see us as people who don't practice Islam. A lot of it is to do with ignorance. I tell you the day that things will change is the day when you fulfill Salah because you consider it an honor to fulfill Salah rather than fulfilling Salah because you think it's just a duty and the responsibility I need to get done with it. Let me explain what I mean.

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What I mean is we all fulfill Salah I hope five times a day, we all fulfill Salah I hope insha Allah five times a day, those who are weak May Allah make you strong. Remember, without your effort, you're not going to get anywhere. So don't just say Oh Allah make me strong for Salah. Then when you have to set your clock in the morning it's already set for seven o'clock. What type of help do you want?

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You say Allah give me money, but you're just sitting down there waiting for what? Go and work and see how much Allah will give you. You need to make an effort. Allah says I gave you a hands I gave you energy I gave you the brain I gave you so much You go make the effort. The rest we will do Don't worry. So when you say well, I helped me to get up for Salah, set your clock for 430 set your clock for 430 and then you see when it rings. Tell yourself I made a dua to Allah. Allah got me up Alhamdulillah let me not sit back and press snooze. You know there is a snooze button on your phone.

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When you snooze, you lose. You know that when you snooze, you lose No. When I get up for salah and I no longer get up because I think it's a burden or because I think I have to get up. I am getting up now because I want to get up. There is a very big difference between the two.

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If you came for Joomla because you have to come for Joomla there is one level higher than that when you come to Joomla because you want to come to Joomla there is a very big difference between the two. I am reading Salah because I want to I want to I love Allah I want to fulfill my obligations. But when I'm reading Salah because I have to there's a difference. One is I'm doing it because if I had an option I would not do it. That's what it means. If you had an option not to read Salah would you not read Salah if Salam was voluntary? Would you read it? The answer in a lot of cases May Allah forgive me to perhaps people might say if it was not necessary, I wouldn't be doing it. Okay. The

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day when you say you know what I am doing? It is an honor

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As an honor for me, that is the day that you know you are closer to Allah than the previous day.

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That is what I want to tell you today that

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this issue of being conscious of Allah, it develops into love of Allah. When you love Allah, you want to do things for him not that you have to do it. Many of us we give xhaka what is the percentage of Zakat? By the way? What is the percentage of Zakat that we give our wealth? 2.5% everyone knows it by heart. What is 2.5%? It is small, small, smaller than most other churches and religions ever.

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Does are the Muslims. Do you know that the figure is the smallest?

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Do you know that? But when we calculate, we don't want to give $1 more the day your sadaqa which is voluntary becomes more than yours. Zakah is the day you really truly love Allah.

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When I say yeah, Allah two and a half percent is fun. It's from me to you. In fact, it is yours, which you bestowed upon me for every $100 Allah gives you it is actually 97 point $5 two and a half dollars are changed. They belong to Allah, it's not yours, it was never yours. All you have to do is take it out of your wealth and give it back. It's like a man gives you $100 and the product cost of 97.5 that two and a half who does it belong to no matter how rich that man is? You have to take it out of the tiller and give it to him otherwise you're a cheat. So when you give Allah what belonged to him, that is a loss. That was always his. But the big deal is when you say Listen, you know what

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your last two and a half is yours. I'm giving another 10% from me for your sake because I love you Allah Akbar, is that wealth going to deplete manaka sama lumen sada money has never depleted due to a charity. Allah says it's impossible. Do you know why?

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Because when I give an orphan money, if I make it regular that I'm going to give this orphan or the orphanage or the school or this good Institute, etc, etc, some money every single month, you know what happens? Allah has written sustenance for them, okay? So it's coming through me, which means Allah will give it to me first, and then it will get to those people, for as long as I'm giving them Allah will continue to give me because it has to go to them. When I stop, Allah says, Okay, no problem, we are going to give more, but through another person, Allah.

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Why? Why don't we look at it as well, Ah, hey, it's an honor. We can spend, I'm not joking.

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We can spend so many dollars on data bundles for our phone, am I right? We can spend dollars when it comes to a restaurant and food and petrol and a car, we don't even think we will go in one evening, we have already blown a huge amount. But when it comes to sell the car, we just hold back, we just hold back do you know in some massages on a Friday, some parts of the world.

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So there are people who walk around the aisles down the aisles because they need to collect even to run the massage SubhanAllah. So they walk down the aisles. What people do they give some people don't give. And sometimes, you know, shelf man comes to us and makes us think that if I don't give perhaps people will look at me. And they will think what a rich man and he's not giving anything. So there was one wealthy guy and he decided let me put $2 note or $1 note, you know, I will just put it in my pocket in my pocket. And I will give it I will give this note. So as the people came around, he took out his money from the back pocket and he picked out that little dirty dollar and he closed

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it and he put it with his hands closed into the into the little tin into the pocket. And as he put it in, he removed his hand. No one knows how much you put in my brother. It's up to you. Some people maybe they put an empty hand in and leave it because no one knows what went in. So he put his hand and he came out. In the meantime, the brother at the back. He had $100 bill, he tapped the same person's shoulder gave him the $100. So that man took the $100 and he thought that one wants to give $100 to put into the bucket. So he took the 100 and he put it into the bucket and he continued that bucket continued. So he this man looked at him later on. He said brother Mashallah Jazakallah Hey,

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thank you. He said no, you dropped the 100 from your pocket so I gave you What?

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I thought you were giving 100 for the budget.

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He says no, when you took out the money from your back pocket 100 dropped so I gave you

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now he's asking a question. Can I change my intention to say all lights

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or lights or soda? Why do we have to wait for that to happen? Give the money for the sake of Allah. Read your Salah for the sake of Allah. But more

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Importantly, my brothers and sisters protect those acts of worship. I was mentioned in this ad, the Hadith about protecting your deeds, okay? So, if you have fulfilled your Salah, look after it. Don't give it to someone else. How do you give it to someone backbiting cheating, deceiving, stealing, oppressing abusing verbal abuse, you swear someone you are rough with your spouse, she will be in general before you and the agenda when May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us when she's asked whether she wants to see you or not. I don't know what the response will be. Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us obviously this is just with our own minds. What lies in Gemini is far higher than that.

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So when we fulfill Salah Be mindful. Allah says

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whoever comes with a good deed, that deed shall be multiplied by tenfold. Have you ever asked yourself why didn't Allah say Minami Allah has an atom for Allah who,

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whoever does a good deed it will be multiplied. Allah didn't say that.

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Allah did not say whoever does a good deed Allah says whoever comes with the good deed, manga bill, Hassan, whoever comes with the good deed. To do the deed is easy, but to protect the deed is 10 times more difficult, you deserve 10 times greater reward for protecting it on the day of judgment when you come if the deed is still there, it's still intact, you deserve 10 times reward.

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So the point I'm raising today, develop your taqwa develop your consciousness of Allah, learn to love Allah and to get close to Allah, you will have to fulfill the rights of the other creatures of the same Allah

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Who created everyone else, Allah, he's the one who created you, what makes you think you have the right and superiority over them in a way that you can discard their rights. Everyone has rights over you, and you have rights over them, everyone.

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They have different types of rights. A Muslim has a right a neighbor has another right? A relative has another right? a non Muslim has a certain type of a right to

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me Allah subhanho wa Taala guidance. May Allah help us my brothers and sisters. Remember, develop yourself do deeds because you love Allah. Yes, they are. Yes, we know what is compulsory, we know it's compulsory. At the beginning, you will do it because it's compulsory. It might even be considered a burden to some people, but you're doing it because it's compulsory, there will come a time and there must come a time when you are doing it. Because you consider it an honor. I want to end this morning's first by making mention of a story. I have met some people in my life who have taught me a big lesson. I have met absolutely influential people and I have met extremely wealthy

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people who will not miss Allah in the masjid.

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I have met a man who will not miss athon in the masjid. What that means is he will try his best that before the other starts. He's already sitting in the house of Allah. Before the call, we don't have to do that. But it is love is his love for Allah He will do it because he loves Allah He wants and that is how Allah gets close to you. Imagine if you say Oh Allah, I will be there before considering it an honor. Instead of waiting for the caller to call I'm there before the caller. So Allah look at the law. If the influential can do this, if the wealthy can do this, if those who have everything in the world can do it. Who are we who are we? We are nothing we need a lot desperately, my brothers

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and sisters.

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Remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala will help you and He will always help you for as long as you are helping one another kind of La houfy makanan Abdo e aku loco Lena was de la de la comme What is it the Muslim manifesto zero in no one

Friday Jumu’ah Lecture, 14th October 2016, Ghana Police Mosque, Accra Ghana

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