Why You Cant Discuss the Greatness of Khadijah Without Recognizing the Greatness of Aisha

Ammar Alshukry


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Speaker 1 discusses the significance of the "arreers' of the internet and how it is seen as a source of truth. They also mention a former employee's actions that left them unhappy. The conversation then shifts to a discussion about the internet's supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed " Volkswagen" and how it is seen as a source of entertainment.

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This moment where she comforts the province of Alaska. And I mean, it's a scene that every Muslim knows. And it's a phrases that every Muslim knows and it is one of those great scenes that showed the greatness of Hydra. But you cannot discuss the greatness of Khadija without recognizing the greatness of the shadow the Alana, why? Because you will find that so many, so many of these narrations that describe to us how they just greatest moments are narrated to us by Aisha Alana.

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Even though she says what she says I never I never envied a woman like I envied her Dejah even though I never met her, I showed them on and tells us she's like, I never envied anybody like I envy Khadija. And I actually want it even tells us of the time when she told the province of Allah is and and why do you continue to mention that old lady who passed away when Allah subhanaw taala replaced you with one better than her? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah did not replace me with one I'm better than her. And I she was the one who, who's telling us this. I mean, how, how incredible is that? Again, when we talk about the incredible sincerity of the companions,

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when we talk about their greatness and delivering the message and then communicating to us their vulnerabilities and their truths and their mistakes and all of these types of things. They do that, with their egos completely removed.