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Hello Rahim al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while he was lapping water, along the fan of Mr. Linton or alumna Maya Fana in NACA, and until it will Hakeem alarm Allah Salla Illa Magill to Salah aunty their ship to Asia has an salah. This is in sha Allah the Pen Ultimate lesson in the brief course course on withstand LRF. In this lesson number eight, which we are going to talk about in sha Allah, one aspect of the book which takes quite a bit of volume. And that is related to the concept of Alia, and the concept of Karma, which will come later on. But before we do that, we're going to start about something which the Imam mentions in his book, and that is related

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to land, land in actions land, which is I mean land, sort of, in a very basic format.

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Land is related to

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the people who are the way that they talk, you know, that's that's what land is.

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You know, in the, in the past,

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there was very particular the Arabs were very particular about how they spoke, obviously, their language, the whole concept of the Arabic language is that to be eloquent, even the word Arabi or our robot needs to speak eloquently to this

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express oneself correctly. And so

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during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, obviously, the generation before the Arabic language was very pure, very precise, they didn't have grammar, they didn't have books on teaching, you know, words and how the makeup of words etc there the whole concept of the language was very precise. So, they know how they knew how to speak, they could deduce from the language what was the object what was the subject, very precise.

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With time what happened is as more and more new Muslims joined Islam, and those new Muslims were from non Arabs namely from the Persians and beyond,

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also from North Africa, the bottle bars and and some Europeans and the Turks near there, as they tried to learn Arabic There was a dilution in the language. And so, what happened is people started to there was a concept known as a Lan Lan which is basically to stutter or not to speak the express the language correctly. So you will find somebody who cannot mean making mistakes. And these mistakes were not mistakes that were you know, were very difficult or sometimes simple mistakes, you know,

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today, for example, you say, I, Kayla Z, don't Farhat and Akella Z Don't you have to say you don't prefer Hyten to make sure that Akela which is to eat, Zaid is the subject and for Farhat, which is Apple is the object so say I Kelas. A don't too far heighten

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makes us know, which is the subject and what is the object? If we were to say, instead of okay, let's say you don't prefer Hatton we said I Kela z then too far heighten it makes it as if the apple eight Zed, so its twists the whole, the whole language if you like.

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And there are examples of this. And in fact, that has happened close to the time of Monrovia Lantos at a time as a leader of the Alon, and they saw that the those new Muslims were changing the language to accept that if the or even the Quran when they were reading it, they were making mistakes in the citation, which altered the meaning quite tremendously, you know.

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So, that led them to instruct in fact, during the time of alila he instructed one of the grammatic grammar Tyrians or one of the Arabs his name was Abu so I had to write down the the grammar and the rules to make it easy. Anyway, the point being is because time was a chore and I talked so much about the language but they had this focus of how people started to then if you like as a reversal, they started to

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focus on their language, you know, so they when they spoke, they were very trying to be very precise, so they didn't make a mistake. Maybe they would. They would talk slower, they will be focusing on the say, today the Arabs have become very lazy. So instead

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Saying Akella Zaidan Farhat and they will just say Akella zayde Farhat.

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Remove the end, the end

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graph grammars and the end

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vowels, the

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valorisation of the words to make it easy because I don't need to think about whether I say they don't or they didn't or they then or I don't have to worry about that. So I say Akela, Zaid FAHA, their habba or Omar, Al Al masjid, and then say, Amaro Amara armory. So that's what happened in the past, the reversal was to try and avoid land, which is basically to go off to divert away from the Arabic family says you would meet a man and he doesn't stutter, not even our letter, meaning that he is focusing on his words and his and his, his pronounciation. He is trying to make it perfect. He doesn't want to be labeled as someone who doesn't know how to speak how to express. However, his

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actions are also. So the focus is saying is that you're focusing on you how you speak, but we're not focusing on how you act, you're not focusing on your behavior, your behavior is not consistent with how it should be. And now obviously makes this kind of notion of understanding what Lohan is in that case.

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They also say, you know, some of the ascetics that you had said, We expressed in our speech such that we didn't, did not stutter. And we had this excellent language. But we faltered in our actions such that we did not express any saying that this is what's happened. People focus so much on how they spoke, how much the words that they didn't focus on their action.

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Where are you falling in your actions? Where are the mistakes? Where's the land? Where is this diverting away from the principal in terms of your language?

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And the POA said, we were not flawed from ignorance, but we conceal knowledge. With ignorance. We hate to falter in our speech yet we do not care about stuttering in our actions, all all within the same concepts in that and if you read the book, carry on we will talk about

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someone who was called

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Khalil Eben Khalil was one of the

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you know, the authorities have their own Arabic language. And he mentioned a reference to him there as well which you Shala you can you can see that and you will be able to understand that because what he what he said is that

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Imam Al Hollein. He talks about affiliate because affiliate is one of the authorities in Arabic language. So he makes reference to him in the eye let you read that in the book in sha Allah attack. Let's move on to alcohol mat and the gifts of the Olia and here in this section of the book, we're gonna sort of talk about you know, we're going to look at the aspects of

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what is what is a Kurama? What is a mortgage is for whom is it was different to magic and Kurama how do we derive the word of welding? The difference between infallibility and preservation fear there's not many concepts he introduced in the book obviously, here I'm just trying to help us to oversee the whole notion very, very, you know, a quick overview if you like

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as well

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okay, so

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let us move on first of all, who are the Olia?

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Allah antiracism Quran? Allah and Allah Allah Allah homophone Allah him whenever we ask him, Allah Xena. Ah, what can it moon, Donald Bush Ross it has lots of letter D Okay, mathematical formula. So, lots of Panatela mentions the word ovia. He mentioned the whole concept of Lia mentioned in the Quran, earlier of Allah. And as you can see here written it is only as the poor of the word Winnie vertiv Her words translate. And we'll see later on it's all about the derivation of the word. But really, it's almost like a connection that person has a connection with a loss and it's almost like a two way direction. So you are the value of Allah and Allah is your way even the one of the names

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of Allah pantalla is and really value

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Toby and Allahu Allahu le. So it's a two way connection. And that connection necessitates that Allah loves you and you love Allah. But you honor Allah subhanaw taala and you follow His guidance and you return to Him and Allah honors you and guides you on protects you. So it's almost like a two way thing in which you are turning to Allah. You are in love with Allah, you are seeking Allah, you have a close association with Osman plan Allah gives you many things back. So that is how you are the when you have Allah Subhana Allah when you are a valley of Allah.

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I mean, there is a generalized when the generalized well in the generalized format is any Muslim, any Muslim, who has this verse in the Quran mentions those who have believed and our pies. You have a man you have taqwa, then you are going to be amongst the general Olia of Allah. But Wilaya is is also not you know, it's not a binary zero or one, but rather there is levels, the higher you are, and the closer you are to Allah pantalla if you like there's a higher status on when you are already as mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet selection, which is that how do you want to see monada Lee William, and will, was as whoever

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shows enmity to one of my earlier than I have announced war against him. So that becomes a status where a person continues to draw closer to Allah subhanaw taala with obligatory actions with the no awful as mentioned this hadith, that he becomes very close to Allah, Allah loves him and Allah gives him so much things. And part of those things that Allah gives him is the karma, the gifts, which we will talk about in shower. So the Kurama it basically Kurama in the Arabic language means an honorable thing. So it's something that is you are honored Kareem is to be honored to be noble, Allah is not ennobling you, if that is the right word to giving you the nobility, through a gift

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that he directs towards you. Alright, so that is the Kurama, that Allah subhanaw taala gives to you as a individual. And

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it's basically as we will see later on is that the Kurama will be on many levels, you know, different levels, different aspects, different categories. But he chooses to say, and this is where, because Imam No, he mentioned it here, but it also mentioned the group of people who are the more Tesla model as a sect amongst Muslims, who rely mainly on I mean, they believe in the Quran, they believe in the Hadith, also saying that their main focus, if you like, to understanding the Quran, or standing Islam is actually is their mind for things which maybe contradicts against the article from the Hadith, especially if it's one of the it's not a matawa Hadith, then they will say, you

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know, if this doesn't make sense, if this is not accepted, whatever, then they will refute it. And one of the things that they refute is the whole notion of karma that people other than profits, that they believe in the margins that are profits, but they say anybody who is not a profit, why would they get a Kurama why would they get something which is a gift, and remember, here the gift is an extraordinary gift. So it is the ability to do something which other normally would not be able to do, as we will mention, and he mentioned some of the stories here. So Imam unknowing again in the book, you will see that he doesn't really go into detail about it. He just mentioned indications

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within the book. So he says when you look in the Quran, you will find that there are evidences, okay, and then transmitted text of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. These evidences actually show that there were gifts given to people who are not prophets. Who were those people well, he says amongst them

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amongst those gifts are

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here he mentions a amongst the gifts who are given to the people are

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to marry Amalia Silla, for example. So he mentions Merriam Why does he mentioned Merriam because he's saying that for I mean, he's saying that the accepted notion amongst the LMR that she was not a prophet.

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Although there's a dispute amongst, you know, some of the scholars the latest one especially that was from analysts, who said that actually she was a prophet and the possibility of a woman being a prophet. But anyway, here he mentioned the evidence that was by the Imam of the two high Romanian al Haramain. of Almighty whose name is Dwayne, he was

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The share of Imam Ghazali as well. So he says that when you look at Maryam Miriam was given some Kurama the ability to shake the tree and to therefore you know have dates falling on her

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the ability to have fruits even before that every time Zakaria entered onto her, you have the verses in with you in the in the book. So he says that these are showing evidences that she was given gifts, the fruit being available to have food provision was being given to her.

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This is a form of Kurama you know, it's like something is appearing from you from nothing, the ability to just shake the palm, the palm tree and for things to fall again, it's a Kurama so they said she was not a prophet, and therefore she was getting this Quran also, he says amongst the stories is the companion of chalet man. And this is, as you can know, is in surah, to

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an animal with when should a man asked for who can bring the throne of Bill feasts to him from Yemen, to Palestine, one of the genies I freed from the gin, he said, I can bring it to you no matter of hours, basically.

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But then there was a guy who was had knowledge that had knowledge of the book, and they're saying is this karamo was the Kurama, that his dua was answered, He said, I can bring it to you even before your eye blinks. And so here he mentioned that this was a Quran and again, he's saying that this guy, the companion of some amount of meaning, the person who was in the gathering was not he was not a prophet. Similarly, they mentioned the story of the rain. Again, though Corinne has some magnificent things that he they did, he roamed the earth from which we as east to west, again, again, showing that there were great things that he achieved. And again, he's saying that he was not

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a prophet. Although again, there is a difference of opinion about whether doper nine is a prophet, or even similar with the mother of Musa who was also being given some great qualities as well.

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Similar to that, I mean, the mother of Musa, we know anyhow, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah bless her, and, if you like, gave her that inspiration to put her son in the in the in the basket and to throw him in the river and so on, and fever. We know the story of a fiver mentioned upon mentioned many times in the story again, fever.

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Although, again, he mentions here that he was not a prophet.

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The reality is, as Imam no we mentioned in the book was stages that the reality of the chosen opinion is that he was a prophet.

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And because even you know the things that you were doing, etc, I elaborate a little bit more about that my book, which is coming out soon inshallah called strolling in the garden. But again, basically, what he's saying is that all these are examples of people, the people of the cave, who slept for 309 years in the cave, again, they were not prophets, and also in the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Allah salah, but, you know, he mentioned the stories there in the story of

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how they departed from the Prophet and that each of them had light. He mentioned the story of

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Abu Hurayrah narration

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in regards to the story of duraseal, writers, a person from Venezuela, he again, he was a monk, he wasn't a prophet, and the fact that he would hit the DA, he caused the baby to speak out and to say, who his father is. So long story again, time does not allow us to go through that. The story of the people who are stuck in the cave and the rock, block them and then again, they may do our part of the Quran, there was the answering of the DUA. The story of Omar or the and all the reality of Omar is the prophesy. Some said, amongst the people who were before you there were those who were spoken to if anyone were to be amongst them from my Alma meaning spoken to meaning they will give an

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insights they will give an intuition they were given, it would be Omar, the answer again, these are all evidences that are trying to collate into the fact that

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the keramat is not specific for the profits, but rather, it is for the profits and the

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the say nonprofits will say that they're not really ordinary people, but they are not profits. So they are given this keramat now, the martyr Zilla they basically tried to differentiate and they were the more desert or, you know specific for the prophets. Were

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already here the whole notion of differentiating and that's why KERAMA and also more Iliza is incorrectly translated as miracle in Islam.

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Miracle basically is anything that goes against the norm, you know, something that is unacceptable in the normal circumstances, you know, walking on water flying in the air, you know, increasing the food, from you know, from a small amount to having large amounts of food or water gushing, forward or disappear or giving life to, to someone's dead or curing those who are ill, or, you know, all these things are part of miracles. However, when that miracle

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becomes a challenge, a challenge to other people, as a proof to that person's Crawford hood, this is called a mortgage is that why mortgage is a means to disability, incapacitate the person in front. So it is jazz, it doesn't allow them you know, they, they said they're trying to challenge that person. They're saying, Tim, you're not a prophet, you're a mess, you're saying show us something to prove this. So he brings them something which they cannot meet up you know? And we know this examples many examples in the Quran of the mind desert of,

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of the different prophets nor Halia salaam who would file

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excuse me, sila.

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Ibrahim Musa, Isa Yoon, yeah, all these are mentioned as a stories. So these are prophets who are incapacitating others to meet the challenge.

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That they they face, but at the same time prophets, they also had,

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they had their own Kurama which were miracles but they were not to incapacitate a person apart. So, so the prophesy sell him in his story. And you can look into the Book of Shiva by Aveda we mentioned a lot of these parameters which were basically miracles or professing them, but they were not there as a challenge. The miracle of the prophesy Sam which was a challenge, the more Jesus was the Quran, because incapacitated the Arabs from being able to bring forward something similar.

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However, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he spoke to animals, the prophets Tao was answered, the Prophet used to make food little amount of food he would make into a lot a lot with his Baraka

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he would kill people who are ill

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there is a narration which may be you know, maybe not quite sound but that he brought somebody back to life

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and so on the splitting of the moon, the speaking of the stones to him

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and so on, you know, the tree crying the palm tree trunk crying when he when he left it and so on. So many examples, these are called Chromat and they're Chromat for profit. And they can also be a Kurama for and nonprofit as well Allah subhanho wa Taala may give that individual that person something like that. So where is the word the word he derived from? So Imam koshary and you might have noticed that in this chapter

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he does quote enamel crochet a lot

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to try and you know

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bring forward a lot of the examples and things here. So he says that

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the word well he can either be subject or it can be an object it really depends how you look at the word and how is it derived in your in from the Arabic language because we can look at the word in the Arabic language and look at it as derived in a certain way. Yeah, it that derivation. Okay, is gonna ultimately tell us more about and it is possible that both those derivations are right. The first one he said is that if we derived it as widely from the root of five, he said, which is an exaggerated word or five. So five can sometimes be fat, like Eileen and body or, or Liam is an exaggerated form of Ireland. And cardio is an exaggerated form of order, which means that we only

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hear in this sense means that he's the subject he's the one who's doing the Wilaya meaning his obedience is rely which will I also mean succession. So his ongoing succession or

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To have good deeds and obedience without being disrupted by any sense any sin sorry the second derivation which he said can also be filed again, but in the meaning of Matthew rule which is like the object and here he gives the example of Katene see the word Cateel you see the word alim, they have the same

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the same

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built in terms of the language Katene highly rd GRE, you see the how they are derived the same. So, when he is the same derivation, but in the first instance we said that some words which have this format name they are chosen to mean a subject like alim. But there are some words like Jerry, which means injured,

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injured by whom, by somebody, so, he's Mujuru somebody has injured him. So, he is the object of the Wilaya coming in and he said when we if we consider it to be object, then we're saying it is the sense that Allah is the One who is six session or successively, giving his care and guarding for this person. So, it's like Allah subhana, Allah continues

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to help him so well, if you like, has that come to you that both as concepts he is continuously someone who is doing a better to Allah. And at the same time, he is also being looked after by a lot and catered for by a last panel.

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What is the difference between magic and Kurama?

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Well, he says usually, I mean, the obvious thing is that if you saw somebody doing these extraordinary things, but he is someone who is not a man of a bed, he is someone who is a man of,

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of low distraction, following his desire, sinning, you know, basically a fast and he's doing these extraordinary things, you know, which might seem to you okay, this is, then you know, that this is magic, there's not a Quran. So a Kurama, is you come from somebody who's a righteous person. The other thing is, a Kurama is not something to be boasted, you know, Willie, unlike a prophet, Prophet challenges others by his miracle.

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While he does not come and challenge people with a Kurama, they say, Oh, look at me, I could do this, I could walk on water, or I can just make a draw and everything like something will happen, doesn't do that. And that is also an important notion in understanding the difference between already and

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sorry, magic and a Kurama of how it is being practiced.

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Now he moves on to just talk about, you know, if you'd like some aspects of related to the whole aspect of Wilaya.

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I mean, there's a big sections in the book, obviously, I'm not going through everything, because I want you to yourself to have, hopefully have read this. But the main notion that we have to understand as well, is that even though Awali is already, okay, it doesn't make him as he mentioned in the book, and obviously is adopting a lot from it from the mama series that we silo the message a while he doesn't become someone who is muscle doesn't make any mistakes. He doesn't become somebody who is, if you like so secure within himself that he will not fall into any mistakes or loss. I'm Awali I could do whatever I want. I can no that's not that's not kind of aspiration, you give some

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examples of, you know, the Khalifa and the righteous people are rushing in we're all promise Jenner by the prophesies that we have the 10 promise Jenner and others. They didn't stop worshipping Allah, they didn't stop being righteous people, you know, they didn't say okay, we have been promised gender that said, we've reached the status of Relyea there's nothing's going to happen to us, we're not going to be we're not going to change. The reality was their heart was still alive. It was still conscious, they were still afraid of sins there were still afraid of hypocrisy there was still afraid of falling. So Awali does not become someone who's infallible and somebody might be aware and

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sometimes might he might change a lot. And that's why he cannot feel secure within himself and if he does feel a secure, then maybe that in itself is evidence that he is not already alright. So that is also an important point to mention. Now Awali when he is alert, meaning when he is in a state of doing the what kind of things do we expect for wedding to

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Well, Luca is act, he is going to be sincere in doing all the duties to ALLAH SubhanA. his sincerity is prominent. He does has intention, he has flaws. He's not somebody who plays about it's not somebody who messes about his Deen. He is compassion and he has gentle that's his state his compassion and gentleness for creation in all the different situations and obviously that extends of mercy. So basically, he's always looking after others with no he doesn't deal with people. And they say these thoughts you know, it made the hours answered, I'll make the this guy who you know, wronged me and this guy who maybe said something bad to me or this guy caused me a road rage, I'd be

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making dial all of these people. That's the wrong that's not a way that's sustainable widely to try to use his powers if you like to inflict harm on others, rather than He is compassionate. Rather, he is merciful towards rather he wants to endure others.

00:31:07--> 00:31:18

He you know, he deals with them with a bit of character even though they are a bit abusive to him. And they don't treat him well. And they are not nice or he is continuously being

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beautiful, his character, he seeks goodness to others, even though they don't ask him anything. So he you know, he initiates goodness, it doesn't start waiting for people to ask him he knows it asks about people knows their affairs knows their problems goes and see what they need. He suspension of his concern,

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suspension of his concern regarding to save the creation, suspension

00:31:48--> 00:31:53

in regards to saving the creation, and to abstain from seeking revenge

00:31:54--> 00:32:28

from them, okay, the wording is not great here. Basically, what it means is that he doesn't seek revenge, okay, towards others, and he was suspend any of his personal concern towards our serve people thought making give him abuse or He suspends that. And he doesn't want to seek revenge. They have wronged him, they have abused him, he's not, doesn't care about this, he was he was he was the best for them.

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He's aware and he of sensing his right over them any meaning he's cautious, but he doesn't start to say I'm aware he and I have an upper upper hand over him. And also he has a short arm in regards to their wealth and property short arm here Mayor metaphorically, doesn't extend his arm towards them, and make make make profit from the fact that he is already I'm aware you need to feed near to give me to help me, which is unfortunate exploited by some period.

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He leaves greed in every facet, he holds his tongue from from anything towards others in terms of badness, and he tries to avoid witnessing their badness.

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And he

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seeks to avoid

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having any being an opponent to them in the dunya or that he doesn't want to be stay of arguments and you know, a position and enmity and conflict that's not what he seeks, he is seeking to be patient towards a loss pantalla is seeking to get the best he is seeking to help them to be merciful to him to use it you know, as we will see Inshallah, next lesson, how they use their keramat to help others you know, tu tu, tu tu to preserve

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the deen and to propagate it and to use what they had of abilities for the service or loss of habitat and service of us.

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this whole concept of Karma, which I mentioned, he mentioned a number a number of you know, in the book mentioned lots of types of karma. And I mentioned to you so many types as well. Basically a karma is anything a gift that anyone can have

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which is extraordinary, goes against the norms,

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which we mentioned, I mentioned some examples. And anything that is possible to be a mortgage is a miracle in the sense of it being a challenging capacity for a profit can also be a con because they and this was on points that he Imam will join your response to them or Tesla. He says to them

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What's the problem in end of the day if Allah is able to give the profit margins at a profit, just because he is a profit?

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It doesn't mean that he is the one who is bringing the miracle forward. It's not because of him. It's rather Allah has given an even when I see when Allah talks to a Silas and he said, when what is the Hello comin up cleanic Hey, et is by Air B izany. When you create a you mode, from the pain from the clay, you mold the shape of a bird with my permission. But I'm Sophie hobbyzone. And you blow in it life with my permission, who is giving him the evil ability just to mold it is from Allah subhanaw taala he has given him the power and the ability to mold the bird is giving him the power to breathe life into that clay he's given him the power to give life to the dead, the permission of

00:36:03--> 00:36:16

Allah and the day a prophet or a message is not bringing these miracles from his own power his own self is from Allah so that so like Allah can give that ability and that power to a profit. He can also give it to

00:36:17--> 00:36:23

any person who is a non profit be there male or female.

00:36:24--> 00:36:26

However, one has to understand

00:36:28--> 00:36:30

that a Kurama and possessing a Karana

00:36:31--> 00:36:33

does not make a person special.

00:36:34--> 00:36:39

If you have a Kurama doesn't mean that you are one of the highest greatest guides now.

00:36:40--> 00:36:45

And here Imam I think Junaid He mentioned something very beautiful.

00:36:46--> 00:36:49

He said Can meanwhile he and Masha Allah

00:36:50--> 00:36:54

what men who are offered one woman

00:36:57--> 00:36:59

said how many of a well he

00:37:01--> 00:37:03

has walked on

00:37:05--> 00:37:05


00:37:06--> 00:37:09

how many overwhelms he

00:37:10--> 00:37:15

has walked on? Water? Yeah.

00:37:19--> 00:37:20


00:37:21--> 00:37:25

ah, but he said there are others

00:37:27--> 00:38:07

who are better than him. They have died from thirst. Think about that. There are people who are made closer to Allah and more beloved to Allah but they have died from thirst. Whereas others have walked on water dizzy. So basically saying is saying that don't think just because somebody has this correlate and guess that that makes them a highest level of no person why might be a close wellI to Allah but he has his thirsty kind of find water to drink. You see the point here. So that is also an important notion to understand in this whole concept as well.

00:38:11--> 00:38:30

And finally, while prosze says which is very important, I think there's a is almost key know that amongst the greatest of the Kurama that are for Alia is the continuation of being held towards a obedience and protection from sins

00:38:31--> 00:38:39

is such a beautiful saying you should really try to memorize if you can at least memorize the you know, being able to paraphrase it.

00:38:41--> 00:39:34

Think about you know, Kamata is great. You know I could do this my diet answers I can walk on water fly in the air or, you know, yeah, there's Baraka 100 others blessing but the best of Kurama it is to be able to continue to power how many people have started off their life with good deeds, but they have fallen, they have gone astray. They have started to haram and sins or shortcomings. So the best sign know that somebody is Awali is their continuation of being good continuation of reading of Quran the continuation of pranayama lay the continuation of doing the natural continuation of abstaining from haram that that that that is the best karma that anyone can get. And if you get that

00:39:34--> 00:39:44

kind of Corolla, and you know that you are someone who is on a high level and you are close to Allah subhana who, what.

00:39:47--> 00:39:48


00:39:50--> 00:39:53

this is where we end the lesson for today.

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

That has been an overview. I hope you've been able to manage to read that too.

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Chapter which is chapter 15, about the karma.

00:40:04--> 00:40:37

If you can, if you haven't read it, please go back read it, you can see that there are intricate parts as well post your questions in Sharla to our admin, and inshallah and pass on the questions to me, and we can answer them veteran. However, if you read carefully you'll find that there is lots of words there which which are helpful. Now, because we're almost out of here, it's about withstand so our gardens about giving you that experience about being joyful. Imam No, we said I didn't make this book

00:40:38--> 00:41:16

in a way, which was designed to be boring and met, not boring, but tedious, not going to be an academic book, and it was the best thing. The best thing is to have stories, tales, these stories can give a bit of life to a person, you know, you feel tired reading, maybe you're reading Hadith, Tafseer, *, tired and tumor, stop, read the story, read some poetry read something and some different, it's almost like to keep the person now and we know this by now. No, because if you read about his history, you know how much dedicated he was to knowledge, Russia.

00:41:18--> 00:41:24

You know, every, every moment he had, he was able to use either learning or teaching or writing or compiling.

00:41:25--> 00:41:32

A great man. But he's so he understood the importance of having these breaks. Today, our life

00:41:33--> 00:41:36

has been consumed, literally.

00:41:37--> 00:42:24

And metaphorically. So not to be too literal, by recreation, in our life is recreation, you know, we have the screens have taken over our lives, from television, to games, to social media to everything, they're, you know, you, you are not cut off on the world, you know, if you feel bored, you just switch on your television and watch a program or this, you feel disconnected, you pick up the phone, and you know, WhatsApp or video message or whatever connections there we are have becoming you know, consumed by in the past, people didn't have that, you know, didn't have this recreation

00:42:26--> 00:42:48

is limited. You know. And so, you know, if you think about, you know, sometimes Allah because we become so under today, when I have discussions with my daughter about mobile phone, and I say to her, you know, when I was when I was your age, and he says, Oh, you keep telling us about what you are, when they were young, they don't want to listen to the but you know, when we were young,

00:42:49--> 00:42:56

in the good old days, there was no none of this, you know, but I have the low we kept ourselves busy, you know, bored to death,

00:42:59--> 00:43:00

in the houses,

00:43:02--> 00:43:09

or whatever, feel free to do this, you know, now and again, if you, if you, if I do makes you laugh,

00:43:10--> 00:43:19

it will actually show that you are interacting with me and not sleeping somewhere in the background.

00:43:21--> 00:43:22

The point being is that

00:43:23--> 00:43:24

the next

00:43:25--> 00:43:37

chapter, or the next two chapters are going to be about tales about some stories. And the reason for this is to make things enjoyable.

00:43:38--> 00:43:47

To learn to understand to be you know more about

00:43:50--> 00:43:53

about understanding how

00:43:56--> 00:44:06

you know how everything. Yeah, basically just to learn more about and to have that break, if you are that recreation by learning the message reading a few stories here, there.

00:44:08--> 00:44:15

So, next lesson, in one last time last Saturday in a month, and it will be our last lesson, SHA one

00:44:17--> 00:44:39

if you do have any questions in the meantime, please pass them on. I hope you have been able to read the book. And to barbecue remember the book is it's a text, you know, there's no explanation. I've tried to explain it as much as my account. I haven't gone through every narration I have, you know, picked and chosen some stuff.

00:44:41--> 00:44:43

There is a book that's coming out I know this

00:44:44--> 00:44:45

plugin for my book

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

called strolling in the gardens strolling in the garden. And in that book, there is explanation there are some anecdotes or some stories from my personal life as well as relating

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

Other IDs and other incidences which can shadow and make the standing of the Mustang a little bit more clarity clear. However, if you do have any questions about anything you have read more clarify please send them in try to send them in for the lesson so I can incorporate it in sha Allah

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