Omar Suleiman – ‘When My Servants Ask of Me, I Am Near’

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a complicated situation where Adam and Eve slip, but they didn't get into a garden. The situation is complicated because Adam slipped, but not allowing them to get into a garden. The conversation is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a series of disconnected sentences and does not contain a clear exchange or conversation between speakers. The conversation also includes a supplication that cannot be called upon except for a supplication, and a discussion of the upcoming edition of hungover series and Tyler's work.
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So now I come over to category one

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I hope you didn't forget that today's Friday I know that it's Ramadan So first and foremost don't hold on to all of you

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but we're still going to do this virtual full time but because I can't drink water I'm going to probably keep it a little bit shorter inshallah tada and there's already a lot of great content to interact with the night on so now I know him and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen what are the mean? We'll have people to dimetapp in a lot more solidly with cinema Vatican Abdi, Kota, Sudhakar Mohammed and sallallahu wasallam. On Ernie, he will be he was settled into * kathira. So, last night, we started the poor and 30 for 30 series and then just a couple of hours ago or a few hours ago, we released the first of the angel series, and inshallah Tada, hope you're going to follow

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along with both of those, but I wanted to draw a deeper reflection from yesterday that would move us into the second juice, which we'll cover tonight in Charlottetown. But with a very, very personal reflection and then we'll we'll do some more in terms of the overall structure of the court and inshallah tada when we talk tonight. But if you caught last night, we talked about how the very first chapter of the Quran is a supplication. It's a it's a prayer, which automatically defines the relationship between the servants and their Lord. You start off with a prayer and the supplication is not any supplication. It's specifically a supplication for guidance, specifically a supplication

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for guidance and Allah subhana wa Tada. And God answers immediately with a chapter about guidance and sort of buckler that this is the book in which there's no doubt a guidance for the God conscious so we talked about that. Now. Tonight, inshallah, we're going to get into just two and there is what either Salah kariba, Dr. Neha and Nina corrib or G Buddha with their either their affiliate study booty will help me know be Landa homie have shown that when my servants asked of me, indeed I am near to them. I answer the call of every caller when they call upon me. So let them also answer my call and believe in me so that they may find rightful guidance. Okay. What's the connection between

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this and other money is Salaam and Ibrahim on Islam, Adam and Abraham peace be upon them both. There's a very powerful connection to them. And the usual hesitations that come with supplication, the usual hesitations that come with that. And it's a lot in there to unpack and to reflect upon. So Allah starts off with a chapter of supplication and sort of Fatiha and it is the mother of the book. And then it goes into the next chapter and we get the stories of the prophets. We have two very specific drass, two very specific supplications that we find within the first Jews of the urn, and then a lot of firming in the second chapter of the ad that I answered the prayer of every caller I

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am near when you call upon me, the two that are calling upon Allah are Adam and Ibrahim and they're calling upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, on the heels of two opposite deeds. In the case of Adam it has said, Adam is calling upon Allah on the heels of a slip on the heels of a sin. Ibrahim is calling upon Allah subhana wa tada upon the performance of a good deed. Okay, so that's the first thing that I want you to notice between the two between Adam and between Abraham that Adam it is Salaam is calling upon his Lord after committing a sin Ibrahim, Abraham is calling upon his Lord after the performance of a good deed. In the case of Adam it his son, Adam has never experienced

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what it is like to attain the displeasure of his Lord. Okay, Adam has never seen the displeasure of his Lord before. The Mighty has Salam and Eve Adam and Eve have lived in paradise. They have lived in the gardens of Felicity they have never seen displeasure. Everything that they have encountered thus far is pure happiness and pure tranquility. And that's why this is going to be particularly challenging because when Adam and Eve slip when Adam and slip them it is Salaam could have done what the devil did which was to further despair, which was to dig himself into a hole and to go away from Allah. But instead of the mighty his Salaam did what, as soon as Adam slipped, he did not think to

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himself, he didn't let the chief on get some of the devil gets him and tell him. You know, you were in a paradise you were in a garden. How could you do something like this? What did God do to you in order for you to disobey Him because shavon will play the righteous Mufti, after you commit a sin and tell you that you're not worthy of repentance. He didn't fall for that. Immediately. Other money his Salaam responded and said fella called Adam on the lobby he kalimat

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metabarcoding that Adam it has Salaam turned back to his Lord with some words and so Allah subhana wa tada so his Lord forgave him. There was absolutely no difference no gap in the time from which Adam Adi has said I'm called upon a lot and ask them for forgiveness and Allah subhana wa tada actually granting him that forgiveness, which is so beautiful when you think about it. It was instance Not only that, but a lot of gave Adam the words to make repentance with Okay, so be Kenny Matt is interpreted in another verse in the Bible, and I've done a lot of that into a center while I'm tough Atlanta with a hammer denicola Nana minahasa in our Lord, we have wronged ourselves and so

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if you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, then surely we will be amongst the wrongdoers. Okay. So other monies Salaam did not let a moment of feeling guilty cause him to turn away from his Lord or feel unworthy of calling upon his Lord, because he knew that he had a Lord that answers and a Lord that forgives and a lord who will not turn down his supplication. And so even though he could have despaired, after slipping due to his desire, he turned back to Allah subhanaw taala he turned back to his Lord, and Allah subhanaw taala elevated him. So Adam it is Salaam, again, his supplication was on the heels of a sin and and sometimes what causes us to not supplicate or not

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believe that our supplication has any worth after committing a sin and repenting Is that why would Allah forgive me when I've done this when I've done that when I've done this? What What good is my supplication? Now what good is my do at this point? What good is my prayer at this point, right. Now fast forward to about Kimani Salaam, Abraham, Abraham and Ishmael Brahim in this matter, you constructing the Kaaba raising the foundations of the caliber? What is the old Pharaoh Ibrahim we'll look at what is married to them in in nikka Antonio and Adam when Abraham and his main one when they raised their hands to Allah subhana wa tada and they asked the loss of Hannah Montana for

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forgiveness. Okay, they asked the last contact for acceptance I'm sorry, so they asked a lot to accept the deed. They didn't just ask Allah subhana wa tada to accept the deed. He then asked a lot Abraham then asked Allah subhana wa Taala and Oh Allah make us an Alma will Jana Muslim, Muslim maynila can make us an oma on modern Muslim and sanilac make us an oma of Muslims and of those that submit to your Well, your will he asked the last panel to add Eddie nomina sequana to show us the proper way to do the ritual he asked the last panel tada what to Ballina and accept our repent or repent accept our repentance to you so which shows you that there's another layer of seeking a loss

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forgiveness, which is that there's a deficiency in your good deeds so except our repentance and then he asked the loss of Hannah Montana what I feed him a lawsuit and Minh home yet to allow him a artega. While you are Lima one Kitab al hikma will use a key him and send amongst that offspring of hours of profits that will recite upon them, your verses that will teach them the sacred knowledge, and that will purify them with it, right. So somehow a lot, you have a very different incident of you're out here. In the first situation, you have a man who Allah has given everything who has never seen anything but ease and good in paradise. And you know what happens, he ends up falling from

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Paradise. And so he calls back upon the last panel down and he's elevated, and he turns back to a loss of pounds honor, and is raised in that state. In the case of a behemoth, a slum in the case of Abraham, you have a man who is who has never seen ease, he has not seen the agenda of this world by any means. He's seen hardship his entire life, you've seen rejection, he's seen pain. He's seen people treat him extremely badly. It started with his own father, right? He's seen nothing but pain his entire life. And all he's responded with his good deeds, and doing the next thing that's pleasing to his Lord. And he did not think for a moment that his Lord was incapable of granting him

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amazing things in this world in terms of acceptance in the Hereafter, as well as acceptance of the prayer in this world because of everything that he had seen before. And so what can happen to us is that if we've prayed and we've supplicated and we have not seen the answer within a timespan that was pleasing to us or that we felt was fair and just and we felt was in accordance with the best, then we may start to despair and allows answer, right. Ibrahim alayhis salam did not despair and Ally's answer. He didn't say when he said Oh Allah send a prophet from amongst my offspring that would that would take this message and that would spread it to the world that would bring people to

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this Kava, and that this Kava would consistently have your followers your worshipers, your service

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Coming to you imploring you and pleading to you right for your forgiveness in your mercy. The time span did not cause him to give up on his. He didn't even ask Allah subhana wa tada for the time spent, he didn't ask God for when he just gave a loss of hundreds out of the supplication the drop, okay. And on top of that, Ibrahim alayhis salam did not start to compare his good deeds to what he had seen at that point in his supplication. So sometimes you can find that in the case of some of the people of Messiah Islam that are Moses peace be upon him that a reference also that you could call upon a loss of data and you could be impatient and would spring The impatience. As you're

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saying, I did this, I did this, I did that. Didn't we do this? Didn't we do this? Didn't we do that? As if to suggest that Allah subhana wa, tada has not been as merciful to you as you have been obedient to Him. Right? And that implication is a sinful implication. It's a prideful implication. It's a satanic implication, right? I've worshipped you for all these years and this is what I get. Okay. So again, I wanted I wanted just to compare the, the supplication Allah says, starting off just to which we'll talk about tonight and reflect on the structure we carry by the only fit anybody. When my servant asks of me, indeed, I am close to him. And just one which starts off with a

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draft which starts off with a supplication and allow would not tell us to call upon them except that Allah subhanaw taala would answer us so when we ask Allah for guidance, Allah gives us guidance right away. And in the case of Adam, it snom when Adam it is to them asked Allah for forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala gave him forgiveness right away. And in the case of the law, he Marty's Salaam and Abraham when Allah asked when he asked the loss of Hannah Montana for acceptance, Allah gave him acceptance right away. So even though the answer to what all humans do out of the nations of people coming to the home that he was constructing with his son Ishmael is married, the nature of that Do

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you know, Ibrahim is not would not see the response in his lifetime. Still, the acceptance was then the COBOL was then the acceptance was then just like the acceptance of atoms, repentance was right away, the acceptance of Ibrahim's was right away. And so the lesson for us dear brothers and sisters, whether you're calling upon a loss of Hannah Montana, calling upon your Lord on the heels of a sin, in sincere repentance, or you're calling upon your Lord, on the heels of a good deed, and sincere hopes of acceptance in the corrib, I'm close to you, I'm near to you, I hear you, I will accept it. Let Allah subhanho wa Taala respond to the drop in the wave that Allah knows how to

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respond to the drought that's best for us and then keep the onus on ourselves for the StG Budi, well, you mean will be landerholm your soon So, let them respond to me and let them believe in me, so that they may find success and guidance and a rushed is Is he diaton filamin to be guided with your action. So, he Daya is guidance with your with your knowledge guidance with your path knowing the path being guided to the straight path, the rushed is actually having he diet and then having guidance to the actions then that will allow you to to to propel yourself upon that path to get to the end of that path to the destination of a less pleasure than lying Tyler so inshallah Tyler will

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reflect more tonight and just to end on 3430 I hope you all enjoyed the the angels the first Angel series it's going to get deeper and deeper inshallah I've never enjoyed it all on series The way that I enjoyed recording the angel series so please make sure you watch every one they're short episodes watch it with your family inshallah tada and benefits and and share with others but in the meantime to benefit and give us feedback. I'm already thinking about next year's Ramadan series in sha Allah and I'll see you tonight as well for people and 3439 Tyler does a lot of hate on and Ramadan Mubarak to you all once again. We'll sit down when he comes back was lucky

From Adam to Abraham- ‘When My Servants Ask of Me, I Am Near’ – Virtual Khutbah
In surah tul Bakarah, there is a verse that states “and when my servants ask you about Me, then tell them I am near. I answer the call of every believer when they call upon me so let them also answer my call and believe in me so they may find rightful guidance” (2:186). Sh. Omar Suleiman discusses the very powerful connection of this ayah to two prophets, Adam and Abraham, and their call to Allah.

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