The Khutbah of Shaytan #01

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Allah subhana wa Tada tells us an amazing incident that is going to occur on Judgement Day. And the title that is found in some of the classical books of Tafseer is hooked by to a shaytaan. The whole TVA of Shavon. Shavon is going to give a whole tuba a sermon and the sermon of shaitaan will take place on Judgment Day or some said right after the judgment finishes and they have entered Jahannam we need to ask ourselves why is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada telling us of the sermon of bliss? Why does the Quran have the sermon that he believes is going to give to his followers and the response is obvious that before it happens, Allah azza wa jal is warning us to take heed, benefit from it even

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before it takes place. Allah in His mercy told us the future and he transcribed for us a sermon from the worst of the worst. So that we in sha Allah Who to Allah will be protected from having to hear it directly from its source. Allah azza wa jal says Weber Rasulillah he Jamia, all of them are going to be standing in front of Allah for Commodore alpha, the Linus tech model, the week, the majority of mankind that are simply followers will say to the powerful in canola comb tuber we only followed you, you're the ones who told us to do all of these sins, to reject God to do this, and we followed you for hell unto Molana and them in either bIllahi min shape, can you now help us to be saved fully

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or partially from Allah's punishment? So the masses are going to look to their leaders. Look, you are our leaders, we put you in charge. And you were the ones who told us to reject Allah to reject the prophets to do this and that, and like we used to respect you and give you our wealth and our whatnot now can you take our share as well, or at least a portion of our share of Allah's punishment? We all know the answer. They will say follow hudon Hola. Hola, Dana. It's not our fault. We were in guided. If Allah didn't guide us, then you know, it's not our fault. So they blame it on Allah, even though in the end all of mankind is equal when it comes to the intellect when it comes

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to the fitrah when it comes to recognizing truth from evil is not an excuse. If a person says reject God, you reject God, Allah gave you a mind as well. So they tried to lay the blame on the leaders, the leader say it's not our fault. So then who else are they going to turn to? They turn to shaytaan. This is now the whole tub of bliss, and they blame a bliss himself. It's all your fault. You did this. If you didn't misguide us, if we didn't follow you, then all of us the leaders and the followers wouldn't be where we are today. Our scholars mentioned that the people will surround a bliss and they will then be blaming a police. And so if police will stand up here to give a

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holdover. That's where we get that hellhole to but to a police here, pray that we never have to see it ourselves. They say that his father was bring him a member and he will stand up on a member so all of the people of Jahannam will now be listening to the holds above a belief. And Allah says in the Quran, we'll call the shaytaan hula hula number. Now when everything has been finished, and the decrees have been passed, the people of Jenna go to Jana, and the people of Jahannam being dragged to jahannam. So they're seeing the reality of all take place. And they're blaming IBLEES for all of this. We'll call it a shakedown Hola, Marco de el amor. Now what lies can I say? What can I say now

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in the LA Hawa Kumar that healthy will work to come you are two promises. You had the promise and the version of Allah and then you had my promise. Now you see which promises being enacted. You see the people of Jana going to Jana, you see the people of Johanna, I'm going to jahannam you had these two promises. You could have chosen either one of them. I didn't hide Allah's promise from you. It was there. I gave you my promise. I'm not gonna deny while I took him I promised you follow me you shall live a long life follow me. You will be happy follow me you will enjoy. And Allah also promised you the promises.

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Learn the Quran follow me you shall enter Jannah follow me and live a righteous life follow me the promises were there. So the two promises were in front of you. Now you and I both see in the law why the commodity, the Promise of Allah was true. And as for me I light a bliss will then say you are surrounding me. You're pointing your fingers at me. Fela Tolu Mooney or Lumo and forsaken, don't blame me. blame yourselves. Why, when can Leah lay commenced Hold on, I didn't have any power over you. I did not have any force to force you to disobeyed Allah. I did not overtake you. And then you became like zombies and robots know when I can only recommend so THON. I only had one art and the

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Art of Deception. The art of lying mechanically, are they comin Soltani Illa and TAO to come faster job tomley All that I did was I called you told me you to follow me. And Allah told you to follow him. The two promises were there. You chose to follow me. I did not force you to follow me. In the end he will say ma N OB Muslim a coma Anthony was tricky. At this stage. Now both of us are ending up in Jana. I cannot help you. Nor can you help me. I have nothing I can do for you. Neither can you do anything for me. What's the point of all this game blame in Nika Pharaoh to be Mr. Ashok Timonium in Kabul, I will do Cofer with your shirk. That is what he is saying, What is this mean? Here, I

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will do Cofer means I will reject I will cut off ties with your shirk means with your worship of me now did people worship he believes the worship that they did was to obey Him. The worship they did was to believe him. The worship that they did was to follow whatever it believes wanted them to do. And that is a type of a Buddha. That's a type of worship. In fact, the essence of worship is to follow is to obey, submit now tarna. And so he believes calls their obedience to Him worship, I am myself a coffin of your ship means I don't acknowledge it, I had nothing to do with it. And I will not help you or benefit you or harm you and I become neutral. Now. I cut myself off from anything to

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do with you. I'm going to have to now my own business in jahannam. And you're going to have to find your own Verily the volley mean, verily, the sinners are now all going to face a painful torment.

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me. Mr. Healy. Dawsey seni wanna tell

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