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Assalamu alaikum Welcome to forgotten cinders urban edition. In today's episode we're going to be talking about praying thought, by yourself.

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Okay, so let's talk about how we as it was prayed by the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa send them all right shadow, the love that tells us as it's mentioned inside Bahati that in the llama bond on one particular night, the prophet said a lot, why they send them went to the mission and started praying. And people started gathering behind him and started praying with him. And then the word spread and on the second night, there were even more people and then the word spreads and more and on the third night, there were even more people to the point where the mission was full. On the fourth night the President did not come to the motion for that prayer in the morning time at fed out

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of the prophets I sent him stood up and told the companions he said, I know that you all were gathering but I did not come in fear that this prayer would be considered as an obligatory prayer for you and you wouldn't be able to continue it. So here we see the first set of establishing the thought all we prayer in congregation as the companions prayed behind the proxy setting them but also we see the price send them going home after the third day meaning the person have prayed it at home as well. So actually, it is this another person send them to pray, in the masjid with the congregation, but also to sometimes pray it at home by yourself and generally the scholars say

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obviously there is more reward in praying it in congregation but also it is some that are prayed by yourself and look, one of the goals of Ramadan is to stand in prayer the prayer centum said monk comma Ramadan, amen. And this urban warfare Allahu Mata dominant dombey not the one who stands out on Milan with a man having faith and hoping for reward from Allah that their previous sins will be forgiven. So we want to stand in prayer in the month of Ramadan as much as possible. So whether we're standing in the mission or we're standing at home, the point is to stand in prayer as much as possible in the month of Ramadan and Allah has penalty out of knows best until next time I sit on

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what a comb what happens a lie or what I got there.