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The conversation covers various examples of hedging campaigns, including solar panels in Afghanistan, solar panels in the US, and sex. The history of Islam's use of social media, including the use of shaming and warning, is highlighted as a source of evidence for transmission of rumors and false accusations. The development of the church's culture, including the use of shaming and warning, is also discussed, along with the use of "immediate" in various titles. The transcript describes various speakers discussing various topics such as religion and human knowledge, success in Islam, and laws of Islam. Overall, the speakers encourage listeners to save money on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and encourage viewers to share their thoughts and ideas.

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I might play title what a cat

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says reality is as you will come up to the deaf seed to see the bytes

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and we are with solid enough today

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to consider

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what about

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we are with sold out at hedge today.

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So you may want to grab your

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your pens and papers and notebooks and inshallah that

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is just an idea. Nadeem will have a nanosecond addresses to the mean. And then later

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Hope you guys doing great.

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And let me just turn this off. Alright, so let the hedge today

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just give a minute or two for more people to join. And we're on our way, Charlie.

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All right. And

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so, these are the to see the bytes we started these series.

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Right? Before llamada In fact, so and this is again, not very deep to see and it's just some you know, the enough for you to understand and and enough to understand the soils from the end in shallow dad. So

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I will turn the comments off.

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There we go. Yell allowed him to last summer. So let's say that might come up later about capital, the other xyzzy will come you to see the bytes or bits This is today inshallah would be with solid and has solid hedges, solid number 22 and it has 78 verses 78 verses. It's in just 17 from the US 70 from local and solar, there's discrepancy with regard to the each revelation.

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But according to the majority that it's submitted any medini solar meaning that this solar was revealed in Medina

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although there's a like I said, there's a big shade of big, you know,

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controversy amongst the or discrepancy amongst the scholars, whether it's medini or matki, but the majority deems the Sora.

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Meta the meta nisour and it's called the UN has has,

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because they say the the story of it has,

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you can find it in many as you know batara has, but here sort of the heritage just because this is where it talks about the the word Allah subhanho wa Taala told Ibrahim is set out to coffee people for Hajj. And we'll we'll mention the the ayah whereby in Allah social instructs Adam, you know to clean sin 265 is the house of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and to call people for has the the one of the virtues of the solar, this is the only solar panel in the entire world. And that has to search that in it. What does that mean to search that the only solar in the world and whereby you will find two

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locations of where suzu is not mandatory, but sooner because there are people they ask a question about the social, you know, when you decide the plan and sometimes you reach an area where you are the spot in the end where you have to make some food and some people may say well Do I have to be in World War Two MCs should is it mandatory to mix was really the final mix. Rude? Am I going to get a sin for not making social that social sisters the social tilava it's called social data what it is sooner, you know, if you do not make that social, you're not getting a cent for not making that suit, right? You could be reciting the Quran and then you come to that suit. And let's say you're

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not in order. So if you don't, you don't have to, it's good that you make that sushi regardless. But if you don't have you know, if you cannot let's say you're either in a bus or in the train, or in a plane and then you come into Sudan, you know, and you cannot make food, then it's okay can you don't have to make it so it is not obligatory. So shoot, it's as soon as soon. So the Sora the saw is the only source that has to

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locations were substandard is that where you this route is being called.

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And in terms of its Revelation the number of it is number 104 100 oh four.

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Number we have 114 Solas and then 14 and solid hedge is number 104 100 go for

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a suburban nose all the reason why it was revealed, the reason why it was revealed.

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There is this, this area, this verse in solid hedge

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wamena nessa Miyamoto, Allahu Allah Huff, in verse number 11 women unece May Allah Allah have there's some people who worship Allah, just like they are on the verge. Or does that mean

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best says, you know, in the Medina, a man used to come and if his wife You know, was to give birth to a hold on to a boy, he will be happy and he would say, this is a good religion.

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People were still in the beginning, right? He would say, Oh, it's it's a good religion. But then if he if he's been hit by something bad, you know by some affliction, he would say, Oh, this is a bad religion. This is not a good religion, you know, so they worship Allah only as their you know, as they please if something good happens, it's a good religion if something bad happens or this is an evil religion. So, this was revealed and this is one of the bad this is one of the reasons why this solo was revealed. And also it talks a lot about you know, the

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talks a lot about also talks about the the calling, instructing or the instructions given to blame a synonym to call people for hedge and and talks also about warning, you know, people and and giving them the huget the evidence of this Dean. In fact, in the soda starts with

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a call the soda in a solid hedge, it's called salt hedge, but it starts with a cord and the cord is a is a very, it's an amazing call the very first area when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you harness all your people. So there are certain calls made to the Prophet. Yeah, you had an abbey or your prophet. And there are certain calls made to the believers. Yeah, you're letting me know Oh, you who believe. And there are certain calls made for entire mankind? Yeah, your nest, oh you people so that this area starts with a sort of starts with a call to all mankind. Yeah, you harness

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in the data, set it shake on it. So it's like, it starts with a call plus a warning. You know, in

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a T shirt, when I was talking about the shaking of the Day of Judgment, the shaking of the Zara z, you know, in the comment of the hour is a great thing as a las panatela talks about and then we'll you know, I will explain some more in shallow time, the, the, sort of the content of it or the topic of it is split into you have an introduction. And then you have two sections or sections,

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an introduction and two sections. It talks about the, the, the Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who promises victory to the believers. And then Allah zation also talks about magic Manasa you know, and the evidence the clear evidence given by the prophet and other prophets, you know, the evidence from from from the deen and also given signs of victory, you know, if you want victory from Allah, what are the signs of victory? So, in the Medina, Medina means the introduction, the introduction starts from verse number 124124. And here, Allah subhana wa tada starts with a Nita Nita that I mentioned, you know, the call setting the evidence Allah subhana wa tada says,

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Yeah, Johan, so double bacon. In a letter say it say on Avi.

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Yo, matava wanna hurt that? Hello Martin.

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watoto colada Hamlin, Hamlin. watagan, NASA suka

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suka La

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La Cedi

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Allah subhanho wa Taala This is all you who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala in the sense that the Satish and Avi This is the day of judgment that our is a great matter is a great thing. Yo methylone added they will you will see a mum a mother

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that, you know, a woman who's sucking her baby, she will drop her baby mother who's pregnant, she will you know, abort her baby with an unnecessary cut on my home. So maybe so can you think that people are you know

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under the

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influence of alcohol, but they are not under the influence of God because everybody's swayed. In a sensitive society God did the opposite. So unless you're stuck with that statement and that warning, and then you have the very first section of the of the of the soda section that starts from verse number five, two verse number 48. So this is the first section of the entire solar from verse five to verse number 48. And here one more time, Allah subhana wa tada

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another call and this call again to the people yeah, you harness Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, Johan

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de la mina bath for in

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some amin motivating some amin Allah

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Mohan la Patino, ye mohalla leanbean agha Khan,

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Allah Hi, Mina Anisha, all the stages, all the stages of life, we're just talking about the stages of the development of, of mankind of this being. So Allah azza wa jal says, Oh, are you are you? Are you a nurse are you people, if you have any doubts, doubts of what of the resurrection, he verily we have created you from dust. And then from that dust return, you know, we made you from this, in the midst of that sexual discharge. And then from there, that's another stage and then the second stage comes into cloth, that that that that liquid turns into a cloth and then from the cloth, it turns into a little lump of flesh. And then from that little lump of flesh, it turns into something that

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is formed and something that is and formed here that flesh and flesh, not flesh, flesh, the little lump of flesh, that is a form and some that is unformed, what does that mean? Some some flesh is formed, it gives you the form of that baby, that womb that in the in the in the womb of the mother. And then you have some that have been formed meaning those who have miscarriage form and form so Eliza is talking about all these stages, you know, to the people so that big enough to make them think. And then Allah azza wa jal also says

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verse number eight, talking about

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the dispute, people who dispute about this religion without knowledge people who argue without knowledge, Allah subhana wa tada says, verse number eight would mean en su Mei Yu GI Joe philia, Hebrew

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kita Mooney, and there are some people who dispute usually they argue.

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They argue about law behavior without having any knowledge. And a lot of people even today, even today, sometimes people would that ego they think they, you know, when it comes to the dean, everybody thinks they are either

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with the dean, everybody wants to get fed up. And then everybody knows, especially, you know, some Halloween items we have, they have this thing in them. You know, when it comes to the everybody wants to talk about it. Everybody wants to become a Mufti. But when it comes to a matter of their own field, let's say medical field or engineering or whatnot, you know, so I don't know about engineering, I cannot talk about NGO, I cannot I don't know about psychology, I don't know about I only talk about what I know. But when it comes to Dean, everybody wants to talk about Dean and they argue. So Eliza, he says there are some people who dispute with regard to Allah without that

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knowledge without any,

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you know, dispute.

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And then Eliza also talks about those who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala as I have this is what they know that that the reason why in fact the solar was revealed.

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Women in my

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house in Sabah, who hate on it to my Navy, we're in our cyber to fit net and in Colombia, when she realizes that there are some people who worship Allah Xhosa on the verge, they are on the very extreme, you know, like the urge, very that the end of the edge, you know, when something good befalls on him, he is contempt. And when a trial befalls on him, he turns his back. There are a lot of people like that. Even today, there are a lot of people like that when something good because on them, they're happy they're content. This is show thanks and gratefulness. But when something bad happens to them, they argue they complain they curse some curse, some swear. Some said it's not

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fair. Some stop blaming others and blame Mr. For Allah Allah of the way deserve this. Why do I deserve this? I'm so good. I'm doing all this and that no. And then I this thing happened to me it's not fair. So somehow, as if Allah is talking to us here, and then Allah subhana wa Taala comes in. So in verse number 18, to the AI that has decision, the first session that I'm telling

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And Allah is due to the woman fee summer where do you feel? This is an interesting a verse number 18 why interesting? Look what Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah hierzu the whole

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feel of what shampoo will come up when nujoma was shut down.

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Bullock I mean,

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if you end if you pay very close attention, you will understand Allah subhana wa tada says, And to Allah, prostrate, yes should you worship prostrate, that which is in the heavens, and that which is in the earth was shumsa will come up, and the sun and the moon, one new job and the stars, and the shuttle and the trees and the web and the web and the animals. Then he says, and lots of people, you see all the other ones prior to that he says, the earth, the sky is the earth, the the the sun, the moon, the stars, he didn't say some of the stars. He said the stars, he didn't say some of the trees, he said the trees he didn't say some of the animals and he says and the animals but then when

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it comes to the people, he says what Casio meanness a lot of people why Allah says and a lot of people and he didn't just say and the people because there are some people who don't make sure to Allah. There are some people with them as well as the animals, they all mixes you to Allah in that way. They all frustrated to Allah in their form in the way the trees that you see, they make social to Allah in the other way, the sun that you see it makes sure to Allah, the heavens, the trees, the the oceans, everything makes us want to Allah subhana wa Taala in the other way.

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And then in verse number 26, Allah subhanho wa Taala is where he gives the instruction to Ibrahim and he set up with regard to the sacred homos house of Allah, which is, you know, in Makkah Harlem, you know, the Kaaba so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, but what Nana Ibrahim and Mecca and Albania and to Sheikh Avishai, Allah too, she could be shy, too, she could be a high note and it says and we showed Ibrahim the site of the Sacred House, why the site of the sacred house because as I mentioned, you know, in my previous lectures, that the angels have set the foundation of the Kaaba, right of the Kaaba so Allah Subhana Allah tada inspired Ibrahim, with the sight of where the

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Kaaba is, right of where the Kaaba is. And then after that, he built the Kaaba Allah subhana wa Taala verse number 27 after the blow him and it's made with the Kaaba Allah has been instructed by him well as in Nancy bill head Jia tuna deja

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de la Minnie.

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Minnie teen I mean Cooley mean McCain ami mean Khalifa Jean ami Venus and call people or what about him now he built the Kaabah So what's next? Next is what caused people to come and make you know make off and make as well as infinity but had yet to Corolla Cooley Dharma yeah tm equally fujinami and call people know oh Ibrahim to come to perform the Hajj. It was narrated in one of the Hadith that Ibrahim is to them when he called when he finished the building of the Kaaba, you ask Allah Subhana Allah be you know how am I gonna call people to come for Hajj? He says call them

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I call them so in the in the heads you know how how would my voice reach the entire mankind? How would my voice yeah and if I were to call upon them how would they hear my voice? So mean Kendra Well, I mean that is from you is the call from us is from people to hear your call. Or Ibrahim from you is to call make that call. But it is for my our duty that LSU cheese allows respond to meet people here that call so they blame it so then he went up into the mouth of alpha when it's called the amount of alpha by the nose, the mouth of alpha Obama, Obama, you know, and then he made that call. Yeah, you hundreds of people in the llama come at the hotel beta vessel Joe Eliza has told you

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to come and perform has to go and perform hedge and the last panel a tailor made you know people his his voice, his voice from the four corners of the world. from the east west South north. people heard the voice of Ibrahim the believers and they started coming for Hajj. So this is in verse number 26 from a 27 from the from Surah Al Hush. And then the second section of business sisters quickly second section start from 49 to 78 verse 49, verse 78, Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with another need that Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with another call Perea you hon.

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Yeah, I yohannes say oh, you people over? Yeah, you hedonist oh you people

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in America another Canadian movie. Oh Mohammed tell them in the manner that from the dealer movie, I'm only a warner, I'm only a plane Warner. All these profits, they came with the same, you know, mission to call people to Allah subhanaw taala and then only warning people about you know, about coming to Allah subhanho wa Taala Yeah, you have Nestle in them and then now the other one will be and then in verse number 7777, right before 78 which is the last verse, this is the second verse well by Allah subhana wa tada you know, you know there's a such that in it in the same you know, in that in that, like we said, this is the only salata has two such tests in it, you know, the second

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stage comes in verse number 77. And that's in a in a nutshell Oh, as well. Just so you know, before you go in the second section of the sola second section that starts from 49 to 78.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala also talks about his power and his favorites. He talks about his power and his favours, verse number 61, verse number 62, verse number 63, verse number 6465 66, allows just talking about all his blessings and his powers of Allah to Allah and then verse number 77, after talking about all his blessings and all his power, then there is a social you know, social the tilava in it, and then the end of the solar

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and this is in a nutshell my brothers and sisters, the

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the summary of solar that has short, nice and sweet

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alrighty my business sisters may ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the understanding of the plan.

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I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us love and bless us with understand the end because if we were to understand the will and we will connect more with it and we'll connect more you know and come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala and will enjoy our Salah more Of course, if you're in the sandbox and you will enjoy your sunlight because you pray you know when you pray you are reciting the Quran you know

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Subhana Allah when somebody gives you sends you a letter in their language which you do not speak, right? You search for somebody to enter to interpret that that that

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that message to you if somebody sends you an email in their language you know

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and then you don't speak that language you will have to find somebody to translate that letter that letter to you that message to you likewise and Colombia Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah listen to this is messages from Allah in Arabic so we read but sometimes we don't understand what we read. Well at least find there's a lot of it's kind of like interpretations that a lot of seeds but try to understand what you read. And this is why we need this little bit of stuff sealed hamdulillah right. So we just read without understanding whereas if I were to send you a message coming from me you know and you don't speak my language you will find somebody please translate the slang you know this

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letter to me because it's coming from so and so. Right. But the other messages I got messages from a lot of Xhosa and a lot of us have palace or just read read but without understanding so it you know if you were to read and understand it would empower you more on having more for sure. Especially in your cellar you will be you will have more devotion and concentration in your Salah in Charlottetown so that was sort of a hush and then on Wednesday inshallah who tada will be with me no yeah so at the moment one is another beautiful surah

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so let me know in the believers it's another beautiful soul inshallah. So but isn't sisters I will inshallah hope to see you all later on today at six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time for the

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for the

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shout Allahu taala the stories of the prophets in Sharla you know we'll finish with the with with the Prophet prophet Idris is the ram sheath and Idris and after that we'll be moving with Prophet new law. But there's so much to know about prophet Nohara his setup. So that's my my upcoming session and charlo Tana six o'clock Eastern Time. 11 o'clock pm UK time for the stories of the prophets. Other than that, is that Camilla had about a coffee calm Thank you Humira and serene, and Nadia shamira. Yes, mean, Laila,

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all of you guys in their Instagram and all the brothers and sisters on Facebook. Thank you so much for joining. I will see you later on. Is that common law fair? Yes, this will be in sha Allah who to Allah. Save

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with it.

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It will be saved on Facebook, on YouTube and on Instagram as well. Already, I hope to see you all later on shallow to lash out Facebook Santa Monica hot lava cat Solomonic