Two Blessings that are Rarely Combined

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One sound like I'm running to my head with a counter. So now I come to now slots are so tight and he was like the Manuela. So you can probably tell that my voice is a little lower now

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as I'm just dealing with a little bit of a sore throat and some congestion, but you know,

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as you all can see, I'm okay, so please don't worry too much. But I'll take all the rights that I can get in Charlottetown. So I did want to take advantage of the opportunity to share just a short reflection shala. And tonight will be shorter than usual

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because of my voice. And that is the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he said that there are two blessings, mother born and female phenomena that are lost on people. And the word libnah in the Arabic language is used to describe

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when a seller desires profit, okay, well, the seller desires to make some money. So motherboard means that they are profitable blessings that people have. And people do not take advantage of them a slave to once off, which is health and free time. Now, health is.

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Health is of course, something that we usually don't take for granted. Obviously, everything that's happening right now is helping us keep in mind, the blessing of health and free time obviously, is is sometimes forced upon us we're forced under duress under certain circumstances, to find ourselves in these situations. But I wanted to give a very particular angle to this Hadeeth inshallah Thailand with the short time that I have with you. And that is that half of the bonacci Rahim Allah to Allah, He said that these two blessings of health and free time, are almost never combined with one another. Why he said, Because usually, you have to have an abundance of one to realize the blessing

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of the other. And so for example, he said that what ends up happening is that, you know, when a person loses their health, then suddenly they have free time. Okay. And that is, you know, typically the idea of a person that's retired or in a hospital that or because of their circumstances of health, they're not able to work and they're not able to do certain things. On the other hand, he said that when people have an abundance of free time, I'm sorry, when people have an abundance of health, then they are going to use as much of that health as possible in pursuit of this world. So in pursuit of material things. And so, you know, as healthy as they are, they're going to make

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themselves busier and busier and busier and busier, so that they can keep on making use of the time to give themselves worldly benefit. So, essentially, what ends up happening is that these two blessings are almost never combined for a person. If you have an abundance of free time, it may be because you lack health, if you have an abundance of health that will be directly to the detriment of free time. And somehow, here we are in these times. Extraordinary times and we are sitting at our homes we are quarantined, and we have an abundance of both free time and health and it's an opportunity for us inshallah Todd to make use of both of those things together. And that is one of

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the blessings of this time. So again, and my dear brother, Dr. Hussain had given a beautiful reminder of this, if you go over to the Athena Institute, Facebook page, you'll see there are daily reminders from our team there and that was the first daily reminder In fact, last Sunday from Dr. autocracy, but the idea that how merciful is Allah subhanho wa Taala when he gives us these two blessings together when we almost never get that together, so I'm not going to push this any further. Does that mean well hold on for your jobs inshallah. Tada, I hope I'll I'll be able to regain my full full voice back and shall listen and may have lost contact keep you all safe and

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protected. And desert aloha Charlottetown. I'll see you all tomorrow. So I'm ready to come up with a working bucket.