Women Are Allowed To Observe I’tikaf In Their Houses

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Are women allowed to observe it's a calf in their houses, as far as they think of is concerned, according to the Toronto sereebutra chapter towards mid seven we say that are not associated with your wife, and do ethica have to retreat in the mosque. So as soon as the word is specific, the ruling even the mosque, as its ruling for the gents, that they should read the calf in the mosque. The same ruling applies even for the woman. There are a few scholars who do say that the calf can be done in the home where the woman prays, based on that day that praying in a room is better than praying in the outer room in the house praying in the house better in the courtyard in the courtyard

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better than the mosque. But this doesn't mean Masjid literally means a place where you do sudo it's more of a word where we do sudo but technically the word masajid used instead of buttress every one of the seven means a proper must not very to salute because in the inner room a percent change of clothes and a person in the state of general sexual impurity etc. So the ruling for the woman as far as the major scholars are concerned if they want to do they should do in the mosque and that for mentioned several Hadith, including the hadith of say Bukhari volume number three in the book of Attica Hadith number 202 600 Sherman Lupita. She says that the profit rate the calf in the last 10

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days of a man, and after he died, his wife continued with the practice. So the life of the Prophet did at the calf in the mosque, and there is no evidence to show that they ever did in the house. Okay, good. That's very good to know.