We Are The Balanced Ummah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the moral responsibility of Islam, including the responsibility to act and be a role model nation. They emphasize the need for witnessing and verifying the actions and behaviors of individuals to be able to determine their own worth. The speaker also mentions the importance of the act of witnessing and proving the actions of others to be a part of Islam's overall journey.
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One final ayah that I have to mention. We finished at verse number of course 286, which is the ending of Swizzle. baccara. Now let's go and have the surah. And then let's finish over there. What is the half of 286 143? Let's go to 143. And let us see what Allah says smack dab in the middle of Surah Al Baqarah. And how beautiful is the middle that Allah says, What Kedah? Anna come on mutton was sorta in the middle that was sort of settled Bukhara, the literal verse that is in the middle, literally 286 divided by two 143 1/43 verse literally, Allah says, and this is how we have made you a wetsuit or middle nation or moderate nation. We said yesterday and today. CIRTL Baccarat is about

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building the civilization of Islam. It's about telling the Ummah, what it is in its own and how it is visa vie other civilizations. So it's not a surprise that the very middle of Surah Baqarah Allah is saying, You are the moderate the best, the excellent nation, we have made you the own mutton wasa in the world of Bukhara. Allah says you are the Ummah that is what's hot, why Lita, Kulu, shahada or the nurse so that you may be witnesses to all of mankind, and so that the messenger may be a witness unto you. So we conclude by reminding ourselves dear Muslims, Allah has made us an unmet and Wasaga and what that means, a lot can be said we are a balanced nation. We are in between the two extremes,

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whatever the two extremes are, we are in between the two extremes of literalism versus spirituality, the two extremes of being too engrossed in the law versus too engrossed in the spirit of the law, the two extremes between emphasizing only theology versus emphasizing only law, the two extremes between any of their civilizations you find we always find the Muslim ummah, is between the two we want this world and we want the next world as well. Robin Antin Effie dunya, Hassan with an Africa Hassan we are the Merton was hotter. We are also an exemplary nation, another meaning of what's not the most excellent nation, we are the nation that all other nation nations should look up to. And

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that's why Allah says, Lita, Kuno, Shuhada Island nurse so that you may bear testimony so that you may be a witness unto mankind. And the point here and with this message, I conclude, Allah is placing the responsibility on us that when people see us, they should be able to assess their own lives, they should be able to see what is good and bad by looking at us as role models. Allah is saying Lita, Kulu shahada are the nurse so that you may be witnesses unto mankind. When people see us interact with us, they should see what it means to be a believer in Allah, they should see the reality of faith of spirituality of decency of dignity, they should see what it means to be a person

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of true belief in Allah subhanho wa taala. And just by looking at our characteristics and demeanors, we should bear witness unto them. And then Allah says way Hakuna Rasool Alikum Shahida. Just like that, as soon as somebody you look up to he is your witness unto you, you take him as your role model, you take him as your exemplar, so the rest of the nations should look up unto you and take you as the role model nation. That is our position that Allah has carved out for us. Have we lived up to that responsibility? Have we really done what we're supposed to do? When others look at us? Do they see what it means to be the mutton Masada? Because we explained in our last lecture, words

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don't mean anything. It's the actions and Allah has given us that responsibility. And he's allowed us to reach on button while certain status but only if we do when certain baccara wants us to do of combining all of these various aspects of faith and demonstrating what Islam really and truly is.

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