Do Your Best, and Remember that the Result is in Allahs hands!

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The the result of the children is not in your hand.

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That doesn't mean it's okay. These feelings are the result how the children will grow up, how they will turn is not in my hand or yours, you really have to live with this. Because the way we are attached to our children part of it is because they are my children.

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So when people bring a negative comment about the child, you know who gets hurt first, the mother Why, because I raised her

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so as if they are criticizing me when need to move away from this the children the end is not in your hand Satan no Hassan is careful. And so even Abraham his father, Raska

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So number one, and you have always in literally in everything we do, the end result is not in my hand. Like I prepared all this and you all came in. Allah allowed it could have been that Allah will not allow this will not happen. So that's number one.