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I've broken out of the coronary, and I don't have a medical mask on. And that's because my mind is strong. And I've made so relied upon a law. Is this a correct way a Muslim should think what is the meaning of the meaning of Toka reliance is that we take with an S bow we take with the means that will help us achieve our goals. Look at the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam what he did when he made his you know, all of the precautions and all the things he did to make sure that his Hydra, his migration was successful. The reason I don't have a medical mask on the reason outside, first of all, it's a necessity, I became out for necessity. And the reason I don't have a medical mask on is

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because most of the professionals, they say that it doesn't do any good if you're not sick, only the ones who are sick, it's good for them. That's why I haven't put it on. So we really want to rely on Lhasa panelboards Allah we take with the means that teach us and how we can protect ourselves, and we have to act upon them as Muslims. This is what it means to have to work and relies upon a loss that so many Muslims still don't have a proper understanding of what it means to have to occur reliance upon a law. When Amata Maha pub when it was said to him when he refused to enter into the land of the plague of the throne. They said are you running away from the father of Allah, and he

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said, No feudal mencoder illa Cordelia we run away from the cutter of a law to the letter of the law because the law, he's the one who ordered us to take with us, Bob and the means to protect ourselves. This is the understanding that a true Muslim must have.

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So many people are bored, and they're saying they can't handle this lockdown come to that there's so much benefit in isolation, we just have to focus on how we can benefit from our time and want to find we're going to leave this lockdown inshallah as better Muslims as better individuals if we benefited the time, or we're going to go crazy, but the issue is were locked down. So we have to be intelligent, we have to benefit from it. The other issue that we're facing these days, it might be even more difficult than than the lockdown itself is the reality that we honestly don't know what's going on. We're being told this and that. And we're being given information from governments and

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news agencies that we know have been lying to us for years. And there's one of three possibilities. Either they're telling us the truth, or they're lying to us, or the situation is actually worse than what they're telling us. No matter what the situation might be. It's upon us to take all precautions, to in order to protect ourselves to protect our families, and to protect our societies to rely upon Allah subhanho wa Taala and to raise our hands making dua to Allah below protect all of us, and to return to a law in repentance, asking for his forgiveness, holding firm to our religion during these difficult times. Hello, when we are forced to leave our houses during these days, right

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away, what happens, you feel that your nose is scratching on your eyes and you want to you want to scratch your face, but then you remember that you're not allowed to touch your face. And this proves to us that when you become accustomed to something, you do it second nature without even thinking about it. And this is a great reminder for us, that teaches us that if we become accustomed to doing that, which is good, it's going to be second nature for us. But also if we get accustomed doing that which is bad, it's going to become second nature. So if we are accustomed to striving to obey a law and to follow the Quran, as soon as second nature, we do it without even thinking about it. But

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also, if we become accustomed to disobeying the law and doing that, which is how I'm displeasing to him, then we're gonna fall into it without even thinking about it. And example, when it comes to looking at which is how long if we train ourselves to do we're supposed to do right away without even thinking about second nature, we look away. But if we're not used to training ourselves and striving that we fall into looking at which is how, and our ability to overcome, and to be successful these days to not scratch our faces, we trained ourselves to do it. This proves to us that we can train ourselves to be obedient to a law, and that we can refrain from that wishes how

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dumb and displeasing to him.