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We need to step it up and help the youth get over their real problems, the real issues. It's like putting butter on top of the fire and saying to the butter not to burn thing. This is a real global issue.

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Assalamu alaikum Welcome to global issues on al hikma TV. I'm your host, fight Muhammad. And with me in the studio today, we have a very, very honorable guest and very privileged to have him with us in our hickmott Studio. And he's no less a person and to make sure I get his name totally correct. It's shaked Omar Solomon. He has a very interesting history here in the United States of America, living in Louisiana, and now in Dallas, etc. But because he is with us, I will not take away from given his background information, and welcome to shake to global issues. It's a pleasure to have you with us. It's an honor to have a young dynamic man with like you in a liquid studio. And

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we want to hear all about some experience some of your experience and what message you have for our viewers who are worldwide, you know, the east, west, north and south look at Alabama TV online. So, again, welcome to the show.

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So before getting into some of your issues, why I was checking your background here, and I see that you're a lecturer at the Islamic

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learning foundation at Mischka University and allied Maghreb Institute. So could you tell us a little bit about these three institutions and where they are based and what they do, etc? And what do you do with them? So, first, we have Islamic learning foundation is something that is, at least from my partner I'm working with in Texas so we have seminars throughout Texas frequently and we also have an online halaqa that online weekly to see it halaqa that people follow through Facebook and through social networking and attracts a large crowd humla worldwide audience. So we've been doing weekly Tafseer sessions and at the same time, again, seminars throughout Texas on issues so

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the model of Islamic learning foundation is fusing knowledge with service so it's connected with the Islamic circle of North America. So we look at sutras that have been you know that that that can serve Of course, the whole book on can but we look at sodas for example and to see it

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and we tried to extract the activist perspective of the soda and those kinds of things. So we try to relate that to service, the lives of the Sahaba. Whenever we covered them, we tried to relate it to service. We also did a class on shediac and these activities, basically in Texas access an online

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Mischka University. Yola, like Islamic Texas Rangers.

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Texas Ranger is we are the Islamic Texas Rangers trying to be that way. And so under the law with Mischka University, it's also the Islamic University of North America was founded by chefs law, a very prominent scholar in the West. He's the founder of the assembly, Muslim jurists of America and also American Open University and others. So hamdulillah it's

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a very successful project, we teach an entire bachelor's degree program, very interactive. So instead of the the traditional correspondence course online, the students are actually interacting with, with instructors, all over the world that have to learn they're getting a credible bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies online. But we're also branching now into the graduate program where you will based it's right now it's based in Minnesota, many of the instructors are PhDs from an outside University in particular, so we have teachers in Egypt.

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So we have an Arabic program and an English Program and at home that a lot of law I mean, the students are worldwide so I have students in Romania and in Germany as an all over the world that have the land that are really getting good access to quality Islamic knowledge and have the quality bachelor's degree in Islamic studies that hopefully they can keep up with and shot lots of on forward and then with a Muslim Institute and a Muslim Institute is a is a worldwide initiative also 100 that was founded by chef Mohammed Al Sharif who was born in Canada, born and raised in Canada, went to Medina studied at the Islamic University of Medina and then him and some prominent scholars

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also from from Medina started essentially so for the bassoon, Dr. Yasser Allah and others shift he also bridges and him did a lot of blaming that has over 20 locations now in in the United States and also in Canada. And it's spread now to the UK to Malaysia, to Indonesia, to Ireland, to the Philippines to Singapore, all over the world to the VA now and 100 inaudible I mean, where there are seminars, seminars being taught all over the world and how could it not good and I know your background in seeking a

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occasion, you have been to the United Arab Emirates and you've studied in Jordan, etc. Would you like to share that experience with our viewers a little bit? Well, I hamdulillah for myself, I'm still a student of knowledge and

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we all we aspire to be that way.

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And I started humbly labrum in early in 2000. I went over to the United Arab Emirates, I got a chance to

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study there with shiftronic Raja and shaha mercy Shani both from Oman Qatar University from the land I spent some years there in Sharjah Mashallah was always a place where there was always scholars visiting all around. So

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coming from the American background in the American context that kind of had to learn Arabic almost from scratch, even though my parents are Palestinian. Okay, almost had to learn Arabic from scratch in terms of in terms of studying because I grew up fussy. arbic excetera. Right. Well, hamdulillah I mean, that was really, I feel like the, you know, I you can never thank your scholars enough. When I I also when I came back from,

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from the United Arab Emirates, I started studying with Chef Osama Ladakh, who was the mom in Baton Rouge for over 25 years. He's now my father in law, he ended up marrying his daughter, also a real student.

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So yeah, I took knowledge from him and I took his daughter complete package. And since then, it's been various scholarships, a lot of saw, he always is a mentor to me, Dr. Hartman Hodge is the Dean

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of the Moscow University and also a mentor, Chicago, Sleeman and Ascot and Jordan come to the lab and have the opportunity to interact with him and also translate some of his books.

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And so, you know, just a student that's jumping right now for knowledge from different scholars learn. I know, that's what that's what love is all about seeking inshallah, what was your experience and fresh in your mind with all these shakes, and all these teachers, you mentioned a point a little while ago about your relationship with your teachers and what you learned from them, there are a couple of issues I would like to discuss with you and ask you to share your experience and knowledge with our viewers on and one is pertaining to your,

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your experience in traveling your affiliation with teachers, the connection you had with them the spiritual connection, because nowadays, we have a major problem with students in the West, especially, and I understand is happening even in the east and all over the world, there isn't this respect between teachers and students. And when it comes to knowledge, respect, is a major line. It's not just a fine line, it's a major principle in the bond of spirituality and knowledge. And I'd like you to share that, that experience you have had. And I want to get down to some other topics just to let our viewers know, we want to talk a little bit. You mentioned again, about marrying the

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daughter of your teacher. So I'd also like to find out about you know, your your your daughter's to your teacher. Yeah.

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Well, that's one thing, but um,

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well, I couldn't get a teacher's daughter to get married to so I ended up married and getting married in the city where my teachers thought

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that's far fetched anyhow. So I want I would like if you could share some of your experience, also an advice to young viewers and parents on the importance of people getting married young, according to Islamic recommendation when it's appropriate, and how. So there's a couple of things in mind we want to talk about. All right? Well, you could start first by the

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the respect that you have learned, and you would like to share with viewers that teachers should have and students should have with teachers, right? Absolutely. Well, one of the things we it's actually from the seat of the Prophet slicin. Among the companions, we find a young man like Hobbs love not bustle, the love of Thailand, the cousin of the Prophet, slice alum, but who used to go and sleep at the doorsteps of his teachers of the Sahaba. And when they would open the door, they would dust them off and say, You're the cousin of the Prophet slice of them, we would come to you and he said, the very powerful statement, and there isn't who will do, that knowledge should be sought

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knowledge does not seek anybody. And I think, you know, also there, you know, in our culture, and when I say our culture, I don't mean the Arab culture. I mean, in Islamic culture, there's a deep emphasis on respecting, and loving our teachers and learning adult from the manners not just not just learning from the books, but rather learning other than manners from them from shadowing them upon law. So we have a lot of poetry and stuff, even if it's not necessarily Islamic Lee, you know, 100% correct manner, lemony Quinto, whoever teaches me a letter i into him like a slave, of course, only to Allah subhanaw taala. But in the American context, it's sometimes very hard for us to accept

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that because we're all we're we're sort of

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used to making everything academic, right? where, you know, I go to school, the teacher is the professor, if he if he looks at me the wrong way, then then I have a problem with him. But have you seen that happening in Muslim schools? I mean, I think that it's two extremes. It's two extremes. And I mean, the Muslim schools in America, in America, I think that certainly there there is a disrespect for Imams, even in the Muslim environment in the west or in the east. I mean, you know, and when knowledge is not valued, than people of knowledge are not valued. There's no doubt about that. So people have knowledge, I think, in the West in the East tend to be looked at as the lowest

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of society. I know, even in some Eastern countries, in some Muslim countries, a person who studies Islam as someone who was not able to study in any of the real disciplines, right. So he's his knowledge is not valued, the knowledge itself is not valued. And as a result, people of knowledge are, you know, just painted with this broad paint and brush of ignorant people, extremists, you know, mullahs.

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So, in the American context, certainly there is disrespect towards the scholars. And I think we have an extreme, we, you know, we have two extremes, we have the extreme of complete disrespect and utter disregard for scholars, then we have the other extreme, which is sanctifying them and, and, you know, when I wish sort of thing, right, right, sort of like a Hindu guru type relationship, where Yeah, you know, I am like, I am like a dead body between his hands and things of that sort. And he's watching me, and he teaches me but at the same time, I report my repentance to him, almost like a priest class type, right? And even if the shakes is something that is not even in contrast to the

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crime, and you know, what is it you still go according? Right? Right. So So unfortunately, it's always finding this balance and kind of tailor made us the balanced. So we respect and honor our scholars without sanctifying them. Now what I'm seeing, which is also very scary as something some some somewhat like the celebrity shift culture, and it's not necessarily what the shoe wants on per se, but at the same time.

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You know, it's almost like when I see a chef, I don't want to benefit from his knowledge, I want to take a picture with him, I want to get his autograph, so I can put it up on Facebook and say I was with so and so. It's also very dangerous. You know, it is when you see a person of knowledge, your goal should be to accompany him to learn from him.

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Well, john has a lot of the greatest Well, first of all, and he said about, um, the love and the line. Oh, great. So hobbies that I accompanied him on a journey just so I could serve him. And he said, for counting the money after he ended up serving me more than I was serving Him. So handle that shows the other of the manners of the teachers and the manners of the students back then the teachers did not feel like they were, they did not feel a sense of pride. Yeah. But rather, they were humbled by their knowledge, and the students wanted to benefit as much as possible and be in the company of people know, you know, that's all we really learned when I when I was studying myself

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and in India, and you go to a teacher's home, or you go to his room, he was served your cup of tea, because he is the host, and you're a guest. So you learn that how to teach your guests and how to treat other people. But that's the problem we really miss in the in the West, and I'm glad you addressed that. Because even in the masajid and Islamic institutions in America, Muslim schools, yes, we're in an environmental a Muslim environment. But I think we have lost that Islamic Adam. Absolutely. I mean, and it's, it's something that I hope that inshallah tada will be able to work through. Part of it as part of that responsibility lays on the scholars to come down to the level of

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the people. The other part and certainly we're not living in an age where we're scholarship is at the level that it used to be, there's no doubt about that. I mean, we are not a mom, or a mom of a honey for piano 30s nor are we anomalous alleys or urban Tamia as we are, you know, we are in accordance with our time, we're just students of knowledge. But we have a responsibility to teach the people with whatever little knowledge we have. So we have to humble ourselves to make sure number one, we are living the deen as scholars and as teachers or are portrayed scholars. I mean, we know ourselves not to be what people think that we were just students but to, to live the deen and

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to make sure that the plan is, is and as soon as part of our lives and at the same time, the students should try to learn manners, they should try to learn other they should try to, you know, to look at the the look at the teacher, in the role of someone who is who is a mentor, a moron being someone who's who's raising them, who's teaching them learning from his manners. You know, they used to say that they used to sit in the halaqa the amount of money been handled by him a whole lot. Over 5000 people and only 50 of them were writing the rest of them were just observing his manners. So certainly there's it's a responsibility that falls on the teacher and on the student. There's no

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doubt about it. Yes, it's a balance on both sides. Absolutely. Speaking about that. I know you you're very well known for your

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lectures on youth friendly masajid or Masjid not being youth friendly, we got to go on a break for a couple of seconds. And when we come back, I would like you to share your advice or views on that aspect. Because just as we speak of teachers and students, I think we have a little bit of that problem with LS and massages and, and organizations running institutions who are in a different world. And for some reason, they're not really community, community friendly, or youth friendly, and it's not welcoming for the growth and the betterment of Islam. So respected viewers. It is of course a pleasure to have with us Sheikh Omar Suleiman with us. And when we get back after the short break,

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we will continue this very interesting discussion on masajid being youth friendly or not friendly viceversa salaam aleikum Suba.

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Welcome back to global issues. And again with me in the studio, we have Shaikh Omar Suleiman and I'm your host, Chef Mohamad, we ended on a very interesting note pertaining to a youth to massages, Islamic organizations, etc. Whether they are friendly, whether they are welcoming to our youth, if they are good examples, or are they teaching the right examples. And we have a very unique person with us in the studio Sheikh Omar Suleiman and we again, welcome back to the show, shake. And we'd like you to share your views and your experience and opinions on this issue with our youths in the society and the massage and marriage and everything. Well, reliable. I mean, I think that

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we are we are witnessing a change right now. I hope that some massages are undergoing this change. Now. First and foremost, when I say youth friendly, and I think again, like like we talked about the previous topic, there are two extremes. One extreme is to make everything halal so that the youth will become more accepting of Islam, basically, to water down Islam so much that the youth will say, Okay, this is easy. But if we do that, then then they'll just water down for the next generation until we reach a point where the prophets Lysander mentioned that people will only be saying, Allah because they heard their father say, Oh, yes, and that's always a slam can be lost that way. So the

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goal is not to change the message. The goal is to present it in a way that's effective so that the youth can digest it. And as a leader, the low tide on who he said, so I'm talking more about the perspective, from any mom's perspective. At this point, I need all the law. I know he said that the greatest *y the greatest scholar is the one who can

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cause people or who can teach the people in a way that they don't despair from the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada, but at the same time, he doesn't give them the concessions to disobey Allah. So that's the balance of those Sahaba that they had. So the sooner is beautiful, the sooner is tolerable, the sooner is the pseudonym brings happiness in our lives when we adapted when we adopted in our own lives, but at the same time again, so we don't so I think

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That's one approach to youth friendly massages this, let's turn the method into a, into a concert. And that's not the goal there. I think what needs to be done is that the Imams need to come down to the peak to the people's levels to the youth levels, they need to, they need to get on Facebook, they need to get on social networking, they need to use them, they need to play basketball and football with the youth, they need to start talking their language, start understanding their language, so that they can start to have fruitful discussions back and forth so that they can understand the the needs of the people. And at the same time,

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you know, the youth can also understand the perspective in a different way in a fresh way. That's a good point, you made it because a lot of times you hear elders complaining that there are no youths in the program. But did they invite the youth by email? Did they send an invitation, you know, it's like one old guy gets up,

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makes an announcement to a bunch of old people in the mosque. I mean, with all due respect to our elders, and then sees, we didn't see young people in the program. But I love that point you made. If you want to get young people, you also need to send out invitations on Facebook and emails on getting some text and whatever, right, you need to speak their language and, and hamdulillah Brahmin, we are witnessing some youth initiatives right now in America with institutions and things of that sort, you know, groups like young Muslims, mass youth who have been an amalgam of all these different organizations now that are catering towards the youth that the youth are actually in

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charge of? Yes. And I think that's what we need to do, we need to extract their potential. Part of that is coming down to their level, like the Prophet's life. So I'm wrestling with them joking with them laughing with them, you know, this, this idea that the people of the messages have to be stuck up and dressed in a certain way and, and have to have this formal appearance and not be able to crack a smile or laugh. This is a terrible stigma that we have right now. People have of the masjid needs to come down to that level, without without diluting the message, but at the same time presenting it in a more beautiful way. Bashir who wanted to ask you to the Prophet slicin, and said,

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you know, to make things easy to give people glad tidings, you know, what not to not feel? Yes, you know, what not to ask you to make things easy not to make things hard. Now, the province of Iceland is talking about the same message here, but how you present that message to them. So yes, we bring a basketball court out there in the masjid, let them play basketball, you're frustrated because they're dressed in a different way. They're there, you know, the way that they talk, I'm not saying foul language will be tolerated, but the way that they talk is not the Mazda type language, you know, you never know. We want to provide that outlet. Maybe one day he's playing basketball, and he

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made a mistake, a grave mistake. And he'll come to the muzzle and he'll consider what the chef is saying today. I'm also seeing some centers, they set up a gym, right? And they set up the basketball courts, but they don't allow the youth to play

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through that time, limit their time and it's like all his argument them you guys come here only to play then you frustrate them and they then refuse to come back.

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Absolutely. And we should have a healthy dosage of halaqa and a healthy dosage of the basketball time and those types of things. And the main thing is not to be judgmental. I mean, as the amount of Shafi Rahim Allah said in the beautiful poem, a poem The sino Killa has got to be out at 2 million for kulu cow rot will Ignacio sooner with your tongue don't mention the faults of another person because you are covered in faults and other people have tongues to lying okay. And of that era Kumar even further, I have a pulley idled in a car, you know, and if your eye falls on the fault of another person, then restrain your eye and say to your eye, oh, I other people have eyes too. So

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whenever we look at the youth and because they're dressed in a certain way, because they might have genuine problems and things of that sort, they can sense when people are looking down their noses at them and being judgmental. And I'm not saying that that we should tolerate sins, I'm saying that we should work on their hearts. We should try to change them. We should address them with beautiful advice give them more ala write more a little Hassan has a lot to do Daryl Morey the hustler, like a heart to heart good talk, you know good advice to them. You know and presented as I care about you, I want you to to to defeat your shape on I don't want to say Thawne to defeat you I understand your

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problems. And my favorite example I always give this example is of our beloved civil law it was send them when a young man came to the Prophet slice on him and he said, give me permission to commit Zina. I want to commit adultery, fornication, yeah. Now if that young man was to walk up to a modern day Imam he might get slapped in the face banned from the message of the people would curse them and yell at him. profits by sudden came down to his level. And he said a total Dalai Lama. Would you like that for your mother? Not not in the chastising and admonishing way but rather coming down reasoning with him. Would you like it for your sister you're on? Yeah. And he said no. And the

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province license simply said cannot he cannot that's how people are and the Prophet slicin and put his hand on his chest and made your heart for

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Him, and the youth felt felt, you know that that that pain was taken away from him. And so the fact there's two things here that the young man knew he could ask the Prophet, slice them the question and not get slapped in the face. That's number one, the Prophet slicin him was approachable. Number two, that the Prophet slicin him did not disappoint. He did come down to his level, he didn't reason with him. And I'm not saying the reasoning has to be the same way. You know, you have to say to a person, the same things. No, it's the methodology here that's being taught coming down to the level of the people. He didn't tell him zinnias Okay, I understand how I understand how you know, you can

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you can hug and kiss, but just don't commit the, you know, he didn't water down the message. But he presented it to him in a way that's tolerable. He made that for him. He He showed him that I'm in your corner. And that's what we need to do as massage. He is diplomacy also.

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Yeah, that we're in your corner, we want to help you we're willing to facilitate marriage for you, you know, when so when these issues of marriage come up and things of that sort. The youth of marriage. That's another issue we have here that you have a couple of people from Muslim countries, I want to be very blunt with it, Muslim countries. And the parents are the kids growing up here are very Islamic. They're very religious, very, you know,

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very practicing, they read Koran, they do everything nice. Now, they want to get married to someone very practicing very Islamic like themselves. So this is that flip of the story. But the parents are not too concerned of an Islamic personality for the child. They're concerned about a Bengali for their child or Pakistani for their child or an Arab for their child or an Indian. You know, I think this is an important issue. Don't you think that for some reason, people. And you know, there's two issues here, number one, not facilitating early marriage for youth getting them married at an early age with all that they are exposed to, you are left with two options either you're left with the

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option of helping them get married. And we've we've heard the scholars who have who have commented on this, you know, an amendment and everything Okay, my law said started getting your cat to the youth that needs to get married. She has an mo hola he said that, that it's like putting butter on top of the fire and saying to the butter not to burn. It's It's It's the situation that we live in the exposure they need, they need to feel like marriage is there that it's viable, that it's going to happen, even if it's not going to happen right away. But at least my parents are helping me the community is helping me find, you know, a spouse that's in my best interest. I don't have to wait

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for 1015 years later. And what's gonna essentially happen is that while they're pursuing their academic careers, and they're satisfying their parents in the sense that they're doing well, in med school, they're doing well in their school and stuff like that. They're committing Zina, and they're committing for comfortably, comfortably, I mean, they get it becomes easy, because shavon breaks down those barriers, and it becomes easy for them. It's very tempting, I'm sure you lecture in universities. I mean, you go there, and you see the kind of wearing the girls wearing the clothing, or the dress code, or clothing.

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You know, and the kind of lifestyle and the freedom, it's just a matter of Satan putting the pieces together, right? So you right, that's like button on the fire. Right? So we need to make it we need to make the we need to stop making her laugh so hard because heroin is so easy. So we need

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something that we can facilitate. Now one of the major and you know, what happens is because they're doing well in their academics, the parents will say, well, they're still doing okay, it's like it becomes pushed under the rug. And it's ignored largely by the community and whenever you think it's appearance for the kids or the students, it's both of their faults, Allah subhanaw taala hold them both accountable obviously. Because you know, no one carries the burden of another but if you stopped you prevented him You did not help that person from getting married at the same time. They're going to be held accountable to but from a community perspective, what did the prophets

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lysozyme say either attack him on total Dona Dena Hola. Hola, como esta? We do. If someone comes to you, whose religion and whose character is pleasing to you, marry them off, if you don't do so there will be much corruption and much trial and tribulation on the face of the earth. And that's what we see. That's exactly what we see happening. And the prophets lie Some said fitna, so it'll be a test it'll be a tribulation. And an essence as the moment No, we're talking about that when they fail the test. It leads to facade corruption, widespread corruption in society. So these youth even whenever they get married, they've committed Zina so many times when they finally do get married. They've

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seen so much pornography in which witnessed this lifestyle, they don't know how to live as as, as good husbands and good wives. So and it's interesting because the prophets lie Some said the two characteristics Deen and character. And somehow a lot of people end up rejecting someone of good deeds and character because they're not from the same race. Yes. And what ends up happening the child rebels and ends up marrying someone with no Dina no character and still have a different race.

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So what did you achieve by preventing your child from doing that? Instead not look, you know, you're I've seen her father poor and people who memorize the Quran, who ran off and ended up you know, living in Zim adultery and marrying people have no Deen, no religion, no character and still have a different race. So nothing was achieved except a further downfall of the community in the society. So we need to facilitate this for our youth. So don't you think that organizations and Islamic centers should be a little more effective on such conferences and seminars into the adults not so much the youths because you're right, it's the parents 19 80% Allah give the parents a

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responsibility to educate the children. And the A lot of times the parents tell the children, I don't want to get married. Now I want you to bring this, bring that and get this and then get married. So this is what they have embedded in the minds of the children. So we need to have more organizations and massages and centers, doing more conferences in educating parents. Absolutely. And I think you know, I'm the first one who bears responsibility that we are falling short. Yes, as organizations, I'm the first one to say we are falling short, we need to really step up our game. There's another point on this some shake. One is that I know we look at it. These are the questions

00:31:14--> 00:32:00

people ask why you want to get my 22 years old guy and girl get married, how are they going to maintain each other they need a car. But I think as a shake moving around, and I mean, tell him the organization's and the elders and everyone, just as a father, or parent maintains his or her son in this university. And the parents maintain his or her daughter in that university. They could continue to maintain Indian children and in the various universities, or get them to come together in one university to study get them to be married. And each parents should finance their child. If they want Islam. In this way, you get both dunia and Islam. Absolutely. You could finance your son,

00:32:01--> 00:32:36

financial Dora, it doesn't mean if they get married, each one got to handle the bills, but make sure they're married to the right person as a professor some says Absolutely. And you know, this is my message to parents would be is that two things. Number one, if you manage to feed your child, you have to pay for their food, you get them through university, you've provided for their dunya you've provided for their dunya. But if you're able to help them, I'm not saying that you you completely and that will bring me to my second point. I'm not saying that you completely pay for everything for your child when they get married. But if you facilitate marriage for them even financially helping

00:32:36--> 00:33:11

them out, then you are helping preserve their Deen because that is half of their Deen as the profits license that's serving their architecture. Which one is more important? Now the second thing on that note is if someone says, Well, my kids are not responsible things of that sort. And you know what? Sometimes it's true. Yeah, we need to get out of this mentality that I'm doing a favor to my kids when I don't let them work for a penny in their lives when I teach them no responsibility whatsoever that my idea of providing for them to having big flat screen TVs around around the house giving them a Mercedes Benz at the age of 1718. They never have to work for a penny in their lives. They've

00:33:11--> 00:33:29

never done anything in their lives. They've never learned responsibilities. So yes, their children so we need to encourage our kids you know, back we know the prophets lie Selim back then the Arabs they used to send their kids out to the desert to fend for themselves basically for a few years to learn that so we still like to do that. Yeah, you send your kids to the desert.

00:33:31--> 00:34:04

You know, it's it's an ending they need to learn to fend for themselves. Otherwise, they're, you know, they're going to go get married and they're expecting they're the the sons will be expecting their wives to be mothers, you know, cooking and cleaning and doing absolutely, you know, somehow nothing for themselves. And they'll never learn responsibility. And that's why they're not capable. They're not capable of getting married yet. So we need to raise them in a way that this is a responsible 21 year old who is ready to get married, but who doesn't have the financial means because he's still in school. So I'm going to pay for them. I'm going to help you know, son out, you

00:34:04--> 00:34:41

know, whatever I can do, you know, help pay your uncle. I'll pay those things. That's, that's important. And I think that is important. That's that's a very interesting point. You know what I thought about when you mentioned that it's interesting appearance boss today about I have bought a car for my son and I already bought him a house and he has this land and if anything happens to me, he already has business and Landon degree. And most of the times they don't have they're married and then they get married to the wrong spouse, and the spouse comes and takes everything. Oh, isn't that isn't that a reality? It is it is a real when the real wealth should have been the Islam and

00:34:41--> 00:34:47

completed with the parents duty of the right way for the right. spouse, son, I mean, right.

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

Groom or bride for your son or daughter as the case may be. They might be better. They will work together and get all this land and property as opposed to putting the cart before the horse. Absolutely.

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

And you know, that was a very valuable point you made the I think parents really need to note that. Absolutely. Yeah. And again, so the youth what I told the youth whenever they say, I want to get married, I say, look, first of all, make sure have you learned responsibility? Have you ever washed your clothes? Or have you ever cooked for yourself? Have you ever made a penny in your life, because marriages is a challenge. That's number one. Number two, is to at the same time, in the process of trying to get married.

00:35:27--> 00:35:44

Make sure that you don't use your parents as a scapegoat to commit Zina because Allah will still hold you accountable if you go out and you commit Zina. So you should still fear Allah subhana wa Tada, while the means are being made, Allah has not made Xena an option for you. And the third thing that I would say to them is to really,

00:35:46--> 00:36:23

you know, to really look at themselves, to analyze their Deen to make sure that they are the right that they are in a situation of spiritual state of getting married and being together with another person and really ready to start that family. Yes, and the last thing, and this is very important, because we always give the parents a lot of flack, and rightfully so sometimes. The last thing though, is that a person, you know, if I, the youth, many times what they do is they go establish a relationship in the hubbub parents fault sometimes because they didn't facilitate that. And sometimes it's Muslim, Muslim. And then they'll go to the parents and say, I want to marry such and

00:36:23--> 00:36:57

such. And if the parents refuse, it's too late, we've already established a relationship, we're already in love, we're already, we're already been talking for a long time, I can't live without that person. So they're going to throw away a relationship of 2025 30 years for a person that they've known for three, four months, because they've already fallen in love, where they should have went from the front door, instead of the back door. And so they'll go find any mom that's gonna say, Oh, you don't need a woody, I can marry you without your father. They'll go, they'll do whatever they can. Yes. Right. And that's a problem. That's a huge, huge, huge problem. Yeah. So it's, it's,

00:36:57--> 00:37:30

you know, Hamdulillah, last pantai puts the burden on the parents a lot. There is a way where the parents are revoked. There will be we know in Islam, there are some times where the will he will have his his guardianship revoked and marriage if he's being unreasonable and things of that sort. So it hamdulillah the parents are being held in check by Allah subhanaw taala. The youth are they also have a viable way of approaching marriage. And yes, they might have to wait a few more years. But look how a lot of tested use of it is the most beautiful man that's ever, you know, ever been created, you know, somehow half of the beauty, a lot tested the profit slice of them. Also, they

00:37:30--> 00:38:04

were tested with this, but at the same time, they were firm, and allow me to weigh out for them. So they need to also learn patience. And as a community, we really need to step it up myself included organizations, communities, we need to step it up and help the youth get over their real problems, their real issues. Stop talking about the minor things with them. I mean, you're talking to a youth about minor things a youth comes in with shorts, or with an earring or with a haircut that's not Islamic or a picture on his shirt. Trust me, that's the least of his problem. Yes, yeah, you're right. That's why marriage is such an important thing. You know, sometimes they get married in the

00:38:04--> 00:38:40

right time, they're gonna give up all that, because most of the times they get into these sorts of things, because they're not married, and they're trying to attract the opposite sex. Right? And if they get married, they're going to be settled. At the end of the day, it's the solution of the Quran and Sunnah. Absolutely, that will answer to many of these diseases out there. Absolutely. Anyone shake. It was really, really a pleasure to have you with us on global issues. And I think this is a real global issue of our youth, and what affects our youth and family life. It is absolutely a lot of them all and so major global issue, and I really want to thank you on behalf of liquid for being

00:38:40--> 00:38:53

with us here in liquid studio. And it was a pleasure of course and feel free anytime to stop by. Be Our Guest. Allah bless you and continue to bless you, wherever you go. feasable Allah inshallah.

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Well, viewers, we are very fortunate to have Sheikh Omar Suleiman with us in I think my studio, and he is a well known renowned Islamic scholar, lecturing throughout the world, especially here in the United States of America. And we continue to pray for him. And may Allah bless you and please tune in to this show. global issues, same time, same station next week, inshallah Salaam Alaikum.