Amazing is the Affair of a Believer

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Alameda Salatu was Salam ala

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rasulillah morsani law early was suck Miyajima in a mubadala

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Arena and as good hobbies and sohaib

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a Latina la Muslim Fiesta Hey, Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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I do a little movement

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in Umrah who Kula who hi

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while Lisa vatika illa lil mo min

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in a saw but who served ah checkup for Canada higher law we're in our saw but who got wall solder for Canada hi Roma

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it's a beautiful are these brothers and sisters after praising Allah sending Peace and blessings on his final messenger sallallahu alayhi salam, if the Hadith which are reported in say Muslim from sohaib, saying the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said, amazing is the situation affair of a believer of a believer. And it is only so

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it is not only so meaning it is only amazing for the believer, no one else only for the believer. How is it amazing. In other words, whatever kinds of trials, whatever kind of situation the believer faces, whether it's in the form of affluence and happiness and material and success and goodness, and joy, or whether it's in the face of like, we have no tribulation, and difficulty and lockdown at home, and not being able to go to the massage to pray, and not meet it, or not even be able to meet with family face to face our loved ones and near ones or not to be able to go and work and earn the income. And in face of the tribulation of some being ill some more seriously ill and even losing

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loved ones.

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In Depth, as is increasing as we're hearing from countries in Europe and in Britain, as the death rate going up to two or 300. a day as we're telling as well it will carry on increasing. So we have to realize that tribulation actually, for believers isn't only when we look at calamities, and we'll see and difficulties, but the tribulation is actually there when we hit when times of pleasure and happiness as well as this abuse brings out. So both situations actually amazing and good for a believer. That's why the promises and describes it as amazing for the believer. And he says some of them in our saw but who saw raw shocker when he or she is faced with pleasure and happiness and joy

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and all the good things that we human beings always like

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that he or she is grateful. Second, Sakura for Kana hydrilla. And it is good for him or her. Well you know, I saw bad hold on wall and when any kind of affliction, tribulation or any kind of suffering is afflicting a believer, then

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they have suffer, they have patience, they have fortitude, they in other words turn to Allah. They are not in shock when this happens, they expect that because they know life is about trial and tribulation. Life is about trial and tribulation, as Allah. Allah says

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in the Quran about about testing as Allah says

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kulu nacinda ikkaku mo

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why not below comb with shabri will hive FECKNER y la Nataraja on every soul indeed shall taste death. Are we indeed test you all of you, with something of bad of suffering of negative as something of good as a part of the trial.

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to us is all of your return upon Allah, Allah in a few words in the Quran putting the whole of our existence in a nutshell what it's really about that Where are we? Where are we going to end? Which is when death back to Allah smart Allah is in the ayah. And what are we actually here for the meaning of life? What is its purpose wireless? What are centers here? Whatever little we have left of it. And that is the test and trial, which the Hadees brings out with Bushra and good luck tidings. In other words, whatever we've been testing with, for a believer, it is always good for them as long as a liquid belief because as long as we turn to Allah subhanaw taala. Doing sugar

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means being grateful to Allah having supper means having supper in what Allah centers of the trial and trusting Allah having trust in Him depending on him still believe in increasingly man, knowing this is how a lot but it through this, Allah Fatah can wipe away our sins and increase us in the Torah, of forgiveness and of good deeds of good deeds, therefore sobor cannot hire Allah that if they have suffered in times of tribulation and difficulty, and they are and and this he or she this believer has is full of subaltern then it will be good for him or her as a publicized slim said. So actually, in the end, believers never lose brother and sisters do II. We are so so fortunate.

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We can, when in doubt, do not Matala Hilah talks to her. If

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you were to count the family law law, you will never be able to count them. Isn't that so brothers and sisters, if we begin to start that we don't know where to start, or where to end with the favors of Allah subhanaw taala an add on that says human beings and down top of that as believers that Allah gave us the light of Eman. Allah Allah sent us the Quran through Hartman hotman up Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Messenger of Allah who was sent as a rough man, as a mercy to the whole creation, how fortunate we are to have the man inside of the guidance of the Quran to enlighten our way. And then brothers and sisters on top of that, for most of us in UK will all of it

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in the UK compare ourselves to the majority of the world as to what lesson has given us obvious favors, and bounties and how neglectful and forgetful we are of that how neglectful we are of that and perhaps

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the trial, the trial and tribulation

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is easier to turn Remember to allow when we're going through a difficult time but do we actually remember Allah when we're going through time of happiness and pleasure and and plenty? Are we grateful to Allah? subhanaw taala? That's the question for us and I think the nature as human beings if we're not, we're, we ignore a lot one out Allah, we're too busy in the pleasure and enjoyment of life. And that's a warning for us. And this stopgap situation is to make us remember that when and if we come out of it, and even if we don't come out of it, brothers and sisters, is that still not good news for the believer? Yes, it is. That's what it means. That when they face any kind of loss,

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which is including loss of life ourselves, they have suburb, yeah, suburb in losing someone else sobor in the illness, if it's myself and I'm going towards death to have to suffer and to continue to thank Allah to continue strongly to believe in Allah and hope from Allah to ask forgiveness from in hope from Allah for his mercy and forgiveness on Yom Okayama, a cohort from Allah for the shofar of the soul of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam for the minute for a believer it's all glad tidings, isn't it. But this stopgap situation is also for us not to forget that if Allah Allah with his

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will, and His mercy and His forgiveness brings us out of this situation back to where we were before that we don't go back to our old ways, certainly not the old ways that are negative. But we have learned something from this. We hope and pray that we learned something from this, to remember a lot more to better ourselves, to do more good deeds.

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And to remember that we are on the short journey back to Allah subhanaw taala mela, thoughtless keepers, under his mercy, and forgive us. keepers on throttle must Hakeem. Whatever lost water has been in store for us, whatever is written for us.

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Life metal aswat Allah, makers of those who spend it with gratitude to him and endure what he has of trial in store for us to endure and makers or those who endure it with Southern Aloma amin akula. Kali Hannah was stopped feral, Holly welcome in the hoo hoo Bella for Rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.