I read Athkaar, I feel like they have no effect on me

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of evil and how it can affect individuals. They use an example of a soldier's blond hair and how money and shirt are meant to harm him. The speaker also mentions a woman who had a smile on her face and how she had no idea that a smile would be useful.
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People today

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they read death count, and they are yawning, still being affected by the evil by magic by a shrewd sins Phaeton misconceptions doubts. What do you like the meaning of girls, so I'm a survivor of harm myself horrible in front of all these evils and temptations.

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And then some would say maybe it's because of my blond hair was because of my blue eyes. Or because of his how much money I got. Or because the car I'm driving, or the shirt I'm wearing, maybe axline lad and it's not about this, it's meant to you haven't read the Oscar winner you don't even understand what you read. This is the problem no worried about your yourself and so on. had a comment from a trip from the Shavon.

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But the real reason is that you did not understand the word nuclear Mohamed Allah gives a beautiful example. Look at this example, mentioned three things. He said this here is you. This is the soldier let's say this is a soldier. And this is the weapon. soldier needs a weapon. And this is the enemy. Because a soldier with a weapon is confronting an enemy. By it. This is the latest weapon on Earth. Nothing beats it the best weapon to date with all its functions.

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If this soldier doesn't know how to use this, what point is it for him useless at the house is going to benefit him. Absolute useless. Like fat as a result, this enemy will destroy the soldier because unfortunately he had the best he had the best of the best but did not use it. were ignoring him or him alone draws our attention now. And he says this is huge. This is the believer every day and afternoon. And he has the best weapon in front of him. Kitab Allah He associate. Well, I've got off the morning in the afternoon these are the best weapons. This is get the word of Allah azza wa jal and the words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he nothing could be better than this.

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You have the latest weapon in your possession will fit an hour here. This is the enemy here. evils sins, temptations, designers call it what it is all the rubbish here. If you don't understand this, how can it be effective in your life? It won't won't have any effect. But if you know this, and you understand that you know how to use it. You're certain

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you're certain and honest. And you're bent upon this weapon that you have you've encompassed that you've embraced it. You're saying once that you're old, you don't want that. You don't have a kind of guidance and prediction it offers by the permission of Allah had the no one can stand in spite of no one will be able to stand in His power because you've got the best weapon and you understand how to use it. Beautiful example no chemo Hamdulillah He gives