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You wrote something here about character character building. And you said that it starts at home. But sometimes people are not exposed to it due to life circumstances. And kids are not tough.

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are not taught these these topics. Tell me about how important the household in within the household, how important is it, you know, the parents and the children's relationship and everything at home? And how does that affect their future? life? In a sense? I think it's vital. I think you need mom and dad to both take out and sacrifice for those children. If we decide we're going to have children, then inshallah we have to decide how we want to raise them. A lot of times what happens and you can agree with me on this or not, but a lot of times what happens is people have a child and they imagine in their mind at the age of 18, this child is going to be like this Mashallah like, but

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they're not taking the steps to make sure that child reaches those goals. They want these goals, they have it in mind that they are happy with it, but they're not taking those steps. So I think for the parents have to come back and say, Okay, if I want my child to learn Quran, then I need to make sure that they're going to Sunday school or have a teacher to start that program, do you see, if I want my child to be praying, then I need to make sure that I help them learn how to make good do, I learn, you know, all of the strategies or techniques for prayer, and then I stand next to them so they can pray. So they're comfortable, and they're used to that those movements. If I want my child

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to graduate and shelter with honors, then I get them either tutors, or I get them the right friends or I get them different books, but it teaches them and helps them where they're different, where the stuff is difficult. I'm not just going to say okay, you're going to school, Mashallah, you know, and you're going to be straight A student, and most often is, this is what we hear from whether these are Muslim families or non Muslim families, because the parents are too busy. And we've come to a boo Nia, where parents are so busy in working, and then socializing, and all these other things. And so the kid becomes a last part of their life where it's so important that this is the beginning.

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This is our, you know, how will they make dua for you if you're not teaching them? How will they and I see this often I see so many of our Muslims Mashallah they become doctors and lawyers and all kinds of great careers Mashallah. But they don't know how to pray. They don't pray. They don't remember last one, but they, so the parents are so proud of their children, Mashallah. But I'm thinking, Okay, when you die, is that gonna affect you? You know, and then when they do get to that old age, guess what they want, they want their children to pray, and make one to learn how to, you know, make blood for them, but by then it's too late. Those kids have a total different lifestyle,

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but they'd love all their life. Why would they change now? So we need to teach our children at a young age, what is our way of life and most often, it's because lack of knowledge for us parents, that we don't teach our children that it's not that we don't want to do it. We don't have enough knowledge to say that, okay, but Jim, do this way, do this way. So I advise parents tremendously. Please get your knowledge because it shows that your kids need you to help support them. Don't just depend on them going out there doing it. You need to be able to help them with it.