Quranic Reflections #18 Allah Knows Hardships

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The speaker discusses the importance of knowing what hurts and what hurts in one's heart, especially in difficult situations like the ones that require immediate attention. The speaker emphasizes the need for a connection with Allah subhanaw taala to feel comfort and comfort in one's heart, especially in difficult situations like those where immediate attention is needed.

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So I'll hand it off last time, mostly, because we don't want to say that have you been on Amina Mohammed, we're committed to illuminations Quranic reflections from the Halloween, night 18 or 18. And this is going to be a discussion and reflection on certain Headjam sorts of hijab is a Surah that was intended to warn those who reject Faith and to turn away from faith into life. But there's a particular portion of the soil that was very powerful to me, and, you know, spoke a lot to a lot of the difficulties that people go through that they may,

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in essence, sometimes carry only in their hearts that no one else knows or understands Allah subhanaw taala says to the Prophet Muhammad was sent as a form of consolation. That one could narrow Allah uneca Yahweh Posada Covey my Quran, that we certainly know

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what your heart is truly distressed by regarding what they say. So Subhanallah it's powerful reminder that Allah subhanaw taala knows what the hearts can seal. And Allah knows what every hardship a person goes through, that no one else may even know about Allah subhanaw taala our Lord knows the depths of people's distresses and worries and what they struggle with. So it's a very powerful reminder to the profit and homicide sentiment that we know what you're going through, we know the difficulties that you're you're essentially

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having to face by standing for the truth and standing for Islam and going through all the difficulties that Allah subhanaw taala essentially, commissioned you to deliver this message. And essentially, you are going through all of those difficulties, sometimes by yourself, sometimes alone. So this is a powerful reminder that Allah azza wa jal knows the distresses that we carry in our hearts. And that's a very powerful reminder that sometimes we may go through certain difficulties that we can't even speak about. We can't even tell people sometimes worries and sometimes anxieties and sometimes emotions that only Allah knows. But it's a very powerful reminder

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that Allah had that it says, what occurred narla, the maiolica sadhaka, that we know certainly what your heart is distressed by, and what you feel an anxiety and what hardship that you may face. So it's a powerful reminder that we turn to Allah subhanaw taala constantly, then one of the most powerful things that we have, is to be anchored by Allah subhanaw taala and our worries, and the hardships that we may have and the difficulties we may face, that we are anchored by our belief in Allah subhanaw taala. And that's a very powerful reminder in and of itself that gave the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, a sense of comfort. And having that sense of comfort is extremely important.

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Because honestly, if we did not have that, and we didn't have Allah subhanaw taala to give us that comfort, then where would we turn to, sometimes your family won't even give you that comfort, sometimes your friends won't give you that comfort, sometimes those closest to you can give you that comfort. So the greatest comfort that a believer may have is that they're anchored by Allah subhanaw taala. And that's, again, a powerful reminder to the Prophet Muhammad slicer them, that we know what distresses you even in your heart. So in essence, turn to Allah subhanaw taala and feel that closeness and the way you can do that honestly, I mean, to build that in your heart is to build a

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connection with Allah. So a lot of people say well, you know what, I want that connection, I want to feel the comfort of Allah subhanaw taala and the greatest way you can feel that comfort is to build a connection with Allah and prayer, and especially the DUA in prayer, DUA and your sujood and especially the dua after the Salah. So everything related to the salah to increase one's connection with Allah subhanaw taala because there's no better way to turn to Allah subhanaw taala then through his own words than through the Quran, and that's a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Salah. So the Quran of course is the speech that of Allah to us and then do ah is our speech to Allah subhana wa

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Tada I leave you off with that inshallah reflection and a view of much of the number week to remember that the, the case between us and Allah subhanaw taala is to turn to Allah azza wa jal and to know that he constantly knows what is in our hearts

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