Explaining Concept of Jihaad in Islam in a Non Muslim Society

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I'll just tell you how to reply to the top of the charts, that is jihad. As far as this word jihad is concerned, there is not only a misconception among the non Muslims, there's even a misconception among the Muslims.

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Most of the people think that any war fought by any Muslim for any reason, whether it be personal gain, whether it be for power, whether it be for money, it is called as jihad.

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Jihad that does not mean any war fought by any Muslim for any reason, whether it be for his personal gain for personal money for power. Jihad come from the Arabic word, Shahada, which means to strive, which means to struggle. In Islamic context, it means to strive and struggle against one's own evil inclination. Jihad also means to strive and struggle to make the society better. Jihad also means to strive and struggle, in the battlefield in self defense also means to strive and struggle against oppression. So Jihad basically means to strive and struggle.

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May non Muslims, men is orientalist, they translate the Arabic word Jihad as holy war. And unfortunately, many so called Muslim scholars and inverted commas even they translate the holy war.

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In Arabic, if you translate holy wine to Arabic, it would be horrible mocha. And if you read the Quran, nowhere is the word herbal mocha mentioned the Quran, neither it is mentioned in the Hadith. So Jihad does not mean holy war. Holy War was first used to describe the Crusades

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with the Christians, they killed 10s and 1000s of human beings in the name of religion. That holy war was used to describe the Crusades. Unfortunately, today it is used to describe jihad, which is totally a mistranslation.

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Jihad basically means to strive. And Mr. struggle, one type of jihad can be kitaen that is fighting, which is kitara feasable illa, fighting in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But that too, has got various rules and regulations, which you can refer to my video cassette, Jihad and terrorism and Islamic perspective, which have dealt in detail about this. And I'll give an example how to dhaba

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last year, I had gone to states last year before last, I had gone to states in Los Angeles and

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traveling hamdulillah Mashallah different parts of the world, in various countries, including the Western countries several times, USA, Canada, Australia and other parts, I was prepared, the way I'm dressed up with a cap the beard with a coat our show that in the US Customs will be asked for integration. So as amended immigration,

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they asked me the question that Why have you come here?

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I said that I've come to receive an award that you want award. I said award is always of humanity. With what do you do? I said I sped through Jesus cast members I speak through them through shell for you.

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And after asking many questions, I see to it that I pick up every option to dava while going to the customs I purposely mentioned that I've come for a convention like him this time and I've come to receive an award for that look at go and open your bag. When they open my bag they saw a tape of mine a videotape that I'm you did a better job than terrorism.

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So the customer officer asked me that Do you believe in jail? I said yes. I believe in Jasmine's to strive and struggle. Jesus Christ is beyond belief in a god. He said, No, no, I'm talking about Do you believe in fighting? I said yes. Even Jesus Christ Peace be one believer in fighting. If you read the Bible, in the Old Testament book of Exodus, chapter number 22. He speaks about fighting Book of Exodus chapter number 32 speaks about fighting Book of Numbers, chapter number 31 speaks about fighting Jesus Christ, please be a part mentioned the Gospel of Luke chapter number 22. He said that take the sword and go and fight.

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So they said but that was fighting angers me. I said yes. That's what the Quran says to you have to fight against evil.

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And in this way, when I started doing Dawa, the customers will all gather together and there was a small mini lecture. I only told my host that don't worry, I'm just doing now and the immigration and the customs. And Sir, can we ask you one more question? Sorry, can we ask one more question? And to cut the story short.

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You should grab every opportunity.

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And you should try and turn the tables over. Give the answer which he expects the least. But I don't want everyone to do that. Otherwise you may get into problems.

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As far as dealing on the higher level where you turn the tables over. If you be careful as we get a problem then you say Okay, can I tell me that

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depending upon the situation.

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You can prove from the Bible that what the attack about the Koran, the same thing. You mentioned the Bible when I'm in India.

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I use a different strategy. The Master Key is the same, but I speak about bhagwad Gita I speak about Marmara. When the Hindu say that the Quran is wrong, it speaks about fighting. I tell them that there are more verses of fighting imambara than the Quran.

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But then they tell me no, but this is a war between truth and falsehood, as the same as what the Quran says. It is a war between the truth and falsehood, then the English tell me we have no problem with the Quran.

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And if you read Bhagavad Gita, which is the most popular scripture, of the Hindus,

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in chapter number one, verse number 42, to 46.

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there's a fight between the cousins, the Panthers and the collars, one of the five brothers power was total 100 brothers. So origin one of the panels in the battlefield, he puts his weapons on the battlefield on the ground, and he says, to see Christian who's got of the Hindus, he does to a Christian, I would prefer being killed an arm rather than to fight against my cousin.

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Immediately, next few words, step number two was number two and three, Shri Krishna was supposed to be that God. He says, urgent. How could such impurities come in your heart?

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How could you be so important? Because it's important.

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And further, Bhagavad Gita, chapter two, verse number 31 onwards, he says, It is the duty of the shafia to fight.

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If you don't fight, you will not go to the heavenly planet.

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He will take you away from the heavenly planet, and bless it adores trattorias to get an abortion to fight,

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and most of the critics of Islam. They point out a common hadith of a masala San Jose Bukhari point number four, in the book of jihad Hadees number 46. We are proffering Han Solo Salim said that

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if a Mujahid goes to the battlefield, if he's killed, he will get Jannah he'll go to heaven. If he comes back alive, he will get the beauty of this world he'll get the wealth of this world and many critics of the Christian Hindus, they point if I didn't say what kind of religion is this?

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is talking about Jihad fighting and you go to heaven, what kind of religion is this? I tell the Hindus that if Rinpoche what Gita chapter number two was the metallic seven srikrishna does Arjun

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that Oh, Arjun rise and fight. If you're killed, you will go to swaran heavenly planets. If you come back alive, you'd get the rest of this world it is the verbatim translation of cyber volume 446 so when these critics of Islam especially the Hindus, like Aaron shooty I wondered that they haven't read those scriptures and appointing Alton the Quran the moment to give the context and speak to them. The complete misconception is washed away.

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tala Vila calm within Saba a minor medical come to common terms as we ascend you