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Ramadan Series 2020

Juz’ 5 with Sh. Omar Husain

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Okay, so I come back into labor cuts. Everyone has been asking me to initiate volunteers now.

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But haven't Did you know you're blind? I mean, what are we wanting to know by the mean? When I'll keep up to date with talking a lot more suddenly was telling him about it. And I have Dakota, sweetie, come

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on Eddie. He was like me, he was setting them to someone. cathedra. So a couple nights ago, we had to shift dollars, and I was crowded. Tonight. We've got guests, you could say to shareholders, I don't know if one of them is really a sheriff. And by that I mean myself. Sure him or her saying

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that we're blessed to have our special guests tonight that Homer Hussein is outside as well. And we're gonna go ahead and get into the next jurors. And so how do I yesterday, we really focused on the end of sort of rd and Ron, and we didn't get into sort of denisa now if you were taking notes yesterday, last night, we talked about how the end of earlier Milan was revealed right after the Battle of it. And so it was a lesson to the prophets, I saw them and to the believers in particular, that Allah Subhana hotel is with you, when you do not break the covenant. And when you break the covenant, then even if you seem to have all of the material, things that are necessary to succeed,

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you still will fall short. So allies are drawing the distinction between benefit and effort with the believers but Allah subhanaw taala ultimately expressing his forgiveness after love I'm home Allah pens on pardons those that fled on the neighborhoods, and the last prototypes on the profit slice I'm also to be lenient, and to, to pardon them and forgive them. And to move forward as a community to learn that this was a lesson not meant to break the home of Mohammed Salah Larissa, and this was a lesson to wake them up to get its concepts, right. So that could power forward and could know that if Allah subhana wa to add support to you for that body, but realize, oh, john has his loss of his

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support with you, then who's going to defeat you and if Allah subhanho wa Taala is opposed to you, if you find yourself on the other side, then who is going to support you after that? The fourth chapter of the poor and then certain Nisa really makes sense in this context, because it was revealed also after and if you remember, afterwards, you had the problem of widows and inheritance and orphans. Okay, so after hoods were you were you had over 70 of the greatest companions of the Prophet slice on passed away, you suddenly had a community that was dealing with how to deal with widows after battle, how to deal with inheritance, how to deal with the issues that arose out of

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that. And so the first 28 verses of certain Nisa deal a lot with that with the aftermath of the battle, and a lot of talking about the distribution that takes place after hood and the loss of penalty, giving us the very detailed laws of inheritance. And this is also by the way, the one verse in the book about polygamy that came in the of course, not restricting it to after war, but the context was revealed after the Battle of Allah subhana wa tada give some guidelines for those that want to marry some of the widows that were that were made a such after the Battle of it. So we get into sort of denisa the first verse of sorts denisa the first verse of the chapter about women,

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Allah subhana wa tada establishes this idea of equity, this idea of equality, not enrolls, but equality in salvation and the pursuit of a loss of habitat. Okay? Yeah, you anessa chapel Rebecca Mila de la communists in Lahaina, well hung up, I mean, hezonja heart. Well, that's me. And Kathy Irwin, Isa, what type of Lolita started want to be in the line of Canada and he grew up Eva. So the first verse, Allah subhanaw taala establishes that the believing men and the believing women are in this pursuit of Allah subhana wa tada in this pursuit of His mercy, and they are equal in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala in their belief in their salvation in their pursuit of Allah is good, and

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in their pursuit of a loss of pleasure. And then we get into

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some of the other verses that come with that. So you get into just five now, which is verses 24 through 147 of Swords denisa. And this sort of, by the way, is the longest surah in the Quran, after suta Baccarat in terms of the numbers of words and letters. And so that's why, for example, you'll find that in the pm of the profits, one of the I have he describes his piano, the profits I started off with a bumper done and then earlier on, so technically speaking, it's a lengthier surah than earlier, Milan, in that sense, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions another form of iada what Allah wants from us. So from verses 26 to 28, you really have a beautiful construction upon what Allah

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As mentioned the truth of the matter of what Allah subhanaw taala once for this oma and sort of buckler, you read the lobby commodious whether you read Coronavirus that Allah subhanaw taala desires for you ease a lot does not desire for you hardship here Allah subhanho wa Taala between these verses of 26 and 28 Allah once again you need to level up you know that we have to consider levina when publikum were too radical Allahu Allah. Allahu you read a year to garlic,

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shallot antamina, Madan, Arlene, and Allah subhana wa tada once again, you read a lot when you have income, or political incentive, Larissa, so Allah wants to make things clear for you. That's the first verse, the second verse, Allah wants to forgive you. So in a law making guidance clear to you as you ask them for guidance, and then you ask the law to make guidance, easy for you to be able to apply in your lives. Allah wants to make this easy for you, by forgiving you. So the goal of giving you guidance is that you ultimately succeed A Love does not give you this guidance, so that you fail as a nation rather Allah gives it to you so that you're able to succeed. And then in the in the

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mercy of Allah subhanaw taala you read the wild you huffy Franco. And Allah wants to make it easy for you on the way. So there are three implications of this. Number one, the law not want to be confused, we have an intellectual faith, we use our, our pondering on the signs of a loss of power, and the things that he's given to us to arrive at the conclusion of faith and the faith makes sense. And then Allah makes things very clear for us. We don't have ambiguity with our faith. It's very detailed, what Allah subhanaw taala calls us to do. And then the second thing, Allah wants you to succeed, okay, Allah wants you to succeed, which is beautiful that the end result of this is success

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for you, but did it because Allah wants to forgive you and accept your repentance and the third thing, and on the way, Allah is not going to make it unreasonably difficult for you. So you need to learn how to you have to find comb, allow make it easy for you along the way. Remember, we asked the last panel, it's either one or two minute talk,

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that we are not burdened with a burden that we cannot handle. Okay. So you have concessions built into the guidance and into the law that makes this a reasonable faith for you to be able to follow without you having to feel like you are over. You are overburdened.

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And then I want to go to verse 41. Because it's extremely beautiful, that if you if you pay attention, certainly sir. It really builds beautifully on it. Mr. bacala. In sort of the Bekaa Valley, kids are now on the tenuous alpha meter corner, Shahada, and in us, we made you the balance nation so that you could be witnesses upon mankind's way. akuna Vasu alikum. Shaheed, and the messenger would be a witness upon you. So the first thing is establish the Shahada. The witnessing of the nation of the prophets lie Selim upon mankind and the witnessing of the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam, upon that moment, and then the second one, and so on, when attack when men come over

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to their own highway.

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Why and how not in one camp, we want to be loved that left there come arise amongst you a nation that would enjoy and good and that would believe and enjoin good and forbid evil. So the call for us to apply the job description of this woman, which is the enjoining of good in the forbidding of evil, and then here, what is the last panel? It's odd to say? That kayfabe including woman can be legit now, because without you shahida How will it be, oh, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when we bring a witness upon every nation, and we bring you as a witness upon all of those nations. Okay, now because Allah Hart would actually show you that. This is verse 41. And the story of this

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verse, and I don't want to take long I want to be able to hand it off to the lunch Allah, but it's a powerful story. Where I beloved Miss rudl, the line who says that the prophets lie, Selim told me to recite the anthem, and I said, How could it be quite a coincidence? You want me to recite to you, and it was revealed to you the prophets lie Some said I love to hear recited by other than me. So I'm delighted to Massoud says that I started to read from suta denisa, until I got to this verse, and he said, The Prophet slicin, put his hand on my on my thigh. And he said, Stop, and I looked up. And the prophets I saw them his his eyes were flowing with tears, the water was coming down from his

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eyes, the tears were flowing from his eyes, he was choked up on tears all along, he was on them, by the thought of being HIV by the thought of being a witness upon all of these homeless on the entirety of mankind. And so what I want you to think about,

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for us, when we hear that a lot has appointed us as shuhada, alumnus, witnesses upon mankind, how seriously Should we take that? And when we read this verse Tonight, tonight is that the verse that made the profit slice that an hour

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Beloved one cry, how much more should we cry with that, and I'll end with this, which is really something that's, that's powerful as well. So denisa establishes the right of the Prophet upon the oma. If you realize other prophets were mocked by their people and hurt by their people, sooner. denisa establishes the right of the prophets like,

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you know, so a lot of job mentions, for that won't be today on how to hacking on coffee machines or been on something that I actually do fancy and how to manipulate where you suddenly move to sliema. I'm looking for the verse number Charlottetown, I'll find it, but by your Lord, they do not believe until they make you the judge of all of their affairs, establishing the right of the profit slice of them, their hearts are brought to ease with it, and they submit to it wholeheartedly and apply our lawsuit for Qatar law. whoever obeys the messenger has obeyed a lot and what did a lot to us and so

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on. But in quantum to hipbone, Allah tirone Rubicam, Allah we offer lukan vinoba Allah, Allah for him, see, if you love Allah, then follow me and Allah will love you back and he will forgive you for your sin. So a lot establishes the right of the Prophet slice I'm truly in the legal sense more than anything else, and the right of the messenger over us in this particular chapter, because our success as an owner is uniting upon truth and we know the truth through him and we abide by it as he gave it to us it is Salatu was Salam. So inshallah tada with that. We're going to go ahead and that was verse 65. I was looking for the verse number. That was verse 65. Okay, for that wouldn't be

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good. I mean, that nobody your Lord, they don't believe until they make you or Mohammed slice on the judge concerning all of their affairs. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from those who do right by our messenger, slice alum and abide fully by the message that he brought us along. I mean, inshallah, I'll hand it over to our dear SHABOOM.

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glow, this will allow Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was suddenly when when I'm about, as a chef mentioned earlier, that this was at the time of our heart so it was at the time of the medic medini period when the Mohammed own finally made his rocks when Medina and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah within his wisdom and his mind and his power. And his knowledge would establish the Muslims in this area, as what is interesting is that you find the people in Mecca, the metcons, at that time, they were very apparent and open with their disbelief and align His messenger to the degree there was verbal abuse, physical abuse, to the province of Latinos and the companions.

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But what's interesting is how Allah subhanho wa Taala with his wisdom and Hakeem and I want you all to remember this name throughout this conversation that I'm having with you or this speech that I'm giving to you now is that within a loss of wisdom that people in Mecca were a parents and open with their disbelief. But the people in Medina were the total opposite. Because in in Medina, you had them when afrikan the hypocrites now when we think of the word hypocrite army when I first became Muslim, that hypocrite Okay, it says, does what they don't, you know, says if they don't do yes, that's that's the general meaning of the hypocrite but from the spiritual sense. It is someone that

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exhibits belief from their actions and their statements, but in their heart is voluntary disbelief, to the degree that they do not want to see Islam successful. Rather, they want to see Islam and the Muslims perish. Now, there are many different reasons behind why one would lead to become a monastic or someone would be a hypocrite within their heart is disbelief, and they are exhibiting actions of belief to deceive the Muslims. One of the reasons which I want to touch on now is jealousy. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam entered in Medina, he entered in Medina and there were three main tribes and there were two main our three main Jewish tribes and two men out of tribes, and

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those were the husbands.

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Now, during that time, there was a man by the name of Abdullayev in obey a salute. Now, he was someone that was respected amongst both tribes to the degree as if in case theater says that they wanted to humanity cooling him. They wanted to make him the medic, they wanted to make him the leader amongst them both. But when the province of the Long Island was Selim came in roughly about two years after doing the Battle of budget, with the province of the line of some of the companions, and Islam had some Islam and some presence. As was mentioned, the people at that time were around Abdullah bin obey, and he was respected, he was loved and he was honored. But all of a sudden, this

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man comes in solo la jolla was selling them for shampoo.

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And he they were busy by this band. It's awesome to where some of the Jews became Muslim, but many of us and it has Raj became Muslim. So automatically, their attention their respect, their honor, shifted from obey bodoland obey to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. What do you think this

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brought in the heart of a beloved debate.

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Jealousy to the degree that his envy was not a parent, rather, he plotted and planned and made it hidden and came amongst the Muslims. And that's where a loss of kinda what Tyler mentioned. That is the danger of a new Phalke of hypocrisy spiritual hypocrisy. Well, one will voluntarily act as a Muslim or do action as a Muslim but in their hearts is total disbelief. And in some instances doubt, but this openness and this element we want to talk about the jealousy that led him to be a hypocrite. Allah subhana wa tada mentions them in the Quran tremendously numerous times throughout the Quran. We want to capitalize on one verse that's in

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verse number 145 to 147.

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were lost upon dialysis after the belemnite chiffon regime. In enmore nafi. Athena Fidel, kill us Philomena Natty Valentina della whom not see it all. Verily the disbelievers or the hypocrites are in the lowest levels of the fire and you will not find for them any helper, then can you deliver nazira Len is not like that. Lend means never, you will never find any helper or a sister for them. When that will assist them why their level of disbelief is worse than someone that is a parent and in your face saying I just believe in you and I hate your message. No, someone is smiling in your face, like the person that you thought was your friend and Middle School. But when you go to high

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school, they're talking bad about you. They say I never liked you in front of a whole bunch of people, that person will be more disliked in front of you, because they plotted and planned. And that is why Allah says in the depths of the hellfire. Now let's be very clear, it's important that every human being understands that there has to be a level of accountability. And for those of us that have children, for those of us that go to work, that have a position of authority, there has to be a position, an element of accountability, meaning that if you do something good, you're rewarded, and if you do something bad, consciously aware of the situation, you're rewarded as well. So that is

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when we talk about a lot rewarding those people with that punishment because they did it knowingly, knowingly, and they continued on it with a motive. Now that's very important for us to understand because Allah is just he is an idol. And I do this putting everything in its proper place with wisdom and Rama. The next verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says after that in little levena taboo, what else left who wow tell someone below he will apply so Dina whom the law he pulled out, he came out I mean, what so for you to level, meaning an edge on some kind of luck. A last word Allah says the monastic enter in the lowest depths of the Hellfire, but he makes an exception

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of Ramallah, for the merciful the offer giving a lawful offer. It makes sense in levena taboo, except those that repent from those that had a bad intention, they still have an opportunity to come around. Allah still gives them that opportunity as long as they are alive, taboo, those that repent and Toba means to return to turn back around to come back to your fifth law, taboo, what else level and they rectify themselves, they correct themselves. They don't last the petrodollar says what else like Oh, wow. So some will be law He will bless will Dena whom the law, then they hold firmly to Allah subhana wa Tada. And they're sincere for the sake of Allah. But notice, he says, Why tell us a

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little bit of that? Well, so Deena, who lilla Why do you mention these two things they mentioned, because these are two signs of Islam. These are two signs of rectification, correcting yourself, redemption, within that process of redemption. Scholars mentioned that they made this clear or they clarified this and added this on, let's say or got a little more specific, because this was particular to the situation of the moon, if you think they needed to make sure that they held firm to the rope of Allah held firm to the religion, and they were sincere. That is the Islam, the correcting of themselves that is important here when you correct yourself as many different elements

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to it, and manifestations of it. But these two are particular to this demographic of the ones that voluntarily had disbelief and plans in their heart to eradicate Islam and Muslims. There are lots of panel data sets that will let you come in. Now they are moving in there are believers. So seeing that to be a believer, you need to have these characteristics. Even we as Muslims right now is so lucky. Lucky for us on the straight path. I mean, that we have this sincerity by turning back to him and repenting for our sins and correcting ourselves by holding firm

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To the Dean of Islam and also having sincerity, that is what will make us from meaning inshallah verboten and then he says, For all that a commandment we need more so for you to learn what we need to educate on Allah and he Allah subhana wa tada will sofa sofa means he will in the future and some scholars say for a longer feature than set like so for you, UT Lem, Nina Edgerton Adina, he will give them their great reward, a great reward because it was a huge step for them. It was a huge step because maybe reputation things of that nature, but they search their heart and they came back to the religion of Islam. Then the last it kind of went down it ends with a beautiful, beautiful,

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beautiful, some scholars will call a rhetorical question. meaning there's a question asked and you know, the answer, may if Allah will be identical in shaker tone, what am I into? What can the level Shakira

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alasa paralysis? Why would God punish you if you are grateful and faithful, and God is all appreciative, and all knowing. So lots of panda without is all appreciative of what you do. And some scholars mentioned that the word Astra core means that which is the war, meaning that which is a parent or comes out to be more or great. So a loss of Paragon, as they mentioned, they say to thump Bonilla, I'm a little funny. When you see boohoo bitter edges that

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you think would be an award a great reward from a little action that may be done and we see this in the DNA of Islam, the little that you do, you'll receive a lot. They call the animal that would eat a little of the organic fruits, they might lose the other that which is on the earth and they roam freely eating from it. If he looks bigger than what he actually ate what they would expect the size of the animal to be. They will call him a shekou. They'll call them Shaku Shaku Shaku. So in the last panel with Donna is grateful and thankful for the fact that you turned around and you notice he called him for a commandment meaning so for you today, meaning may if I love you, I that'd be

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identical in Chicago. It is as though the scholarship ends with lt fat in Bulaga, rhetorical, that rhetoric that he is turning and speaking directly to them now. So it's showing that a lot is grateful for the little things that you do, if you were to be those that are thankful and have the belief and we see that Allah subhanho wa Taala is well aware of everything that happens. And in conclusion, this shows that a loss of kinda without it is not in need of your worship, he is not in need of you. Rather, it is when you turn to him for your own self, he is Eleni, he is self sufficient. You are not hurting Islam, or Muslims by doing any plots for plans. Allah will make this

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religion successful, whether you or anyone like it or not. So it's important for us to remember that even though we see the specific one after gain, and what they tried to do to eyeshadow, the law, I know what you will cover in Sharla later in the chapter, ignore that Allah subhana wa Taala will make this religion successful. But you still have an accountability in front of ilasik panda with Donna how you exhibit yourself being thankful, which is a sign of inner

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power law. So again, that was versus what was the 135 share? 135 145 to 147 145 to 147. Exactly denisa. And so how it connects because when we said what is the low one from you, Allah wants to make things clear to you a lot wants to make things a lot wants you to succeed and a lot of wants to make the path to success. Easy for you with concessions so that it's not an unreasonable burden. And here you say, you know, by the way, like that question about the Coronavirus and things of that sort. You know, you know when things happen in the outside is a lot punishing me is a lot punishing me and saying why would Allah subhanaw taala punish you? or What does that have to do with your

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punishments when you are grateful? And when you turn back to him right? And so the idea is that if you while there might be a punishment to some if you are turning to a loss of hundreds on doing what you're trying to do, then test comes to you why would Allah does not punish you? If a lot wanted to make guidance easy for you? Why would a lot make punishment unnecessarily severe for you So even with the hypocrites after Allah threatens them with the lowest of Hellfire, Allah subhanaw taala opens up away from them says they turn around and they're with the believers and there's no reason no no pain, no punishment with low faith. And now we have our beloved shareholders saying head of

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instruction at your team, take us away shifts all

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manner of human history a little bit out of sight on the cinema soliloquy move on pleasure to be here, or an tienen and dienen with my beloved brothers. I'm going to talk about verse number 36 as 36 from sort of the NASA so in this verse, so Allah subhana wa tada has spoken about the relationship between husband and wife. And in this verse

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He talks about 10 different commands. So Allah says weibel de la hola to shaker B he shade on want me to rally Danny Santa will be teleport Baba Tama will Misaki any weapon is severely while Jedi then Cordoba will Jad in General V was Sahabi bill Giambi, witness sahbihi wa mala get a man Okay, I am going to concentrate on three. And these three are related to neighbor. So I busted out my little Mr. Rogers sweater just to kind of hammer the theme home book not Mr. Rogers, Mr. Mr. Russia inshallah. So, in this so Alyssa pedaled on starts by saying first he says,

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the close neighbor, now close, what does that mean? Close has various meanings. Close can mean physically close. So like your next door neighbor, close could be close to you and faith your Muslim neighbor, or it could be close to you as in is one of your family members. Now, it may be unusual for for us, you know, especially here in Texas, we like our land, but in many parts of the world, families live in the same building, you know, you live in the flat, your grandfather is above you, you know, your mother is down below. So they're literally your neighbors. And if you go out whether it's your apartment complex, or you go in your backyard, that little fence, it's it's not very heavy

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protection. I mean, you can kind of see through it if you went up, that's how close the neighbor is. And the neighbors have incredible rights in Islam. So if they are close neighbors, they have these rights. The second second category mentioned is the the Jad in general, the the, the the distant neighbor. Now what is distant mean? Again, distant could mean distant and faith meaning not your faith. So a non Muslim neighbor, it could mean distant in terms of they are physically far now how far the scholars debate that some say it's 40 houses and you know, there's different sort of opinions on that. But someone that the distance is, is not close to you. But you know what's

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interesting when you read the narrations on neighbors, it doesn't say Muslim neighbor, it just says neighbors. And so Allah is saying whether the neighbor is close whether the neighbor is far whether it's your relative, whether it's Muslim, whether it's not Muslim, the neighbors have rights. The neighbors have very, very strong eyes, just like the husband wife have rights. For example, you can't just go out and build something in front of your neighbor's house. Right? You ask them if your neighbor is sick, you visit them if your neighbor needs financial help if your neighbor neighbor has as even I had a tragedy in the family just to go over and visit them. Right May Allah bless our

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parents who taught us Islam through action and not through words like we tried to do on the neighborhood I grew up on there were four homes all non Muslims, we knew all our neighbors and I'm talking about no like Oh, can you come over something is broken help us fix it? Why is that because instilled in their, in their culture, which was this is a positive aspect of culture was the love and respect for the neighbor. Now then Allah continues to a temporary neighbor was so happy with a gym literally, the person to your side. So this could be like your travel buddy. This could be the person you're sitting next to on the airplane. This could be your classmate. This could be the

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person next to you in the masjid. Or in the halaqa you know that somebody's sitting next to you? Can I get you a glass of water? Or you make way Oh, did you forget your pan here you can use mine, right? The temporary neighbor not being rude to the person you're standing next to in the masjid. So this is the temporary neighbor yet still the Quran? Hamlet it's real.

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It's so practical. And it blends it has the theory it has the practice it has everything and you know there's so many Heidi's that talk about how intense it is to care for the neighbor. But one particular one where the prophet SAW a lot of them says masala gibreel you seen even jetty had done unto unknown so you wonder if this is in Bukhari and Muslim the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, You agree in the angel Gabriel alayhi salatu wa sallam, he kept advising me so much about the neighbor that I actually thought that the neighbor would share a portion in inheritance. So how to love who gets inheritance, our closest family members. But because you realize salatu salam was telling the

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prophets on the lines I'm so much about the the rights of the neighbor, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam actually thought that they may have a share in the inheritance because their rights are so, so heavy. And I'll tell you what, all the nonsense people watch on the news with all the false information that they may get about Islam. That one on one relationship will destroy it.

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All of that. And we can really build that with our neighbors. When I moved into that place I'm in now, you know, and you know, you review and it's a reminder and you read this hadith like this is intense, right? And then of course, you're thinking like, Oh, yeah, you know, now I remember why our parents used to tell us to be good to our neighbors. And so, I went, and I gave some sweets to the neighbor across the street. Now, the next week, he comes, and he rings the doorbell. And he has a little gift for me. But this is where it got a little bit awkward, because he gave me a bottle of wine.

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And I said, you know, that's very considerate of you. But, you know, I don't drink alcohol, you know, I think, you know, for religious reasons, or whatever. And so he said, he said, Well, you know, okay, well, maybe, you know, you can just give it to somebody. So anyway, just so that the viewers don't, don't get upset, I did dispose of it, right. The point is, that now that connection is made, right. So now when you drive by and he's outside, you give those little wave, let's be honest, we're busy, we don't spend as much time with our neighbors, right in our in our day to day lives. But that relationship has been established that somebody named mama or mother or Asia just

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took two minutes out of their day to go and just say hello. And that is such a powerful connection, which which no lies or anything that they're going to hear is going to be able to destroy. So it's just a beautiful verse. And there's so many other things which are mentioned, for for rights of others as well. But these three kind of fit together, may Allah Subhana, WA, tada make us from amongst those who love thy neighbor, and may unless allow us to fulfill their rights or mean, so how to wash it. One thing, by the way, you know, the two verses before that, for 34, which is called the verse of abuse and Muslim, we call it the abused verse, because of how it's used,

00:31:50--> 00:32:28

you know, to suggest that Islam allows for people to be violent towards their spouses, and, you know, and causes all sorts of harm within the home. One reflection I just had, as you were speaking with Pamela, if a lot, too, later, has these 10 categories is even including the person you might just be walking by in the street one day or a neighbor that's far away. How do you reconcile that with an equitable and urban model for those who are closest to our most deserving of your good behavior? So how much more should that actually affirm the alignment that should the mercy that should be in the home with not your neighbor next door, not your neighbor that's far away, not the

00:32:28--> 00:33:00

person walking next to you for a moment, but the person who literally sleeps next to you, right, like the person that's in your house, how much more excellent, an excellent should you have towards them. And so, you know, we didn't get a chance to talk about that verse. We have to pay for it, you're keen on that, that you can go and you can read and Shama Tana, to get the, the breakdown of that because this is more than just talking about the reflections. But that that was something that just stood out to me as you were speaking, like, look at the mercy of a lot, and how he apportion the rights to all these people around one of the people next to us, and it's in the same set of

00:33:00--> 00:33:19

verses, verse 34, verse 36. So surely we can't have a cognitive dissonance and say, we're going to treat people in our home horribly. But then when I'm walking next to someone on the street, or sitting next to someone on a plane, I'm going to treat them well. So that's that's something to think about. I got one question for you that I'm gonna send everyone off. When you dispose of the alcohol. Did you shot a lot?

00:33:22--> 00:33:23

I did not. I actually.

00:33:25--> 00:33:29

I drove it to a dumpster. I didn't even put it in my trash.

00:33:32--> 00:33:50

Just on your point, just five seconds. That's so true. You know, who cares if your students love you, your community loves you, your co workers love you. If that love isn't in the home. It really is all for naught. It means absolutely nothing. It's not called. point that's absolutely. And it's a sign of hypocrisy, right? That's one of the things

00:33:51--> 00:34:29

that is a sign of hypocrisy. outward beauty in work ugliness. And that's true also within Word ugliness in the home and outward beauty outside of the home is a great sign of hypocrisy. So a lot of protect this great session guys, I appreciate you both inshallah tada to the viewers. Were just that 35 minutes keep us in your job, share your jobs, if you can tweet your jobs with the hashtag, and 30 for 30 Let's start collecting gems I've been seeing people sending in their notebooks and things of that sort. Mashallah. So Tweet, tweet your gems, we'll add 3430 and you can't just keep tweeting about show Homer Hussein, breaking a bottle of wine at a dumpster and people walking by and

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saying why is this guy breaking a bottle of wine over a dumpster and shouting Allahu Akbar.

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Please do tweet your jumps inshallah and we'll see you all tomorrow night and salah and just want to remind you all to keep up with all the content and if you are inclined to support European Institute with a donation shot wattana or any of the other great Institute's and works that work that's out there does like a little fade on the set out money. Come on. I was lucky.