Mohammad Elshinawy – What Are The Levels of Fasting

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting, particularly in Islam, is highlighted, along with the need for people to be aware of their actions and build buffers. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fasting, specifically in Islam, and warns against loud behavior during festival seasons. The importance of avoiding drinking wine and alcohol, as well as breaking fasting during a festival is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to be aware of one's actions and build buffers, as well as guidance on how to perform best during the festival.
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teas have what needs to be covered regarding the legal rulings

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for what makes and breaks the fast and

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who is exempt from fasting and who is not, and who needs to compensate for their fast if they

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do taken concession and in fact, in our first

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elemental, Allah in his very famous book, Allah here, reviving the Islamic sciences here, I know Dean, he, among many others, but very beautifully he speaks about a Serato cm and the secrets of fasting. And he says that many people it is like

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it goes completely over their heads, like the secret or the reality of fasting and what it's about. And he says the general public, the masses, they fast on a certain level, and that is the average religious person, if you will, who consider themselves religious, it's Ramadan, I have to fast. So you assume I moved to LA so he stays away from the things that invalidate the first, which is the first key discussion we've been having, right? What this breaks the fact that this technically doesn't, this does not if you forgot, they stay away from these things, they safeguard that level

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of considerations of prohibitions of sanctities, they are aware of them and they are adherence and they stay away from these things. But they may completely forget what this facet is really all about. Right? It is to you know, make your personal stuff more conscious of Allah in every aspect of your life. It has been and that's another level people that are fully aware and so they don't just stay away from what has been made haram in Ramadan, right, the food and the drink and the marital relations in the daytime. They stay away from what is ordinarily and always haram. They stay away from the prohibitions, but also when Ali Mohamed

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and he says very few people pay attention to this, you know, to protect your eyes while you're fasting protect your tongue while you're fasting from being involved in Haram looking at haram stating to the end of it, he says and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam turned our attention to this and he said

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melamid I call the Zulu ulama levy he will Jennifer he really has an adapter I'm a hola Sharapova who whoever doesn't give up full speech dishonesty while I'm at the end and acting upon falsehoods and being foolish, any you know, inappropriate behavior, then Allah has no need for him to give off his food and his drink. Meaning he needs to remember it's his need, not Allah's need and so he needs to meet to that that benchmark.

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And he said that he salatu salam ala Cana

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you almost told me I had a configure forth what I have. So

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well is hub when it is the day for one of you to fast that he should not be

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involved in marital relations or speak about these things speak you know about morality or obscenity all that falls on the roof of profit.

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While I have so called he should not commit sins, sins, should we make sense, especially in defense, that's, you know, a required level of the fast? Well, yes, help and you should not be loud. You know, being loud on Allah is not necessarily hooked up, right. But you're supposed to be be aware of your actions and make sure you're you're building buffers between you and Bob. And so you should be speaking less and more aware of your tone, more aware of your condo. And so he says most people don't pay attention to this. And we need to,

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you know, slight pause here. That does not mean that if you commit a sin while fasting, you've been validated, you're fast. And that's important. It's important for a number of reasons.

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You know, one of those reasons is that

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some people they say like, what's the point that you fasting say to somebody else, right? What's the point of view fasting if you don't work a job, or if you don't, you know, if you're not behaving, right, they say this. And they're just lovely, right? This is like, really, really reckless and ignorant of people to do, because, you know, as

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Simon Kennametal Muslimeen, or Allah Anna, I'll move to Rufina Hattie Ramadan delay are a great movie. Up to Baku, Mina Zanni. When was the middle Hungary that the Muslims are all in agreement pretty much that the one who breaks his fast you're telling them like go ahead and break your fast because you're sitting right your backbiting here. He's saying the Muslims are in agreement that if you break your pass during the daytime and Ramadan without an excuse, that this is worse than someone fornicating worse than someone drinking wine and otherwise. And so you're the only exception to this would be prayed. The only exception like what could be worse than breaking the festival an

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excuse would be not praying. But if someone is not praying in Ramadan, it would not be wrong for you

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To say technically to yourself, tell yourself like, what's the point of someone fasting, if they're not praying, praying is more important than the facts missing, the prayer is a bigger sin. It's the biggest sin inside of Islam, you know, it's worse than missing the fast. But you don't want to say that to people, because then that wouldn't be genuine will probably technically arrive. But it's not Hikmah either. It's not wisdom is supposed to approach it like you are praying, you are fasting. So the you know, this is more important to Allah Azza does in the past, you pray.

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And also, it's important to make this distinction so that people don't think I broke my fast anyway, let me go, you know, eat or drink or otherwise, we want to just make that distinction. That one, it's so important that what many of the seller that they said whoever back bites has broken their class. They mean you have broken their award. And you're fast as an elderly Rahimullah said, the vast majority, the form of them don't believe that it actually means you broke your fast meaning you might as well, you need to make up the date. They don't understand it like that, for for very strong reasons. The last level quickly it was only like house has been the third level is any Asuma any

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assume or any sewer, I will sue mama who Allah is for a person to abstain from whatever is not Allah Subhana Allah data that is accepted as excellence. That is not a mandatory level. That's not a requirement. But that's where you want to be. That's where you want to aspire to.

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Whereas you're not allowing yourself to engage anything while you're fasting. But him that means don't even engage yourself. That's what they mean, right? Because when you're at this level, you're not allowed to let anything interfere even recognizing your own deeds. Right? So it is it isn't you're not even recognizing you're fasting anymore. Right? You're just recognizing that this is a favor from him. And so I need to show how grateful I am. And no matter what I show to Allah azza wa jal, it is deficient because I am a creature that is deficient and focused on him. So I cannot have any regard for myself. That's the idea. And so you just chased his pleasure, and you seek His river

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above all else.

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And that is, you know, the top of the mountain of those that are fasting and you want to try to chase it as best as you can. Even if you have to die Chai, let's show Allah that you want this from him. subhanho wa Taala and that is why they used to say our clothes are the best. Some of the stuff they used to say,

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has an attitude of glory, say attitude mocha ravine that the good deeds

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of the righteous are considered bad deeds to those that are nearest to Allah. In other words, you don't count these good deeds like you're fasting from you know, the bare minimum and you fasting from the haram. You don't count it as one of your good deeds, because you believe that you don't count to begin with you are in your photograph. Allah is the one that brought you in. So it's a bounty from him in whatever you try to do requires an apology because even your prophets Allah Allah Allah is Allah after Salah will say stuff that blocks them for the last benefit Allah right. Oh ALLAH forgive me for the imperfections and so that that is the highest level and the most secret

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chamber of the fast that you want to try to unlock. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah guide us in increasing guidance and forgive us and raise us and allow us to reach this month of Ramadan and perform our very best in Subhanak along with hungry children that stuck photocatalytic

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