The Best Out of 4

Zahir Mahmood


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You know, and these are the people who really

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break the harmony of communities. Why? Because they're selfish by nature.

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See people, you can divide them into really four categories or categories of people, you are the first group of people

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who will assist others.

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And they will ask others for assistance as well. And that's the vast majority of people, or a great large proportion of the people, you have the second

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who don't help anybody else, but don't really ask anybody else for help either. So they don't go around asking other people for help. And they're kind of, you know, not the best of people you would, but Alhamdulillah, at least they don't, you know, asking others for help. You have the third group of people who

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will ask other people for help, but never be there for other people, unless they have a vested interest. Some of them even if they have a vested interest, they still won't be there. You know, and these are the people who really

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break the harmony of communities. Why? Because they're selfish by nature. It's only what they will get in return. Otherwise, and I'm sure we all know, a few of these individuals who are always there asking for individual always asking for help, always, you know, but who are very rarely there for anybody else. And you have the last category of people

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is a group of people who are very far and few between, who really never ever asked anybody else for help. Even if they don't have anything, they will be, you know, self sufficient, reliant, do suffer. But if anybody ever asked them, they will be there for that person.

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And these are the four categories of people