Is it Permissible to Worship a Good Muslim Jinn who Grants our Wishes by asking from Allah

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The next question is from Prashant Kumar, India.

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I am an 18 year old law student,

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honorable doctors awkward night as you may have also heard, that the people who worship idols actually worship the gins. What if the gym is good and the man and the grants are wishes by asking from Allah in our favor? It is still wrong.

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The question of Prashant Kumar is that people do idol worship, those who do idol worship actually worship engines and some of them are good gyms. So is it okay if you do idol worship, and the good gins they let our prayer come true basking Almighty God

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regarding worshiping anyone besides Almighty God is a sin is a major sin in Hinduism, as well as in Islam.

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It's clearly mentioned

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in the Quran, as I mentioned in my earlier answer, the instrument decides up to 440 and up to 416 that Allah may forgive anything but the sin of Shakira not forgive. associating partners with Almighty God worshipping anyone besides Almighty God is prohibited. Furthermore, law says in the Quran, in Surah Daria chapter number 51, worse than 56 Omar collected dinner in silence the afternoon that Allah created jinns and the men not about to worship Him. Similarly, in the Hindu scriptures, it's clearly mentioned in Hindu scriptures, insert asset or position, chapter number four, number 19. Not tested but the modesty of that God there is no prathima prathima is a Sanskrit

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word, which means

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an image acts

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prathima mean photograph painting portrait, it also means a sculpture, an idol, a statue, it says not just sympathy, modesty of that God, there is no prathima there is no image, there is no photograph, there is no portrait, there is no painting, there is no statue, there is no idol, there is no sculpture. So doing idol worship is primarily Hinduism. And it's clearly mentioned in the channel, your position, chapter number six, section number two was number one. It says a god is only one without a second. So according to Hinduism, and according to Islam, worshipping idols is prohibited regarding even if it's gin or good, then you cannot worship even good people. There are

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many good human beings, you can't even worship the messengers. All the messenger says that you should not worship me but Buddha Allah worship Allah, Beaverbrook with my Lord and your Lord. If any Muslim says that he wants to worship prophet mama knows bill I will not say that if he says that even that's not allowed. The best exemplary human being in the world is profit from masala

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because the Prophet said, worship only Almighty God. So what about the genie within the genie is good, you can worship worship, the bada is only due to Allah. So it's very clear cut that no human being whether Hindu whether Muslim as any human being any normal slim. They should not worship anyone but our Creator. Last Manasa