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Surah Al Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence) . Understanding different opinions.

Note, there was not episode 12. 13 Refers to the night here.

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Ala Moana shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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How y'all doing?

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hamdulillah that those of us who have been able to brave the harsh weather, malice panatela reward you. It's an added difficulty and added obstacle but still to come out to the masjid. It's also obviously an edited reward malice panatela except from us, I mean, just a few announcements just before I start, I've got an announcement from sands F. They just like to inform the Muslims that they will be holding a seminar on Zika and the importance of Zika and how to calculate Zika on Saturday, the 10th of June and the overall message of the word Sala after the word Salah, and one of the reasons in the Hadith that mentions the reasons why rain is withheld. One of the specific

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reasons why a lot withholds rain is when soccer is not being properly paid Zika is not being given as one of the areas that causes that causes the rain to be withheld. So inshallah go and if you are available attainment, understand there might be certain parts of your income that should be paid Zakat should be paid on that you're not aware of. So please go and inshallah find out more about that.

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We also to announce that on the Saturday are often program we will be holding, Burano has an Ramadan orphan program, it's the 15th of the month, where we take the Muslim orphans from different orphanages, and we take them for a day out there will be going to the Science Center on Saturday, inshallah, and then we'll have and he started with him at the Civic, I mean, one day in the year so little, we should be doing so much more. And we're giving them a hamper. So he would like to participate if you'd like to attend. If you'd like to bring your kids with at the Sports Center to let them interact with orphans. It's a very good thing. And if you'd like to join us for the thought

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and of course, if you'd like to donate as well, you can speak to me after the solder Alice pinata like sip from us and all those who are doing the work in the background. I mean, we continue with out of seed of surah Bina so little by Hina surah number 98. And if you if you look at the three surahs that we that are in considered consecutively put one after the other surah Allah was the beginning of revelation surah in and Xena was about the Quran being revealed and soon it will be in M is what do you how do people respond? Once this beginner has come once this could an has come? How do people react? And we'll talk a little bit about the surah over the next two days. You know many

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of them have a scene when they begin the Tafseer of the suit or they say it is of the most complicated surahs to make Tafseer of I know we will let you know in the middle of the week fasting, our minds are not all day of the 20 years of therapy. So inshallah bear with me We'll do a little bit half of the sutra and the other half tomorrow.

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The first debate is as to when the sutra was revealed the Sahaba appear to be split between something Makkah something Medina the concepts of the surah appear to be MKI but Allah addresses the original Kitab the Jews and the Christians. And you would know you would know this from the Quran that the Jews and the Christians only became a relevant group of people. Once the NaVi Sultan performed he Jolla and therefore these two views I shadowed Ilana herself was very emphatic that the sutra is murky.

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Allah subhanaw taala begins the surah and the first is perhaps the most difficult Ayah to understand, as it can be interpreted in a number of ways Allah subhanaw taala says lamb mukuni Latina Kapha Roman Al Kitab de Waal, Mashallah kina moon Sakina had to albina if I read the English, it says those who disbelieved. So the kuffar the disbelievers among the People of the Scripture, and the machinery key in the polytheists. So the kuffar that are Christian or polytheists, will not to moon fokin and this word moon 14 is the difficult word. We're not to moon Philippine, until we came a beginner. Now benina is a clear, undisputable irrefutable fact something which cannot be disputed,

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like saying the earth is round, there is just you can't have a second opinion in that there is no gray area, it is just so clear. So Allah says, once the beginner came, the Al Kitab, the co founder of the anarchy tub and the co founder of the machine, they made one fokin Now, let's take this word for word the word Cofer before we know it means to be disbelievers, but in the context of the linguistic context. The cuckoo for refers to a farmer who buries a seed. Why, what's the relevance here? It refers to hiding something burying something. So the word Cofer comes from someone who denies and buries the knowledge and the existence of a lot of the belief in Allah meaning it's

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always the he knows it's inside himself, but he buries it and he switches it off. That is what confirming

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Obviously in the Sharia perspective, Kufa is the opposite of Eman, disbelief, and the Al Kitab. The people literally the people who are given a book, this refers to, of course, the Yahood and the sadness or the Jews and the Christians, the machine, or those disbelievers who did not receive a book. And these are usually in the context of the Quran, the people of Makkah, Abu Jamal Abu lahab, they will not use the word Christians they were idol worshippers. So Allah made a distinction between the disbelievers of the hierarchy tab and the disbelievers of the pagans. And in the Sharia, we know that the Jews and the Christians have a higher degree of of rights and a higher degree of

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closeness to the Muslim mean, but still not within the ambit of Islam. So Allah sees that the coup for both Christian Jew polytheistic could go far. When the beginner comes when they will make money when someone 14 will happen to them when clear, irrefutable evidence comes. Now what does this word mean for key mean, linguistically, it means to separate or break up like a bone that breaks painfully. That's called moon 14. It also means to stop. So

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if we look at this ayah it's a lie saying that the Jews and the Christians who are disbelievers, not all of them because these men and Nikita some of the Jews and Christians and the sun are not disbelievers. So let's see the disbelievers from the Jews and the Christians and idol worship is they will not stop. It leaves it open stop what they will not stop, or they will not separate until Bina comes and it could mean that they will not stop the disbelief or they will not separate from belief until clear Bina comes.

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So when the beaner comes and what is basically saying here that people once clear evidence comes and the interpretation that I've selected and if you'd like to go further you can even get here, what I understand and what many of them facility and say when clear evidence comes people before evidence, there is room for flexibility. There is a gray area does Allah exist should we make solid like this? There's no clear evidence so everyone goes as he pleases. But once clear evidence comes there's no more room for gray area. Now you need to make a stand. Now you either join the believers or you you don't there's a line in the sand you understand these aligned thrown in the sand. So Allah subhanaw

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taala says when Bina comes you have to choose a side when the next idea or assume in a law yet Lu solo firm Mahara a messenger from Allah reciting purified scriptures now what's the link between that is Allah saying Bina has now come? A messenger that you know who is unlimited, he never wrote a book in his life, his reciting pure scriptures, the the kuffar the machinery keen, they knew the prophets of Salaam as a person, that he was of a High Exalted caliber. They accepted him as a man, but they rejected his message, the Kufa Al Kitab they knew that what he's saying confirms what is in the book. So for them, this is by ina as well. Fie Kuta Boone Kojima in the scriptures that he's

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reciting are clear instructions. couture. couture means instructions like you know, yeah, you will Edina Amano quotevalet Museum, it is written for you meaning it is instructed for you commanded. So Allah is saying, this is a messenger from Allah reciting reading from a clear scripture, and in those recitations of his are clear,

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correct instructions, meaning, if you find in your heart, the abena has come. And unless he's dressed in a certain way, and spend your money in a certain way, and earn your money in a certain way, and you find any, you must choose, I'm either in opposition to it or accept it. This is what Allah saying, you need to make 115 you need to choose your side. This is either from Allah or not from Allah, you can't be half off. You can't accept 50% of the Quran and say I don't like the ayat with regards to women or the iron with regards to money. I don't like those Ayah so you choose Allah saying, when this Bina comes you need to make a choice and yours are a soul You either accept him

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he's or a soul and you accept the commandments in the NA Allah and this is the ayah will endof speaks about speaks about what happened to previous nations. Why metaphorical Latina auteuil Kitab ilam embody magic at albina. Similarly, the 100 kita did not seek mint and fragment into six until Allah seen them be enough.

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So I was saying, Look at the Jews. Look at the Christians. Look at all the groups religions before when Allah sent them clear evidences, that's when they groups broke into six. Now, we might say that it's counter intuitive that goes against common sense you would say, once Allah sins clarity, it should stop division. Now Allah saying now the two divisions occurred, ego, people doing things for the wrong reasons

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My fatwa must be correct. People chose sides against the truth. That's when true divisions occurred. And many other mufa sirim. They quoted this, this Hadith, which is a very controversial Hadith.

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And so maybe stuff here, this hadith you'd find is spoke to today, you know, by every group and sixth, that the Jews were once split into 71, six, sick meaning a group, and then the Christian split into 72. And the Muslims was split into 73 groups, all of them in Jannah, except one. And then what was asked Who is this successful group? One Hadith says the JAMA the majority, whoever's with the Jamal will be saved. Another heading said, the one who is on what I and my Sahaba upon. The point is, this ayah is saying that the Jews and the Christians split and the Hadith says similarly, this oma will also split off the bugginess come, the people will split depending on the sincerity of

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the man. Now, how do we reconcile this? And how do we navigate confusion and remove the differences of opinion? Subhanallah let's be real. Now. You find your son or your daughter asking you What's the Salafi? What's the Sufi? What's the Tbilisi, what's the Deobandi? Why are people bombing countries here? Why Saudi not being broke ties with Qatar? What's going on? How do you make sense with these divisions? And what do we do?

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when bellina comes? There are certain fundamental things which we unite on and we don't dispute and we'll talk about the fundamentals tomorrow. At the end of the surah, Allah is explaining what really makes this Deen what is the core essence of this, Deen. But the things outside of that core essence, are gray areas where we can debate and dispute in various levels. Now differences of opinion. And I'm just touching on the issue, how do we navigate differences of opinions or differences in our views? Number one, if it's a personal difference, you don't like that man. Because of an attitude. You don't speak to him because you had some business dealings that went sour, that you had an

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argument for personal issues, then alarm and all those Hadith that the prophet SAW Selim says, I will give you a place in the middle of January, I promise you a place in genda. If you give up arguing, even if you are correct, even if you are right, and you give up arguing, this is not Deen related stuff. If it's a big deal, you can't give up arguing. But if it's dunya stuff, you say fine. You can be right. I will put myself down you will write profits on seas I guarantee you a place in general if you do that. The prophets of Salaam also Sahaba Do you know what is better than fasting and giving charity and even making Solar City what Yasuo what can be better than those things. He

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said, to make Islam to bring in this code bring the oma together is even better than fasting and Salah can charity. And we know that two brothers that are fighting and arguing and brothers we mean if the oma any two Muslims that have personal issues, their good deeds are in suspension until they reconcile with one another. So this was regards to do near discord, put those things aside, it will bring Baraka in your life, it will bring goodness in our life. As for Dean disputes, certain issues of the dean we cannot be quiet upon certain things, certain things we cannot say we agree to disagree. That is a second opinion. It's a second opinion whether the lives of the prophets are

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Salama cafaro? No, there's no disputing that, we cannot say we accept that we cannot accept schicke that these activities which constitute schilke, we cannot be quiet on those things. But we can say these differences of opinion, if you say Bismillah loud or soft is seven is this if sort of it had to or one. If you should take we do wiping your old head off, you hit these things are open to discussion and dispute. Certain things in the dean, maybe associates are left a lot did not mention them as a mercy to us not because he forgot, but so that it allows multiple opinions. And having for my diet, for example, is a mercy for us that they are scholars in different opinions to make things

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easy for us. Some things

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are controversial. And for those of us I just experienced this over the weekend. Controversial, controversial issues. If you have knowledge on it, you will realize it's very difficult to take a stance. If you find it easy to give a comment on that, then Shawn, you've made your mind that you know what the answer is to to the whole system of economics, the Islamic system, you know what the answer is? With regards to be the you know what the answer is with regards to these big questions. If you find that the answer is easy to you, then chances are you haven't understood all the different disputes and angles in the dialogue. So I had a group of young men, I gave a talk on

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Reebok. And these two youngsters said that, you know, after watching a few YouTube videos, they understood basically the whole economic system of Islamic finance should be done. And why do they not bring about something and they misleading

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The messages of the of the Muslim ummah. Now with all due respect, you shouldn't equate six hours of YouTube with 10 years of academic study in the university. And if all that Allah on, you know, say that this is a gray area, we can come to a conclusion, then chances are you don't understand the issue. So there's two types of people with regards to controversial issues, those who have knowledge and those who don't. And if you don't have knowledge, it's best to remain silent and learn. And those who have knowledge would find they will deal with us in a very diplomatic, they will say, look, I have an opinion, but I can't discount the opinions of the other scholars and that will give

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you a level of respect. When you understand that there are multiple evidences you will get the respect. So you will have respect so the golden rule in the Sharia with regards to differences Allah says that when this Bina comes naturally there will be differences, even though it's clear, people will take sides and the Prophet confirm this our Alma will split, how do we reconcile these things? on the fundamentals, we are non negotiable, even if you one man alone against the whole world, you stand firm and say I this is Huck, this is this is wrong and I stand against it. hamdulillah on the side issues on the things that are controversial, contentious, you can have an opinion but it must

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be based on knowledge. And it does and even even on the fundamental issues. If someone is wrong, it doesn't mean that you don't eat you disrespect them. The prophets of Salaam did not disrespect the kuffar in the worship of idols even

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never was gonna be so seldom accused of being disrespectful. So in terms of our Deen we stand firm on the truth. In the gray areas, we have a leniency to understand one another and there's room for academic debate and dispute and when we dispute we do so with respect and kindness. And we prioritize and the last closing words in this we should prioritize the things that are essential. Sometimes we dispute to brothers in the masjid how to perform Salah is assertive three o'clock was at five o'clock and they fight and they argue and the committee splits in half goes Hanafi Asad Shafi, I said what about the 99 people outside not making acid at all, sometimes we lose the plot

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and what is priority. So the clear essential things that which we should all unite on inshallah, tomorrow Allah will discuss in the soil what is the true beginner what we need to all what is non negotiable and the rest in sha Allah, we have room to discuss and debate Allah bring unity to this oma amin, Allah forgive us for our this dissension we let us not follow the footsteps of those before us and may learn from the mistakes. And I mean, two nights ago we had a little color, circle color. We said what is layer two quarter is better than how many months? 83.33 years? 1000 months is about 83 years? I know it's a bit of a tricky question. So 83 years is how much Baraka isn't a

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little harder. Tonight's question, how many six do the Christians divide into to the divide into 7071 7273? From the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam how many six groups they divide into choose the correct answer, inshallah we continue to that Vina tomorrow's knucklehead was hola Mohammed Ali was of your ceramah Celine Lam La Villa alameen. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh