The Quranic Call (Part 26)

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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, when the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, we've reached the 26th juice of the Quran, the 26th part of the Quran. And we want to talk about the 49th chapter, verse number 13, chapter number 49, verse 13, this chapter is a chapter of her daughter and her daughter means the rooms or chambers of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him his home. And there are many things that took place in this chapter. And I highly advise every Imam or anyone that's with a community of people, even within your family or a group of people to read this chapter because it really is the Quranic blueprint of a community. What are the etiquettes that

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that should take place within a community when it comes to how they speak to one another, how they physically deal with one another, and how they should view each other. And that's what I want to talk about here. This verse is a very, very important verse. We've heard it many times, especially in the realm of interfaith dialogue. It is the perception of Islam in regards to human beings and why they were created a lawsuit kind of with the Allah the Exalted says if there are other blemishes on our gene yeah yohannes inaho laconic coming decade in were unfair or generic. I'm sure Ruben will come back later RFO in a Chroma coma in the light at Arkham. In the Lucha IE moon Javier Allah,

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Allah says here, oh mankind we have created you from male and female. And we have made you nations and tribes in order for you to get acquainted, well acquainted. Verily the most noble amongst you is the most one that is mindful of Allah. Verily, Allah is the all knowing the all aware. So we want to break this up into three parts. Firstly, why lawsuit kind of went to Allah created mankind,

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and why within mankind He created us in different colors. And with those colors, different

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geniuses, he created male and female, and then from male and female within this fraternity is created or this bond or connection that is natural, he has made groups because with the male and female forms, you know, the offspring and from the offspring forms a community because you have a nuclear family, and then you have the extended family and then that forms tribes, which forms nations. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling all of mankind, outside of the Muslim all mankind we have created you in these different ways. And we have made you groups and individuals in order for you to get to know one another. Now this is beautiful, because you will find that a Lhasa kinda with

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data will mention the reason for his actions, sometimes in the Quran. So here he mentioned the reason for one of his actions, which is creation, one of his names is alcoholic, the creator. And the reason he created human beings in different forms and fashions, is for us to get acquainted with each other to understand those differences. Now, the reason we should understand each other, that we're that we're different, the ultimate goal for that is to appreciate one another. So when one looks at a loss kind of him without his creation, they think him. When you look at an inanimate object as a rock, and you see the different colors, you see the beautiful creation, you say, Subhana

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Allah, Glory to Allah, and that you think can because you may receive some vegetation or some food food from from it. But when it comes to human beings, sometimes we may get caught up in the ego, we may get caught up in the racism or stereotypes, or we may get caught up in the classism even within our own nationality, or tribe, or ethnicity. But the Muslim that has taqwa, the Muslim that is mindful of Allah transcends all of that and appreciates them for who they are. Even if the person has treated them bad. They treat them with respect and honor, because they know ultimately, a loss point out has created as different for us to for us to learn about each other in order to appreciate

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one another. When someone tastes someone else's food or cuisine, or sees their clothing. Someone may say this is very different, but they make a wedge a face of issues Zeze of disgust or something that is different. If we sit and ponder, we should realize that someone may do that about your cuisine, your food, the way that you live, your life, your coloristic practices.

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We should learn each other in order to appreciate one another and say, Wow, that's interesting, that may be different, and learn more about it. There may be some history behind why they do that in that way, which will cause you to appreciate it. And when one does that they're mindful of Allah how they're mindful of a laws creation. And when they realize that that is what Allah has brought. They trace it back to Allah number one, which is a manifestation of tawheed of the oneness of Allah because they're realizing the manifestation.

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The implementation of creation. And then what emanates from that creation. They appreciate that as well. And they say some kind of call it. And that's the second part in a Chroma comment in the light, it's talking the most noble amongst you are the ones who are most God fearing. Because we fear Allah be due to the fact of being mindfulness, the mindfulness leads to awareness. And that awareness of a lot is the mindfulness of a loss of kindness. metalla leads to fearing him fearing his punishment, hoping for his reward. So that is what taqwa is, is using your mindfulness of a lot to do good deeds, and those good deeds serve as a shield against the evil deeds. And then a lawsuit

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kind of without it ends at the very end by saying, in the law, it mahaveer allows the all knowing the all aware, what is something that is very important for all of us as Muslims to do, whenever you read the Quran, you will see names that may come up at the end of these verses, and most of the time, it will be two names, try your best to see the relevance of Allah using this name, within the context. That is one of the strongest ways to ponder over the Quran to ponder over this first, let's try it here. Allah says it moon kabhi, Iran, the all knowing the all aware, a lot is all knowledgeable being that he created you in different ways. And he knows why he did that. He knows

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why he did that. And he is well aware, it'll clear how you will treat one another. And if you are mindful within your interaction with each other, if you recognize this Hulk that allows of Harlock that he says we have created you, you recognize that he is a creator, you acknowledge that that is what we call it or heated or will be you recognize His Lordship and his attributes of lordship from that is bringing something from nothing, okay. And then from that you have an action that emanates from you because of that knowledge of him being the Creator. And that is Ito hate to hear the oneness of Allah in His in your worship, because you know, he is the colic, you worship Him alone.

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Because, you know, he created people in different ways. You say, Subhan Allah, and then you act out appreciation, and you're mindful within your interactions from them. When you're mindful of your interactions of a different gender. You will not act in a form of discrimination, you will not be stereotypical you will not be racist to the best of your ability, because you're mindful of a law and a loss of pantalla is well aware of that. So when looking at a last month, how that ends the verse with these beautiful names, the manifestation of that is evident when we see that Allah subhana wa Donna creates things and his creation is couched in knowledge of everything. And he is a

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well aware of what is done within everything. May Allah subhana wa to make us of those from the creation that he is pleased with and make us of those that are mindful of his blessings and his bounty upon us into Who will you that again, well, some lows and we're basically being a Mohammed, a set on wanting to live or to catch up. Thank you.