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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Nick mother who want to suddenly are allowed Assouline Karim Allah valid for over the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Frobisher, Ashley Saudi were silly Emery wash LuLaRoe data melissani tahu Kohli webinars in our

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lesson number 176 Sora. To know is number one to 10 Translation

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Surah tone a chapter a Surah unza Now her we have revealed it warthog now her and we have made it obligatory

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what Angela And We have sent down we have revealed fee her in it 18 verses versus beginner thin ones clear law law calm so that you the karoun you all take heed

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a Zania to the fornicators was Zanni and the fornicator 30 do then you all flog lash color every wha hidden one min Houma from them to me 100 gelada lashes Walla and should not the hood comb it takes you on be human for them to sit on any pity fee in Dini religion Allah He of Allah in if Kuntum you were taught me Nona, you all believe Billahi with Allah will Yom and the day after the last while he ushered and he should witness or their Bahama punishment of them to fly if I don't a group, men from a remote meaning the believers as Zanni the fornicator law not yen cashew, he marries INLA except Zania 10 A fornicators Oh, or mushfiqur a polytheist woman idolatrous was Zania to and the

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fornicators la not Yankee who her he marries her Illa except Zan in a fornicator Oh, or Mushrik apologist?

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Well who remember and it was made unlawful. It was forbidden. There Lika that Allah upon a remote meaning the believers will Lavina and those who your Munna they accused Elmore Sana at the chest women some then lamb not yet to they come be Oba with for shahada witnesses federally do home then flog them, so my Nina at Dell the 10 lashes Wallah. And do not talk about who you all except LA home for them. shahada done any testimony aboda ever were hola Erica and those whom they Alpha sukoon those who cross limits in law except a Lavina those who taboo they repented men from body after valleca That what US law who and they reformed for inner then indeed Allah Allah Allah Allah foreign

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always all forgiving Rahim on always All Merciful

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One Lavina and those who your Munna they accuse us while you're home their wives while um and did not. Yeah, con it is or he is law home for them shahada witnesses in law except and foster home themselves for shahada to then testimony I had the hem of one of them, or borrow is for shahada testimonies Billahi by Allah in the who indeed he lemon surely from a Saudi again, those who are truthful while home is a tool and the fifth, and that indeed, law another curse Allah He of Allah or lay he upon him in if Ghana he was men from El Gaddy been the liar's

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wire and it averts on her from her ally dab the punishment and that dash her she testifies orba for Shahadat testimonies Billahi by Allah, in who indeed he Lamin surely from al Qaeda been the liars, while Hamas and the fifth

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under that indeed, a Cordoba, wrath, anger Allah He of Allah or lay her upon her in if Ghana he was made from a Saudi clean those who are truthful when Allah and if not fabuleux bounty Grace Allah He of Allah or lay come upon you well Rama to who and His mercy were unknown and that indeed Allah Allah, the web one greatest acceptor of repentance hacky mon always always

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we listened to the recitation of these if

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although bIllahi min a shape on one gene, this means you're

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being sued

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has Zania to us Zanni 32

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Minwoo Miami,

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be email fidi let

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me know

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when the issues head

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meaning as Danila

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almost Rica was here today

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in our machining, or Herbie medallic meaning on leadin nya Moon Masana seems

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to be a bad issue her

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family Nigel

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Shahadat another the old

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lady in

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the Delica were also in hola hola hola walking one lady in Munna as

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Crusher has a heavy him up

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the wall one home you set

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the law here

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again I mean and again dB. Why not one

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dB one homies

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law Jana you

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can amino saw me one hola long Jana he metal.

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Allah don't love on hockey game.