The Firsts – Hope in the Youth

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the potential for a generation to worship Allah's subhanaw taala, or his children who led the operation against the Prophet Simon. The young men were not as partisan as their counterparts from the Middle East, but they were more willing to listen to the prophets and were closer to their natural tendencies. The speaker suggests that Islam was rewarded with children and a reason for the spread of Islam.
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Profit slices, of course, had more hope in the youth than he did in the elders. And this is something that's established whether the profits licensing was in five, right and the profit slice and I'm hoping that from their children, there would be a generation that would worship Allah subhanaw taala. Or whether it was the people that the profits license saw embedded making out that their kids would be different. And then when their children led the revolt against against the Prophet Simon, they were younger economic the son of Abuja, Khalid Ibn Al Walid, right. They were the younger men and the prophets lie Selim says allama for the comi phenomena yet, Ramon Oh, Allah

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forgive my people, they don't know any better. He had more hope than the young people. He had more hope in the youth, because they were less set in their ways. They were less attached to their tribes. their innocence brought them closer to the fifth law, or kept them closer to their natural inclination. They weren't as partisan they were more willing to listen to the prophets Allah lahardee he was selling them and his message and some handler What did Allah reward the Prophet slicin with the children of his enemies, both in thought and in Mecca, becoming a not just Muslim but a reason for the spread of Islam.