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Why Taqwa

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The history and use of the "naive" meaning in situations where one is unable to solve problems are discussed. The use of "by the way" meaning in situations where one is unable to solve problems is also discussed. The use of "by the way" meaning in situations where one is unable to solve problems is also discussed. The use of "by the way" meaning in situations where one is unable to solve problems is also discussed. The loss of Islam is also discussed, including the loss of family members and the loss of social circle. The importance of worshipping Allah's teachings is emphasized, and the need for people to not forget that their whole life is lost is also highlighted.

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notion of freedom be able to move slowly. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah He will he will serve us alum to Sleeman. kathira from above. My brothers sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala send Ramadan al Karim for us to develop taqwa for us to become the cone.

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I remind myself when you that all the Avada that Allah subhanaw taala prescribed for us, these are not ends in themselves. These are the means to help us to achieve the core, the closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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for example, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned about Salah in the Salafi inner salata, Cunha, Anil fashi, will Moncure Allah said that the Salah separates you and protects you from all shameless things and from all mancora hoshidan lucara shameless things and from all the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala similarly about the about fasting and about Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala said quotevalet Kumasi amo kamakoti Rhonda Xena publikum la la quinta de Haan. Allah said the fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become more cocoon. Alice Rotella

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mentioned about Zakat, and he said to me so seldom take from them cause Minh and wily him saga unless I take this card from there man in order to purify this wealth. And then Allah subhanaw taala also asked him to make dua for the people who pay the zakat. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala prescribed Hajj for us and Allah subhanaw taala said that this is for him and that this is something that we are obliged to do. If we have the means at least once in our lifetime, which is to the Hajj to the hedge to buy to law, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to fulfill all the all the responsibilities and duties that he has enjoyed a bonus. But the thing to understand is that these

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duties are not

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ends in themselves these are duties which help us to achieve something and that something is the call of Allah it is the closest to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now we are in the month of Ramadan. So we are talking about the fasting of Ramadan and as we said, As Allah subhanaw taala said he has prescribed as fasting in order that we become motorhome that we become people of taqwa as I mentioned to you before taqwa is the concern for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. about anything and everything else. And that is because we love Allah subhanaw taala more than anything and everything else. So taqwa is to say that whatever I say whatever I do, whatever situation I find

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myself in and I'm reacting and responding to that situation,

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I must do that in a way that pleases Allah. Nothing else matters. My reaction, my way of behavior, my speech, my action, does it please Allah? If it pleases Allah I do it if it does not please Allah subhanho wa Taala I do not do it if I'm in doubt I clarify my doubt.

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So now why taco what is the benefit of the why as I said, it brings you close to Allah subhanaw taala What does that mean? I was robbed. And I said, Oh, my tequila hajjaj Allahu Maharajah. Well, yours look home in high Sula, you have to see, well my coworker La la la He who has

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registered a lot of animals. I mentioned these is in Soto Allah. Allah says the one who has taqwa, Allah subhanho wa Taala will extract him from his difficulties. Amaya tequila, Elijah Allahu Masada, Allah subhanaw taala will remove that person will save that person will extract that person from whatever difficulty that he or she may find themselves in, provided they are with the who provided their people of taqwa. And then Allah said that Allah will provide them from sources that they could not imagine.

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While you're Zuko, Min haizhu etc.

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And that's right, it's beautiful. See the beauty of this thing where a lot of editor is saying that he will provide from sources that you cannot even imagine.

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Doors will open where you are only seeing a blank wall. enemies will turn into friends. Right And Allah said, will make

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tawakkol Allah He for who has been the one who has tawakkol on Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will become sufficient for him

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just as we are in the midst of this crisis of COVID-19, of, of this Coronavirus, and there seems to be a sense of

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maybe in some people even despair because we're hearing, you know,

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getting news of some people committing suicide mercifully no Muslims, but people are committing suicide and so on. So, there is despair, but there is generally also a sense of despondency, and a sense of, you know,

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sort of passive weakness. We must get rid of all this, get rid of all this Be positive, be positive, be strong. Do not be sad, there's nothing to be sad about this al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Whatever. I'm not Ronald teller sense we are the deal hype in that square. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said that he will extract us from the difficulties, he will not say that he will remove the difficulty he said he will extract you from the difficulty even of the difficulty continues to remain in the place because of the mosquito hollows Rotella because of his his higher purpose which we which we may not understand. But Allah said that he will extract the trophy from his difficulty

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and he will provide him from a source that he cannot imagine and he will become sufficient for the one who has to work on him. Allah gave us examples in the Koran of precisely this. Take the example of nirali Salah nobody Salah was a McDuffie because he was a he was the W of Allah Subhana Allah He was is also known as the people with no Elisa Lam. They accept criticism they came to Islam and they believed in new Elisa Lam so they were booked again. Now when Allah subhanaw taala sent the flood, the flood came to all the people in the place

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but a lot of out of nowhere is alive and he saved the companions of Noah Lisa and remember he did not save them by removing the floods.

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I want you to think about is Allah subhanho wa Taala did not save new wireless alarm and his people by removing the flood

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unless of annual data della della who save them despite the flood number one, number two Allah subhanho wa Taala made the flood he made the waves of the ocean. The guards of New Orleans allows

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his ship

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because it is those waves which took that ship to where Alice vadodara wanted it to go and the ship beached safely in the place where Allah subhanho wa Taala had designated for it to be safely taken.

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The ship couldn't have gone on its own the short ship couldn't fly could have couldn't have flown there. The ship needed the waves it needed the water. Allah subhanaw taala sent the water so the water for no la Salam was a means of getting to where he needed to get to him safety, but the same water became a source of destruction for those who disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala and continue to do that, including the son of Noah de Sala. Now this teaches us that with Allah subhanaw taala What matters is taqwa What does not matter is your line edge.

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What does not matter is your line edge What does not matter is your is you know who you are related to or anything else your name, your race, your tribe. All of this doesn't matter. What matters is your actions. Right? Allah subhanaw taala mentioned about no Elisa Lam son because no Elisa Lam son said I will save myself the way Salaam said he'd come and I said Come come into the boat with us. He said no, I'm not I have no need for this. I will save myself. I will climb the mountain and the mountain will save me from the water. And I'll also notice that I've said to him today nobody can save you from what Allah subhanaw taala said except Allah Subhana Allah and Allah. Allah said what

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is the Lamb that he is a vital Salah he is not a good person.

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He didn't say when you know you might say your son know whoever it is doesn't matter who it is.

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If the person is not a good person, if the person does not believe in Allah subhanaw taala if the person is not doing good things, then as far as Allah is concerned, Allah has no relatives, Allah has no friends, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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will apply His justice and what has to happen will ever. So now we're seeing here what happens to the Motoki in what happens to the people of taqwa. In the case of Noah Sarah we're seeing that they were saved the people of taqwa were saved no Elisa was saved the people with him was it

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dig this a take the the case of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. Here is where I'm at a Salam

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in Babylon and Mesopotamia number is the is the king of Mesopotamia he is claimed God Godhead is claimed to be God himself. And he whenever he said I'm stood against him alone and the result of that was that they decided to burn divine what is Salaam delighted this huge fire and they put the fire was so big that they could not even go near the fire to throw Brian Melissa into it. So they use a siege engine, they use a troubleshoot a catapult and they tie him up and they put him into the cup of the caterpillar and they are going to throw him into the fire.

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how did Allah subhanaw taala save the world? How did Allah subhanaw taala save the primary Salah

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There are many ways of saying saving money Sarah for example, Allah subhanaw taala could have put on the fire. So even Emily Salama saved a lot of animals Allah would have directed Jabez Sarah or some creature of his to pick up even Emily's from midair and take him away somewhere. So he saved for Allah did not do any of that. Allah subhanaw taala directly ordered the fire to become the Savior. However, I'm Elisa Cole Nyan our holy burden was Salam on Allah.

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Allah did not change the condition, the condition remains the same.

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But what I'm Elisa was saved, and he was saved by the same thing which had been created to destroy him, and which had the power to destroy.

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Because when Elisa walked out of that fire,

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they found that the ropes with which he had been tied had been burnt off. But wherever they surround skin was safe, nothing ever to escape. Even though the rope was tied on his skin, the robot was burnt, and it the fire freed him and the fire became a means of safety. Salama Li Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala said become a means of safety for whatever is set up and the fire became a means of safety for him or herself. So same thing happens when we look at you know, another beautiful story. There was a man by the name of unsee, who, who created claims Prophethood in Yemen. And then this man, he

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Magic. And there he

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he, he fought there. And then he, there was another woman there who also claimed Prophethood, and these two got married. And then the

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and then he wanted to invade also ages. At that time, his advisors, they said to him that there is one person in Yemen, who goes

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Muslim, Al kolani. I know like,

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they said to him that look, all your claims of prophethood are not going to be accepted by the people unless our Muslim, our kolani accepts them.

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So he sent people to arrest our Muslim route allele and bring him so most of our current rally was brought into the modulus of lasota Lindsay. And he said to him, he said to

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lolly, he said, Do you believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah? So Muslim? Allah said, Yes, I believe this. He said, then we believe that I am the messenger of Allah.

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Allah, he said, I don't know what to say, I know I can't hear you said I cannot hear you. So he said, No. Do you believe that? There is no one worthy of worship except Allah? He said, Yes. He said, Do you believe that Mohammed Salah Salem is the Messenger of Allah, a Muslim and Koran? He said, Yes, I believe that. He said, Do you believe that I am the messenger of Allah. I was, well, Quran he said, I cannot hear you. Now this went on for two or three times. And then this when he realized, you know, he got angry, he realized what was happening. So then what he said was, he said to his people, he said, we don't have a Muslim on kolani around July. So they tied him to a stick

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and they liked it a big fire.

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And as the vibe was lighted, and the flames started rising up above them on color,

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Is it husband Allah whenever like you never know no and no one knows it. He said Allah Subhana Allah is the vision for me and he is the best helper is the best protector

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the fire completely engulf Muslim and kolani people very very happy everyone is whoever is surrounded that that fire people are happy to rejoicing the clapping and whatnot and then they see about Muslim colony walking out of that fire

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once again like in the case of a rival is Salaam, the ropes are burnt. I was wrong. Kalani was completely unharmed. Absolutely nothing happened double Muslim and Corolla and this is one of the keramat that Allah subhanaw taala gave to the oma to Bahamas or something which was like the, the like the modular that he gave to his to his holy land his Rasul

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Eva and when a Salah right so I was in a car and I was really walks up now, I love boots such habit in the hearts of Alaska Delancey. And his people that no one dared to disturb him, no one dare to interfere with him when he walked away, and he was safe. Now, the point I'm making here is once again in both of these cases, wherever the salaams case or Muslim colonies case, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala used the means, which was created for the destruction of the people,

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the means which was created to harm the people, Allah subhanaw taala use the same means to be the means of safety for the same people. Now see the beauty of this, that we sometimes when we think about this, we look for the means to be changed, right? We say Well, a lot of Angela should remove the difficulty or loss of change that of course, by all means, make it off of this and we are not saying that anything's wrong with it, we should we can and we should make the offer. But if the means are not changing, do not lose hope, do not feel depressed, do not feel Oh my god, what will happen to me look at everything surrounding me, that is the philosophy and what was surrounding

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newari ceram was potentially destructive, what was surrounding Mrs. ceram was was potentially destructive, all of these things are potentially destructive, but they did not disturb and they did not harm

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these people, because Allah subhanaw taala decreed that they are not to be harmed. And so these things do not harm them at all right? There was absolutely no problem with with these things, which happened. Not only that, but Allah use the same means and this is the again, you know, the point I want to make for you is this, that Allah subhanaw taala wants to show his power and glory and majesty, if Allah put out the fire people would say but Emily Salaam was saved because of fire was put out if Allah subhanaw taala sent some other means to save him, people would have said it happened because of that. But now, why How did it happen? Right? Because Allah subhanaw taala will

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so that is why it is our is our layout even mind is to say that if the sky turned to copper and earth to iron, we still would not worry about our food. Today in this Coronavirus, one of the big anxieties is what will happen to the economy recovery already is in the dumps. share prices have fallen people's notional wealth. That is what I'm saying is what I keep saying people are committing suicide, because they think they have become poor. What they should realize is that they haven't been on board because what they have lost is some number on the on the stock exchange, which in any case had no meaning. If you think about that, and the people sitting there, they will not actually

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you know, counting, it was not real well, this was national wealth. And what went down is national wealth. So what's that? What's that worry about? I mean, imagine the person committing suicide is a billionaire.

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guy, he's a billionaire. I mean, he's at the time when he's dying, he has got more money, then millions of other people, but he has lost hope his heart has is filled with despair because he has no Iraq and no understanding of Allah subhanaw taala and his connection with the loss manager. He doesn't understand that Allah marechal is not this stock exchange or not whatever share portfolio that he has, but because he doesn't understand that, you know, he loses hope he becomes he falls into despair. There's a difference between you and him is that you understand the loss of animals or you know what loss of habitat is, you're worshipping Allah subhanaw taala you're buying a loss of

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America and making sure you're talking to a loss of adult are you doing that? Because if you are doing that, then your heart cannot be filled with despair. Your heart will always be light and your heart will always be full of confidence and your heart will always be full of happiness

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all the time.

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When somebody should or

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should not. despair is q4. So there's no time that anybody can display but I'm saying that time when somebody should be worried is if that person cannot worship Allah subhanaw taala because that is the purpose for which Allah subhanaw taala creators, what is my belly? See the dog? Are you ready, sir Ahmed, when did you make this dog? Are you well is around lost his whole family, he lost all his material possessions. He lost his position and his authority and his influence and he lost his social circle. He lost his community. He lost his health. It became terrible, his he lost his health, he lost his strength. Right.

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And he did not make anywhere in the sense of he kept on pressing a loss of analytics. He kept on worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. He did not make God say well, I have lost my family Give me back, I lost my money, give me back I've lost my head good. No. When did he make the draw? To ask the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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When he is done was affected, when he will has was having difficulty in praising Allah subhanho

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light then he made dua and he said, Oh Allah, this illness has started to affect my tongue and I'm not able to praise you. Allah save me from this.

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What do we learn? We learn that Allah centers for a purpose and that purpose is to worship Him.

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As long as that is not being interfered with, nothing else matters. You lose your job and hamdulillah no problem. Because

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I am a consumer I am the Murdoch

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Raza is in the job is a means through which Allah was feeding me That's it.

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Why should I worry about that? If Allah does not want to feed me from this source, Allah will find some other source and as I do I always make is Allah feed me without a source? Because you don't need a source?

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Right. So what is there to be afraid of? What is there to lose hope?

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What is there to feel depressed about? Nothing.

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Let us behave like Muslims, who are Muslims. Muslims are people who not only have courage, but who encourage others. If you have no courage, you cannot encourage anybody.

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Because only a lighted lamp can light other lamps.

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Already always say this, what does a lamp do? to a room to light it up?

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They're asking you this question. What does a lamp do to a room to light it up?

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What does it do? Nothing. The lamp does nothing to the room. What does it do? The lamp lights itself up

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and the room is automatically illuminated.

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If we light ourselves up with the love of Allah with the flesh of Allah with duck what you will find the people around you will get energized will get encouraged, will get converted will get consoled.

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Good light, a dark room to illuminate the dark who What do you read? Usually, people will say we need a lamp. I say no. You do not need a lamp. You need a lighted lamp. There is a world of difference between a lamp and the lamp which is lit. world of difference. A lamp which has no light. A lamp which is not lit is dead. A lamp which is lighted can light 1000 other lamps without losing its own light. A lamp which is lit can illuminate the whole room without losing its own light. That is what you mean I must become lamps which light up the whole world with the head with the whole of Allah subhanho wa Taala with the love of his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam visible in our

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lives in our walking and talking as I told you, the lamp has to show by lighting itself up what it can do. A dead lamp talking about light is worthless because the room is still dark.

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A lamp which is lighted does not need to talk about light and darkness because it is it shows itself. Also Allah Allah will carry mala he was savage main Veronica