Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 11

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The transcript describes a brief and brutal interview with a man from Bani who claims to have killed his children and burned their bodies. The interviewer also describes a woman from Veritas who claims to have never lived long before Islam. In a later segment, the transcript discusses the history of Islam, including forgiveness of Allah and the bounty of the waif. Finally, a woman from Veritas talks about her deeds and desire to become a good person, including making a video about her deeds and becoming a good person.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters and welcome to Torah reminder, day 11.

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There was a man from Bani Israel he,

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while he was on the deathbed, he got his children and he said to them,

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Mandela How was I to you as a as a father, hello clear up a bottle of your the best that

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he said you know what? I have done nothing good for myself.

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I've been good for you, but I have prepared nothing for myself. So once I die, I want you to burn my body, cremate my buddy and then crush my remnants and gather them into a bottle and throw half of them in the sea and half of them in the land for La, la, la La, la,

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la me because if Allah subhanaw taala is able to bring me back He will punish me in a way he has never punished anyone before.

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The mandate. And the children excuted his Well, they burned his body and they crushed it. They put it in a bottle. They took the remnants and they throw half of them in the sea and the other half on the land. The Lost Planet Allah commanded the angels to bring him back. And he was standing right in front of Allah subhana wa silence. And Allah subhanaw taala said to him, Melody diabolical ahead, why did you do this? On a har*a cow. So I was afraid to be in this position.

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And Allah Subhana Allah said, Take my slave to it and

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because of his fear of me,

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yes. Many of us don't know who Allah is.

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Allah subhanaw taala said naka de la Padre. This is why we as Muslims, we have to study the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because many of us Mashallah we try to quote and number 14 in certain hedges. So number 15, never be a baddie, n ni, n n.

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e. m.

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O Muhammad, tell my slaves, that I'm the old Forgiving, the old merciful, we love to hit about that. But we don't leave the next day as well and either be who will.

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Ellie and my punishment is to be to who deserves the forgiveness of Allah, who deserves the mercy of Allah and on the other hand, who deserves the punishment of Allah it's amazing that the people who are obedient and they follow the commands of Allah, they're the ones who are most yet the other ones they say Allah for Rahim, Allah forgive me if I don't go to Geneva who else origin Abu Bakr

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the man whose promised gender while he was still walking on earth used to say well loving though in the academy if you didn't know

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if one of my feet is inside Jen and the other one is still outside. I can guarantee that and make it to Jenna even though he was promised under him still walking her.

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Alma Gilad is to say one more Hello now than when I didn t armor and coolness if in general.

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if somebody were to call him the Day of Judgment, and they would say that all people will make an agenda except for one man. I'm gonna get upset. I would think that I'm that mess. Allah. What about you and me?

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Let me tell you another story.

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There was a man from Veritas. He

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was obedient to Allah for 500 years. And he might always sometimes like, you know what he spoke about, like 500 years? Yes, people used to live along. People used to live long before us. Haven't you heard about no holidays that I'm giving down for 950 years. At the time of most people used to live for long, there was a lady with a child who was 300 years old. And when she heard that the average span of the life of the Ummah of Mohammed Salim is between 60 to 70. She said, If I live 60 years, the oldest maker says that to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So that man was obedient to Allah for 500 years.

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And then he never disobey the law for one time. So lots of panel Tyler decided that he's gonna pass away when he passed away the angels of mercy, they said

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to gender before the Labor Committee enter Jenna because of the grace and bounty of Allah, Allah Allah. But

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he said, No, I've been with him for 500 years. I'm going to go to gender because of my deeds

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and suppiler practices Helen said one time to Asia. Hola, heterogenic la la la?

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Ayesha no one will make it to Jenna. Because of the deeds.

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It's because of the bounty and mercy of Allah.

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She said Hector Antara sola even your profitable lines it had done, even me.

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So that man, so the condition is it no good agenda because of my deeds? They said no, the instructions we have from Allah is that it's because of the bounty of Allah because of them, you know? Then they went back to Allah they said the Allah this slave. He's saying he wants a vision that because of his deeds, Allah said, Yuri do idli laughably. He wants justice, not grace and bounty. Let's be just with him. Bring the 500 years of rabada put it on one side of the scale, and put one of the blessings that I have given him the eyesight on the other side of the scale. So the eyesight as a blessing of Allah as name of allah outweighed the 500 years of very bad.

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So that's it. That's justice. Take my snips to Johanna.

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Is 500 years are not enough for him to make it to June.

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So while they were taking him to, to help her, he kept looking at the loss of animal time and Allah knows, but for us to learn, he said, Why are you looking at me?

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He said, My other tip is in

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this area, I don't think you're gonna throw me in healthcare. The law said take him back to Jenna because he thinks good of me. Not because of the 100 years of a bad

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mothers and sisters. If Allah subhanaw taala guided you and you're a good person or doing good deeds, say hamdulillah because Allah who guided you, it's not you. It's a blessing from Allah

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has an epistle, Rahim Allah is to say, being grateful to Allah, meaning that when you say Alhamdulillah is a blessing, that needs you to thank Allah that you will guide you to say that this is very important.

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And this is why

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when of molybdenum of own but your loved one one of the great Sahaba He attended many battles. So when he was in the deathbed, he was so panela he was

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having so many ones so many stops in his body. She was nursed By Allah, Allah in Medina.

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And his career was a bit sad.

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So when he was on the deathbed and he was dying, and she can see like, you know, how much happened to him and his life? She started going and she said she had like a say on the law.

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Meaning that I bear witness that Allah subhanaw taala will take you to

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the Brazilian territory said Mama draka nowhere to agenda. What make you sure that he's gonna make it to Jenna? karate Rasul Allah, for men. If this man who has been doing all of this wouldn't make it to gender Who else?

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Salim said a statement. That's very scary. Take that message tonight. Allah in the law, so the law of the matter, you find

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it by Allah. I am the messenger of Allah. And I don't know what's going to happen to me tomorrow.

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Then Morales said for lucky that was a key I hadn't bad.

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After this, I will never praise anyone in their prisons, brothers and sisters. You know as Monica epsilen told us later on that inshallah is going to be in general. But my my question to you is, don't be proud of anything that you do. Knowledge shaitan and your Neff say I'm a good person, because you never know.

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You never know this heart is called talent because it switches muscle male culture will help analytical between one second and the other. Your Eman to change. So put your trust in Allah. And may Allah subhanaw taala give us the sincerity of intention. We will accept all of our good deeds. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh