Abu Bakr Zoud – Encourage your children to pray with positive words and avoid the harsh words

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three ways to encourage parents to teach children about positive aspects of a law, including sharing them with them, praying for their parents, and giving gifts such as salads and coffee. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not yelling at children to avoid harming their reputation and developing their skill and knowledge through hard work. It is also suggested to encourage parents to use words like "has been praying," "has been praying," and "has been praying," to encourage their children to pray for their parents and to give them reward and gifts for their success.
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Make a solid encouraging. How do we make it encouraging? There are many ways. I share with you two ways. Number one, make a solid encouraging by informing your children about the positive aspects of a solid. Yummy. Tell your children tell them these words, literally write them down and discuss these words with your children every single day. If you can do for every single select, it'd be good. If you can't, then from time to time, share these words with them and repeat them. Tell them tell them my children, a law surgeon, he loves to see us standing in solid law loves to see the surgeon standing in solid. Tell them my children. When you go into servitude, ask a law for whatever

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you want. Ask him for what you want. He created us all and he provides for us and He gives us a nice the most generous. When we go into sushi with my children. Make do I ask a lot for what you want time them with the worship of dryer, teach them the importance of dryer and then after select after the prayer. Tell your children What did you ask a lot in your suit? What did they ask a lot for in your suit and discuss tell them what you asked the law for in your suit. discuss these matters very important. Tell your children as well, that when we pray we are thanking and most of whom are dad. Also that is an ultimate form of gratitude to allowance origin. Give them analogies. Tell them my

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children if someone gave you a gift, wouldn't you say thank you back to him. Tell them now Mr. Soldier. How many gifts Has he given us? He's given us life tell your children that he's given your mom and your dad as a gift to tell your children that you know the food that we just had hours ago or we're going to have soon is a gift from Allah azza wa jal. This house we're living in is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala towards the car that takes us from place to place is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala to us. So tell them my children, these gifts require gratitude. They require a thank you. And the way we say thank you to Allah is that we pray Salat is a form of gratitude to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala teach them. This is how you make a solid encouraging. This is how you encourage your children to pray. You need to encourage them to pray by telling them what the status of this prayer is in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala teach them my brothers and sisters in Islam. This is a responsibility upon your neck and your shoulders. Tell them that a salette is a gift from a large social upon us. Not a burden, not a burden, our marriage Allah Allah.

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Allah never made a burden upon us. tovim a solid is a last gift to Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Ali. It's almost gift to this woman until the short story in how a solid was prescribed. When did the solid come from a short story just tell them that you know about Bala blowby Allahu anhu, the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died. And hadiza the beloved wife of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died. And after the event, which was that was a huge event in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam to the point that that he in were a Bolivian Hobbesian died, that he the entire day died in two days. And the entire he was called diabolos. And the of sorrow

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and grief and sadness that we saw a lot while using them was very sad. You know, that he lost two of the most beloved team.

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And after this, he went to a party. And you know the story of a boy when he went to give data to the people in a part of calling them today a lot to the oneness of a lot. So they began to throw stones at him until they kicked him out of a bar if some of the law while he was and he shouted, then he's devastated solo while he was alive, he went back to Mecca. And soon after the event of a slot when Mirage happened in Wales, also the loss of the law while he was almost taken from Mecca, to be to mock this to Jerusalem. And from there he was taken all the way up to the heavens. And it's there in where a lot so I gifted him a solid, so that when he came back down to the earth and began to pray

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the five daily prayers, he was at peace, tranquil, satisfied, after those terrible events or those huge events, those burdens that happened in his life. teach, teach my brothers and sisters in Islam, teach your children that Ocelot is a gift that allows origin gave also loss of the law while he was in them when he was in the most depressing part of his life when he was in the lowest part

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of his life in terms of your emotional state and so on. And this boosted his spirituality, this boost of loss or loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam in ways like nothing else would have ever done. This is why NW sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he described his relationship with a solid, he said was handed over to me for solid, that the coolness of my eye and the delight and happiness of my eye was found in solid. So teach your children that a solid is a lost gifters not a burden upon us now and teach your children also that he has an ad for your solid. Yes, a child at the age of five. If he makes oboe, and he prays, he earns her sad ad.

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Because any good deed that a child does before the age of puberty he earns has an ad for it. And the sins are not recorded until after the age of puberty, Allahu Akbar, told your children my children will not get a head start in life. collect as many houses as you can. Every search that every search there is a level in the paradise. Tell your children nice encouraging words the positive aspects of a solid.

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And you will see how easily these words penetrate in their hearts. You will see these are words that they are compatible with the human beings heart and mind and spiritual state. These words are compatible, because these are last words, these are last words, these are the this is the information of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a lot of storage and created us and he designed us. And Allah Zoysia knows what the he is really what the he is ready to eat, and what the heart is ready to take him. So teach them the positive aspects of a solid, the children will take that in, they'll absorb it and be elated when they see you praying and on time, and never neglecting

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your solar. And you're telling them the benefits of a solid and you're praying a lot like well, what more do you need. Now the children will love a sled and they'll get up and they will play a solid. So that's one way of how to encourage your children. And on that point. Never, ever yell at your children to get up for solid. Never bend the doors, smash the walls, screaming aloud, don't. Don't ever, ever, ever do such a thing.

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And avoid these words of get up and pray. Avoid all punishing, you will go to jahannam if you do not pray,

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do refrain from these words, do not speak these words to your children.

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I tell you why. I tell you why.

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Because when you show a harsh attitude towards your children concerning their prey, they will hit the prey. And if they prey, they're going to pray for your sake. And they're not going to be praying for loss sake. And this is a failure. And if your children are praying as a result of your screaming and your harsh attitude,

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then rest assured and know that this is done for your sake, Lahore for business sincerity in it. And as a result, it's rejected. It's not accepted. Well as we learn, so refrain from the harsh attitude, from the harsh words from the screaming and the yelling from the violent hitting. Avoid all of this. The second way in how you can encourage your children is through a reward system, prizes and gifts and so on. That's fine. That's permissible in Islam. You can say to your children, you know, whoever prays, for example, in one week, whoever prays in one week 10 prayers, we're going to give him a gift. Allahu Akbar. Now your child goes and makes a timetable. And he begins to Mark 10 prayers

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during the week. You know, during the week, there's more than 10 prayers, but assign them to temporaries. Let's do this challenge. Let's do this kind of competition. And you can give them rewards and gifts and prizes based on that that's an encouraging way for children.

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One of these methods also that you're able to encourage your children to praise.

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Make the exciting events and trips after the praise. What do I mean by that?

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That if you're going to go as a family, to a park for a picnic to the beach, or whatever it is in when you're going to Halliwell entertainment.

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Tell your children that we're going to go to the beach after we pray. After we pray. We're going to pre select the last and then we're going to go or we're going to praise alerton mohareb and then we're going to go to the restaurant. That way. The children look forward to a salad because now they know that when we

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After that, we're going to go and have some fun. So make the fun after a solid, not in the middle of the of the fun because the children children are still developing that understand. So we'll just see a solid as being, you know, an attack to the entertainment or an attack on their farm. So we don't want to introduce them to Assad in such a manner. Children are praying, let them pray. If the children are playing, let them play. So you need to be wise in terms of when are you going to instruct your children to pray.

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If you're going to go out somewhere, as we said, tell them when we pray, we will go right. That way. They look forward to pray. And then they you can take them wherever you promise them.

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