99 Names of Allah #83 Al-Jawwaad

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Jesus' behavior and behavior, specifically the generous nature of Allah's behavior. The speaker describes how Jesus gives the best memories and experiences in life to his guests, including toys and food, to make them enjoyable. The concept of Jesus' behavior is discussed, and the speaker concludes that he is not equal.
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Elijah word. Allah azza wa jal is Elijah word. Al Jawad means that Allah subhanaw taala is generous, it means that He is the Most Generous of all anything. Let's imagine a scenario. Have you ever had it happen where you had some other children coming over to your house, and you were afraid that they were going to break your favorite toy. And so you hid your favorite toy away somewhere, so that your guests wouldn't find it and play with it and maybe break it.

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I'm guessing you've probably maybe done something like this before. So what I did Joe Whad, what the most generous person would do is they would take the things that they love the most, the food that they love the most, the toys that they love the most, and they would put it out specifically so that their guests would play with it.

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That's hard to do. But it's a different level of generosity. It's a different level of kindness. That's how Allah subhanaw taala is with us. Allah is Allah Vani he doesn't need anything. And so Allah doesn't hold anything back. He doesn't keep the yummiest treats to himself, or the most fun toys to himself and just give us the rest of play with a loss of power to Allah gives us the very best. He gives us the best memories in life. He gives us the best families. He gives us the best of food and everything in creation. And that's because the last Padala is Elijah wed he's the most generous, and that's all for tonight. I said I'm not equal