The Beginning And The End – EP 23 Scary Looking Angels

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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.


AI: Summary © The physical appearance of angels in various culture is discussed, including their weight and beautiful appearance. The use of goddamn in personal expression and desire to see human beings in human form is also discussed. The use of goddamn hair and leper hair as forms of human beast is also mentioned, and the importance of watching the series is emphasized.
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You know, it's in our nature to see angels as beautiful and to see sailplane to see devils as ugly and in fact, we often associate that with people around us. So we'll say that she looks like a little angel, or that he looks like a devil. And this is something that Allah subhanaw taala even alludes to in the book and that the women in the time of use of Allah His Salaam, when they saw use of high Islam, they said that this is Malecon Kareem This is just a beautiful angel, and the Prophet slicin as well when he saw a man whose hair and beard were all unkempt, and he came to the masjid that way. prophets lysozyme told him he should comb his hair instead of coming to the masjid looking

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like a shaytaan. So it's only natural that we associate these things. This is just in our filter, that angels are beautiful, and that devils are ugly. However, we find instances in the Quran and the Sunnah, where Allah Subhana inside describes angels with a very, very severe, harsh appearance. Now we have to love them all last printout tells us in the court and Coleman can i do when the law when that occur, that will melodica that whoever is an enemy to Allah subhanaw taala and the angels and the rosewood and the messengers and jabril and Mika, then the last cantata is an enemy to the disbelievers. So that means we have to love Malik, the keeper of Hellfire we have to love is Salafi

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and who blows the horn we have to love the two angels that will ask us in the grave that we fear them. We have to love them. The keepers of Hellfire loss pantalla calls them Lila don't she does that they are very severe in their appearance, the prophets lysozyme even when he saw Malik when he saw you know the keeper of Hellfire Malik also lost by some describe the frightening appearance. I mean Malik the Prophet slicin was shocked that he didn't smile he didn't laugh. He didn't greet the prophets I send them the way that other angels did. And when will solo sigh some estuviera Islam belta to be nice to him said that if he was to smile at anyone, it would be you but he's never

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smiled since Hellfire has been created. And so even though the prophets lie some saw him that way. And the keepers of Hellfire are severe and Moncada and Akira, the two angels that come to us in the grave, have a very frightening appearance. They don't necessarily look that way. Allah subhanho data is capable of making their appearance in a certain way. However all of them are created from nor all of them are created from light, and all of them are beautiful. But Allah subhanaw taala changes the appearance to certain people, depending on who they are, and depending on who those angels are as well. So even with the angel of death when he comes to us, and when he comes with his helpers,

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everyone sees him differently. So last panel, Tana mentions to us the believer as he's leaving this world, he sees very beautiful faces the prophets lie Selim, he mentioned to us that when the Angel of Death comes with his helpers who come with the Kevin who come with the you know, the cloth that would carry the soul of the believer you know, they come reeking of musk have a beautiful smell a beautiful sense. They're extremely beautiful, extremely comforting in their sight. And then as the Angel of Death approaches, the believer feels a sense of comfort, right? He doesn't feel scared at all. Amara bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah as he was passing away, he started to see these angels in the

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face that's called the law. The law of means the presence the presence of the angels as you're about to leave this world. I'm gonna have the disease He smiled and his face lit up and he said model had been behind the Ludo. Welcome to these beautiful faces that he lays that we will do he Ensign What are john, that clearly don't belong to human beings or jinn. He was delighted because he recognized that these faces were so beautiful, that they could not be anything but angels, as opposed to the disbelievers as opposed to corrupt, evil people. The prophets Lysander mentions a very frightening appearance that would cause the soul to actually hide within the body. And these angels to scream at

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that soul and to rip it out of the body. May Allah protect us but that tells you something that a lot as a gel can change the appearance based upon who you are. And so if you are a beautiful person, then you will only see beautiful angels you will never see you'll never see any angels that would have a frightening appearance they would only be beautiful. Last cantata also sometimes allows the angels to come in human appearance so jabril it is Sam who's the greatest of them came in human appearance at times. Allah mentions to us the guests of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, when they came to bohemian Islam to give him the glide tidings of his hack and after as hackers while your poop. Now

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they still couldn't eat or drink, right so they still couldn't escape that part of the limitation on their desires. And that caused Ibrahim is not to fear them but nevertheless they had a human appearance. Likewise, we see that the handsome young man that were sent to rule to it Islam the people of Ruth is on the same angels of course, appeared to the people have looked as handsome young man as a fitna to them Maria Maria has said on one sees when she sees Jubilee and it is slim to Martha bussan so we jabril appear to her as

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Complete human being a beautiful human being. And sometimes even in human form. You know, the angels can come to non people that aren't prophets, people that aren't necessarily, you know, receiving any form of divine inspiration, a loss of monetise sometimes sends them as a test or as a Bushra as a glad tidings to a person who also lost my son he mentioned to us, in Hadith narrated by Abu Dhabi, Allahu anhu, that there was a man that was visiting a brother of his in a village. And Allah subhanaw taala sent an angel to him on the road, this is not a prophet, just the regular men. And the angel said to him in the form of a man, where are you going? And he replied, he said, I'm just

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going to visit, you know, a brother of mine that lives in such and such village. And the man responded and said, is, you know, do you owe him something? Is there some sort of worldly transaction between you, you know, to see if this is truly the only reason he's going to visit him? You know, for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah. And so the man says, No, I just love him for Allah. That's all I'm going to visit him because I love him for Allah. So the angel responded, in the form of the man, obviously, instead for India, rasulillah he like I'm a messenger of Allah that's been sent to you, and Allah, and Allah, Allah loves you come back to the way that you loved your brother.

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So that's a good situation. And then we find that sometimes the angels are sent in human form to test people. There's a very famous Hadith in Al Bukhari, where the Prophet slicin and mentions that there was a blind man, a bald man and a leper and Allah subhanaw taala sent an angel to them and the last panel to ask them what it is that they want it so obviously each one wanted out of out of whatever it is that was hindering their, you know, hindering them or that was causing them to have a certain appearance. last panel, it's Allah allow the angel to cure them. So the lepers the leper was cured from his leprosy. The blind man was cured from his blindness. The bald man got a divine hair

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transplant, you know, the angel rubbed on his head, Mashallah, you had a full head of hair, and they were given wealth, they were given cows, someone was given camels one was given cows, one was given sheep. Then Allah tested them by sending the same angel to them in the form that they used to have. So the man that used to be blind, saw a blind man, and so on, so forth. So they're capable of that as well when Allah subhanaw taala decides, and finally we find Musa alayhis salam, there's a very peculiar Hadith with Musa alayhis salaam, that Rasulullah spice themselves and this is an authentic narration, that when the angel of death came to Mossad, Islam, Musa Islam punched him in the face,

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and his eye fell out, right, and that could be literal, or just to show the impact of the hit of Musashi, his setup. And the angel went and complained to Allah subhanho wa Taala restored him obviously. And then he came back to more sighs now I'm explaining who he was. So some of the scholars some of the commentators they say that Moosa didn't actually know that he was the angel of death because he came in the form of a man. And he thought that he was just someone snooping around this house that just entered into his house, and that's why most of them reacted that way. In any case, we find that they're able to assume many shapes and many forms. Now, a lot of people will say,

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well, then can I see human angels? It's very unlikely and the last thing you should assume if you saw something strange is that you just saw a human Angel however, Allah knows best that can happen. And we asked the last time that we're surrounded by the melodic and whatever form they may be.

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