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Ebrahim Bham
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War select was salam O Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah know

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much about the Almighty Allah Kitab about the Kitabi wanna Sharia? Tabata? Shariati Amara, you follow me now he's gonna share it on your own rajim Bismillah AR Rahman Iraqi. Well, let me know and I will move to bavuma Ali Baba said Allah will ask him my dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a deen in which individual rights has been given great importance and we will be held accountable by Allah subhanho wa Taala for our individual responsibility, and that Allah in the Quran says will occur to Munna for another Kumar Falconer comm I want Amara for Kulu, whom it he omocha Yama differ that, that each and every one will come to Allah before Allah alone.

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And in the ayat in the seven Jews, Allah Tara says, You will come to me alone the way you were created and born alone. While this is a reality, we as Muslims also believe we are social beings. We have to interact with people. Allah has made us such that we are people despite the fact that we are going to be held accountable individually. We are social beings that we have to interact with people. Allah in surah in the cuneiform Jews of the Holy Quran, in Surah, Surah. Allah Allah says Nanoka Sumner Dana humare Chateau fille hierarchy dunya what afar Napa home folk about there are Jatin Leah toughie, the baboon burdens of Korea, Allah has created differences in people's economic

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situation. But even in that Allah has done it so Viet dusted Abba goomba and so Korea that there is interaction. So, the wealthy and the capital class, they lead the labor of the working class for the capital in the wealth, whereas the labor class they depend upon the capital class for the risk. So Allah has created a interdependent system. Allah Tala has made it such that there is not supposed to be tension between the capitalist working class between the wealthy and the poor. They are supposed to work together and be able to cooperate with one another. The via Kareem saw Solomon said in a hadith al Muslim already you Holly to nurse warriors Bureau Allah.

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Pharaoh Minal Muslim Illa de la you Holly to nurse wala has been

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a Muslim into X and intermingles with people and when you're interacting intermingle with people, you are going to have to bear the inconvenience of another person

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and you make supper about the inconvenience you get from another person. He is better Pharaoh Minar Muslim Isla de la Hollywood nurse, when is

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he is better than the one who doesn't intermingle. And he doesn't have to bear the inconvenience of another person, such as the importance of the community. That don't I'll give you an example we read tahajjud nimasa Or we read Nephele Namaaz where we are alone. So when we are reading Nephele Namaaz alone, when we read in Surah Fatiha we say hey Dina Sirata, loose the theme of Allah guide all of us are done upon the right path. Even if you are alone in your house, you are reading Salat alone. But when you are reading alone, you still making dua for the collective. You making dua for the whole. You making dua for the community, you making dua for everyone in a Serato monster team we know in

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Surah Yasin Allah subhanho wa Taala in the second Roku has made mention of an incident. The incident is about Allah Allah sent to Nevis to replace and Allah Tala then edit the third Nabhi to The Gambia team and they told the people of the city except it w

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You know, except Allah worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and the people did not worship Allah. So Allah Allah, Allah says what I read to lumen XL Medina, they came upon the people of the town, someone from the outskirts of the city.

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And he told the people who mousseline follow the MBR in husana to Assam. If Debbie will Mala cielo kumara Why don't you follow them? They're not asking you for any money. And they asking you to worship Allah Amalia now. Tell me, why don't you worship the One who created you? And they turned against that person and they killed him. They martyred him he became Shaheed

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now he was an ordinary person. He was a carpenter by trade. His name was a bit nutjob. Habib, the carpenter. And when they when they martyred him, he went into Jenner appeal of gender. And when he went into Jannah, Allah Tala gave him the name of Jana.

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So in Jana, he said, Yeah, leave me alone. I will not tell my people. Prima refer Ali. Robbie was Alameda microbeam. The way you forgave me the way you honored me. He had so much concern for his people, his community that even after they killed him, even after they murdered him, he still was worried about them. And they, he did did he asked Allah after he was in Jannah. Oh Allah Ya later call me Jana morning, going show my people the way you have honored me by me bringing him on upon the MBR amo salat wa salam. My dear respected brothers, this is the concern we are supposed to have for the community.

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All the time, we are supposed to have concern for the community. You know, there was a great alum who came recently and he passed away recently but still refuse money. So one day he was giving a talk and he made mention of this incident. I found it very, very amazing. He said he his father was goofy. Shep is up there. The Grand Mufti of Pakistan, but they grew up in a town known as the Obon in India, so one day he was invited by a great Allen by the name of Maulana Sayed as Hussain Shah. He was known as Mirza so after the download, he said we as young people, young Stevie was still young. We started picking up and we said we will clean up the Duster hug the tablecloth. So they

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started picking up the tablecloth, and they picked up the plates, etc. He said, You don't know how to pick up the you don't know how to clean the table from. So when he said What do you mean? So he said everything that he did, he used the crumbs, he left it for the ends.

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All the other bones he said take it and we'll give it to someone who will use it for the birds. But one thing that was there what was very amazing. He said the fruits that were there the peels of the fruits. He said don't throw it here, cover it and take it to the place and throw it far away from where we are eating. She said Why can I throw it outside there is a desperate outside. So he said you know what the Alim told me. He said, the people in this area are poor. They can't afford fruits. If you throw the pills of the fruit year, they will feed her.

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Don't throw the peels of this fruit here, take it away and control it far away. That the people of my locality must not be hurt.

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presents this is what Islam teaches us about the community, how to how to be concerned about the community. And it is part of the amazing thing with regard to our beloved Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he always created an atmosphere to keep a community together. Every particular time he brought the community together. There were so remarkable examples of how maybe a cream sauce brought the community together. On one occasion, in the subway when he was taller. There was an argument that broke up between two people. It was an argument between two people, two people, one from Makkah Juan from Medina, but then went into almost a civil war between the people of Makkah and

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the people of Medina and the VA cream so Salam came to know about it and to be a cream sauce Salam became very very angry. And he said there who have in Montana, because a person of Macau was in Oh ALLAH Macau people of Makkah come healthy. The person from Medina was saying oh people of Medina come to help me.

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Awesome said that.

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I didn't come to teach you that you must go

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Old people on the basis of your race on the basis of your allegiance to people of Macau calling people of mankind and the people of Makkah and Medina fighting. Right and there were many incidents that happen that could have break a broken the community. They know what our beloved maybe a cream sauce,

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maybe a cream sauce still I'm told the Sahaba let's move Let's travel. And then maybe a Kareem saw some travel non stop for one and a half.

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Normally maybe a cream sauce from us to stop with a time of afternoon after czar to rest. But maybe a cream sauce loves forever one way for one and a half day to take people's mind away from that incident.

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So even if there is an incident, a leader takes people away from the dispute. It takes them away from the dispute. He didn't create disputes. Maybe he took the people for one and half day he traveled. By the time they came after one and a half day they were so tired the rest. By the time they came out and away he came down, you know, clarifying the matters and the whole particular dispute was

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quelled. That is how a leader takes people away from disputes. He doesn't create situations of creating more disputes.

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Abdullah bin obey was the leader of the moon, Africa and the leader of the hypocrites. It was perhaps in this very same battle when they were coming back. Or maybe one of the other battles his son because he was traveling the resources. He was inconveniencing himself. He said he stood on the gates of Medina. And he said, I'm not going to allow my father to come into the jungle to kill him. So someone came in and said Abdullah bin Abdullah bin obey is waiting to kill his father. So maybe I can call him he was a sincere Muslim. Abdullah don't kill your father. So he said the other sunnah, why shouldn't I kill him? Look at how much inconvenience he caused you. Look at he he even created,

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you know the wrong rumor with regard to as an eyeshadow the mother of the faithful. What did what did he not do? You know what maybe a cream sauce and said, a blood don't kill your father. He reads salad with us.

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He reads salad with us.

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Irrespective of what he does. He reads a lot with us. People will say Mohammed turns against his own companions. Mohammed kills his own companions.

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And I don't want the people to go around saying Muhammad killed his own people.

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Oh, Abdullah, don't kill your father. This is how Nebia crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam brought people together with regard to the community. He always created a situation of bringing people together with regard to the community. We we have two different communities. We have our our immediate community and we have a broader community. And it is our responsibility that we play our role. In every community. We create unity within our own community. We have a joint vision, and we create a community that is one of full of harmony, has said more than I used to sacramentally the son of one under Ilya sub Rahmatullah. He used to say until you are not united as one community,

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Eliza systems won't come upon you. Allah's help won't come upon you. And he gives any games there are so many examples there. Hola. Hello Jamar. Hola xinova systems is upon the United block for NL berkata mal Jamaah the blessings upon the United block and as you say in the time of Medina, if they were 10,000 people, every Muslim in Medina in the time of year cream sauce, if there were 10,000 Every one is the support the well wishing and the harmony of 9999 people. Look at our situation today. Do we have the same thing? Is that the Sunnah? Is that the way that maybe a cream sauce films, examples if we want to emulate our life is that happening? We need to ask ourselves, so then

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is one of the things and then another situation is we have the broader community. We are living in a country where we are two or three or 4% 95 or some odd percent of people from other faiths. Allah Tala and our deen has told us to interpret and how to interact with them. It is told us to protect your image and it has told us that do not compromise your image. Do not assimilate with them in such a way that you lose your own individual identity. Mentorship Bobby calm for a minimum, he was terminated imitates become one of them. We are never called upon that we must lose our identity by interaction. But Islam has taught us that we interact with them in such a manner that we show

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to them the beauty of Islam says Allah in the Quran, Lionheart Kamala and he leadin alum your party look comfy, did whatever you're free to come in the Ericom and doubleroom are toxic to Allah. Allah does not prevent you with regard to those people of other faiths who are not hostile to you, who do not expel you from your homes and our room that will be kind to them. And you treat them justly and with fairness, in Allahu

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Allah loves those who are kind, and who are fair and just, maybe a cream so Allahu alayhi wa sallam showed the people, maybe a cream sauce from one day, went to go and visit a Jewish youngster in the community that was sick. Or a youngster from another faith and maybe a cream sauce we went to visit him. So when maybe a cream saucer went to visit him, maybe a cream sauce lemon to see and then maybe a cream sauce them realize that he is very sick, he's going to leave this world. So if he says to them, tell him brought him and bring him on upon me as a messenger of Allah bring him on upon Islam. So he looked at his father

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and the father knew that the people of the scriptures knew nebbia cream sauce Salam was a true Nebby so he said as a

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follow up will castle.

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Maybe a cream sauce. Slim's one's clear. It was also about castle. He said follower blue castle. He became a Muslim, and maybe record himself slim walk away from there. And Hamdulillah he led the another woman and narrow Praise be to Allah Who saved him from the fire. And the same besides that would happen. Do we ever have we ever gone to visit a person from another community who are sick? But yet we see we must follow the Sunnah. Is this not the tsunami so awesome that you went to visit a Jewish youngster who are sick Mujahid Rahmatullah Lee says, Abdullah, Mohammed Al Asad, the Allahu Allah and one day was slaughtering, he was slaughtering a sheep. And when he was slaughtering the

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sheep, he told the people who were slaughtering Him and who are cutting the meat. Please see that the first person you send the meat to after you have come to me, is a non Muslim neighbor. The first person you send it to see send it to him.

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Now this is what Islamic teaching still teaches us. It is said about Imam Muhammad, even the humble Oh, Abdullah Ibrahim Obara, I read two rewinds. One says the Imam Muhammad one says Abdullah, Abdullah, Allah knows. But these are great people. He said that his neighbor put up his house for sale.

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And he charged and he marketed the house doubled the market value. So people said Now why are you? Why are you charging double the market value? This man Muslim says that I put up the market and the house at double the market value because of the honor of being a neighbor to such a great human being

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said because of our Medina humble because of his African conduct. I'm putting up the house double the mark the double the market value, because he's such an excellent human being he's such an excellent paper. Today Muslim have this asking, I don't know, if Muslims come into a neighborhood there's a price of the house go up or down?

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Yeah, he's selling the mouse double. Why? Because of Imam Muhammad, even the humble being such an excellent neighbor. For others. This is the way and there are many issues in our community that are not one is our faith, we believe in it. But there's other issues in the community that our society and community based. So for example, keeping the whole community together against crime is not only based on being a Muslim, that you're going to face or you're going to create a community free from crime, we know by getting involved in the CPF you so the only only Muslims who are going to have to have the cooperation everyone has that Mufti Mahmoud cerametallic you know, what they someone asked

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him about this. So, he gave such a beautiful answer. He said, See, if I go out of my house and there is you know, a very dangerous snake that is there. And my non Muslim neighbor is a Muslim is in many ways a non Muslim. He said it is my duty to speak together with a neighbor to be able to kill that snake, which is a threat to the entire street because used to happen frequently in India. So we have to remember as a community, many times we rise together and we fall together. Maybe a crimson student gave the example in a hadith that it is like people who join a boat, and there are people in the upper deck and the lower deck and the lower deck one day say Why must you go to the upper deck

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to get water, we will make a hole and we will get water from the river or the sea wherever we add, you know, traveling with a boat, and we will save ourselves the trouble of going upstairs and see the people of the Epcot that allow them to do it. Not only

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Even the people have the upper deck, will they be destroyed. In fact, everyone will be destroyed. Brothers that is how our community works. A community works where everyone works together harmoniously to common interest in common interests and common goals without compromising your own particular identity and your own belief system and your own faith. And then in interaction. These also together with the fear and apprehension of interaction, sometimes they could be a situation of losing yourself and your identity. There is also the opportunity

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of showing people the beauty of Islam.

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Wherever you look at the history of Islam, go and pick up any history book of Islam, you will find wherever Muslims went, wherever they went, they made such an influence upon the community that they were living in, that the people changed the ways and became Muslims. There was no conquest of Indonesia, in Malaysia, Malaysia, there was no conquest of West Africa in Nigeria, Muslim theorem content has placed that the people there became Muslims. How did they become Muslims, Muslim traders when they traded honestly, ask yourself the question Muslim traders, when they played with non Muslims today, in the informal location, are they doing a service to Islam or this service? Are they

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showing the beauty of Islam or otherwise, Muslims went to Indonesia and Malaysia and they treated in such a manner that the Muslims there and the non Muslim became Muslims, when they saw the Muslims conduct in in a joint community we have maybe a cream sauce on them. So you know, saw the talent of Khalid bin Walid. And what did he say? He wrote told his brother Walid bin when he when he tell your brother, tell your brother salad and intelligent person like him can be oblivious of the beauty of Islam.

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Tell him to come to Islam, we will show him honor, that the other people will not have showed him that honor. When even when he wrote a letter to Khaled. Khaled where you lost the Prophet of Allah was asking about you. And he was saying you are so intelligent. How can you be ignorant about the beauty of Islam? And Khalid read the letter, he was already having a tumor. He saw a hadith, he saw a dream, the long story I'm not going into it. When he read that letter he melted. He traveled to Medina, he became a Muslim, that Holly who became the means of the martyrdom of his own resources Uncle, let me say I said I'm so talented him. And he said this man must become a Muslim. He's got

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the talent. He's got the intellect. How many times have we seen someone from other faiths? And he said, This man has got talent. He's got intelligence. Maybe let me approach him maybe he can become a Muslim, but never saw somebody. He saw talented someone and he became a Muslim. He saw a talented washing routine five letters, he became a Muslim in interaction, you got this opportunity. So in short, you know, let me conclude with this marble so maybe rambling when you open up the big budget in this but he said an amazing thing. He say people who are in minority situations, they must establish the credentials in terms of the aftermath. In such a way that people must see the beauty

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of them. May Allah Tala give us a trophy who has to do that one.

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