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The speakers discuss the importance of understanding one's spending and avoiding actions. They emphasize the need to be willing to give things in the bath of one's own body and obey rules. A famous story about a woman's relationship with a man is also discussed. The speakers stress the importance of obeying and being prepared for the worst scenarios. A man talks about his dream of working for the CIBC and his desire to act according to Allah's words.

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Number 11 salat wa salam O Allah so Allah but Allah subhanaw taala said

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Lenten Allah will be

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a boon

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It was around $1 said you cannot reach the level of piety, the level of bear until you spend in the bath of Allah subhanho wa Taala that which you love the most.

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Yesterday we talked about the issue of, and the importance of

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understanding what we read in the Quran and in Salah especially,

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and reflecting on it. And we said that when we say serata, Muscovy serata, levina nam taleem, then we should look at our own life and say, is my life on Serato Mr. K or not? Is my life on these irata levina and untidily him or not? Otherwise? What is the sense of asking Allah subhanaw taala this thing, every regard to every salah and then we do nothing about it.

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So if you are asking Allah subhanaw taala put me on the path of an am daddy him, then I should see whether I'm on this path or not.

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So today

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in this ayah

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Allah, London Allah, Allah had

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a boon. So we need to look at ourselves and say that what I am spending in the bath all as vannatta Is it something which I love the most or not?

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And please understand that Allah is not talking about spending or not spending. He's talking about people who are spending, but out of what you are spending, are you spending that which you love the most?

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Or are you spending that which you can spare

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that which you really have not much use for

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the big difference between the two

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that which we have no use for if I want to give it a negative connotation or if I want to be harsh in what I say, the word for that is garbage.

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What we have no use for is trash. If I want to say it politely, I will spare what is spare,

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but whether it is spare or garbage, it will not follow along with that. Unless rather it is given that which you love the most. What is it that you love the most that will you cannot spare that which you will not spare that which you are spending your time and energy behind that you are willing to sacrifice something in order to get an allowance rather saying spend that

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and we know from the love and loser of this ayah that when desire was revealed and whereas realize Allah our lives I was element he informed as I have about this ayah

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one of the Sahaba of Rasul Allah tala Miranda is a heavy, who own a garden, which was close to budget another way and which was so thick, and which were which had a very beautiful stream of sweet water in it. And there is a lot that I used to go and sit in the garden sometimes. He came to me as well, I would like to give this garden in the bathroom. And I want to give sadaqa and Roger is there why is that because this is what a lesson. And this is my best garden.

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So then I want him to know Katara delana when he heard desire, there was a slave girl that he was with him and he loved her very much. So then our Delano freed her and got her married to somebody else.

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So someone came and advised him they said you could have freed her and you could have married yourself. So that way you have reader and you still have her as your wife. He said no.

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He said this is between Allah and me. If I'm giving something in the bath of Allah, then it is gone.

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I don't want to enjoy that after I have given it.

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The issues of taqwa of the Sahaba as long as I hear language vain, that I remind myself I knew that when we do any action, that is ask ourselves is this action the best that I can give for Allah? Whether it is money, whether it is time whether it is already bad,

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whether it is anything else, is it the best that I can give for Allah?

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Allah subhanaw taala said you cannot reach that level of piety until you can do this.

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And my brother just does. Whether we

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give willingly, or we don't give one day we have to leave it.

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One day we will leave it it's not going with us. The only thing which goes with us is what we have given in the bath oil is

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also related to this ayah is a very famous

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story about our refinery or their land, wherever those are they allowed us to live. After the Battle of nobodies Allah Allah.

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They allowed us to live in a

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Less outside buddy.

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And he had some Gamble's and so on with him

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a man came to him one day and he said, I have come from such a place and I want to work for you. So I was advisor, I don't have a need for anyone, why why do you want to work for him? He said, because I can learn from you, I want to be your student and I will also serve you. So I was at river gala told him that you can serve me only on one condition.

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He said what is the condition is that you the condition is that you will obey whatever I tell you to do exactly will not change that. He did agree.

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Some dispatched.

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And then I will refer to the law no received information that there was a tribe, which was in very grave problems they had, they were very poor, and they were desperate and they had no food. So I was referring to the alano when these representatives from the CIBC game, I was already called this man. And he said go into the gamble heart and pick the best gamble

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and bring it you will slaughter it and give it to these people.

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So this man went

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and when he looked at the heart he know he was gambled. He understood what was the best gamble was the herd bull. It was a very highly predicted camel in prime condition. So this man thought that he is going to slaughter seven. Meat is meat whether it's the meat of a pedigreed camel or it's the meat of something else. Meat is meat, Devin read it. So he picked the next best the second best, so

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he brought that gun. Now the referee also knew his guns. So when he saw the gamma they asked him is this in your view, in your opinion, is this the best camp? Because he wanted to make sure whether this man made a mistake or add deliberately?

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So the answer no in my view, this is not the best gamble This is the second best gap.

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He said What did I tell you?

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Tell the man then

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you don't need to get the best gamma so I was a river he said go get the discount. So he went and got the best gavel this lottery

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in this city distribute all the weight he said give one portion for myself.

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When all was done, he called the man and he said You are dismissed go away.

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So the manager devalues me away I let me tell you why I did. He said I did this for your benefits.

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Because meat is meat what is the sense of slaughtering the herd bull because the the the the genes of this bull are in the herd it will breed will give you good camels? What is the point of slaughtering that? I did it for your benefit thinking of your benefit and I got to the second best Kevin I did not get a lousy camel either.

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Delano decided desire. And he said Have you not heard Allah subhanho wa Taala what he said

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London Allah.

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He said you want to learn from me. This is the this is the lesson.

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I like to give the best.

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He said you were doing this for my benefit, then you should have brought the best because that is my benefit. That this best gamble now is with Allah. And it will be for me when I go there.

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So if you're thinking of my benefit, you should have thought this way.

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I remind myself when you my brothers and sisters, that Allah subhanho wa Taala did not send this color

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just for us to recite it for the thought. He sent this column for us to recite it for us to reflect on it for us to act according to it. for our benefit in this dunya what was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry with Allah Allah. He was happy to go