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You know, if you think about the moment which obviously we're going to talk about where all of the angels were commanded to do sajida were commanded to Prostrate to Adam and Eve Salaam, and obliques and shavonne the devil is the one that refused. You know, I often think about that I say to myself, you know, the angels are far greater than shavon. Yet not a single one of them had that feeling, not a single one of them felt any form of ill will towards Adam and his salon, or felt, you know, how come Allah Subhana Allah is honoring him rather than us. And that tells you something about the angels and a lot tells us about the angels. Linear stem keyfile masiero an akuna Abdullah Wel, l

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melodica. Tomoko rabona last Panchayat tells us that look that he started his Salaam, the Messiah, Jesus peace be upon him, does not feel repulsed by the idea of being a slave to a last panel, it's Allah, nor the closest angels to Allah subhanho wa Taala. They are honored by being very bad, they have a lot they're honored by being slaves of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala has removed from the angels, that human disease of pride and that jimny disease as well of pride, so that that's not there, a loss of Hannah Montana also removed the other disease. And you know, no claim Rahim Allah to Allah, He says that the root diseases of mankind are pride, envy, and desire.

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So lost parents, as we already talked about how to remove desire, a lost parents, I removed pride from them, and a lot removed a sense of envy from them. Because if you look at the early, you know, slip ups, which which left us where we are today, they all come from those three things. And each one of those sins comes from those three things, the angels have none of that they don't have the desire, they don't have the pride. And as far as envy is concerned, the loss pantai says that each one of them has no common maloom they have their known rank, right, and they are totally satisfied with the no angel gets upset and says Why is jabril having this? You know, why is Julian getting all

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that? And why am I not getting this? Why did Allah create that angel with more wings than me, you don't have any of that they are absolutely pleased with where they are and who they are and what Allah subhanaw taala gave to them. Now there are ranks amongst them just as their ranks amongst humankind and ranks amongst the jinn. And the scholars debate you know about who the best angels are, and who are the greatest of them because at the end of the day, they're all great. Now what about the ones for example, that were created in such the the profits license that some of them there are angels that were created in prostration that would not lift their heads until the Day of

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Judgment I mean, think about how long the world has existed for they have done nothing but do such that to Allah subhana wa tada and nothing else and you know, the prophets lie. So let me segmental Aldo, La La fire hola that whoever lowers himself to Allah, Allah exalts him as a result of that. So what's the status of those angels? What about the status of the angels that fought on the day of benefit? Right? They are the best of the angels, just as we have the best of the companions, those that fought on the day of bed that we already mentioned, previously, Hamlet are the bearers of the throne. Now, obviously, the greatest angels are God and it is Salah, and Mika and Ali Salaam, and

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then it's Rafi Ronnie his salam, and then some include the angel of death as well in that in that category of the greatest angels. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to particularly make your and he used to say a lot more of the gibreel when he was Salafi, Oh Allah, the Lord of Djibouti and Mika L and Islam feet. So by virtue of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specifying them in his door, as you know, invoking a lot as the Lord of those three. It shows us that those three are on a different level and we find two famous narrations two famous derives from the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. You know, using that form of invocation, we find it in

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his Salalah alayhi salatu was Salam when he started his prayer, particularly the night prayer, both are in shadow, the law and hassle of the law and the Narrator The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he used to start off his prayer by saying a lot more budget de la Mika Isla, what is Rafi? Oh Allah, the Lord of gibreel. Mika, he and his Salafi faculty rosinante will out early Middle baby was Shahada and attacker mulvane evadne, McAfee McAfee he after the phone is Dini the mastery for female hack in Nikita, howdy Manta shadow Eros Littleton was stuck in that he would say sallallahu alayhi wa salam O Allah, the Lord of Debian Nika Eden is Salafi creator or Originator of the heavens and the earth,

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Knower of the unseen and the seen, you judge between your slaves concerning where and they differ, they differ. Oh, a lot, guide me to the disputed matters of truth, for you are the one who guides to the straight path. So that's one thing the prophets lie some would say in the beginning of his prayer. And then at the end of his prayer, I saw the law and she says that the profit slice and I'm used to say a law firm or budget briella where Mika ILA is sloppy, are his knee men. How do they know what as I will cover over

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Love the Lord of the breed, and Mika, he and his law feel, protect me from the fire of hell from the heat of the fire of hell and from the punishment of the grave. So the so both of these dualities come, you know around the prayer. We also see that Allah subhanaw taala praises the angels that record a loss pantai says we're in LA comme la where he leaves Leanne killam and Cathy bean that verily upon you, there are angels that are recording kit almond cat to be in and they are noble scribes. Yeah, ala, Moana, mozzarella, and they know exactly what you're doing. How much do they know about you now yellow fever woman Polin, Illallah de hiraki bonati, that you Don't utter a word

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except that you have someone that's documenting it that you have someone that that's, that's writing that down on your right and or on your left. And somehow some of the scholars they thought that but I'll keep an eye teads are actual names of angels and allow them It seems that they're just that they're just being described here, the angels that write down on your right and on your left, but that but a lot praises these angels that are recording everything, obviously, they have to have a greater level of greater status, a greater integrity to be in that situation of recording the deeds of men. A lot of times it also obviously talks about medical moat, the Angel of Death. And there is

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no authentic narration that establishes his name. You know, there are many sayings about what his name would be. But a lost pantai simply calls him in the pulito, a falcon molecule melted, let the Wookie become that say that the Angel of Death takes your soul The one who has been entrusted to you, the angel of death that has been entrusted to you. And some of the you know, some of the scholars they debated whether there's one angel of death, or there are multiple angels of death. And there seems to be absolutely no basis for saying there's more than one Angel of Death. Because, as we said, a lot of controls time and place. So there's absolutely no objection, you know, to saying

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that the angel of death can be here and he could be 1000 miles away at the same time taking two souls or taking multiple souls at the same time because Allah Subhana Allah has made you know, time and place as such that a lot as a gel is fully in control. And a lot can do what he wants. However, the angels that accompany the angel of death, to take your soul, those are different angels, whether they are angels of mercy, or angels of punishment, we ask a lot that they be angels of mercy for us. Those are different for each and every single person, then obviously, you have one count, and the key are the two angels that that we will meet in the grave that all of us will meet in the grave.

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And the prophets I sent him he told us to he taught us to prepare ourselves for that pfitzner for that trial, which is greater than even the trial of the jail greater than the trial of the of the Antichrist. So are the questions that we will be asked by these two angels in the grave. And that's why at the end of every Salah before we do to sleep before we say Salaam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he taught us to say Allahumma inni through the bigger mean adavi now what Allah will cover our lie seek refuge in You from the punishment of the Fire and the punishment of the great woman fitness in one minute and from the trials of life and death woman shortly fitment and

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mercy had the javelin from the evil of the trial of the Antichrist of the jet. So two of those phrases include Mancha and Akira that we prepare ourselves for that meeting with Mancha and Akira and then finally you have the guardian of Hellfire and the guardian of paradise. As for the guardian of Hellfire, his name is Malik and Allah subhanaw taala says that the people of Hellfire would call out nado, yeah Malik do clearly know a book. They would call out to Malik and say, Oh Malik, let your Lord finish us off. So Malik is a very severe angel who guards hellfire. And though Hellfire has many guards, Malik is the chief of them, right a lot tells us early to start to rush out of that

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there are 19 or so on so forth. Malik is the chief of them. And we'll talk about magic in sha Allah to Allah moving forward but but he is someone obviously by virtue of his name being mentioned numerous times in the Hadith and of course in the Quran, has a very special status. And then there's one last Angel and his name is world one. And when one is causing an agenda, he is the chief keeper of paradise. Now his name doesn't come in and I have an or one particular Hadith of the Prophet slice alum. But as even Kathy Rahim, Allah says it's widely narrated, and it's been mentioned many times by the companions, and by by writers and scholars throughout throughout Islamic history that

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would want is the name of the keeper of Paradise and obviously a little blonde means a pleasure so so you enter by the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. So it's only natural that the keeper of Paradise that the chief keeper is named a one and we asked a lot that he be the angel that we see in the hereafter.

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